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  1. justmehere

    S02.E09: Life's a Beach

    Loved all the girls together for a weekend away. What's better than having the radio blaring, windows down, singing along, and dancing in your seat? Breezy, and light, and wonderful. What a treat after the recent heaviness. Love when Elektra shows her heart. (And loved when she stopped to hydrate while confronting that woman.) Blanca so deserved something good in her life. Even if Adrian seems unrealistic, I don't care. Blanca needs some good, at least for a while. Sigh. Season finale next week. Not ready for it to end. Already can't wait to see next season.
  2. justmehere

    S03.E08: Chapter 27

    Yeah, I must have missed the part where he actually changed rather than suddenly just declaring that he loves David. Since when? I'll have to re-watch and see if there were hints, especially when he began working with Division 3. Maybe if Charles had been more instrumental in Farouk's change, rather than Farouk convincing Charles of peaceful resolution, I could accept it better. --- I don't mind David going back in time to change his history. The show always played with dimensions - having so much take place on astral planes - so it seemed reasonable. He still likely inherited mental illness from his mother and would have to deal with that, but to prevent the massive damage done by Farouk and resolve with his parents (not sure if that was possible in present time for him -- Charles is alive somewhere, but what about Gabrielle?) -- that seemed most important, and I liked that choice. He was sooooo damaged and headed down such a dark path - I don't know how much he could have recovered otherwise. In other bits - I loved the visual of Farouk having been the straight jacket that bound David. I also liked the idea that Switch was only shedding baby teeth, in a sense. She may no longer be physical in the same way, but she's more powerful and has greater access to all experience as she now is. I liked that Cary and Kerry are still together - it just seemed a little weird that Switch didn't even acknowledge them. (I thought the images of them as children were memories, but I need to watch again.) Wondering if they go back to... well, where, now? I'd think Division 3 would still have existed due to chasing other mutants. Clark would probably still be hunting them rather than having reformed (or having ended up frozen in space). But as for interaction with Summerland - who knows? It also wasn't clear what would have changed for Melanie and Summerland. Would Oliver have been rescued from the astral plane without David? Or would David still have ended up with them somehow? How would things have changed for Lenny? Just life in an institution? No abuse from Farouk, no death in a wall, which are good things, but definitely some unanswered questions. I would have liked to see even quick montages (a la Six Feet Under) of what David and Syd's (and others') altered lives looked like. It leaves the door open to revisiting that world, but Noah Hawley said in an interview he isn't really considering it. Still - a show like no other and a great, wild ride. Good stuff.
  3. justmehere

    Prison Break (2017)

    i"m sorry to hear it. As convoluted as the storytelling became, it was still fun, and I loved seeing the characters again in the last incarnation. I'm glad there was an extra season, at least.
  4. justmehere


    Maybe two more seasons... or not: https://deadline.com/2019/08/taboo-2-more-seasons-season-2-3-none-tom-hardy-fx-chief-says-1202663165/
  5. justmehere

    S03.E06: Chapter 25

    (Sorry for posting twice in a row. I couldn't edit properly to add a quote and comment after it.) I hope you're right. The "We're gonna win" at the end and future Syd's role in trusting Farouk against David doesn't quite fit that. I'd think the point of Us and Them, as noted by the wonderful Melanie, is not to destroy David (joining in with having greatly missed Melanie and Oliver -- loved when he showed up again in his leisure suit, martini in hand). --Although her other comment - some people don't want to be saved - worries me. It's never simple with this show, that's for sure. I don't need hearts and flowers for an ending, but neither do I want annihilation - except maybe of Farouk.
  6. justmehere

    S03.E06: Chapter 25

    My reaction to the previews saying there are only 2 episodes left: What?! NO!!!
  7. justmehere

    S04.E08: Years, Continents, Bloodshed

    Most of the focus has been on the ending of the series, much of which I agree with, but there were other problems in the series that frustrated me. -I didn't care for the casual way they treated multiple beheadings, including idiotic thugs who acted on every rumor they heard. I can't remember - were the bodies buried? The police pretty much ignored the disappearance of King whatever-his-name-was, but I'd think multiple disappearances and/or headless bodies would merit some attention or even mention of such brutality. There was barely even any acknowledgement of Big Dick's death, nor any public mention of him being responsible for the first two bombings. -I love Patton Oswalt, but I didn't need quite so much from his nerd group, not to mention the multiple back-and-forth nonsense of whether or not he was guilty and the many minutes of him denying his guilt over and over... and over. -Too many characters. The senator and the interactions with the dead fiance's family felt almost pointless. I liked that Matty ended up with the ring, but there was too much time devoted to those other characters. All the excesses could have been trimmed to allow greater involvement of the familiar characters - but apparently marginalizing them was the point. -It seemed weird to me that the hottest sex scene was a dream sequence. It was on another level from the ones with Logan. I suppose that says something. <snerk> -The trope of someone finally finding happiness only to have sudden tragedy is weak. It was completely telegraphed that something would happen. -This one isn't mine - I saw it in a comment elsewhere - but the bomb that killed Logan was way too convenient: The police would have confiscated Penn's bag and found the bomb. Or barring that somehow, the timing was too dependent on coincidence. Mid-day in Fiji? Why would Penn assume Veronica would be in her car right then? Likewise, it was too convenient that Logan went to move the car at that particular minute. So many other ways it could have gone, as many have mentioned. -When show writers say it's boring to have a happy couple, I always want to ask if they've seen Friday Night Lights and Eric and Tammy Taylor. It can be done. They weren't perfect or sappy, and their marriage wasn't the only element of the show by a long shot. Yet they still managed to portray a loving, realistic marriage where the couple argues and disagrees and also supports each other through thick and thin. Those writers who say it can't be done should instead say that they can't do it. -I agree with the earlier comments that Veronica can be really unlikable. I thought she was insufferable in season 3. And she can be quite cruel with all her wit. (Did she even thank Weevil for saving her? BTW, that off-screen rescue was just strange.) I also agree that she needs her community to balance her, and that having her go on the road as a solo act having random hookups sounds like it will only enhance her negative qualities.
  8. justmehere

    S02.E06: Love's in Need of Love Today

    Well, you wouldn't think anyone could challenge Judy Garland on The Man That Got Away, but damn! Billy Porter was spectacular. Absolutely loved it! (Side note: What was on the end of his train?) Pray Tell's fear in being admitted to the hospital, and especially throwing a temper tantrum because of it, felt realistic and honest. I don't know what else they could have done, but I was interested in the conversation between Pray Tell and his hospital roommate - PT's assumption of the man being a queen and the other man shutting him down; I would have liked to see more on that. Wonderful idea that the very simple cabaret Pray Tell first put on has become an annual event that has grown considerably in scope. And yet, it's still a relatively small affair that hasn't lost the purpose of entertaining patients. Interesting that Candy is haunting Pray Tell. I wonder if his adamant declarations about wanting to live aren't a bit defensive. Maybe he's seeing Candy because part of him does want to give in and be done with it, and it's easier to externalize the feeling than admit to it. Frederika is so cold! Wow. But it seems she has met her match. I loved seeing the community come together to support Blanca after all the support she has given them. Of course Patti Lupone was great singing I'm Still Here. Makes me think of Shirley MacLaine's wonderful version in Postcards From the Edge. Fits the characterization of a tough, slightly older woman who has lived. I love the Stevie Wonder song used for the episode title. It was a great choice for Blanca to sing, and hooray that it turned into another duet with Pray Tell. All that said, though... I thought the episode was fairly uneven and choppy, and some of the dialog was pretty clunky. I was expecting to be blown away by the scenes of Pray Tell in the hospital, but even with Billy Porter, I wasn't, really. Also, during the cabaret show, just being told about the silent auction and how much was raised felt awkward and thrown in. A line or two about items donated, or business participation, or seeing people at the tables would have helped. Absolutely agree that Blanca discovering her shop boarded up and then jumping to the dinner was bad - just bad editing. I'm guessing it was necessary for time - even with a few extra minutes allowed - but it wasn't executed well. Actually, I think editing overall was problematic. Maybe the episode ran really long and they did what they could, but it didn't flow well at all. Still - what fun having Ricky, Damon, and Lulu sing backup, and though Blanca talked about wanting to get some "name" performers (another rushed and awkward bit), I liked that it was just people from the community participating. Had to laugh at Elektra, who no doubt thought she was a wonderful performer. Appreciated that they showed her devastation on hearing Blanca's reveal and also that moment between them during the protest.
  9. justmehere

    S01.E10: Best in Blow

    If no one had mentioned what the final pieces were about, I wouldn't have gotten Deborah's intent from her finished work. I don't know art, so maybe that's on me, I appreciate what she wanted to convey, but even being told, it felt heavy-handed and I didn't really care for the representation. The fry pan was pretty cool, though, and I did like some of her other work. I thought Janusz's idea was much clearer and more elegantly presented, and I liked his style better both in the final and throughout. I'm sorry that he didn't win. They said flat-out that he was the best technical artist, but I wonder if the residency program wasn't looking for someone with a wider creative vision. Janusz is creative, no question, and his work is beautiful and skilled. Deborah, while a little clunkier perhaps, pushes the boundaries a bit more, and maybe that's what appealed to them - or they felt she'd benefit more from the opportunity because of it. I believe they were about the same age and had been working with glass about the same number of years. But even if her style wasn't always to my taste, it did seem that Deborah was still experimenting artistically, whereas Janusz kind of has his thing and has perfected it. His comments about not really having advanced in his career made me sad, in that possible light. Maybe the residency would have pushed him outside of his comfort zone and into greater success. So - I just looked at the Corning Museum of Glass site, and the Artist-in-Residence program is something held several times a year in month-long sessions, and artists can just apply for it. Transportation, room, board, and basic supplies are included. Applying doesn't guarantee a spot, and certainly there's no $60,000 prize, but it is open. I hope they told the contestants about this (or they thought to look), and I hope several of them go for it. Not winning this competition doesn't mean there's no chance to participate.
  10. justmehere

    S01.E08: Do Not Water

    So glad that Alex won. That was a gorgeous piece all around (although it would have been nice to see something of the flower). I kind of loved Deborah's potatoes and the different sizes of them. I wondered if the choice between sending home Janusz or Patrick was down to Janusz having won 3 challenges to Patrick's 1 time in the team challenge. Janusz is going to have to step it up again.
  11. justmehere

    S01.E07: Separation Anxiety

    I can see the argument that the elements in Alex and Janusz' piece were fairly simple -- I mean, glass bubbles from Janusz doesn't seem like much of a challenge -- but putting them together, balancing them was pretty impressive. I liked Alex's description of the various levels of duality that their piece represented as well. The scale of theirs was appropriate, too: having many bubbles to balance smaller but heavier weights worked well visually, even if it was all glass. The rough texture on the weights was great. Wise choice to have Alex do the weights since he's more known for doing clear items. The theme of Deborah and Patrick's piece was interesting - but while Patrick's techniques were great, it was sort of plain looking. (And, yeah, giant chalice...) I'm glad they didn't send anyone home. I was upset that either Janusz or Alex might have been eliminated, but it would have been terrible to send Deborah or Patrick, as well, since none of the artists were in complete control of the work. One question: The contestants have to have all their elements in the annealer before time runs out, and not everything is cooled or assembled at that point, so I wonder if they have a further time limit for assembly. I hadn't really thought about it before, but with those bubbles, Janusz made a bunch, and then they had to determine how many they needed to balance the weights, and then fuse them (or, whatever order). The same, actually for connecting Patrick and Deborah's work with the glass spiral. It's been less obvious in previous challenges, but I did notice assembled pieces that looked different than what went into the annealer.
  12. justmehere

    S01.E06: Pop Art Blowup

    None of those are things normally found in the bathroom, at least not mine. Maybe loofah or a shower poof or a back scrubbing brush. I think those could have all been cool in glass because of the textures and shapes. Yeah - forgot that it was specifically bathroom while I was writing.
  13. justmehere

    Theatre Talk: In Our Own Little Corner

    My sister saw it a couple of weeks ago and said it was terrific. I have no idea what she spent for her ticket.
  14. justmehere

    S02.E05: What Would Candy Do?

    I enjoyed all the dancing. It's so far from anything I can do that it's great fun to watch. The way Damon and Ricky supported each other was sweet. They could have made it so they were antagonistic after their breakup, but this show doesn't do much that's "usual," and it was refreshing to see them be friendly. Good for Damon for not rushing back, though. It'll be nice when they do reunite (I'm assuming they will), just, not right now when they're working so hard. But how Damon can resist Ricky's smile.... Yeah, Elektra really went over the top. She feels entitled and thinks every win should be hers. And I think she was so excited about Madonna that she kind of lost her head. There's so much bluster to her, though, which isn't what she's like when things are "real." And she has learned to listen to Blanca, who always helps balance her. That barely-there smile while handing over the hammer said a lot, too.
  15. justmehere

    S01.E06: Pop Art Blowup

    Interesting challenge. Momo put great detail into her work, and she's very artistic, but it needed some representation of blades. Alex's was very precise, but it seemed basic. The pills were cool. Well, I didn't see a turd or pile of poop in Deborah's toothpaste, but it might have been more effective if the tube had been attached at the top, showing the substance coming out of it. (although I suppose that's derivative -- like a can of soda pouring out liquid). I didn't understand the problem with the cap, either. and I thought the tube itself looked great. I kind of expected her to win. Poor Patrick. I'm glad he was saved this week. A towel was a really bad idea. Come on - a cooking utensil or a cereal box or headphones/earbuds or a remote control or almost anything else. It would have been awful if he'd been eliminated for that. I loved the bristles on Jausz' hairbrush. I wish we'd seen a little more of him making those. I was a little surprised that he won given all the comments about it not looking like a brush. He seemed extra stressed this week. He's right though - even with 3 wins, it's the last week that matters (unless it comes down to a tie-breaker).