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  1. Instead of the Quarantine 15, I'm not sure why people aren't referring to the work-from-home weight gain as ...... the Covid 19. :) I'll see myself out.
  2. If Brainwave's wife was Starman's sister, maybe Starman also had a brother who might be Courtney's father.
  3. It's Earth-2 -- maybe the Village People are still touring. Heck, The Who's first farewell tour was in 1982, and they are still touring today (maybe not just right now due to the coronavirus pandemic).
  4. Missed that point, must have been bored. :)
  5. Was that Octavia ? When they took off their helmets I was trying to figure out who the new girl in the middle was -- because it didn't look much like Octavia. Does Clarke even know about Hope ? Probably not, so where is Hope ? The retcon that Bill and his followers called themselves Trikru BEFORE the nukes flew -- that is just so much bullshit. So, it's awesome that the rebellious teenagers left the bunker, with dangerous radiation levels all around them but they all have nightblood so it's ok, but what were they planning to do for food ? If Bill and his followers lived in the bunker for at least 2 years, how come the bunker did not look like it had ever been lived in before Wonkru moved in back in Season 3 or 4 (I can't be bothered to look it up) ? Did Bill and his followers clean the place before heading out to parts unknown ? And then there is the glaring plot hole about the stone. Maybe the Earth Space Ball just moved into another dimension or time after getting tired of being called a space ball by the 'Level 12' 2nd Dawners. I was just waiting for someone to say '7th symbol locked' when Rebecca opened the portal. They have ripped off so many other ideas from Stargate SG-1 why not that as well.
  6. Agreed. Was that a very special episode of 'The 100' ? Hope needs a hug, Echo needs, Emori is giving peptalks -- FFS ! Plus, it just .... dragged ... on ... and ... on. And how have the disciples of the Shepherd been on Bardo for a 1000 years ? And traveled from Earth, no less. Is Bardo also a time dilation planet ? Man this is confusing. I'm bored to tears with the Sanctum stuff -- can't keep track of all the different sects, and frankly don't care. Bill is ... Tex from 'The Last Ship'. John Pyper-Ferguson needs to get the hell off this show as soon as possible. Does that mean he's the Shepherd ? Since he is risen -- from the stasis chamber or whatever the hell it is. Echo -- you didn't need to do that to your face. Plus, it looks stupid.
  7. We're at the season finale of The Wall -- Karen and Lori, sisters from Portage, Michigan. They were off to a good start in the first 2 questions of Freefall, but then zeroed out at Question 3. And then they got Question 4 wrong, which means they had to get Question 5 correct. No pressure there. Except Question 5 was a gimme, so they end up in positive territory with $10,011. That's 2 weeks in a row where the contestants almost didn't make it out of the Freefall round. Lori goes 3 for 3 in questions in Round 2, but the red superdrop knocks off about half of their earnings, leaving them with $260,022 at the end of round 2. The 4 green balls in Round 3 added $10, $100, $1 + $1 respectively adding $112 to their total. That's it. Lori gets the first question right, earns another $1. Then she gets the 2nd question wrong and they lose $200,001, leaving them with $60,134. And Lori gets the 3rd question right -- which was a tough question -- and they triple up and score big, earning $1.8 million. The 4 red balls knock off another $400K+, leaving them with $1,410,024 -- and Lori tore up the contract sending them home with big money. A positive ending to Season 3 -- but we probably won't see Season 4 for a long time. It's still weird seeing the audiences on these "new" shows, that were probably recorded late last year or in January, with no masks or social distancing.
  8. Even more terrifying is that tomorrow is July 1st -- we'll find out exactly how bad things get, and quickly.
  9. So Cindy is basically a female version of Wolverine -- regenerative healing abilities and an affection for knives/claws -- created by her father. And for good measure, her father creates his own minions (2 weeks to grow a new one, so we were told). The fight sequence between Cindy and Courtney was pretty badass.
  10. I started to check out when Clarke and the gang walked 2 km in the freezing cold with nary a discomfort. You couldn't even see their breath. Spider with a vertical mouth full of razor-sharp teeth -- it's been done before, see the 'Lost in Space' movie from the late 90s. Interesting how Diyoza was that close to killing Hope with the knife into the helmet. That might have been awkward. So why aren't there more dead bodies piled up around the wormhole exit point on that ice cliff ? Do the current crop of Bardans exit through the gift shop space slug every time they bring a body to Nakara ? Because that seems really inconvenient. Got to admit, I don't remember that symbol at all from Polis or the bunker or wherever they saw it on Earth. Just not that memorable.
  11. Especially since Icicle Jr. also has the cold powers, based on what we saw when he blew out the candle.
  12. Yet another new episode of The Wall -- I wonder how many of these they have banked from pre-coronavirus, because no one in the audience is social distancing -- with contestants Goldin and Linda, husband and wife from New Jersey, she's a psychology professor and he's gym enthusiast who runs a community program for kids. While they get the first 2 questions right in Freefall, they get the next 2 questions wrong leaving them with $4909 going into the fifth question. But they manage to get Q5 correct leaving them with $9920 exiting the Freefall round. I was nervous that we might have had our first contestants that didn't make it out of the Freefall round. Linda goes into the isolation booth, and the superdrop beefs up their total up to $235K+. They get a whopping $10 on Q1. That does not bode well. But luck is with them in the 2nd question as Goldin doubles up but they get it wrong, but only lose $11. Then they get Q3 right adding another $245k+ to their total by tripling up, giving them $620,030 before the red ball supderdrop where they lose $70K. They lose $10 getting the 1st question wrong, they double up and add $101 after getting the 2nd question correct, and get Q3 wrong and zero out by hitting the $1 million slot. And yet again we don't have to do the final 4 red balls. Linda goes 3 for 6 in the questions so the guarantee is $69,920 -- but Linda tore up the contract and they go home with zero.
  13. At least now we know where Artemis gets all her aggressiveness from -- both parents are a little unhinged. Killing several coaches for benching their kid is just ... out there. I'm just curious what happened 16-17 years ago -- did all the heroes/villains call a truce for a year in order to have kids at the same time ?
  14. That was a convoluted mess. So, does this mean that Bardo is in time sync with Sanctum ? Or slower ? Or faster ? Yet way slower than SkyRing ? Because there might be a Stone on Earth, did they only leave Earth about a week ago (but that doesn't explain the crazy advanced tech, but might explain that the Shepherd is still alive) ? Why are they living in an enclosed dome ? What is the outside world like ? Did they build that massive building and the dome -- or did somebody else do that ? "Because of time dilation, no one is coming for you" -- that makes no sense at all. Time is still moving forward on all 3 planets. If Octavia was examined for days on end in that room with Levitt, did she get bathroom breaks ? Or time to sleep ? Or to eat ? And the nonsense with the Primes -- I just don't care any more. The writers should be ashamed that this is all they could come up with for the final season.
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