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  1. She could do it if the story decided to include how funny and charming she was. Having a very brief glimpse of that this episode doesn't cut it. Another hard person to imitate is Harrison Ford. He has so much charisma - even Michelle Pfeiffer has said in an interview she was overwelmed by it. But they got an actor who looked like him to play Han Solo. And they scripted him to be funny and incorrigible. Granted it is much easier to get away with it in an action movie. As I was reading OhioPirate's post I was thinking about Carrie Fisher. She was cast as Princess Leia because sh
  2. I don't think the question is whether the English monarchy will survive. It's whether the Commonwealth and/or the United Kingdom will survive. And here's another take on the interview and the current situation. I gather that some people take umbrage at Paul Burrell, but I personally found the interview very balanced and insightful.
  3. Crowning and anointing must be a public act. The Sovereign makes his/he vow which is followed by oaths of allegiance. A marriage is essentially a legal agreement and demands wittneses. I understand that the couple may *feel* married, and legally they aren't. I wish Meghan would have kept the matter secret for now it may seem that she can't differ fact and fiction of her own mind and that H&M only *acted* in the church and deceived their guests and audience. See, that both misses my point and proves it at the same time. Some people in t
  4. My apologies if I sounded like I was being critical of you. I try not to be too wordy and sometimes I don't get my point across. I will elaborate here. The office of the Archbishop is saying that the marriage license was issued for the wedding at St. George’s. My post was not about the legality of the pre-wedding, but about its spirituality. Purportedly, the Queen of the United Kingdom is the Head of the Church of England, and is "anointed" to that position by the Archbishop of Canterbury. If that is the case, what is to be said about a private ceremony that is per
  5. Interesting. I wonder if the Archbishop of Canterbury would say H&M were married in eyes of God. Kinda like how Kings and Queens of England are anointed and not elected. The cognitive dissonance abounds.
  6. That would be a great idea. Harry should do a tell-all with Oprah and reveal who asked him about Archie's skin color. The ratings would be sky high.
  7. Real life is not so bipolar. H&M had every right to speak their truth, given the BRF's willingness to let the tabloids air their grievances for them. To me the interview smacked of marketing, not criminality. Now William and the rest of the BRF have a choice to make about whether to engage in negotiations to get H&M back into the Firm. Maybe not as a wholly owned subsidiary, but as a related business partner. Granted, that choice poses risks to the Firm's core competency. But real life is complicated and creative.
  8. I agree. Security, but nothing else unless H&M perform an official duty. For that matter, it occurs to me that BP could provide clarity about whether they took Meghan's passport. Since the article in The Sun is so blatantly misleading, I presume that they indeed took her passport and not willing to admit it now.
  9. That made me think of another one of my previous posts: It does seem The Sun is out to smear Meghan. It's a Rupert Murdoch paper, which makes sense. Maybe they will launch their own TV show so Piers Morgan will have a job.
  10. This. Today I happened upon a YouTube video of Meghan Markle on the Craig Ferguson show from a few years back. I didn't know she had a degree in International Relations from Northwestern. She is one smart cookie. It's a shame BP could not work out an arrangement to have H&M spend most of their time representing the monarchy in the Commonwealth nations. I still like this idea:
  11. Personally, I think all this was predictable. Meghan should have known from reading about the experiences of Jackie Robinson and Michelle Obama what kind of treatment she would receive from the "traditionalist" portion of the population. Was Meghan's American heritage a factor? Sure. Was her status as a divorcee a factor? Sure. But Wallace Simpson was both of those things, and as far as I know she wasn't vilified by the British population or the press, then or now.
  12. All I remember is that in one of the commentaries, two members of the production staff said they never wanted to think about two plotlines again: Kazakhstan and the Shuttle Leak. And Santos only won because of an emergency at a nuclear power plant. Diablo Ex Machina. Sigh. Except for the last three, stellar episodes, Season 7 was a hot mess.
  13. Better Call Saul is most definitely worth a look. I agree that Saul is better in small doses, and I skipped the first season because of that. I only gave the show a chance on Netflix when I learned that Rhea Seehorn was in it. Eventually I was hooked. There are complexities to the characters you won't find in BB, or in many other shows for that matter.
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