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  1. Of the three, 1776, is the only one that is a genuine "period piece". George M. Cohan was involved in the making of Yankee Doodle Dandy, and Meredith Willson was alive in Iowa in 1912. They were still in the living memory of many of those who made it.
  2. I got 1776 and Yankee Doodle Dandy on the DVR que right now. The former has lots of sexual innuendo and it's really tame, although it was only four years after the Hays office closed. I'm glad that they put back the "cool cool men" number, as it adds to the film immensely. Also, as to the latter, I recently found out that James Cagney's sister is played by James Cagney's sister. She didn't have much of a career, did she?
  3. No, in Genisis, "the sons of God bedded the daughters of Men" and brought forth a race of heroic giants.
  4. I've spent the last few days binging and while I'm pretty sure how this is has been discussed before...Tommy Lescalles is the villain of the piece. A total shit, who jeleous of his power made the lives of the Royals hell, especially Margret. I like the stuff about the private lives of the Prime Ministers. The clusterfuck over Churchill's stroke was really well done. I really look forward to how they do the Profumo affair.
  5. the thing is, this is mostly ahistorical. In real life, Catherine married Peter well before he was Czar, and she was close friends with Empress Elizabeth. The real Czar, Ivan VI, had been a prisoner since he was deposed at age sixteen months. Russian history is rather gross.
  6. Because Emperor Paul was an even bigger dick that Peter III was.
  7. i figure it'll begin with the flashforward scene from the end of season 2, where William is undergoing a fidelity test. The final scene from season 3 had him passing that, so it makes sense that every century or so, a new MiB needs to be manufactured to replace an old one.
  8. With the end of the season there was a lot of comparison with the show DEVS, which I'm currently binging, in the media. I also realized how similar it is to the Film Tomorrowland, where several major characters are "hosts."
  9. It as just after seeing his episode that I realized that this is the same concept as the film "Tomorrowland." Except it ain't Disney.
  10. Not really. Miniserieses are usually shorter. If this was on netflix or HBO, it would be a called a limited series. Most miniseries are between two and six episodes long. What I'm thinking about is something like The Prisoner from 1968, which had a full 13 episode run and wasn't designed to have any further seasons. Some miniserieses HAVE had second seasons, The Winds of War was so popular, they got the cast back together to do the original novel's sequel, Of War and Remembrance. it's an interesting topic, but for our purposes, Zoey is about the death of her father Mitch, plus a gimmck. That's it.
  11. The thing that wrecked Season 3 and hurt Season two was "idiot plotting," i.e. in order for the plot to go forward, the majority of characters has to be idiots. In season two, Charlotte and William didn't have an anti-Ford fail-safe installed. Dolores outwitted them at every instance, even when the "real people" outgunned them. This, with the excellent writing as counterpoint, stuck out like a sore thumb. Also, why didn't they just put everything on a pearl and go? Idiot plotting. Season 3 was even worse in that regard. The plot holes were big enough for a battleship to pass through, and while there were bits an pieces of genius here and there (plus cool fight scenes), they didn't balance out like they did in season 2. Seeing Charlotte/Dolores become Delores/Delores would have been really interesting. But they skipped that part and just had our mechanical heroine become mechanical supterbitch who can do anything. It was all too easy. I understand some idiot plotting might be necessary to keep the story going, but in Season one at least, it wasn't noticeable. In season 2, it WAS and in Season 3, it overwhelmed the whole thing.
  12. Some shows shouldn't go on forever. I've always liked he idea of one and done. Construct the story, do the show and then go. How I Met Your Mother lasted too long and thus the ending totally sucked. Westworld had a magnificent first season, an decent second season, an a lousy third season. They should quit while they're ahead.
  13. While I really loved the show, I think that it shouldn't have a second season. The arc played itself out perfectly, and when something ends, it should end. Unless that is, as sometimes happens, the main story is supposed to be in the second season, and season one is a later written prequel. But I don't think that's the case here.
  14. No, it was about the plane crash that Killed Buddy Holly, Richie Valens, and JB (Big Bopper) Richardson in January 1959 and it's aftermath. I kind of understood the reason for using the song.
  15. according to the Republican party, yes. But the villain was a wonderful throwback to the days of Snidely Whiplash
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