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  1. How long before Lizzie is done with Reddington this season ? I guess Katarina Rostova will use all means necessary to torture Reddington to figure out where Lizzie's dogs went.
  2. The Simpsons won the 2019 Emmy Award for Outstanding Animated Program.
  3. Last Week Tonight took home a couple of Creative Arts Emmy Awards tonight -- Outstanding Picture Editing for Variety Programming (for 'The Wax & The Furious' segment) -- Outstanding Technical Direction, Camerawork, Video Control for a Series (Psychics episode)
  4. How did they manage to drag Erin Gray into this show ? None other than Col. Wilma Deering from Buck Rogers in the 25th Century. The creature animation was pretty bad -- at points you can actually see how they rewound and then forwarded the video to make the creatures look like they were moving. So was that alien spaceship parked above the planet for the past 140+ years ? Or had it just returned recently after the New Portland discovery ? That piece of info kind of needed to be explained. How was Marcus and his old pal Wilson ...... err, Elliott .... able to survive and not get killed for such a long time ? And he managed to have the only working -- and surprisingly clean -- truck on the planet. I would think that would have drawn in the creatures. And where did he get fuel for his truck ? And how was his original uniform still intact after 140+ years ? Plus, why was Marcus so well groomed ? What does the cave drawing with the alien holding the baby over it's head mean ? And why didn't Jax tell anyone about the cave drawing ? I thought for sure after Marcus volunteered to stay and draw off the enemy fire that we were going to find out he was working for the aliens -- but, alas, that was not to be. So Xander and Professor-Uncle already knew about the Zatarian fleet that they had been 'tracking' -- so why did Xander press Ralen so hard for info ? Was it just for show ? Seeing Atria in a normal uniform on the ship was a nice change of pace, since she always dresses like a teenager. And the World Wide Web saves the day -- what the hell was point of mentioning that supposed to contribute to the story ? Why wasn't Atria more freaked out when Thomas seemed to disappear from the bar ? Thomas up and pulls a Greta Garbo to end the episode -- he just wants to be left alone, as he drifts into space with slowly lowering oxygen levels.
  5. Best part of the episode -- The Lumineers 'Gloria' playing in the bar. Professor Uncle using the same catch line as the Avengers from 'Endgame' -- that's not cool. But Xander and Jax are off to Euphoria 7 to track down some alien weapon in the hands of Parallax, with the plan for Jax to get back together with Cordelia Freed (something we the audience have never heard mentioned before). And that weapon turns out to be a portal. Euphoria 7 orbits a trinary sun -- suck on that Tatooine -- and appears to be the Earth Confederacy's version of Club Med. Harland Fried says Jax reminds him of someone from his past -- when she looks EXACTLY the same. Jax controls the portals -- sure, why not ? When did Jax learn that trick since they basically stumbled into the portal on New Portland. And why weren't there any creatures guarding either end of this portal ? That was hilarious -- Xander and Ralen battle their guards for a full 15 seconds, while other guards with guns just stand there like nothing is happening and allowing Jax, Xander and Ralen to escape via the portal. And they land on another planet chock full of Zatarian ships. Probably warships. The nonsense back on Earth with Atria and Thomas was just so boring. And apparently everyone wants to get with Ralen. ETA: The portals are basically Stargates, and the study group will probably turn into SG-1.
  6. So, is Jax a clone ? A very shouty clone ? Or an organic robot ? Or a ageless crime-fighting superhero whose mind was wiped ? How else can she look exactly the same after over 150 years. Or are they all implanted memories ? Thomas displaying TK abilities in the bar ... in public ... is just plain stupid. Wow !! We actually get a name for the timey-wimey wormhole on New Portland. Portal technology. But absolutely no progress about what it is a portal to ? The Future ? The Past ? Sideways ? Parallel dimension ? So Jax drinks some Zatarian joy juice to discover her memories. Sure, why not. Priscilla Quintana does some of her best acting so far in the series -- lying on the floor, looking like she's having a seizure. </sarcasm> Harland Freed founded Parallax -- the evil corporation in this show -- via extortion with money, spaceships, and Jupiter's moon Io. But that's ok because he was hot (per Jax and Pilar). Uncle-professor Osborn killed his wife -- Tracey Diane Osborn -- just 3 years previous on March 30, 2196 because she was an enemy agent. An agent for whom ? Parallax ? The Zatari ? Aliens from the portal ? Someone else ? And Preston's wife is also an enemy agent aka The Mole. Did Xander get a second source to confirm or just take the librarian at his word ? Because his evidence seemed pretty weak. Uncle-professor Osborn needs a better groundskeeper for his wife's grave. Tracey's gravestone inscription -- "Always remembered. The lessons she taught us will never be forgotten." Lessons like .... oh .... don't marry an enemy agent. Geez, that's 2 senior CIS officials who's wives were enemy agents. These guys should do better at background checking their spouses BEFORE they get married.
  7. Why are secrets from the past always deadly ? <sigh>
  8. Jax yells so much, it's really kind of offputting. The music was so loud during this episode -- I know they were in the Black Hole bar for a lot of it, but if the music was that loud in the bar they WOULD HAVE BEEN YELLING AT EACH OTHER. Looks like mylar balloon technology hasn't progressed much in nearly 200 years. As for Jett, I agree that his hacker friends would have figured out he was a fake a long time ago. But it's disappointing to see that acting like an A-hole hasn't gone away by 2199. Of course it was the evil Parallax Corp that was responsible for the back door exploit. Is there anyone on staff at the Fleet Academy that doesn't know that Jax is Code name Pandora ? Still no mention of the timey-wimey wormhole on New Portland.
  9. And it's confirmed -- no mention at all of the galaxy-threatening gateway on New Portland. I'm starting to think that "the attack that killed my parents" is the "Walt !!!" of this show. Jax has said it so many times. Jax is still very yelly and judgy -- and apparently has a hidden past as a sexy assassin that even Jax can't remember. I'm starting to think that her parents being killed is an implanted memory. Or maybe that was her father she killed -- who knows for sure ? We still don't know what Jax/Pandora is -- I hope that they don't drag out that mystery for 5 or 6 seasons (like what Lizzie's real connection to Reddington is on The Blacklist). The heist at the museum was ridiculous -- a thought-detection lock, then the laser grid, and finally an artificial brain lock. Sure, why not ? Considering that all Jax had to do was stand there with a blank look on her face for the thought-detection lock, it was incredible acting. #sarcasm Tierney was a super hot handler. How did she even find out about the Tereshkova's black box if only Xander and the Professor knew what it was, and only the Professor knew where it was ? Because they had to know what it was and where it was before planning the Jintoo heist. And what does the ETC need the Tereshkova black box info for ? I predict that the lock for the red key that Tierney gave Jax will probably be located in the next episode. At least the 'study group' didn't steal a spaceship for once.
  10. I suspect that since this is a Thomas-centric episode that there will still be no follow up on the galaxy-threatening hidey hole on New Portland.
  11. What the hell was that ? That episode was just a complete and utter mess. The time anomaly nonsense at the end just felt tacked on. Did Octavia ascend to a higher plane of existence ? Are we sure that wasn't teenage Diyoza instead of her daughter ? An ancient alien device -- sure, why not ? Any other dumb ideas from the writers ? Other than brainwashed Jordan, keeping Russell alive, or the whole purification ceremony nonsense. You know what this episode was missing -- more motorcycles. I can't wait to get planets Beta, Delta or Gamma -- maybe they all will have time anomalies too.
  12. Space zombies -- really ? How original ? Bright spot of the episode -- 'Counting Blue Cars' by Dishwalla, when Thomas and Atria were on their picnic. Duvall: "Watch your backs. Watch your fronts. You can't hack the mainframe if you're dead." Who writes this crap ? Those 2 new cadets might as well have been wearing red shirts. Still no mention of the funky hole on New Portland -- that could change the universe -- or the creatures guarding it.
  13. I'm sure he'll be back at some point, what with all the cloning going on in this show, and whatever time-wimey wonkiness was in the hole in the cave on New Portland (that the writers have apparently all forgotten about).
  14. Is it wrong to hope the virus turns one or all of them into Krakens ?
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