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  1. Well, I've had Homefront on my mind. It'll probably stay there for the next few days.
  2. Also, from In The Shadow Of Two Gunmen: Hoynes - Coach, I want to congratulate you and your team in the NCAA on a great season last year. I know you had four starters returning so I'm confident... Several Secret Service Agents come storming inside. Agent - Excuse me! Everyone stay where you are. Mr. Vice President, would you come with us please? The agents surround Hoynes and escort him outside.
  3. From 17 People: Toby - For 90 minutes there was a coup d'etat in this country.
  4. Those would have been good events to capture. For better or worse, the show generally avoids events that would provoke real intellectual discourse. Only instances that cause the royal family members to talk about their own personal existences get covered. Smoke, mirrors, and marionettes, that's the BRF. By the way, I fixed a few typos.
  5. From the articles I've read, Margaret never tried to usurp the throne IRL. On the other hand, she was somewhat indulged by her parents. So if anyone was going to drop the hammer on Margaret for her royal pretensions in this episode, it would have been Tommy Lascelles. TCMW. I've also seen an article or two about how "Margaretology" was indeed used back in the day.
  6. Yup. It's on HBOMax (and off Netflix) now. I'm taking this opportunity to watch the first four Christmas episodes. Yo Yo Ma rules!
  7. Well, beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. Whether one thinks of Thatcher as a good/better or bad/worse person is up to the individual viewer. I just think The Iron Lady is closer to Downfall or The Last Emperor, and this show is closer to the Cate Blanchett movies about Elizabeth I. Along those lines, the scene between Michael Fagan and the Queen wasn't all that historically accurate. Peter Morgan used the character to give a voice to people who don't have access to the sovereign. In the end I think that made for a better TV show.
  8. I recently re-watched The Iron Lady. I gotta say, I really like having different actors playing the same character. I suppose Meryl Streep was more accurate in her portrayal of Margaret Thatcher. And I think that film was an honest look at Thatcher's life, almost to the level of being a docudrama. That said, I am posting in the Tabloids thread because The Crown is an expensive, live-action tabloid. And Gillian Anderson gave us a fictionalized, tabloidish version of Thatcher. Except for the tilted-head thing, I really enjoyed her "extra" portrayal.
  9. Out of curiosity, I went through the Wikipedia article on Carol Thatcher. I found these two interesting snippets:
  10. In addition to "Useful", "Laugh", "Surprise", and "Sad", we need an emoji for "Totally Grossed Out".
  11. The Wikipedia page for "gates" lists several dozen scandals of all sorts of types, including "Camillagate". Frankly, I prefer the less sordid appellation. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_"-gate"_scandals
  12. From The Sun: Andrew couldn’t have gone riding with sex accuser at Epstein’s ranch because he was allergic to horse hair, pal claims
  13. That's my interpretation too. Thatcher also kneeled very gracefully before she left. I'm also in the camp of those who think leaving the box behind was not important. Thatcher got the freakin' Order of Merit, for crying out loud. Also, I have been thinking that Philip's warning to Diana, and The Queen Mother's statement that Diana will be "broken", were rather chilling harbingers about how certain events will be portrayed next season.
  14. I remember that book. Claudia did like to mishandle carved artwork. Also, from Take This Sabbath Day: Bartlet - I'm the leader of a democracy. People have spoken. The courts have spoken. And, from Message Of The Week: Bruno - You have a lock on the Electoral College.
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