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  1. Maybe he has a bunch of vacation or sick time saved up. He hasn’t been grievously injured in over 2 years after all. That whole storyline is a bit too real for me. I like is show for the crazy over the top calls. With bits of drama interspersed in. But I am also glad they are doing this kind of story. I think I just want to put It behind us now, and everybody to be happy. I feel the same with Athena and Harry too. I know it is not realistic though.
  2. After last week I decided that Teddy and Theo were not the killers. It was too easy, and too early. And this just confirmed it. There is plenty there to keep them in trouble though. When Jan started talking about Howard Morris, I started coming around to him as the killer, as revenge. But Im not convinced. I think I will stick with my latest theory, Bunny. Tim Kono was not paying his building fees, and she means business. And she found out about the jewelry when she received a loved ones pieces in the mail addressed to Tim Kono. She assumed he was behind the theft, and responded.
  3. ajsnaves

    S05.E01: Panic

    Here I am, emjoying the crazy, when this turns into Not Law and Order. I am a criminal defense attorney, so I generally don’t watch cop or law shows. It angers up the blood too much. I am willing to look past the attempt to stop him from representing himself (eventhogh he has the constitutional right to do so) and the sloppy motion practice. (That sort of motion would have been filed months ago, and there is no chance it would not have been heard. And the DA would have been the one questioning Athena first, and there would probably been briefing and all that.) I will not look past them havi
  4. I’m thinking they don’t tell them how much flavoring to put in. That’s the only reason I can think of everybody just winging it.
  5. I was waiting for that too. Richard Kind makes everything better. A ship full of Richard Kinds (Richards Kind?) Loved it. Want more. What all did we see in the bar? I noticed The Phoenix from First Contact, and the Doomsday Machine. Anything else?
  6. The world demands more Wally the Cue Card Guy! Can we start a petition for him to host SNL?
  7. I think if Henson sent real Muppets, they would have sent real Muppeteers too. There were a few times their mouths didn’t move when they were talking. I cannot imagine a pro making a mistake like that. Kermit seemed a bit smaller than normal too. None of that impeded my enjoyment though. One of the best of the season, in my opinion.
  8. Damn, nothing can keep the Han boys down. Also, are we sure there is not some ancient curse on this family? Cus something is trying to take them out.
  9. That is one of my main complaints about this show. But it took time to get to know the other 911 operators in Original Recipe. Maybe since she’ll be out for a while we’ll meet Austin’s Josh.
  10. I am a bit confused about the Hen/Karen storyline. The ultimate point of foster care is almost always reunification. It has been a while since I worked a Protective Services case as an attorney, but I think every single case where the kid was out of home, they were working towards reunification. It is not always successful, but that is the goal. Did they not explain this to Hen and Karen? Was there no visitation with her mother or father? Or is starting that where they are now? That process can take a long time. You don’t just hand over a child who has had no contact for a year. I jus
  11. ajsnaves


    I just finished episode 5. (Actually “watched” it twice. Fell asleep the first time) I can’t believe it took me this long to watch. Glad I watched Graham Norton last week. My favorite part is the changing credits, depending on what was decided last episode.
  12. This is the same mix they’ve used the last 2 years. I would love if they split it up over a few weeks and show specific decades/eras. I would love the see the whole of “Dysfunctional Family Christmas” or the “It’s a Wonderful Life” sketch where the beat the crap out of Potter. Good times.
  13. While I am enjoying the show (Im a sucker for trivia type shows) I hope next season they get people who actually understand the point of building the chain. For a while they kept banking after each correct answer instead of trying to work their way up the chain. I do wonder though, how I would do under the pressure of the show. I would say that I get about 90% of the questions right. But, would I remember in a few seconds that Bobby was JFK’s Attorney General, or would I fall apart trying to think of it, while wasting everyones times. Thats why I try to not to judge. I am not alway
  14. Much like Clippy, I don't think we're gonna get rid of Badgy that easily.
  15. Depending on where he's been the last few months, he might be quarantined for 2 weeks after getting back to New York. Colbert had to do that after being SC.
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