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  1. Manifest will not be going to Netflix, per Deadline.com. https://deadline.com/2021/06/manifest-dead-canceled-no-season-4-netflix-nbc-1234779110/
  2. It's getting to the point that I'm hoping that Lizzie is a figment of Reddington's imagination a la Tyler Durden. It's no more ridiculous than anything else on this show. :)
  3. From that clip: Lizzie: "How does it end ?" Reddington: "You'll find out." Based on the history of this show, no, we won't find out -- it will just be some more lies/retcon nonsense.
  4. What. The Hell. Was That. It was the retcon of all retcons. I'm not sure what was more confusing -- the stopping of time "just because" so they could answer "all the questions", the weird interactive projections that were only in black in white (even though we have previously seen some of those scenes in color on this show), Red's apparent complete lack of any external surveillance such that Townsend and his men could sneak up on the bunker -- I seriously thought that Lizzie had been drugged and she was imagining it all. And I thought the flashback stories were convoluted before, now
  5. Perhaps there will be a 20 year time jump, and recent FBI profiler school graduate Agnes Keen gets a call to report to the Post Office facility. :)
  6. The ultimate irony would be if Manifest was brought back to NBC much like Flight 828 -- 5 and a half years from now. And Cal was rapidly aged again -- and was now in his 30s. :)
  7. Oh no !!!!!!! Who knew that June 14, 2021 was the actual death date (of the show) ? According to ancient Mayan engravings, it was clearly shown on the side of a lifeboat that Manifest would be cancelled after Season 3. I don't see how Ben Stone missed that important clue. I guess bringing back the pilot, making the entire plan disappear, killing off Grace, having Angelina kidnap baby Eden, and aging Cal 5 years wasn't convincing enough plot-wise to the network executives for a renewal. Or maybe the network executives had a calling that told them to cancel Manifest in order to save t
  8. They should include that in their network promos. Manifest -- cheesy and convoluted. Thursdays at 8 on NBC.
  9. Exactly !! Zeke -- dead, then not dead, then bypassed the death date Pilot -- everyone thought was dead when he flew into the dark lightning with Fiona, turns out not so much but we have no idea where he is now (let alone where Fiona is -- dead/live ?) Vance -- everyone thought was dead, turns out he faked his own death, and is "back" working for the CIA 3 meth heads -- dead in the lake, then back from the dead because of the dark lightning, then dead again because of the death date
  10. This show truly is a comedy -- because I laughed when Cal disappeared. And then laughed again at the end when older Cal shows up with no explanation of why he aged or how he got there. The abandoning of the word 'lifeboat' in the 2 hour season finale after being inundated with mentions of it in the previous episodes just goes to show that the writers have no idea what they are doing. The dark lightning has barely been mentioned all season, and yet it is back with a vengeance in the season finale, what with the pilot returning from his dark lightning adventure from back in Season 1 only
  11. "great storylines" -- that's rich.
  12. Episode Description: Airdate: Thursday June 10, 2021 at 8pm (2 hour season finale)
  13. We still don't know what was with the guy in the pig mask in the sewer. That actually happened.
  14. Yep, Reddington was practically on death's door -- and there has been no update since, and he seems to be pretty spry.
  15. I was thinking the same thing -- please let it be a missile and have Townsend look up at the last second and say "oh shit", and Ka-Boom !!! That would have been awesome. Yet another crappy episode with way too much Lizzie. Is Ressler going to magically recover and save the day at some point ?? I don't think so either. Why weren't there any fighter jets intercepting that helicopter over D.C. ? That was flying within sight of the Washington monument no less. Still no sign or mention of the dogs, Robert Vesco's cat or Sierra the Cat. I was kind of hoping they were inside the bunke
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