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  1. I think they got the whole concept from this: In Medieval Christian theology, the people in heaven become sadists and spend eternity watching the tortures of Hell and having a wonderful time doing it.
  2. the movie trailer: (was in pre production and some parts were already filmed) https://youtu.be/-kj2XQ_u8jA
  3. I saw this yesterday, and after a bit of time ruminating on it, I've come to the conclusion that this is a prequel to Luc Basson's The Fifth Element. Elsa is played by Milla Jovovich in that movie.
  4. That was a horror movie akin to Friday the Thirteenth or Scream.
  5. That's 'cause he WAS, and his father was far worse. Fun fact: Helen Mirren's grandfather was a Russian diplomat who was stranded in Britain with the Commies took over in 1917.
  6. I'm pretty sure that quite a few other species do. Lions, Chimps and elephants, for example. Look at emperor penguin documentaries.
  7. How do you know that? The Guinea Worm and parasitic wasps are really bad. Then there are cowbirds. If you watch nature shows, you see a bunch of animals doing deliberately bad things to one another.
  8. If you want to know why the press treats the royals like they do, remember the 1936 abdication crisis, which nearly brought down the monarchy. then there was the Chuck and Di split (before she died). Looking at how the British constitution works, it appears that cheating on one's spouse is a legal duty of the senior royals.
  9. So either next week is the penultimate show, or there will be a bunch of episodes next month.
  10. Mindy was the best person in the world during a period of half a millennium. Either that, or the number of people who have gotten into the "real" good place was BS.
  11. Notwisconsin

    Cats (2019)

    either next year, or '21.
  12. Not everything is about MEEEEEE. For instance, as there wasn't really an early contribution by Gay Sikhs or transsexual Japanese to the early development of Country music. I don't think either group "fears" "not being included." What the OP was afraid of is that it wouldn't be solely about oppression of their favorite groups. AS you might remember, the stars mentioned grew up in what would be considered extreme poverty, and that doesn't fit well with the stereotype of being a privileged oppressor beating up people of color just for fun.
  13. ...and two momentary mentions of George Jones.
  14. Better than interesteller? No. It was terrible. Great visuals, though.
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