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  1. That was so boring. I think the welders were the lucky ones since they didn't have to be in this show anymore.. Raven has been beaten and tortured so many times that this was barely a love tap by comparison
  2. Agreed. Much like Icicle's parents, Icicle's wife apparently knew he was a supervillain -- and was apparently ok with that. I'm curious exactly what killed Icicle's wife and why he's out for revenge. Based on their ages, the supervillains all had kids about 5 years before the JSA was slaughtered. Then again apparently so did Starman. Must have been something in the water 15 years ago. :)
  3. Another episode of the Wall -- with Hector and Hecthan, brothers from NYC, one an army veteran, the other a corrections officer -- who will get the opportunity to live out their dreams. Sure LeBron, whatever. And on the very first question of the FreeFall round they get the absolute minimum you can get with 3 balls -- $3 -- which they got wrong anyway. How did they get that 3rd question wrong ? They even showed a picture of someone kicking a soccer ball, but they guessed cricket was the answer. This does not bode well. And they end up going 3 for 5 in the FreeFall round, finishing up with $15,400, with Hector going to the isolation booth. Parquet floor was in the question -- how did he get that basketball question wrong, of course the answer was the Celtics. And the red ball superdrop zeroes them out at the end of Round 2 After going 2 for 6 on questions, the guarantee is $55,400 meanwhile they have earned $1,950,009 so far before the last 4 red balls, but luck goes their way and they only lose $200,112 ending up with $1,749,007 at the end of Round 3. Hector tears up the contract and the brothers go home with the big money -- even though they only got 5 of 11 questions right.
  4. That means the writers got that wrong too -- if you are the furthest from a black hole, time just runs closer to normal (and definitely not sped up).
  5. If planet Beta/Sky Ring is in close proximity to a black hole, shouldn't time move slower -- not faster ? So. Many. Candles -- in that cabin. Echo is way too clean -- her clothing looks basically brand new, it's not even dirty. At one point Octavia picked up what looked like a rubbermaid tub -- where did that come from ? Eligius 3 ? The crashed ship ? The nearby Target ? Wouldn't there have been something in the Eligius 3 logs about planet Beta experiencing time dilation effects ? Monty would have glommed on to something like that. Those bodies around the forest chess table seemed way too fresh -- the Eligius 3 has been gone for about a hundred years or so in Sky Ring time. It would only make sense if time moved slower (not faster). I think none of the writers have an even a passing familiarity with how physics works. I guess they probably figured since they watched 'Interstellar' at some point that was all they needed to know. How come Hope and Octavia weren't wet when they returned to Earth ? Or did they come through yet another anomaly from another planet ?
  6. We get a second episode of 'The Wall' this week -- this time we get father and son doctors from Orlando, Florida. Umm, don't doctors already make enough money, and don't really need even more money "to live out their dreams", according to LeBron. After going 2 for 5 in Freefall round, they end up with $35,200 with Bob going into isolation. Bob gets all 3 questions right, but the superdrop red balls leave them at $140,222 after Round 2. But Bob then goes 0 for 3 in the Round 3 questions and zeroes out so we don't even need to bother with the last 4 red balls -- this seems to be a trend lately. This leaves a guarantee of $95,200, but Bob tore up the contract and they go home with nothing. How do you not know that iron rusts ? Come on.
  7. And the Wall is back with Jodie and Alex, mother and daughter nurses from Oklahoma. Alex needs more sensible shoes to jump up and down in front of the Wall. Can't believe they missed that gimme of a question at Q1 in FreeFall, but it's all good, it's like that question never happened. "Cornhole Hole" -- I can't believe they missed that question either, they're from Oklahoma. So they come out of FreeFall with only $15,140. That doesn't bode well. "The Human Google" -- yet Jodie missed 2 of 5 easy questions in Freefall. And they zeroed out after Q1 in Round 2, but more than made up for in a double up that produced $2 on the next question. Only to zero out ... again ... at Q3. So they didn't even bother with the red ball superdrop, which is the first time this season that that has happened. The Human Google went 2 for 6 in questions -- not very impressive. Yet they managed to luck out and take home $199,980 because Jodie tore up the contract. Indeed.
  8. I'm thinking that American Dreams is a big part of this 'New America' plan that Brainwave mentioned. And it seems really weird that so many people in town work for American Dreams. And even weirder that American Dreams seems to be funded by Blue Valley Tires. At least now we know that the robot is not Pat's car, but is in fact made out of car parts. Uh oh, the Icicle is back in town. What's the name of the creature that the Injustice Society has locked up in their lair ? At least we know that they have the Nintendo switch on this Earth (Mike was playing it at the breakfast table).
  9. Pinchy was in the opening credits as an angel (he had wings). It sounds like a sped up cover of one of the instrumental portions of 'All Along the Watchtower'.
  10. Clark was back in Sanctum. Gabriel, Bellamy, Octavia and Echo were in Gabriel's tent, examining the ancient artifact in the underground chamber.
  11. I figured that the robot suit was in the giant box labeled 'Auto Parts' that Courtney eyeballed in the garage.
  12. Anomalykru -- I like that.
  13. Looked like 'The Goonies'.
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