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  1. Much like Clippy, I don't think we're gonna get rid of Badgy that easily.
  2. Depending on where he's been the last few months, he might be quarantined for 2 weeks after getting back to New York. Colbert had to do that after being SC.
  3. My answer for that was "Back Alley"
  4. This was a definite improvement on last season. We actually got to see all the holes this year. And I loved watching them try to catch the pole. Will keep watching.
  5. I said Much Ado About Nothing for FJ, with The Tempest as my second choice. I thought they were supposed to get through all clues in tournament play. Both rounds they left a few on there. I am sad when that happens.
  6. I don’t think TK’s avoiding the dog was just about him not wanting to fall in love with it before it died. I took it as a sign of his emotional place right then and there, with his father going through cancer treatments and his own recent breakup that led to his relapse and OD. That is a lot going on, even if it is not him who has cancer. I can see him not feeling like he could handle anymore loss emotionally. Thus putting his sobriety at risk too. It could be interesting to see them dwell on this a bit. If it comes back of course.
  7. So with this “soft reboot,” are they abandoning the Peter Weller character from last season’s finale? It seemed like they were setting him up as the big bad guy for this season.
  8. Or to solve the problem them selves, which is what the the former senator was saying. From their thinking, Picard and the Federation saw a weakness in the Romulans, and took advantage of it. They’re goal was destabilization, not some altruistic attempt to help a neighbor. If the Federation had minded their own damn business the mighty Romulan Star Empire, which has stood for centuries, would have persevered through their own ingenuity, cunning and guile. And as proof for his thesis, just look at the last 14 years. This view may not be logical, but it makes sense from a Romulan point of view.
  9. Generations. Which I have not watched in years, but now kinda want to see if it as mediocre as I remember. I saw someone somewhere else comment on the Issac Asimov book, which got me thinking. Has there ever been any mention of the “Three Law of Robotics” or something similar in Star Trek? Old school I know, but this is still an old school sci fi show in many ways. Ive been trying to see if there is a way to fit the Synths’ actions into those laws. Obviously not an easy task. The closest I came is the “Zeroth Rule. A robot may not injure humanity, or through inaction, allow humanity to come to harm.” The Synths’ saw a greater threat to humanity coming if they did not act, and chose the lesser of two evils. I doubt this is what happened, but an interesting thought, what with them building a rescue fleet to save the Romulans. Well just some lunch time musings before going back to work. Still liking the show. Loving Picard’s Romulan friends, and kinda want them to have their own story line.
  10. I just assume replicators cannot replicate alcohol. On star ships they use synthahol. Maybe civilian replicators are the same way. Overall I was happy with this, and find it worth the $6 a month. My stream kicked to commercial when she was mid-fight. One second she’s fighting on a stairway on the roof, next they come back and he’s home and she’s dead. I assumed that was a stylistic choice, then find out there was spitting a blowing up missing.
  11. Im not sure what I think of their solution either. I think there needs to be a bad place option in the end. After all that’s a lot of penises to largely ignore and not flatten. And what will they do with all those butthole spiders. Well at least they have Shawn there to advocate for the Butthole Spiders and Nostril Wasps. My thought is that they should just do what they’ve all just did. You die, you live a year of your life without all the external issues that causes us all to lose points. If you improve a certain amount you move onto the Good Place. If you fail to improve enough, you go to the bad place. Maybe there can be do-over rules for people who have clear improvements but it was too little too late. (Like to see if Brent’s last minute realization lead to actual improvement. Maybe have people from both sides there to encourage/discourage improvement. Maybe each neighborhood gets their own Chidi, in addition their own Janet.
  12. More shows should start with Jude Law getting a sponge bath. In fact, all show should start thusly. I loved the humor of it all. Especially when Francis II realized that he now had power. But I also like the humanity of it too, particularly with the Cardinals’ prayers during the Conclave. Can’t wait for Lenny and John Malkovitch to enter the scenes.
  13. Aside from SNL I will always remember him for delivering one of the funniest lines in 30 Rock. “Wouldn’t be a Lemon party without old Dick.” I also loved the Samurai sketch where he was injured by Belushi and everyone wore a bandage the reset of the episode?
  14. This episode does an excellent job showing three competing facets of Elizabeth and Charles' relationship. First we see the Mother/Son relationship fighting to come through, but will always lose in the end. (Because the Crown always wins after all.) Then we see the Employer/Employee relationship with the Queen as the boss, and Charles as the employee (in training). She is literally training her replacement. Which finally leads to the Sovereign and Heir. In a very real way, Charles is a symbol of Elizabeth's mortality. Throughout history, we see that tension between the monarch and heir. (It seems George VI and Elizabeth is an exception to that rule.) This all comes to head in that final conversation. She is clearly the pissed off boss, trying to teach him what his role is, and should be when he's King, completely forgetting to be his mother too. I also think she's jealous of his freedom. She wants to go to school, and wants to act in a play. And mad that he does not realize how much freedom he has. I also think she is frustrated and at a loss trying to figure out what they want from the Royal Family today, as opposed to what was expected 10 or 20 years ago.
  15. I’m sorry, but where is this Hen was unfit for duty thing coming from? Aside from not responding to Chim on the way to faux!Amazon, up until the crash she seems to have been doing her job as usual without any problems. Chim was concerned about her off call silence, but there was nothing to indicate she was unable to respond to calls like normal. (Of course, maybe I missed something, and we will see when I do my rewatch, or you all correct me.) That said, obviously she should have slowed down at the intersection to make sure everyone stopped, as they are required to by law, and she is certainly in for all the trouble she deserves. There were two people who were not doing what there were supposed to do. But I don’t see this as being down to her being distracted by her home problems. Which frankly might make this worse.
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