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  1. ottoDbusdriver

    S06.E07: Nevermind

    Oh no, not the oblation !!! Whatever the hell that is. This was little more than a glorified clip show. I thought this episode to be an incredible waste of time. Filler for the sake of filler. So, Josephine has not matured or grown wiser at all. In 200+ years. She's just become more and more psychotic. Yeah, that's the kind of person worth preserving as a prime.
  2. ottoDbusdriver

    Season One Discussion

    Yes, and no. Looking at episode 1 as an example, The Comedian, there is a man in that shot walking away from the camera as Samir exits the comedy club, but he's not blurry at all.
  3. ottoDbusdriver

    S06.E06: Memento Mori

    This episode lost me at "I give her 3 hours tops before the time dilation reaches her brain." Who writes this crap ? And the Time Anomaly, source of the time flares, is calling to Octavia. Sure, why not ? And what was the deal with the parasitic trees invading that guys body ? Was that punishment, I guess ? But then that guard said he volunteered. To what end ? Abby is so stupid. I'm hoping that she accidentally spaces herself out an airlock off-camera next episode. The motorcycle mechanic is also a radiation shield expert -- I guess you pick up a few things in 206 years. Where the hell was Jordan this episode ? He up and disappeared like a foraging party. What exactly are they foraging for ? They showed that they have fields of food growing, wouldn't they have picked clean anything with walking distance in 200 years. Then again, maybe they were just going to the mall. So Clarke isn't truly dead. Yawn. What a surprise. Never saw that coming. </sarcasm>
  4. ottoDbusdriver

    S06.E05: The Gospel of Josephine

    You give a little too much credit to the writers, because they can't help but repeat themselves since they ran out of any original ideas back in Season 1.
  5. ottoDbusdriver

    Season 5 Discussion Thread

    Agreed, Striking Vipers and Smithereens should have been about 30 minutes long -- in fact, Theo mentioned to Danny that being married with kids was kind of boring, Which made for a boring episode. I did enjoy Rachel, Jack and Ashley, Too if anything because it didn't drag. like the other 2 episodes did.
  6. ottoDbusdriver

    Season One Discussion

    I didn't really like Blurryman that much. Creepy ersatz-Rod Serling didn't help. Plus, you never found out why Sophie was the only one affected by Blurryman, especially if it was on recordings and other people could see it on the recordings. Why her ? Is it just because she was a writer ?
  7. ottoDbusdriver

    S06.E05: The Gospel of Josephine

    I guess Octavia's superpower now is ..... crippling arthritis Of course, this whole planet will be a cinder by the end of the season. Then again, maybe the temporal anomaly will bring Clarke back somehow Josephine (in Clarke) even mentioned the SuperBowl -- would anyone still know what that is after all this time ? Where the hell was Raven this episode ? Octavia should be dead -- her lungs would be full of those round clear nodules that made up the sink pit, she wouldn't just be coughing up water. How long did that area take to cool if it was so hot that it incinerated the surrounding trees and turned the surface of the sink pit to glass ?
  8. ottoDbusdriver

    S06.E22: Robert Diaz

    The problem is that they kept playing up this "attack against our country" like something grand in scale like 9/11 or Pearl Harbor or a Kasnian invasion of San Diego (see the Supergirl thread for that reference). The assassination of Mrs. Diaz -- really not a big deal compared to an attack on the nation. And that's why it was so underwhleming. Plus no one really cared since it was a character (Mrs. Diaz) that was only recently introduced.
  9. ottoDbusdriver

    Season One Discussion

    Otis did have that wall safe, complete with red light in the wall of his closet, so that makes me think that he had the Blue Scorpion for quite a while. Add in the fact that Jeff said Otis had gone to Cuba right after the revolution and hung out with Che Guevara, it makes me think he may have had the gun for 50+ years.
  10. ottoDbusdriver

    Season One Discussion

    The Blue Scorpion was better than other episodes, but they never really explained why Jeff's dad had the gun for so many years, yet it drove Jeff crazy in a matter of days. Way too many Jeffs in the episode though -- could he have killed any of them, and the curse of/obsession with the gun would be lifted ? Chris O'Dowd is always good.
  11. ottoDbusdriver

    The Perfectionists

    Well, I guess that end scene means 'The Professor' really does work at BHU. So where are Gilligan and the Skipper, Ginger and Mary Ann, Mr. and Mrs. Howell. :) Is it the professor that Alison talked to ? Is the Professor the new 'A' ? Certainly acts like an 'A'. Funny, when you see that map of all the BeaconGuard cameras, you don't see any camera down by the river. In fact there isn't any river on that map. So where was that camera located ? Up in one of the trees -- just in case someone was murdered on the dock. So, what happens when Jeremy starts talking ? I doubt he is going to take the wrap on Nolan's death (I still think that was a Nolan clone that died, part of phase 1 of the Experiment). Taylor conveniently disappeared for the entire season finale, but her RV blowed up real good. Actually, it was a kind of a wimpy controlled explosion. I figured one of the 2 empty chairs at the Crimson Society meeting was for the Pigman. At least Mona has her job back and doesn't have to leave, but no more schtupping Mason. Creepy doll sighting in Mona's house when she was packing. And no pies sighted at all. If you drank a shot every time the word 'family' was uttered, you'd be passed out on the floor by the end of the episode. We get it already, it's all about family, blah, blah, blah. Everyone in this town needs to get better locks on their doors.
  12. ottoDbusdriver

    S06.E04: The Face Behind the Glass

    Apparently there is also a Victoria's Secret (based on the quality of Clarke's new bra) and a Men's Warehouse (based on Mechanic Prime's suit) on Sanctum. We need the primes to have glowing eyes, just so we (the audience) know. It's interesting that Sanctum is primarily a pastoral agrarian society -- except for the radiation shield (Dr. Chaotica, where are you ?), the nightclub that reminded me of Tech Noir from the 'Terminator', and the hospital equipment. And what was with all the creepy skeletons surrounding the hospital bed when Clarke was implanted ? Seems like an odd way to store former hosts. 200+ year old motorcycles -- uhh, I think not. Regardless of how many times they rebuilt the engines, unless they discovered rubber trees those tires would have rotted many years ago. Lat alone, where's the iron mine, and steel refinery to produce refined metals for replacement parts ? Do they also come from beetles they discovered, like the paralytics ? The stupidest part of this episode -- Diyoza and the search party camping out exactly at the spot that Octavia and Rose happen to pass by, just in time to gun down the CoG. Why, oh why, can't one of the Primes be called Optimus ?
  13. ottoDbusdriver

    Season One Discussion

    I'm still curious how the gov't determined Eve was a transdimensional illegal immigrant in the first place. What was the trigger to freeze the bank accounts and send the team to arrest her in the grocery store parking garage ?
  14. ottoDbusdriver

    The Perfectionists

    I'm afraid ... I'm afraid ... I'm afraid .... I'm afraid .... that the writing will be terrible. Maybe the lights are on, but nobody's home ... in the RV.
  15. ottoDbusdriver

    S04.E22: The Quest for Peace

    Superman moved to Argo City with Lois Lane, since Lois is pregnant with Superman's child. And they didn't want the kid having powers when he was born. Kasnia is a land-locked country -- they clearly showed it on the map to be somewhere in the MIDDLE of Siberia -- so where did they get an aircraft carrier from ? I would have thought that Ben Lockwood would have teamed up with Supergirl and the others in order to destroy Lex, but apparently not. Which makes no sense at all. I think they are saying that Lena left Lex's corpse in that facility (wherever it was). Did they ever destroy the Claymore satellite ? Or did they just leave it there for it to be abused by the next big bad. Because if it could destroy Argo City at such a long distance (which is just beyond stupid), it could do major damage to the Earth. So, did the Monitor bring Lex back to life ? Or zombify him ? And who is the new Green Martian ? Who is Leviathan ? And why is he everywhere ? And why have Leviathan's reps been pulling Eve Tessmacher's strings ? Because that seems like something Lex would have known about. What happened to James' eye ? Did Ben Lockwood didn't stab him in the eye with the de-harun-elizer in the eye, so what happened ? Did Red Daughter become a Jedi ? Because her physical form (including her outfit) turned to energy that was absorbed by Kara for some unexplained reason. I thought it was funny when Lex crashed to earth and exploded -- and everyone standing around applauded. Kara's blob -- I'm assuming you meant blog, but yeah that made no sense.