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  1. One more question -- when the Discovery left Federation HQ with the Veridian behind them they were followed by a small fleet of Federation starships in hot pursuit. So, when the Discovery dropped out of warp due to the nacelle sabotage and was swallowed up by the Veridian -- where did all the Federation starships go ? Did they all stop for coffee ? Every time that the Veridian was mentioned, it made me think of Veridian Dynamics from the TV show 'Better Off Ted'. Even crazier -- pesticides in space. Would that really do anything ? Whoever wrote those lines needs to go back and study how space works.
  2. That was .... disappointing. I'm still not buying the whole "Su'kal was infused with Dilithium and he caused the Burn when he yelled" nonsense. That's probably one of the the dumbest plot points on this show. Which is saying a lot for this show. Thank goodness that ship didn't crash on a planet chock full of radioactive honey-nut cheerios -- then we'd really be in trouble, because that makes about as much sense. The absolute worst part was whoever discovered the 180 degree rotating camera rig -- and then overused it like they had to justify buying it in the first place. Man that was annoying. What species was Adira supposed to be when she beamed on to the holos ? All that blue makeup on her face and hands, I was going to guess Smurf. It was just a tad ridiculous that the interior of Discovery is a massive hollowed area for the turbolift network. WTF ? And they sure fixed that nacelle quickly. To quote Comic Book Guy: Worst Warp Core Ejection .... Ever !!!
  3. Just what this series needed -- a 2-parter followed by a 3-parter to end the season. The one thing missing all along in this show has been protracted diplomatic discussions. #sarcasm It really killed the flow of the episode. I have to say I wasn't buying Stamets' "we all came to the future so you wouldn't be alone, Michael" nonsense.
  4. I found this episode just so disappointing -- between Tilly's crappy captaining and the weak ass explanation for 'The Burn'. Hell, I would rather have had Reno in the Captain's chair -- she couldn't have done any worse than Tilly. Plus, two 2-parters in an row -- really ??
  5. You're thinking of the Season 3 episode 15 -- 'Bart the Lover'. https://simpsons.fandom.com/wiki/Bart_the_Lover/Quotes
  6. I can't believe we wasted 2 episodes just so Philippa could reflect on her life choices and then exit stage left to parts/times unknown. Though it was worth if just to see Paul Guilfoyle as the Guardian of Forever.
  7. Jim Brass -- in space !! In a muskoka chair smoking a cigar while reading a newspaper from tomorrow next to a door on a snowy plain, no less.
  8. Pringles has responded -- we will get the answer to what Julius Pringle's body looks like tomorrow. https://twitter.com/Pringles/status/1336095324138561537
  9. Is it weird that the Springfield tire fire was out, and covered in menorahs ? Sign at Springfield Nuclear Plant/Santa's Workshop: Now Dwarfs, No Orcs, No Leprechauns Abe holding a sign during the intro (after Bart on the snowboard lands on the pile of snow containing him): "Still Warmer Than Nursing Home" Stores seen during Homer's '3 week earlier' flashback: -- Just Chip Clips -- Reformation Hardware (with a guy posting 95 Theses by Martin Luther on the door) -- Pelicon - Stationary Bikes for Seabirds -- Candy Most Dandy So, Miss Hoover's "private pain" is that she is lonely, unlucky, poor and has a bad back. I was half expecting that she didn't get into Yale either. Crackton was first mentioned way back in Season 9 in the episode "Lost our Lisa", and it's more of a section of Springfield, like the Russian District.
  10. To quote Lisa: "meh" It was ok, I guess -- they can't all be winners.
  11. Saw this on the Nerdist web site, and now I kind of want one -- a Hot Cocoa Bomb that Contains a Surprise Baby Yoda Marshmallow https://nerdist.com/article/the-mandalorian-hot-cocoa-bomb-baby-yoda-marshmallow/
  12. Stormtrooper officers wearing an orange shoulder pad has been around for a while -- that's been a thing since 'A New Hope', as seen when Luke and Obiwan were in the speeder with the droids (and they were not the droids they were looking for).
  13. The UK version is far superior to the US version. Gillian Flynn's half-assed attempt at making a US version was just terrible.
  14. Actually the end credits text was also done in the style of the WKRP end credits. ETA: Agreed that the Skinner/Chalmers throwdown was a long time coming, but well worth the wait.
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