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  1. I must have missed that -- it was in the 1st couple of minutes of the episode, and I was already bored. Katarina wants to be just like family again -- you remember all those times at family get-togethers when you knock out your daughter with a blow to the head by one of your goons that causes your daughter to fall and crush a coffee table. The CGI blood from when Berdy shot that FBI guy in the street looked so badly done -- what are they running out of money on this show ? Even worse -- the bullet appeared to have magically angled up from the direction that Berdy's gun was pointed. The 2nd shot looked even faker than the first one. The timeline shenanigans this episode were ridiculous -- do the writer's even think about what they are writing when they decide these little trans-continental side trips ? -- Post Office team searches through all the files from Orion, Lizzie grabs the file with Katarina's picture on it and heads home, where she gets knocked unconscious -- Lizzie wakes up in Katarina's apartment while Katarina drives Agnes to Beth's house for a sleepover. -- Reddington determines that they need to talk to Krilov -- Berdy kills the 2 FBI agents outside Lizzie's apartment -- Ressler flies to Colorado and gets Krilov out of Supermax prison -- Reddington and Dembe visit Lizzie's apartment and discovers the missing FBI agents' car (I guess this means Reddington took his sweet time because it would have taken 6-7 hours for Ressler to arrange a flight and go to Colorado -- what the hell was Reddington doing all that time) -- Park questions Katarina and Berdy -- Katarina removes the gag from Lizzie and they have a chat -- Ressler returns from Colorado with Krilov (at least another 6-7 hours of travel time) -- Katarina shows Ilya Koslov to Lizzie to prove that Reddington is lying -- The Kazanjian brothers show up at that garage, kill 2 people and demand an upgrade to a SUV in 30 minutes (or it's free, like a pizza delivery) -- Reddington, Ressler, Park, Krilov and Dembe fly to New York from D.C. and go to Chinatown to see Tongji -- Katarina and Lizzie continue to chat -- Reddington, Ressler, Park, Krilov and Dembe fly back from New York to D.C., and for plot convenience Park ends up in the limo with Reddington (but for some reason Ressler goes straight back to the Post Office) before Reddington kicks her out of the limo and calls for backup -- Lizzie calls Cooper to say she is ok -- The Kazanjian brothers are ok with the new improvements on the front of the SUV. Considering that Reddington et al flew to New York and back in the 30 minutes mandated by The Kazanjian brothers to that garage employee, I'm not sure why he got paid for taking 5-6 hours for a 30 minute job -- 2 real FBI agents pretending to be Aram and Ressler show up at Lizzie's building -- Lizzie, Katarina, Berdy and Skovic escape via the underground tunnel -- the 2 FBI agents find Ilya and take him to Heddie's ambulance -- Aram and Ressler show up -- Katarina, Berdy and Skovic exit the tunnels while Lizzie goes back to her apartment -- Katarina steals a car and drives past Reddington (how is the street not shut down when there is an active crime scene on the street ??) -- SUV slams into Katarina's car (interesting how the SUV accelerated before they could even see the car coming). Even thought Katarina was driving down a street, somehow both her car and the SUV ended up in a massive parking lot (you could see the lines painted on the asphalt). And how come The Kazanjian brothers weren't worried about witnesses ? They had to have been able to see Reddington's car. Apparently Katarina had squibs on her front and back, because blood flew out of her back in addition to the "gunshot" blood splotches in her chest. -- Ressler picks up Skovic from the DC police -- at night. During all of the above points, the sun never sets until Ressler takes custody of Skovic -- which means that this stretch of daytime was about 48 hours long. It had to be just to accommodate the flight times.
  2. I guessed Katerina was still alive based on the incredibly bad acting when she being was "shot". So Katerina planned all along for these 2 brothers to come into town, outfit an SUV with extra front support, while she drove a random car down a sideroad to be impacted by the SUV (that was lying in wait) followed by 'shooting' Katerina and hauling away her body -- all in order to fool Reddington into thinking that she was dead. I can't believe Reddington actually bought that song and dance. Even he had to question the randomness of these 2 hitters knowing that was the path of her exit from the building. And Reddington whipping up a pair of goons completely kitted out as FBI officers on a moment's notice. That was some bullshit there too. The only thing missing from this episode was Lizzie stating that she "was done with Reddington". Again. I seriously doubt that Tom and Lizzie scouted the building. I seriously doubt that Lizzie would remember scouting the building. No sign of Agnes (though we get a couple of mentions and a phone call), and no sign of the dogs or Robert Vesco's cat. :)
  3. @Milkyaqua -- I think this is the link you were going for https://tvline.com/2019/12/13/the-blacklist-spoilers-season-7-episode-10-preview-liz-katarina/ From that article: "Fair warning, though, Blacklist fans: The EP also admits that “some of those questions will still be lingering when we go into the back half of the season.” Which basically means we won't get any answers, probably just a bunch of new questions. So, we still won't know who Lizzie's father is after tonight. Sigh.
  4. We don't have an 'Actors in Other Roles' thread yet for Emergence, so best place I guess would be to put it here. Clancy Brown was in Episode 6 of 'The Mandalorian'. Didn't initially recognize him under the makeup, but his voice is pretty distinctive.
  5. You're right @AriAu, Mrs. Landingham telling the story about her boys to Charlie gets me every time.
  6. "visit to a former blacklister" could be anyone, even Dembe or Grandma Scottie. My money is on Robert Vesco -- he wants his cat back. :) Katerina being No. 3 on the Blacklist is the highest ranking so far, with Mr. Kaplan being No. 4.
  7. I'm a little confused -- so what happened at the meet by the ferry docks with Helen ? Did Alex not meet Helen ? Wouldn't Jo be more concerned if things went south at the meet, and Agent Brooks didn't make the collar ? The ending was a great twist. So, Benny has been playing the long con all this time. Heck, he took a beating at one point, never would have guessed he was also an AI.
  8. I guess being 'famous' is all relative -- never watched America's Next Dance Crew (thanks Wikipedia), and never knew they had a show in Vegas. If that's the case and they are 'that' famous, I'm kind of curious why they weren't introduced as 'DaBaby featuring Jabbawockeez' or something similar. Otherwise, much like I did, you would think they are part of DaBaby's act (which they apparently aren't).
  9. Regarding DaBaby's performances -- what ... the hell ... was that ? The upside-down twerker, the creepy group of anonymous dancers who appeared to rip off their moves from BTS, the smartphone throwing, the knocking on a tall door, the repeated driving the car pose, the weird crotch fist-pounding -- plus you couldn't really understand the lyrics. Something about 'eating the meal on my plate' in the first song -- WTF ? There really wasn't anything original about DaBaby's portion of the act -- plus, there were 18 people on stage at one point in the first song. Kenan (as the HGTV host): "He's into Smurfs !" Just the way Kenan said it made me laugh.
  10. The Orion Location Services were underwhelming as Blacklisters -- they made the Kings of the Highway look like super-villains by comparison. What are the odds that the new woman moving in down the hall from Lizzie just happened to be similar in look and age as Katarina Rostova ? I'm calling bullshit. The scenes shot in complete darkness at that underground restaurant -- some of Megan Boone's finest acting. In fact, those scenes in complete darkness were worthy of Emmy submission tapes. </sarcasm> Combine that with numerous scenes of Ilya unconscious fighting against the memory probe. It was a painful episode to watch. So, was Katarina's husband that was blown up in that car in Ilya's memory probe Lizzie's actual father ? There's no way Lizzie kills Katarina -- if in fact she really is Katarina. I suspect she actually isn't Katarina Rostova, but Katarina Rostova was killed back in the day and she is actually a replacement who has been implanted with the real Katarina's memories (or some bullshit that the writers will come up with). I'm still not sure what the Townsend Directive is. I find it difficult to believe that Reddington doesn't have his own team watching Lizzie's apartment. The FBI team is invisible/nonexistent, and Reddington just relying on the FBI to do their jobs properly seems out of character. Ressler and Park were barely in the episode. And still no sign of the dogs or Robert Vesco's cat.
  11. I don't even recall what the Townsend Directive is anymore.
  12. Maybe Mando will collect it since it appears he went back for Fennec.
  13. That was the basis for the 'Star Wars: The Clone Wars' movie Anakin and Ahsoka rescue the son of Jabba the Hutt https://www.imdb.com/title/tt1185834/
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