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  1. AS to your icon, I didn't know that. But the idea that "non-able bodied individuals are in need of being 'cured"' is a bad one is is just plain wrong. having prosthetics, such as contacts, is a good thing. People usually lead a more fulfilling lives with them. Take you for example: would your life be better or worse if you just threw away that contact lens? I doubt it. I know that this is a fantasy show, and sometimes, in fantasy shows, they make the mistake of not logically adapting to the absurd fantasy element. but the idea of minimizing the problems of a deaf-mute going to a foreign country where most don't speak english to TEACH computer science, is political BS. Not good storytelling.
  2. it was mentioned in a way to show the superiority of ASL culture and that having hearing was bad. If she needed hearing aids and speech therapy, then she could have been able to hear and speak. No ASL was necessary. When Marlee Matlin won that Oscar back in the '80s, she gave a wonderful speech in English. Then she caught hell from the Deaf activist community for not using ASL and a translator. It wasn't a case of "she couldn't" but she "shouldn't." But your icon shows you wearing glasses. That's a partial cure for your condition. Imagine someone just like you who REFUSED to wear them because "it didn't work for them." Or those kids in those charity commercials running jumping and playing using the latest prosthetics. is what's being done TO them bad? NO!!!!
  3. I wanted to remind y'all of the incredible "wokenes" of the show, that on rare occasions is actually offensive. IN this case the caretaker's deaf daughter mentions all those times he tried to "cure" her, including cochlear implants. Mentioning these things, which actually cure deafness (it's an artificial ear that's implanted in the brain), as just another quack remedy that doesn't work is an affront to those hundreds of thousands of formerly deaf people who's lives have been made immensely better. Many proponents of "deaf culture" find cochlear implants "genocidal" as being able to hear would leave the tribe and not use ASL and be "purer." It was otherwise an interesting episode.
  4. No we don't. She could be the real thing. After all, she was Charlotte when she left the island.
  5. The ending wasn't at all bad, but it was all kind of slow.
  6. Are they preparing to shut down the show?
  7. So it looks like the season will end with Daddy's demise.
  8. I knew rhey'd eventually introduce a sonic screwdriver.
  9. Boy did this end badly. I really hate it when the big bad gets half way through the portal and then just goes back home...or when the bad guys are right and the good guys wrong. The Romulans were right all along.
  10. So this is inspired by "Westworld" eh?
  11. this was in Today's Washington Post. I think it's relevant to the topic:https://www.washingtonpost.com/lifestyle/advice/carolyn-hax-when-the-one-that-got-away-is-in-constant-contact/2020/03/17/7e36ca8a-6180-11ea-b3fc-7841686c5c57_story.html?itid=mr_lifestyle_2
  12. No, they just have the standard "wokeness" stereotypes on full display. All the guys seem to be dicks except the father, who's disabled and the sassy neighbor of color, who's nonbinary.
  13. the series is feeling a bit to 'woke' for it's own good.
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