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  1. The world demands more Wally the Cue Card Guy! Can we start a petition for him to host SNL?
  2. I think if Henson sent real Muppets, they would have sent real Muppeteers too. There were a few times their mouths didn’t move when they were talking. I cannot imagine a pro making a mistake like that. Kermit seemed a bit smaller than normal too. None of that impeded my enjoyment though. One of the best of the season, in my opinion.
  3. Damn, nothing can keep the Han boys down. Also, are we sure there is not some ancient curse on this family? Cus something is trying to take them out.
  4. That is one of my main complaints about this show. But it took time to get to know the other 911 operators in Original Recipe. Maybe since she’ll be out for a while we’ll meet Austin’s Josh.
  5. I am a bit confused about the Hen/Karen storyline. The ultimate point of foster care is almost always reunification. It has been a while since I worked a Protective Services case as an attorney, but I think every single case where the kid was out of home, they were working towards reunification. It is not always successful, but that is the goal. Did they not explain this to Hen and Karen? Was there no visitation with her mother or father? Or is starting that where they are now? That process can take a long time. You don’t just hand over a child who has had no contact for a year. I jus
  6. ajsnaves


    I just finished episode 5. (Actually “watched” it twice. Fell asleep the first time) I can’t believe it took me this long to watch. Glad I watched Graham Norton last week. My favorite part is the changing credits, depending on what was decided last episode.
  7. This is the same mix they’ve used the last 2 years. I would love if they split it up over a few weeks and show specific decades/eras. I would love the see the whole of “Dysfunctional Family Christmas” or the “It’s a Wonderful Life” sketch where the beat the crap out of Potter. Good times.
  8. While I am enjoying the show (Im a sucker for trivia type shows) I hope next season they get people who actually understand the point of building the chain. For a while they kept banking after each correct answer instead of trying to work their way up the chain. I do wonder though, how I would do under the pressure of the show. I would say that I get about 90% of the questions right. But, would I remember in a few seconds that Bobby was JFK’s Attorney General, or would I fall apart trying to think of it, while wasting everyones times. Thats why I try to not to judge. I am not alway
  9. Much like Clippy, I don't think we're gonna get rid of Badgy that easily.
  10. Depending on where he's been the last few months, he might be quarantined for 2 weeks after getting back to New York. Colbert had to do that after being SC.
  11. My answer for that was "Back Alley"
  12. This was a definite improvement on last season. We actually got to see all the holes this year. And I loved watching them try to catch the pole. Will keep watching.
  13. I said Much Ado About Nothing for FJ, with The Tempest as my second choice. I thought they were supposed to get through all clues in tournament play. Both rounds they left a few on there. I am sad when that happens.
  14. I don’t think TK’s avoiding the dog was just about him not wanting to fall in love with it before it died. I took it as a sign of his emotional place right then and there, with his father going through cancer treatments and his own recent breakup that led to his relapse and OD. That is a lot going on, even if it is not him who has cancer. I can see him not feeling like he could handle anymore loss emotionally. Thus putting his sobriety at risk too. It could be interesting to see them dwell on this a bit. If it comes back of course.
  15. So with this “soft reboot,” are they abandoning the Peter Weller character from last season’s finale? It seemed like they were setting him up as the big bad guy for this season.
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