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  1. In real life, Manhattan DAs go on for decades at a time. Hogan (after a few months of a temp), succeeded Tom Dewey and Morganthau succeeded Hogan. Between the two of them, they served 50 years. Vance was DA for at least 12. So, an 80 year old DA is plausable.
  2. Profachi, except for EXILED, was little more than a glorified extra.
  3. I know the last post was years ago, but what this particular episode was all about was idiot plotting. Y'know, for the plot to advance, the characters have to be idiots. Eleven's being held prisoner, Nancy informing on what happened to Barb, Dustin and the baby demigorgon. All are acting like total idiots. It wasn't that way in the first season, back when Obama was President.
  4. The big transition between seasons 3 and 4 seem to have taken place offstage over the summer, which is strange, as the first two lead detectives got big sendoffs.
  5. I had those on my DVR queue. I had never seen them before for some reason, so I was waitng for Ceratta to get shot. It seemed really random for some reason. I know Sorvino wanted out, but the lack of forshadowing made the scene even more shocking. The introduction of Lenny made him look somewhat unlikable the entire episode. Strange, considering that he became the heart of show. I have been searching for the transitions. That's why the show lasted as long as it did.
  6. It wasn't an assassination, it was an execution. Nicky and Alix were guilty as hell. The kids didn't deserve it, however.
  7. I just wanted to tell everybody that the Pilot is re-airing on the 14th on SUNDANCE. It's called "EVERYONE'S FAVORITE BAGMAN" and aired originally as episode 6. It was filmed in 1988. That was 33 years ago.
  8. It was really good until the ending. Giving Max powers and his breakup was one of those "deus ex machina" moments that made little sense within the world of the show and appeared extremely lazy. The thing that makes a good fantasy is that you can have only one absurd thing and everything else has to logically built around it. LOGICALLY. This wasn't done in this case.
  9. Well, maybe someday....a movie or something.
  10. That's paganism for ya!!!! If you read mythology, you will notice that.
  11. "Wokeness" strikes again. One of those 'very special episodes' that we all loathe.
  12. Under the British Constitution, the Prince of Wales is obligated to follow in the footsteps of all his predecessors. This includes cheating on his wife. The only ones who didn't were those who died as children. This goes back to Edward II in the Middle Ages.
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