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  1. Glad the Catherine situation is done. I can’t believe she never got the help she needed! Her mother was a senator and then the DOJ AG! Is Ruth that vain to lock her up and try to deal with the girls trauma? I’m glad she’ll hopefully get the real help she needs. And we can all move on from her! As for Clarice, that ending memory! I was hoping it wasn’t going to go the icky way these plots turn out ie molestation which thankfully it didn’t seem so. My theory is that she saw her father get murdered and it so traumatized her she changed the memory to blame her mom or something like that.
  2. sigh D knowing Roybn is off the grid is going to get annoying. I hope it's wrapped up soon. At least McCall was willing to let the police find the exchange and arrest everyone, but of course this becomes the one episode where she's not prepared or doesn't think ahead and gets caught. At least she's only responsible for a few deaths. Dante is a mixed bag. He's flipped flopped all season on whether to accept the vigilante stuff or go by the book. Going all in i think is a mistake. Like he said someone will find out, and the DA is ambitious.
  3. Well not a serial psycho killer , but yes she’s going after Buffalo Bill momma. She’ll get off with a long stay at the psych ward while her moms career tanks.
  4. This episode had me rolling my eyes. They are using victim methodology. They Adeila and friends have clear cut cases but nope let’s hook our hopes on blaming Clarice who has nothing to to with it and has never demonstrated biased against any black colleagues. Not to mention they may rue the day they try this if Clarice and company get in way over the FBI heads. Suddenly all those claims are going to look like the fake opportunistic of a dirty FBI agent etc. They’ll have a hard time out running that fire. As for Julia, boo boo it’s not Clarices fault, she has no control over what the
  5. I believe it’s because of the various rights . The TV show can’t use much or anything from the movie, hence I believe they have to use the book. The writers can muck it up from there. https://www.thewrap.com/cbs-clarice-hannibal-lecter/
  6. Lol when Brainy and Nia called themselves Brenda and Brandon I expected “The wonder Twins” and a fist bump. It was the perfect set up. You are so right, and the ending where Alex gets mad at her about losing a trip to Europe was telling. They are not bonding as sisters, and in fact weirdly mirrors the first episode with Alex berating Kara for using her powers. Yet in that same ep she helps out with a date outfit. The timeline is screwball. Cat should already be at the head of her media empire, not still being a gossip columnist for the Daily Planet. If Kara is 17-18 and about
  7. Combination of all three I think. Plus I think everyone is just burned out on this show. No wonder Melissa called it quits, it can be syndicated, she and the cast can sit back at make money, and she can focus on family. This arc is really displaying the need for major counseling for every character. These woke people are completely dysfunctional.
  8. So does this mean Zor El is dead? Or did he leave the building before the explosion? I swear Lena is more of wreak than Brainy, but at least he has Nia Who is helping Lena? And where is Kelly in all this? one good thing we haven’t had any dumb Catco scenes with Will and Andrea. The super friends are down as it is. Ya another Midvale ep!
  9. Yeah a new case! This show works better if Clarices stuff is the B plot or even the c plot. urrgh once again we have to endure an already questionable boss with folding to pressure. Krendler is already edgy, why do this. I guess we shall see if his job or family. Wow Clark! That is so sad. So now we know he , Clarice and Tripathi have had some sort of serious trama in their past lives. Did Martin pick this group out or the bureau ? Because some one is playing games with the group. Including Krendler who has a whacked out wife and it’s a miracle this team is still going. No wonder
  10. Yes I kept waiting and still think this is some weird coping mechanism for Kara to deal with the Zone. If it is she’s still out cold suffering.
  11. William never even mentioned his missing GF , or even commented on her. And they expect us to believe they will go off into the sunset at seasons end? He really is just the foreign pretty boy.
  12. Forget the blue braid- I can’t see past the eyeshadow/eyebrow situation. How exactly does she get ready? Does she use an image inducer like brainy to project that image. And if so who advised her on that get up? The eye shadow does nothing to obscure her ID, lol.
  13. Sorry but does Alex have sme sort of image tech to transform, because that much smoky eyeliner and blue hair would take time,lol. Not to mention but that doesn’t hide who she is! I mean it’s worse than Kara disguise. Will returns for 3 min and proves why he is not needed. Andrea is only a nudge better. Since she sabotage her father company to look good , I predict a decent into villainy. One more thing. I 🤣 at Lex musical number while blowing things up at the fortress.
  14. Thanks I didn’t realize Zarah didn’t go. Wilford has nothing but evil for that child. Watch him take the child away once born. Audrey was a huge disappointment . I too thought she was playing the long con but the Sabatoge ep and the way she was talking g to Alex and Josie really turned my opinion against her. She was useless on snowpiercer and now more so. At least Josie turned out good . That was a surprise given what Mel did to her.
  15. So we either presume Mel used up her batteries and died from cold exposure or followed the hot spring path and perhaps found a warm area? Hmm why sign up for a show and not stick with it? Alex has really shined these last eps and finally burst out of her moody teen angst to defy Wilford. Was so happy she help to get her mom back and take the train. One problem I see with Snowpiercer, Wilford is going to cull the crowd, which means tallies first. Everyone will go back to strict class system from what was being said at the dinner. LJ seems determined to replace Alex, but then sh
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