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  1. Ummmm A1, I'll bring the steak. :) https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/A.1._Sauce
  2. I'm starting to think that the gargoyles are in charge of the callings, and are also responsible for making the plane disappear for 5 and a half years. #sarcasm
  3. Of course, Manifest needs to ride the coattails of 'Game of Thrones' by introducing dragon callings. Correction, gargoyle callings. Whatever. How come Michaela didn't get a callingquake with Zeke ? No real shakiness at all. Was it ever determined if Erica was actually on Flight 828 ? If not, then that means they are just helping regular people. Which would basically turn this show into the Littlest Hobo, going town to town helping people. Saanvi is all hurt that she was left out of the loop -- umm, she doesn't exactly tell Ben "everything" either, so she should get over herself. Security at that special prison was TERRIBLE. Come on, none of the doors were locked. Zeke sure did put onto that court docket REALLY REALLY FAST. Erica: "Stay away. Stay away from my family. Your son is an abomination." Grace: "Oh I get it. I get it now. I was supposed to open your eyes because you are a frightened, small-minded woman who's afraid things she doesn't understand." Erica: "I hope you lose that baby." Ouch ! That seems a little on the mean side. It would be oh so more helpful if the callings weren't so fucking vague. Or accompanied by gargoyles. The gargoyle is on the university building, so what the hell does that mean ? Are the professor and Erica working for The Major ? Someone else ? This show is so frustrating sometimes. Isn't Jared basically screwed since Michaela admitted that Jared lied on his police report about Michaela's shooting ? 'The Major' -- not a really good cover name.
  4. Adding to the Last Week Tonight awards list, from the Producer's Guild Awards last night. Winner: Outstanding Producer of Live Entertainment and Talk Television
  5. I really wish they would explain who's in charge of the callings -- I'm going with space aliens. I just hope the producers don't drag that mystery out for 6 or 7 seasons like The Blacklist.
  6. I thought the Ezra Miller cameo was pretty awesome. I did find this episode a little confusing when Barry was flitting about the speedforce. Oliver (to the Anti-Monitor): "You have failed this universe." I guess this means that Oliver was the source of the Big Bang -- who knew ?
  7. The Callingquakes are getting to be bit much. Michaela is so good she solved the case in 2 hours. No, that's not suspicious at all. #eyeroll And now the plane in the calling is on fire, and Zeke can communicate with Michaela. FFS ! Maybe next week the plane in the calling will be invisible like Wonder Woman's jet. I guess the Major is visually impaired -- she prints SO BIG in her notebook !! The dark lightning -- which apparently causes all of the time jumps -- gets ignored for another episode.
  8. Coherent and believable -- words that generally don't apply to this show. :) Could the callings be any more vague ? Telling Grace to 'stop' -- I'm more inclined to think that the callings were telling her that she should stop drinking alcohol. Or to Stop in the name of love, maybe. Ben needs to start a new service -- we'll call it 23 and Ben. Because "Sure seems that way" sounds really definitive when it comes to paternity.
  9. I am curious who these 'Rogue Synths' are that attacked Mars. I'm actually surprised that the death toll is only 3000 in the news reports. It looked like they carpet-bombed Mars and took out the Utopia Planitia Shipyard and the orbital station that Lil's dad worked on.
  10. I'm just trying to figure out how it relates to ST: Discovery, if at all.
  11. Oooooooooh ! Excellent return from the holiday break. All 3 pairings worked well -- Jo/Agent Brooks, Ed/Mia, Chris/Alex. And Jo finally finds Piper by the end of the episode, only for Piper not want to return with Jo since these other people (including Benny) "need" her help. Piper's abilities also seem to have improved -- that disassembly of Jo's gun was pretty cool. How many of these artificial beings are there ? I guess one less now that Charlie is dead. Is Piper v2.0, and that's why the rest of them need her help ? And what was that metallic ball in the container on the boat, that was also highly magnetic ?
  12. Michaela finally did something useful and caught the bullet. At least her eye brows weren't injured in the shooting. Apparently, Michaela also suffered brain damage from her gunshot wound, as she kept forgetting which side she was shot. Some scenes she was holding on to her right side (where she was shot) and some scenes she was holding on to her left side. Why isn't Zeke more concerned about the death date since his death date is only about a year away ? 2 months have passed from Michaela's shooting so that would put us at approx. mid-February 2019 in the show timeline. According to the date on the $87,000 check, it's at least Feb. 19. The trees seem to be REALLY, REALLY green for mid-February. Looks like Cal got some sleep in the last 2 months -- he doesn't have the bags under his eyes anymore. Enough with the shaky-cam visions already. I'm already annoyed by them. That's Vance, the NSA Director that appeared to have been killed in the explosion in Season 1 Episode 9 (and we saw his funeral in Episode 10). There were several theories here on the forums that Vance wasn't really dead -- and voila, he isn't. When Michaela spotted Zeke and started to walk across the street, I kind of expected her to get hit by a car -- since she didn't look both ways first. The Major and Saanvi's sessions were just so .... boring. So, the theme for Season 2 is 'Save the Passengers' -- ok, we get it already. Can we please at least get an Iggy Pop 'I am the Passenger' reference from a character on the show ? Zeke 's on the Plane in Michaela's v2.0 callings for some reason. Please let it be twins with different fathers #fingerscrossed Looks like the Dark Lightning has been completely forgotten about since last season. And in the 2 months since the S1 finale, apparently no one else has discovered the blood marker that Saanvi was so concerned about.
  13. I loved that on the back of Lisa's L'il Eco-Warrior magazine was an ad for the Canyonero Hybrid. Hah !! Quite a stretch back for that reference. And then over the end credits, you see Lisa reading the last issue of Eco-Warrior magazine. Tupac hologram: "Why won't you people let me die ?" Lisa: "I thought your name was 'Kidzrule'. Dr. Kidzrule: "It's short for 'Kidzrulevich', which is Romanian for kill all the children." The Lobster tank is back -- at least none were floating on the surface. Those synchronized swimmers made up to look like Artie Ziff .... were just a little creepy. Nelson: "Her smile makes me feel full, like I actually ate dinner last night." Bart: "If you never eat, how come you're so fat ?" Nelson: "Americans can be fat and poor -- that's what makes us so great." I liked that one of the robot versions of Marge was Bender from Futurama. In addition, there was slot machine Margebot, clothes washer Margebot, two Margebots with eye-patches for some reason, spider Margebot, Slinky pushme-pullyou Margebot, and let's not forget the Margeketeers who evolved wings and flew away (because life finds a way, which is a Jurassic Park reference). Totally agree with @Galileo908 -- whoever is doing Martin Prince's voice now needs to go back to voice acting class -- because his voice sounds way off, sounds more like Rod/Todd Flanders. We even got a Gov. Mary Bailey sighting. All I could think of when Lisa had her smile was the image of Lisa on The Log from 'Lisa the Tree Hugger' back in Season 12. I wonder where that Log is now.
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