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  1. That really tells you the writers just didn’t care about reality or even follow their own show canon. Kara has been missing in action from Catco for the last two seasons, doing only the most sporadic reporting/stories. She is has no where near editor in chief experience. But all the writers wanted a happy neat ending. A manip of a scene , with clever photoshop. That’s the scene where they hug. 😂 nice try I guess.
  2. I ve had some time to digest the final, and I have to say … at least they were consistent about the bad writing and sloppy social commentary. So many dumb decisions. So many flip flops and OTT moments. One thing that bugged me was the whole fight could have been over had Supergirl done one thing, as demonstrated by Esme. Sine Esme was able to break the Allstone , would that not mean all Supergirl would have to do is break her piece into a trillion , gazillion slivers and scatter them across the universe? Lex and Nyxly would take for ever trying to find them. Not to mention it would g
  3. Yes a few episodes ago she used them to break into Lex place and get files, though she seems to have completely missed who the superfriends really are.
  4. As usual teens are always right and old adults/parents are just interfering goobers! Courtney needed to lay off Pat and get off her high horse. What she didn’t seem to understand was that Pat was truly traumatized by what happened and the decision to kill a guy. He’s trying to keep such things from affecting the team. Yolonda was not his fault, and someone needs to tell her it was a good kill. Ah Shade, why are you being so …Shady! 😂 Sorry had to. But yup that was a good red herring that he was helping but not. Well I should say he was only helping to get better. I wonder about Dr Mi
  5. Season 3 teaser https://www.instagram.com/p/CUxmqo8Jrcn/?utm_medium=copy_link
  6. Superfriends, when deciding to have a reporter tag along, it would help you a lot to discuss the rules somewhere other than the headquarters. Secondly any good team would have covered Wills head on the way to HQ. Third I’m sorry but Will is dense if he can’t figure out who Dreamer is, or Supergirl is especially with Alex right there! Maggie figured this out in no time flat! Then after deciding very seriously that Lena can’t be seen or known that she helps the group, they “accidentally “ walk in on her? Come on J’onn you have alien tech from across the galaxy you use for security! And did Supe
  7. Eclipso was doing over time this ep. Now he’s brought down half the 4 members . Beth is next I suspect. So what’s Bethany’s greatest fear or anger? Hmmm. Is icicle back somehow? That end seemed to hint at it.
  8. Correct me if I’m wrong but Yolonda didn’t just March up and kill brainwave, he was tormenting her and such and she lashed out in defence. Since he wasn’t expecting her to break his mind trap he was killed. Not really Yolonda fault. There’s murder and then there is killing in the heat of war/battle. It was a righteous kill. I think Brainwave is as he said a part of Y now. He pulled a professor X and transferred himself over. Eclipso may realize this and be exploiting the whole thing. He was at the diner for a reason. And Beth is next. Pat stop leave ng dangeous artifacts ly
  9. She was supposed to be in Ireland not Newfoundland which is Canada, which I noted last episode. I know the sign said that, but Lena made it sound that she flew to lreland . That was either a complete screw up by the crew or they really did not convey that her mother was from Canada.
  10. Cringy. Kelly gets mad because no one is paying attention to her and the residents? Sorry Olsen but there was a serious powerful villain on the loose who threaten and did hurt other citizens on NC. How is that new helmet any better for Kelly to see? And did she also use an image inducer! It’s become the go to costume invention I see. Somehow the magic book beat Lena home? Now that is fast postal service from Ireland no less! Was it just me or was Diggle implied to be the courage totem ?
  11. Yes this, Newfoundland is a province of Canada! Weird that they would use a name that’s geographically real as a place in Ireland. And poor Katie, the one time she could let loose with her accent and instead has to listen to fake accents around her lol.
  12. 😏 that magic will solve all our problems, 😝 This episode was honestly boring. This whole backend of the season feels like an extended version of Superman 4 , modern woke edition. I feel like the cast just coasted the last few eps of the season and couldn’t wait to get the season done. I mean they arrive with fancy teleporting only for them to stand around and have to get prodded to move by one of the victims no less. And they seriously dragged their feet. Nyx is proving to be fun, she has little time to ham it up like Lex. Glad to see Myxlplx back , he’s always fun. Wonder if he’l
  13. Well at least the ending explained why Zor El didn’t try to see his wife right away. Still I see the show has decided to go for broke and go completely woke. Andrea not only saw the dossier on the Superfriends and Kara so has William now. Apparently masks, glasses and really bad eyeshadow works to conceal identities, lol. It seems Lex didn’t reveal the real names of the heroes? For shame Lex your not living up to your mad genius level evil. So Lena shows up only to disappear to Ireland? Hmm.
  14. Glad the Catherine situation is done. I can’t believe she never got the help she needed! Her mother was a senator and then the DOJ AG! Is Ruth that vain to lock her up and try to deal with the girls trauma? I’m glad she’ll hopefully get the real help she needs. And we can all move on from her! As for Clarice, that ending memory! I was hoping it wasn’t going to go the icky way these plots turn out ie molestation which thankfully it didn’t seem so. My theory is that she saw her father get murdered and it so traumatized her she changed the memory to blame her mom or something like that.
  15. sigh D knowing Roybn is off the grid is going to get annoying. I hope it's wrapped up soon. At least McCall was willing to let the police find the exchange and arrest everyone, but of course this becomes the one episode where she's not prepared or doesn't think ahead and gets caught. At least she's only responsible for a few deaths. Dante is a mixed bag. He's flipped flopped all season on whether to accept the vigilante stuff or go by the book. Going all in i think is a mistake. Like he said someone will find out, and the DA is ambitious.
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