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  1. ajsnaves

    Match Game

    For Humpty Dumpty, I said he was scrambled, and then fried. I was surprised there were so many non-egg answers. Virtually any different cooked egg variety would have worked. Well maybe not poached.
  2. ajsnaves

    Holey Moley

    ABC's new mini golf show with Stephen Curry as Exec. Producer. I enjoyed this way more than I thought I would. My only real complaint is that we didn't see more of the early holes. And not enough Kenny G. (But is there ever enough Kenny G?)
  3. ajsnaves

    SNL in the Media

    Now would probably be the best time to make the change, as the election is heating up. But who in the current cast should do it? Or, do they bring in Anthony Atamanuik, or another celebrity Trump?
  4. ajsnaves


    According to the podcast the local hospital was at a loss for how to treat radiation burns of any kind. I wonder if the hospitals in Moscow were really all that better prepared for this. Can anybody/anything ever be prepared for this?
  5. ajsnaves


    I live about 10 miles from Point Beach in Wisconsin. I few years ago the alarms went off, freaked me the hell out. Later learned that they were testing them. I think they forgot to tell people before hand. I love the very Soviet/Russian “ya gotta do what ya gotta do” attitude of all these people. Even if that means digging while naked. Well at least they kept the hats on. I loved Jared Harris averting his eyes.
  6. ajsnaves

    S02.E14: The Road Not Taken

    It sounds like Ed did have a command. He was in command of Epsilon Eridani Station. He just didn’t have a ship yet. There’s a good chance he held the rank of Captain even. He seemed fine with the track of his career. It might be that since he wasn’t commuting everyday, like when he was married, he just settled in and got comfortable. If a ship command comes, he’ll take it, but he’s in no hurry now. Couple things I noted. Bortus appeared thinner. As if he’d been living off field rations for 9 months. Lamar apparently made it too Chief Engineer without Kelly’s intervention. I wonder who discovered his genius intellect?
  7. ajsnaves

    S02.E12: Sanctuary

    We did not see the whole fight between the Moclan and the colonists, just about 10 seconds when Kelly and Bortus showed up. Kelly did not leave right away, and they had to get out the tractor beam too. So the males had been down there for a bit. It would not surprise me if the resistance folded pretty quickly against actual fighting forces. Unlike when Ed et al showed up and were taken by suprise and went peacefully. Once given the chance to fight back, the colonists readily picked up the weapons the tide started to turn. But, it seems the tide was turning again in the end and the Moclans were starting to get the upper hand. I’m glad we saw actual debate in the council, and among the admirals. That is realistic. I would like to get to know more about the other Union members. I was surprised how few there appeared to be.
  8. ajsnaves


    I enjoyed this episode more than last week’s, so I will continue watching until it is canceled. I’ve been to a few bars attatched to, or even part of, someone’s house. And all bars in my area have outdoor seating, and sometimes satellite bars outside. So the back yard bar thing doesn’t seem to outlandish to me. I do wonder about things like bathrooms and weather, but in the end, those are logistics I will assume have been thought out, so I will not think too much about them right now.
  9. ajsnaves


    I didn't hate it. Willing to give it a few more episodes. I like the idea of it being taped outdoors.
  10. ajsnaves

    S03.E08: The White Elephant

    Yes it is, which is why Dianna Rigg’s character left Court. But when has reality meant anything on this show? Lord Alfred’s job was also political at that time, but he’s been there the whole series. I don’t know if the whole court changes though, or just the ratio of Whigs v. Tory/Conservative.
  11. ajsnaves

    S06.E07: The Honeypot

    All I know is that I must be quite the man-whore with my half Windsor knots.
  12. I love Tim K on SNL. I remember one bit he did on WU about the death of Soviet Premier Yuri Andropov. To this day “Bory Yuri in a Hurry” makes me laugh. And I was like 6 when that happened. I would love to see more from that era, but since that is from the non-Lorne years, I’m not holding my breath.
  13. I want a "Lorne Micheal's Family Reunion" sketch where everybody does there Lorne impression, like the did with Christopher Walken.
  14. ajsnaves

    S02.E05: All the World Is Birthday Cake

    I actually enjoyed this more than I thought. My first thought, as we see the shuttle going down, “Did they call, or are they just gonna show up?” I’m glad it sounds like they called first. Then I thought, “that’s a whole lot of uniforms for the government. Uniformed governments never leads to goo things.” I also thought they should have explained that Kelly and Bortus born under different signs and what the attributes of those signs were. “Kelly is an Aquarius. On Earth, that means she is...” Ed can just fill in the blanks. I noticed that apparently they get their baby blankets from the same place every other hospital in North America does. Those ubiquitous white with blue and pink stripes. As too whether or not this was the right time for “First Contact,” Ed did say that The Union likes to be “the first” to avoid it being with someone more violent. Imagine if it was the Krill who got that message first. That said I would love to see a successful first contact, where everything goes as expected.