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  1. As Rachel stressed, NBC is NOT the same as MSNBC.
  2. I thought Ina was especially good about explaining why she did things yesterday. SOOOO glad to have her back.
  3. Westminster Kennel Club Highlight Show will be shown on Fox 9:00 AM PST on Sunday.
  4. Sadly Halloween without Mark Ballas is missing something.
  5. Here's a link to the correct clip with Castro from Rachel's twitter account. https://twitter.com/MaddowBlog/status/1144839097615298561
  6. I'm sure Trader Joe's crispy crunchy chocolate chip cookies are made by Tate's. Even the bag is the same.
  7. It's working for me now. Thanks so much!
  8. It's the followed forums that I'm having the problem with. I just cleared my cache and tried managing followed forums and got the same error message.
  9. From Rachel's twitter Rachel Maddow MSNBC‏Verified account @maddow Heads up: TRMS Special Report tonight at 9pm ET, MSNBC. (And no, this isn’t a weird cable news euphemism for me not actually doing the show or running a re-run, this is a true-blue live special report based on documents we’re making public for the first time). See you then!
  10. I cleared my cache and am still having the same problem.
  11. I'm still unable to use Manage Forum Follows. When I click on it I get Sorry, there is a problem Something went wrong. Please try again. Error code: EX1054 This is happening in Firefox and in Opera. Windows 8.1 Manage Topic Follows works fine. I noticed someone else has reported the same problem with no resolution. Thanks for your hard work. I can get around the problem on my home page but I prefer the format using Follows.
  12. Sorry, there is a problem Something went wrong. Please try again. Error code: EX1054 I can see followed topics but get the above when clicking on the forums tab.
  13. I do not love or hate Gaga. I just can't stand that amount of vitriol aimed at anyone who hasn't killed or tortured someone.
  14. Rachel Maddow MSNBC Retweeted Maddow Blog‏Verified account @MaddowBlog 4h4 hours ago Tonight! Rachel #Maddow will start her night early, joining @ChrisLHayes in the 8pm hour. Afterward she'll be joined by @ChrisLHayes, @NicolleDwallace, @OmarJadwat, and @AOC
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