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  1. ottoDbusdriver

    S06.E10: Matryoshka

    This show is really trying my patience. So much filler. This is all the writers came up with for this season. Because it's just all so boring. Don't care about Clarke's mindscape trips with Josephine at all. Let's put these memory books over here and blast them into somewhere else. FFS !! And the Primes are so gullible they deserve to be killed off, falling for the old "you don't know the formula for making nightbloods from bone marrow" con. Is Diyoza ever going to show back up ? Anything to get the story moving along. Where the hell did Jordan go ? Still recovering from his stab wound somewhere, I guess.
  2. ottoDbusdriver

    S01.E01: Shelter From The Storm

    Professor Uncle's School for the Gifted ??? Do all these kids have powers of some sort ? Traumatized lead character obsessed with finding out who killed her parents who is apparently an alien too but doesn't know it. Parents who are in on the big mystery of the show, and get killed for it. Her superpower is to be super bossy. Jax's project name is Pandora. Apparently the rest of the dead colonists in New Portland are of no concern to anyone. Alien pretending to be helpful, but not really. Mysterious uncle/father figure hiding a big secret. Teaching assistant who is really a super spy. Wormhole to another dimension. A clone -- I guess Tatiana Maslany wasn't available. Mysterious creatures defending said wormhole that apparently have human DNA. Big mystery that could change the entire universe. Sure it can, it's probably a new Shamwow or something. </sarcasm> This show has got it all.
  3. ottoDbusdriver

    S06.E09: What You Take With You

    My money is on Kane falling into the time anomaly on the planet from space, and he comes back to life.
  4. ottoDbusdriver

    S06.E09: What You Take With You

    I always thought that everywhere you go, you always take the weather with you. #crowdedhouse :)
  5. ottoDbusdriver


    In the spirit of @Midnight's infamous Hash tag wars, #RevolutionaryWarAirports has produced some incredibly funny creativity in the Twitterverse -- and sounds like something the @Midnight writers would have come up with.
  6. That made me snort out loud, and then following it up with Gilbert Gottfried's voiceover was the cherry on top. "The man is a once-in-a-generation orator, he's like Cicero reincarnated as a garbage disposal."
  7. Seth posted on Twitter that one mug had bourbon and one mug had water.
  8. ottoDbusdriver

    S06.E08: The Old Man and the Anomaly

    Do the other 'Children of Gabriel' know that Xavier is Gabriel ? Because I don't think they do. I remember the actor playing new Marcus, Greyston Holt, from the show 'Bitten (where he played Clayton Danvers).
  9. ottoDbusdriver

    S06.E08: The Old Man and the Anomaly

    This season is just such a mess. They introduce Jordan, only to sideline him for most of the season so far, and now have him stabbed. The Primes are all psychopaths, Madi is going all murdery when it comes to Primes, and we've got Gabriel and the Calvin-ball rules of what the time anomaly is and what it does, or why/how it even exists. It causes hallucinations, and fixes severely aged arms caused by time flares, that originated from the time anomaly in the first place. It also juliennes fries, and keeps you regular. Because why not. With all the motorcycles Sanctum has, it's starting to look like Star City. Josephine -- you have failed this city. I thought it was unintentionally hilarious that with all the drama going on with the newcomers from Earth, you see Sanctumites doing Taichi like everything is just normal. Not sure how much I would trust a 200 year old spacesuit that hadn't really been maintained for the last 100 years, but whatever Marcus is back in a jacked up body.
  10. ottoDbusdriver

    S06.E07: Nevermind

    Oh no, not the oblation !!! Whatever the hell that is. This was little more than a glorified clip show. I thought this episode to be an incredible waste of time. Filler for the sake of filler. So, Josephine has not matured or grown wiser at all. In 200+ years. She's just become more and more psychotic. Yeah, that's the kind of person worth preserving as a prime.
  11. ottoDbusdriver

    Season One Discussion

    Yes, and no. Looking at episode 1 as an example, The Comedian, there is a man in that shot walking away from the camera as Samir exits the comedy club, but he's not blurry at all.
  12. ottoDbusdriver

    S06.E06: Memento Mori

    This episode lost me at "I give her 3 hours tops before the time dilation reaches her brain." Who writes this crap ? And the Time Anomaly, source of the time flares, is calling to Octavia. Sure, why not ? And what was the deal with the parasitic trees invading that guys body ? Was that punishment, I guess ? But then that guard said he volunteered. To what end ? Abby is so stupid. I'm hoping that she accidentally spaces herself out an airlock off-camera next episode. The motorcycle mechanic is also a radiation shield expert -- I guess you pick up a few things in 206 years. Where the hell was Jordan this episode ? He up and disappeared like a foraging party. What exactly are they foraging for ? They showed that they have fields of food growing, wouldn't they have picked clean anything with walking distance in 200 years. Then again, maybe they were just going to the mall. So Clarke isn't truly dead. Yawn. What a surprise. Never saw that coming. </sarcasm>
  13. ottoDbusdriver

    S06.E05: The Gospel of Josephine

    You give a little too much credit to the writers, because they can't help but repeat themselves since they ran out of any original ideas back in Season 1.
  14. ottoDbusdriver

    Season 5 Discussion Thread

    Agreed, Striking Vipers and Smithereens should have been about 30 minutes long -- in fact, Theo mentioned to Danny that being married with kids was kind of boring, Which made for a boring episode. I did enjoy Rachel, Jack and Ashley, Too if anything because it didn't drag. like the other 2 episodes did.