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  1. Good recap of Episode 1, and for Umbrella Academy fans, a mention of some similarities to the Commission in the "Thoughts and Asides" near the end. Some of the comments also mention the Time Masters in Legends of Tomorrow and Legion shows up, too! https://www.tor.com/2021/06/09/loki-premieres-to-poke-holes-in-the-god-of-mischiefs-glorious-purpose/?utm_source=exacttarget&utm_medium=newsletter&utm_term=tordotcom-tordotcomnewsletter&utm_content=na-readblog-blogpost&utm_campaign=tordotcom&e=ae61196ba6f66cd6ec207a72571f2857e83e34a5cad28b33bb296e929aa1ce60#comment-913534
  2. I assume that Gugu's character will have a bigger role in future episodes. (It also seemed as though she and Owen's character have a personal relationship.)
  3. I doubt that was a multi-bedroom apartment that could house a ball family, even if Ricki could afford to live there.
  4. Yes, it made it seem like she only cared about guinea pigs if she were the potential guinea pig-but I still think it had to do with not being so concerned about being that guinea pig if dying soon was your only other choice. I do agree that the disconnect was jarring. I do wonder how Ricky is supporting himself as a House Father. And where are he and his children living? I don't think we can assume that Elektra is bankrolling everyone. Also, did anyone find it funny that Christopher moved permanently into Blanca's not-so-nice apartment when his lease ran out, instead of them lo
  5. And now the results of the very small study will indicate that the cocktail didn't save Pray, which could influence whether other people at his stage of the disease are even offered the drug regimen. I'll assume that someone will grab the remainder of Pray's drugs for Ricky, but he'll soon run out, and then what?
  6. Slightly paraphrased: Ricky: Pray Tell said he had extra (cocktail) drugs. I went over there every few days and he would give me more. Doctor Christopher: No way the doctors in the study would give him extra. Ricky: I thought maybe he swiped some extra. Nurse Judy: No way he would have been able to steal any. Ricky: Oh, no. Oh, no. Pray Tell (who has unexpectedly died, despite being on the cocktail), what did you do? Elektra and the others: Could we have some more clues?
  7. She wasn't currently sick, so she didn't think she needed to add more medications to her regimen, whereas Pray Tell was dying. She wasn't desperate on her own behalf. I'm glad to see that in the future no one was wearing those ash-filled necklaces. I was afraid they would all feel compelled to do so until they died. (So Pray was actually doing Elektra a favor by denying her one.)
  8. He didn't break it, he dislocated it. Not as bad. You clearly have never worked in television and have no idea what you’re talking about. The Friends Reunion did not spontaneously happen. Producers, writers, actors, the director, and hundreds of other crew members worked very hard on this project, made even more difficult with Covid restrictions. They all deserved to get paid for their work. Yeah, I don't think the re-created trivia game wrote itself and set itself up. Even shows like Big Brother have a surprising amount of scripted bits and production. Otherwise, t
  9. I've decided to assume that this was a recreation of '90's makeup trends. However, I am not a fan of pink mascara. And her lipstick color clashed with the blooming flowers (interesting feature) added to the dress whose bodice I still don't like. I should have known that the dress was too simple for this fantasy, even though Angel and the other women liked it just the way it was in the store! I also hope that the white convertible (top down in winter!) Elektra gifted Papi with was just a rental to get them back to their apartment before leaving for Disney. It seems like an extremely im
  10. Would Malik's parents being named Jennelle's legal guardian terminate Malik's parental rights if he's underaged? That is, would their guardianship of her terminate in favor of Malik when he reached 18? I'm fairly sure, though, that if Malik's parents are claiming him and Janelle as dependents (and presumably would have received the last round of government aid on their behalf), their income will be counted for college.
  11. They have a nanny, so probably her.
  12. I agreed with this before, but now I think he was preparing to toast Kate and Philip, since he asked for and received permission to make fun of him.
  13. Malik was about 15 when she was born? The baby's mother's family wanted to give her up for adoption, so his parents chose to be named guardians. If I'm wrong, someone please correct me.
  14. Kate definitely is divorced from Toby and marrying her boss (Philip): https://ew.com/tv/this-is-us-chrissy-metz-wedding-finale-shocker/ With pictures: https://tvline.com/gallery/this-is-us-flash-forward-kate-wedding-phillip-clues-theories/this-is-us-flashforward-kate-wedding-season-5-episode-16-phillip-2/?ref=https://tvline.com/2021/05/25/this-is-us-flash-forward-season-5-kate-wedding-phillip/
  15. That's correct. I just realized that Tess would have seen (and tried on/had altered) her bridesmaid dress in California in the time between the bachelorette party and the wedding.
  16. I don't think that's accurate-his parents are the legal guardians of their granddaughter, not him, and they must be claiming Malik as a dependent on their income taxes. I still don't think that he will have trouble getting great financial aid, though.
  17. In the New Yorker! Agreed. If she married him despite knowing that he didn't love her, she might spiral into an eating disorder again. What I didn't understand was when Kate said to her boss that they both couldn't have full time jobs. 1st of all, many couples do work full time, even when one spouse travels a lot, but 2nd of all, since when is Kate's job full time? Isn't it distinctly part time? Kate's future wedding dress looked very pretty. I liked Madison's current wedding dress, too, but I didn't understand the little bits of random blue (?) on the bodice.
  18. And has a wife! Who needs stockings! It seemed like the wedding coordinator got the girls' sizes and purchased the dresses without their input at all (I know, seems unlikely that they would fit so well-more likely the dresses would have been purchased in PA and brought to the wedding) and this was the first time Tess saw it. I just realized that Tess would have seen (and tried on/had altered) her bridesmaid dress in California in the time between the bachelorette party and the wedding. So, never mind Deja, what's Malik going to do about his baby? Sometimes you have to make
  19. The sister doesn't know that Angel is a transwoman. Both Angel and Marisol are/were pretty, thin Afro-Puerto Rican women with dark curly hair. I remember him saying or implying in the first season that while he was basically straight, he sometimes had sex with men for money, so I guess he had that in common with the transwomen working the piers, although their clientele would have been different. He also seems like the kind of guy who would have looked out for the women.
  20. He wouldn't care. I doubt that very many transwomen could afford that shop.
  21. Perhaps, but that would seem to carry a huge risk of reprisal. Owner was really lucky that Elektra didn't want him roughed up. He'll presumably be covered by insurance for his (wholesale) financial loss. When all the girls were offered bridal gowns for the wedding, I did wonder if that wouldn't somewhat detract from Angel's happiness, as it's usually a big no-no for anyone else to wear white, or at least a white gown at a wedding (you hear of jealous mothers-in-law doing this to compete with the bride!) So I guess we have to give props to Angel for being willing to share her joy with
  22. I wondered about this, too. At first I thought she was going to say that she recognized Annie from a headshot in The Thorn, possibly with a reference to the "racist" article, but when Mikayla id'd Annie as Will's girlfriend, I wondered if she had stalked her through social media. Then when Wikl told Annie that he hadn't spoken to Mikayla for 4 months (and we know that Will and Annie have only been dating for 4 months), and he doesn't seem like the kind of person to post his relationship details anywhere,vthecwhile thing makes no sense. Would Mikayla have been concerned enough about Will to re
  23. The biggest part of the fantasy was that Papi and Angel will be granted a marriage license in 1994. Blanca and Elektra made a big deal about how Angel and Papi's wedding would be a first. Now, that either implies that no man had ever asked a transgender woman to marry him before, or that the laws in NYC had recently changed to permit such a marriage. Wikipedia says: "New York State and New York City both passed legislation in 2014 to ease the process for changing sex on the birth certificate, eliminating the requirement for proof of surgery." Therefore, only Elektra would be able t
  24. Once Elektra stands up, her height might have made people wonder, but that's the only thing I can think of. If the owner had seen Angel in any of the wedding dresses, there's no way he would have been suspicious. Yes! Now we know why the NYC police were leaning on her. I will be shocked if this doesn't all come crashing down on her. When she laid out her entire criminal enterprise in front of her family and her gigolo, I was wondering if he would keep her mob affiliation secret, and then when she summarily dismissed him, I wondered even more if he will be her downfall. P
  25. Presumably all the jewelry in the safe-deposit box previously belonged to the girls' mother, so it should go to them (although I'm surprised there wasn't anything for Matilda's 18th birthday/HS graduation). Nicholas will hopefully inherit from his mom. And if their Dad had a nice watch or something similar, I would assume that Nicholas now has it.
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