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  1. I used to follow the show's account on IG and was always shocked how much positive feedback it received. I started to wonder if I was missing something, then I come here and feel validated. This show is awful. It's so bad that I like most of the side characters more and more while hating the main characters more with each new episode. I concur with the previous poster, the sex scenes are down right boring and awkward. Come to think of it, I'm not sure they've had one all season that wasn't just finagling each other for a kiss.
  2. I must be the only one that likes Octavia. I imagine that 6 years in the bunker could devolve into a gladiator form of justice, she just happened to be the leader. I couldn't help but see the parallel to her living under the floor on the Arc and in the bunker now. Also, Kane did float her mother and I'm pretty sure he would hand out justice similar to Octavia if he was in charge. He has no leg to stand on here. Overall, I really liked this episode. The gang is back together, well kinda, sans Murphy and Raven (love those two). Who's ready to see Wanheda and Indra kick some arse?
  3. This gave me a right giggle. I thought throughout the episode that they don't know who they are dealing with and she'll be killing more of them soon. I also noticed that Murphy mentioned Clarke would have killed the Cryo's. Frankly, I think it will come back to bite them that they didn't, and the Cryo's will wake and start killing in space or on the ground. The Scooby gang will have to eliminate them anyway. I suppose they need a new nemesis as the grounders and Skykru are one now.
  4. Tvtimebomb

    S05.E01: Eden

    Well, Clarke wouldn't be Wanhedda if she hadn't saved Madi by killing the dude. I'm down for the Octavia Thunderdome but I wonder when she became such a great warrior that everyone seems to fear her. I mean, she'd only learned to use weapons for a short time before they went in the bunker. I question why others (better fighters) didn't overthrow her while in the bunker. Raven and Murphy are my favorites I didn't see any limping from Raven. Did her leg magically heal? Yep! I was really close to turning this shit show off but it pulled me back when Murphy was still Murphying and Clarke Wanheda'd that dude. I also don't get the Bellarke ship. Never was a fan and saw them as friends, at times. I wonder why people don't remember Bellamy tried to turn Clarke into that dude back on the Arc? He handcuffed her even. I was a Clexa fan and thought this show went downhill when she was killed off but I continue to watch, mostly because I've invested so much time. Maybe this new crop of sky people will add a little life to this show.
  5. I had a genuine belly laugh at how, in detail, she described how she would kill him and dispose of his "smoothie" dead body in another location (so it couldn't be traced back to her, my guess). What a great new show and it's on the top of my DVR list.
  6. I can't stand this show, but I still watch. WTH? Of course Emma is preggo ,ugh. Has this show already jumped the shark? As as others have mentioned, Jack is as exciting as a beige wall. What does Izzy see in him, or for that matter, Emma? I'd be fine if he wasn't in any scene again. The bar tender has more personality than Jack. Please, why does Izzy want a baby with a 40 year old? She's getting her PhD, I can't see a baby fitting into that life for a good while. Interesting relationships for me: Izzy and her friend, they play off one another really well. Emma and Izzy, although Emma seems pretty vanilla too. The first season they had great chemistry. I found myself wishing Jack would disappear in the third episode so these two could interact without his drama. Emma's friend and her boss. Those two can be a hoot if written correctly I like Emma's friend's husband too. He has good comedic timing. I miss the the salty neighbor and her snarky teenage daughter from previous seasons.
  7. It seems Anna treats Erica like a client by mimicking the phrases she uses with her clients. Other times, Anna is honest with her, like when she told her real name and why she is an escort. It's little dance they play. Erica has to know Anna is not completely real because Anna said almost the exact same thing to Erica as she did to the guy in the video she showed Erica. Also, I'm not sure how much info the other guy plans to get out of Erica's secretary. The secretary didn't know who Dariya was when she introduced her at the office. If she doesn't know something as simple as that, I wonder what she can provide. Maybe the name of the finance guy she met with. He said he plans to introduce Erica her to others.
  8. Oh, it's coming. Bria is an idiot. She signed up to be in the witness protection program yet is doing everything she can to help her husband find her, aside from personally calling him to tell her where she is. I mean, giving the kid a computer? Haha.
  9. The Bria story is boring and I'm not sure I'll continue with it. However, I really like Erica and Anna. Season 1 was the same tone, well at least the Erica and Anna story. There is always white nose, like the air conditioner is running in the background. It's mesmerizing. Second episode: I thought it odd too that at the private get-together with the financial people, they didn't bat an eye with the lesbian thing. I don't think it's strictly a Republican thing. If Erica worked for the Dems, she would be courting the finance guys too. So it is the GFE about escorts and not GFs. I think where they are going, is that Anna may be falling for Erica. Why? I have no idea. Maybe she likes the power. Erica is so guarded and doesn't have much of a personality. The meeting Anna had with her friend looked out of place until I thought, it's a way of showing that Erica was beginning to have an effect on Anna. We are to infer that Anna was thinking of Erica with that guy who "made her orgasm three times." I don't think this will end well for these two. Who is going to get hurt by that dude who hired the investigators is the assistant.
  10. Bummed it is canceled. I hope Netflix will rethink canceling so many new shows. I'm sure glad NBC didn't cancel Seinfeld after it's first dismal season and let them improve the show.
  11. Welp, I guess I can go back to not watching this show again. I was hoping to watch some good dancing but it's obvious this show wants to keep poor dancers on the show. I may pop in occasionally to see who make it to the finals. Enjoy everyone!
  12. Wow, not many comments on this show anymore. I guess I'm not surprised. I used to watch it live and now I'm lucky if I remember it is on my DVR. I really liked the Murphy character, but he's even becoming boring to me. I miss his snark and edginess. His being in love isn't working for me. Huh, Jasper risked Bellamy's life to get high? I was hoping it would rain on Jasper so I didn't have to listen to him anymore. Now that Clarke is a nightblood, can she insert the flame in her neck? Good luck getting ABD back to film any scenes. Of course, she doesn't have to worry about Luna putting up a stink about the flame.
  13. I loved this snark! Go Nancy. Plus, she had a point....
  14. I don't know why but this made me laugh so much. Len deserved the hand wave as Heather didn't do the choreography.... I've seen some pretty big liberties taken with choreography over the years. If Maks is going to throw in a little hip hop (which was quite good and pretty short) during a jive, then so be it. I'm still a fan of HM and will continue to watch until she is gone. I've watched so many poor dancers stick around because they have a huge fan base that it's nice to have someone who I enjoy watching dance. I missed Nancy but wished I hadn't after reading the posts here. Forth Harmony did pretty well, at least what I could see of it through the audiences arms that were blocking her. I like David and predict he'll be around for a long time due to his fan base and not his dancing prowess. Simon's flip was pretty great....
  15. I'm very much in favor of better dancers. I'm so over watching old people try to dance or people with no rhythm "dance." I don't care if there are ringers because it's better T.V. My money is on Heather Morris. She could be one of the professionals. I haven't watched this show in many many seasons but after seeing this lineup, I am putting it on the DVR recording list. It should be very entertaining. It's interesting that Nancy Kerrigan seems to have the most chatter on this board. I would have thought the singer from "work, work, work" would get the most buzz. To the poster above: Chris Kattan dancing to What is Love? Good catch. I hope he incorporates the side head bop.
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