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  1. Why would they send Psychic Dad down the hole ? He's their only communication source with what's going on down there. Plus he would be abandoning Izzy (as mentioned above). They are acting like it's a sure thing that he will return when it is far from it. I predict we will get a Flight of the Phoenix scenario -- both planes crash, but they re-assemble one working plane out of the 2 crashed planes, all the while fighting off the creature of the week and the 'Talk to the Hand' people. Can't believe that Stoner Scott didn't make a Jabba the Hut(t) joke when they saw that village.
  2. Two years ? Seriously ? And it sounds like Cooper is getting the band back together.
  3. Hopefully the season (now series) finale isn't a cliffhanger.
  4. Nice Journeyman callback !! Haven't thought about that show in ages. But yeah, that show did it better.
  5. Have they tried lowering a rope with a basket of food and a note attached to it ? Seriously, no one at DHS thought to try that. Why did the DHS people expect anything different to happen to that plane than what happened to the drone ? Because they lost contact with drone in a similar fashion. Despite several of these people having guns, nobody shot the giant sloth. A slow moving target. That sloth would have fed all of them for a while if they managed to dry it/preserve it. Sloth jerky anyone ? Why did we not get sabretooth rabbits ? Come on show, that would have been awesom
  6. That was ..... underwhelming ..... for a Halloween episode..
  7. They did say that the hole was over 20,000 feet deep, so where did all the dirt and rock go ? A hole that's approx. 4 miles deep and a mile in diameter would give you over 3 cubic miles of dirt/rock instead of what's just on the surface at the time of the event going through the glowing strip at the bottom. Plus, if everyone and everything on the surface fell 20,000+ feet before going through the light strip, why isn't everyone dead and everything basically destroyed ? Sure, that would be a terrible plot for a show, but it does raise questions that I don't think that the writers real
  8. Freeman: "What the ... ? The Pakleds again" My sentiments exactly. Enough with the Pakleds already.
  9. Just ...... wow !! That sabretooth tiger CGI is so bad. The trap o' convenience saves Eve and dude with the gun (Ty ?) from the 2nd tiger. Of course it did. Psychic Dad's hair and beard always looks salon perfect. Wouldn't the fact that the cars were trying to start indicate that there was at least some juice in the battery -- which would mean you could charge a phone. I'm not a medical professional, but do you really inject antibiotics directly into the wound, and then wait for an immediate response ? #sarcasm What makes The DHS folks think that the Striker plane wi
  10. Twice -- once by Marge, once by Loki. I liked the book that Abe was reading before he got the scam phone call -- "What to Expect When You Are Expiring".
  11. When I saw that glowing strip at the bottom of the hole I was kind of hoping that Kaijus from 'Pacific Rim' were going to come out. But instead we get giant prehistoric birds. We'll call that a push. At that DHS press conference, not a single person asked about the flock of giant birds -- seriously, no one ? Why weren't there more injuries ? If they all fell from that Northern Lights-looking glowing strip in the sky they should all be dead. Did I mishear when they said the hole was 20,000 feet deep ? Seriously, over 20,000 feet deep -- that is ridiculous. How come that drone n
  12. We have Episode 16 of the 4th season (which aired on Sept. 13) with Ted and Hayden, father and son from Akron, Ohio. Ted is a youth sports coach and not sure what Hayden does for a living. Interesting fun facts -- Ted has 9 kids, including 5 adopted kids all from the same family. Hayden recently got married where Ted officiated. Hayden saved a young girl from a creek, and won an American Red Cross Hometown Hero award. For some reason, Hardwick thinks that Hayden's voice sounds like Tom Cruise, but I don't really hear it. They got the first Freefall question wrong, collecting -$5
  13. We have Episode 15 of the 4th season with Jordan and Maurcus, newlyweds from Atlanta, Georgia. Jordan works in real estate and Maurcus works for an non-profit that helps high school graduates get internships. Interesting fun fact -- about 5 years ago, Jordan went on a 11 month, 11 country overseas humanitarian mission. They got all 5 Freefall questions correct accumulating $5,002 + $25,101 + $10,011 + $90,002 (used FreeFall+) + $10,011 for a total of $140,118. But the questions were pretty easy this time too. For example, question 5 was: "On websites that use a security fea
  14. Playing catch-up from the last couple of weeks (hey, I've been busy). We have Episode 14 of the 4th season with AnnaLee and Lily, sisters from Southern California. AnnaLee is a school teacher and Lily is a flight attendant. Interesting fun facts -- their mom is from Mexico, and their dad is from the Philippines and was an E-7 in the US Navy. Both of the sisters are wearing high, high heels which are really not appropriate for jumping up and down in front of the Wall. They got the first Freefall question wrong, collecting -$40K, but since this the Freefall round they remain at
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