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  1. The Treehouse of Horror XXXI episode originally scheduled for tonight has been pre-empted by the baseball playoffs.
  2. Sterling K. Brown was really good, but I missed Leo's voice most of all. Man, I miss this show -- this special is one of the best examples of getting the band back together and putting on a masterpiece. Can't believe it's been nearly 18 and a half years since the original aired. Nobody missed a beat.
  3. So this season Michael Burnham is basically doing a Star Trek version of Dylan Hunt rebuilding the Systems Commonwealth from the TV series 'Andromeda', right ? Let's see -- major galaxy-spanning organization falls, and the galaxy degrades into chaos. Check. Substantial time displacement where lead character does not age. Check. Lead character meets a local who will assist in rebuilding aforementioned fallen organization. Check. And finally lead character will rebuild this organization using a spaceship that is technically hundreds of years behind technology-wise (that would be Discovery). Check. Have we seen trans worms ever before in this series ? I don't recall them. I thought it was a bit ridiculous when Burnham used the suit to scan for life signs, and when the life signs were found she kind of went overboard celebrating. Maybe she should have asked the suit to scan for humanoid life forms, because the suit could have just been detecting those insects. As mentioned above Booker is essentially Han Solo -- smuggler with a heart of gold. I'm just surprised that his cat isn't named Chewie. I'll be waiting for the mice from the movie 'Babe' to show up and say "Three weeks later" when the Discovery finally exits the wormhole. :)
  4. Rachelle Lefevre (who played Julia Shumway) is the lead in a new TV series called 'The Sounds' -- https://www.imdb.com/title/tt10505762/ -- haven't seen it yet, but can only hope that purple eggs or domes aren't involved.
  5. Is the "other Pandora" really dead ? I highly doubt it, but it was good to get her out of the way early in Season 2. How lazy are these colonists ? Apparently they have had time to build a massive castle in 150 years, but couldn't be bothered to clean up/recycle the ship that they arrived/crashed in. Then again maybe they put all their efforts into hotpant production to keep the leader happy. And they kind of glossed over how the energy from the portal was keeping the original colonists alive. Wouldn't someone have noticed that the leaders were always the same ? People that narcissistic would likely have paintings/photos displayed all over the play -- especially in a castle setting. The Zazie/Jet stuff just felt like so much filler.
  6. Per the episode description, at what point did Jax come face-to-face with her mother. That's right, she didn't. Xander did. Who among the viewers was asking for Jet to come back ? That would be no one. And what happened to the tech that was on Jet's face in Season 1 ? Was Zazie in Season 1 ? Because I don't remember her at all. And per IMDB, the actress that plays her wasn't in Season 1. Am I the only one that thinks that Harland Freed put a bug in that model ship he gave to Admiral Lucas ? Why didn't Xander grab the box with the other glowing cylinders/weapons ? And was the box full of glowing cylinders/weapons dissolved by the broken cylinder ? Or did they just add their dissolving power to the broken weapon ? Jax has some weird dreams. They made it appear that Xander shot Jax, but I suspect there was something else in her dream that he was shooting at. Glad that Matta has a bigger role this season.
  7. Liked Riker. Liked Troi. And that was about it. Mariner still bugs. Boimler is lucky he got the hell off of the Cerritos. Exocomps, Paclids -- are there any other single episode characters from TNG they haven't tapped yet. I'm just surprised that the Children of Tama didn't show up, because Mariner knows them too. #sarcasm
  8. UK Arby comes off as WAY more menacing from the very first episode. US Arby -- not so much. At least Lee had style -- Rod looked like a poor man's Hugh Laurie. The musical score of the UK series is way better as well. Fits the mood of the series better. Gillian Flynn really watered down the US version. For example. End of the US first season -- Jessica Hyde goes home to her little house on Christie's property and lays down on her bed in her bedroom. End of the UK first season -- Jessica Hyde in abject terror on the roof of a building, having just been shot in the leg by Milner.
  9. Looked like Old Gil was Moe's gift slave to Obeseus. And Jasper was the slave hanging on the wall in Obeseus' home.
  10. I thought that episode was really good. "All Hail our new champion -- Mr. Plow himself, Obeseus !!" "Crowd-sourcing a streaming service -- I'm a genius!" "Hmmm, we're going to need more lions." As a gladiator, Obeseus fought Roman versions of Drederick Tatum and Sideshow Bob. Loved the Latin version of 'The Jeffersons' theme song.
  11. Yeah, they really didn't ask first if everyone left in the human race wanted to transcend. It would have been the polite thing to do.
  12. Time for another episode of The Wall with Keaton and Taylor, Air Force members and recent newlyweds. Chris congratulates them on the wedding that was "literally two weeks ago". Probably like more 9 or 10 months ago by the time this airs. Still no masks or social distancing. Even more re-recorded voiceovers by Chris in this intro as well. Seriously, they can't match the audio levels -- that's just lazy. Freefall didn't go so well after they zeroed out by Question 2, but then they got 3 really simple questions and ended up with $55,132. Getting $21 on that really easy Hunger Games question seemed appropriate. Tribute to your fearlessness. Wow !! Talk about going overboard with praise for TV. The Round 2 green superdrop gets them $200,112, bringing their total to $255,244. Taylor is really long-winded when it comes to the decision making process. She just goes on and on. She gets the first question wrong, and $10K gets removed from their total. Since they doubled up for Q2 and Taylor it got wrong too, losing $125K. This is not boding well. Keaton triples up on Q3 because why not, Taylor gets it wrong -- again -- losing $60,010. The red superdrop zeroes them out bigly, getting $260,102 which easily wipes out the $60,234 they had left. Round 3 starts off with a bang, getting $1 on the first ball, followed by $1 on the 2nd ball, followed by $1 on the 3rd ball and finally getting $100K on the 4th ball. My dad wasn't able to make it to our wedding because of a medical issue, so I'm choosing slot 5. WTH ?? What does that have to do with choosing the number 5 ? Or was Keaton dedicating that particular ball drop to him ? It was just odd. On the 1st Round 3 question Taylor says that 'My mother-in-law would die if I get this question wrong' -- and of course Taylor gets it wrong. Better start building the casket for the mother-in-law, she may need it soon. And just to hammer the nail in the coffin, to borrow a timely phrase, they zero out by hitting the million. Ouch ! On the second question, Taylor just rambles on and on -- and of course she gets it wrong. How do you not know the last line of 'Gone with the Wind' ? Let alone think that "After all, tomorrow is another day" is from 'The Wizard of Oz'. The ball drop is moot because they had $0, but if they were any good at this game they would have lost $100,001. Question 3 was really easy if you know your history, but Taylor -- who is the one that is good at the trivia and pop culture between this couple -- and she hasn't got a clue. She actually says "1512 was a long time ago." No shit Sherlock. And of course she gets it wrong. Taylor goes 0 for 6 on questions. Yet another moot ball drop, but they would have lost another $200,101. And since they zeroed out, they don't even bother with the last 4 red balls. They're living in an RV. Trying to start a family (didn't they just get married ?). Need another car. Chris actually tells Taylor that she played "a great game" -- no, she didn't. She sucked at answering the questions. Taylor even acknowledges that she didn't get many questions right, but after rambling on and on and on eventually confirming that she signed the contract getting them $55,132. Not really life changing money, but might get them that 2nd car after all (after taxes). Or fix up the RV. But they really didn't deserve to get anything after that disastrous game, because they only got 3 questions correct of 11 questions. To summarize: -- total money earned with green balls: $180,336 -- total money lost with red balls: $2,085,326 (and it should have been even more since they bypassed the last 4 red balls) Agreed, the questions weren't hard and they shouldn't have got anything. Remember The Wall is all about "chance at massive winnings" and "people we love" -- still glad they got rid of the whole 'people who deserve money' from the early seasons. Still too much Lebron in the Intro.
  13. The Wall is back -- technically it was back on Sept. 24 for this episode, but hey, I'm playing catch up -- with Tiffany and CJ from Pennsylvania. I missed the viral CJ story -- not sure when that happened, though I am pretty sure this was filmed WAAAAAAAAY back in Jan./Feb. because there is NO social distancing or masks in the audience. The superfluous re-recorded voiceovers by Chris are many in this intro for Tiffany and CJ. That BTS question was too easy, followed by the Mikey from the Life cereal ad, and the duckface question -- geez these are easy. Can't believe they got the Talladega question wrong. That 'which number is longer question' was also too easy. Exiting the FreeFall round with $65,005. CJ is headed for the isolation booth. I was disappointed in the 'special high five'. Not so special, looked like a regular high five. Tiffany needs to ditch those heels if she is going to be jumping in front of the Wall. Into Round 2, the superdrop nets them $425,021, giving them a total of $490,026 -- which is a decent amount, but still no guarantee they will leave Round 2 in the positive. Really ? A Loch Ness Monster question -- and he wasn't sure about his answer. Come on CJ. And it nets them $1. Followed by Cubs World Series question that was also a gimme, giving them $100K Followed by a gimme Where's Waldo question. And with a triple up, gets them $200,001 Red Superdrop removes $360,112, leaving them with $579,916. The 4 green balls in Round 3 added $10, $50K, $10 + $200K respectively, bringing their total to $829,936. But we did get the traditional appearance of dead relative to justify picking a slot for a ball. Finally we get some slightly tougher questions in Round 3 -- CJ gets the first question wrong and they lose $100. A Hannah Montana question, seriously ? He gets that wrong too, but they only lose $1. CJ gets the 3rd question wrong, and it only costs them $50,002. Leaving them with $779,833 before the final 4 red balls, and a guarantee of $125,005. The 4 red balls knock off another $700,101, leaving them with $79,733 -- good thing CJ signed the contract which gave them the bigger amount of the guarantee ($125,005). Not life-changing money (after taxes) but a really nice new car for sure.
  14. Watching both last week's show and this week's show now -- didn't even realize it was back Thanks for the reminder @saber5055.
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