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  1. And now Erendira Ibarra (Dani) as well. Odd that they don't mention Toby as also having been in Sense8. No mention of Max, but that doesn't mean he won't be in it. The IMDB listing is pretty sparse right now, matching the article. If that's their source, seems they didn't investigate other credits, re: Toby.
  2. I really liked Sandi and her warmth. She joked with the bakers but when needed, she was always supportive and kind. Understandable that she wants to focus on other work, but I'll miss her.
  3. This is basically my reaction. It had various issues and was mostly OK, but I really enjoyed watching it. Multiple timelines and the amount of time that passed were most confusing. I thought they should have borrowed from 12 Monkeys and flashed the dates on the screen - in whatever format they chose - as they switched around. Still, it was satisfying when everything started coming together. Hopefully everyone's in the same zone now. I liked Geralt, but he did sometimes seem like more of a supporting player than the lead. Hoping that the hint, finally, of his background means there will be more to come. I really liked that despite his lack of emotion, he cared for Renfri and Yen - and that he's not mindlessly destructive, even of monsters. And I liked the confrontation with his mother, especially about what was done to his eyes. Definitely want more background. Side note: while I enjoyed the shirtlessness at the various times, hearing Henry Cavill explain what it takes on Graham Norton (about 8 minutes into the video) - basically dehydrating for a few days, which sounds terribly dangerous - made me feel a little guilty. I had no idea. I liked Yen despite her issues and the other characters well enough. Loved the golden dragon in both forms and his guards. Not as enchanted with Jaskier as some are but no particular problems with him. Could do with a little less graphic gore and repeated bashing of skulls. And, here we are again with unequal nudity. Way too many naked women, including too much of Yen. But - I'll be looking forward to more of the show. Edit: For those feeling like this was all setup or an 8-episode pilot:
  4. My reason for wanting to binge is in feeling the tension and seeing how off the rails characters have gone in their desperation. Elliot crosses lines. Dom can't bring herself to cross them. Krista may or may not have crossed one. Whiterose crosses lines without a thought, but I want to know what she meant about Elliot and whether her assistant is about to do something out of line. Darlene, the most cynical, has revealed herself as quite caring. I'm not at all bored; I want to know what's next. At the same time - I want it to last because I love this show. It can be frustrating during the course of a season, but then re-watching altogether - including season 2 - I have much greater appreciation. MMV.
  5. Wishing right now I could binge this season. Hard to wait a week between episodes.
  6. Thanks healthnut. If P/C's elements have greater difficulty, that makes sense. I guess I'm wondering about quality of skating in general to get such consistently high GOEs over everyone else. Are they really that much better? I will say that I loved their Free Dance today. The spoken aspect was fine - neutral there. However, I thought their performance was incredibly beautiful.
  7. Would someone who knows ice dance be willing to explain, please, how Papadakis/Cizeron are apparently so much better than Chock/Bates? I personally think the latter are far more entertaining, which is certainly subjective, but the technical difference - where the scoring spread was greater - baffles me. Watching the little box in the upper left corner, it seemed like P/C automatically got high execution scores on everything vs. more average ones for C/B. Are P/C's skills really that much better?
  8. The Lord of War and Thunder was really good. The pilot was excellent. 1-2 through 1-4, and 1-6 are really the only ones that fall into the "just" enjoyable category. I blame the early style on network interference (though I have no proof), thinking they shouldn't jump into long story lines so that people wouldn't be confused. A wise choice, whoever made it, to abandon that track. Agreed about the Winona subplot. But season 2 still has an edge for me with the Bennett family. It's close, though. Oh man. I did a re-watch earlier this year. All this talk... I may have to watch again.
  9. Agreed about the even seasons, though I also think season 1 got quite good once they got past the sort of procedural episodes and Boyd returned.
  10. Cleo -- Justified is one of my all-time favorite shows. However, season 5 is my least favorite. If you find your interest drifting as you watch, hang in there because the final season is really great, with one of the best endings ever for a series.
  11. Joining in the disappointment re: Tyrell's undeveloped character. I don't know if the actor had other jobs that limited his involvement, but it really feels like a wasted opportunity. The walk in the woods did have some pertinent reveals with Elliot and Tyrell's honest admissions about each other, Elliot admitting how poorly he treats Darlene, and the acceptance that none of this will end well. (I'm half expecting a Shakespearean tragedy type of ending.) I don't mourn Tyrell himself as much as his lost potential. I thought something interesting could happen with him as CEO of E Corp, even if it was supposedly in name only. He would have been inside where he could have pulled strings. The scenes with Dom felt pointless at first, but it recalls when we first met her. She was aimless and didn't have much going for her in her work or personal life. Cluing in on the Dark Army gave her purpose, made her life exciting, and eventually put her in a position of authority. I don't think she likes Darlene as much as Darlene is a symbol of the interest and excitement Dom experienced for a time. Now her life is a nightmare. She has no authority again, no direction, and worse, she's terrified. Any personal encounter - even someone online - could be part of the D.A. So she's back to a limited existence and now is afraid at the same time. As for Darlene, perhaps it's a bit similar. In season 1, she was active in the initial take-down of E Corp. When Elliot was in jail, she was in charge. Now she's taking orders and has no control. She was moved by the drunk Santa and thought she might be able to help. As cynical as she generally is, it was telling that she cared. Then she found out her input was meaningless. Which is how she's increasingly felt lately. I'm hoping that Elliot's realization will help them work together going forward.
  12. I don't know much of anything about skating, but I love watching Jason Brown. Jumps are nice and can be quite beautiful, but artistry really does it for me. I like Nathan Chen and thought his dance at the end was great. He seemed natural (although I couldn't hear the music for all the screaming!). I just wanted more balance rather than all the jumps and then the dance at the end. Incorporate some moves elsewhere.
  13. truthaboutluv -- I wasn't implying that there were actually two people in the room. I know there's only Elliot. I just noticed a difference in what we're seeing. In the "hand off" in one scene, Elliot turned away and Mr. Robot stepped forward to continue the conversation. In these other scenes, there was distance between where Elliot was and where Mr. Robot was. One instant, Price is whispering to Elliot - the next, Mr. Robot is speaking from several feet away. We saw Price shift his focus (and Darlene, in her scene), but nothing else. It's different, a very specific directorial choice, and so I wondered why. Maybe it's only metaphorical - in one scene they are close in their ideas, and in the others, not. I'd have to watch again to note the dialog. Maybe it's something more. Just speculating.
  14. So, a bombshell of another personality (or 3 - which calls back to Elliot's hallucination during the drug overdose, seeing his Mom and younger self there... but no other one... and Mr. Robot saying they'll all go away if Elliot dies... Does that mean he knows about the mom and the kid personalities? If that's what that meant.) ... I have no clue, and I kind of want to be surprised. I started to think it's all in the kid's head, but the mom said the chair at the head of the table wasn't his chair. I'm intrigued by the way conversations with Elliot and Mr. Robot have been framed in these first two episodes. In the first, Darlene is talking to Mr. Robot in the middle of the apartment while Elliot is on the couch - and then she turns to talk to Elliot. We don't see him move from one place to the other, but her attention suddenly shifts, with no reaction to the location change. They did it again in this episode with Price talking closely to Elliot - in a near whisper - and then turning his attention to Mr. Robot who is several feet away. Are we meant to assume that Elliot moved and we just didn't see it? I could almost buy it with Darlene, but the scene with Price was more of a stretch. Or, is something else going on? Maybe to do with fracturing further? Also, they've shown Elliot and Mr. Robot doing two totally separate things at the same time. Like, Elliot at the post-it board working out connections while Mr. Robot searched the fake guy's social media - two completely different areas of focus. And then again searching the apartment: Elliot is looking at a book while Mr. Robot tries to open the window. It seems a greater contrast in actual activity than we've seen (though my memory of the whole show is certainly questionable). We also haven't seen Elliot deliberately "hand off" to Mr. Robot in a conversation before, although I think that's due to them finally communicating more openly. Started to feel some sympathy for Price. Not something I expected.
  15. As brilliant as Elliot is, he is also idealistic and hyper-focused, and I think he loses sight of the forest for the trees. The show started with him being on a hero crusade to take down individuals for their wrongdoing. The first hack we see is the coffee-shop guy with a child-porn site. He then tried to rescue his therapist from the married guy and was surprised that she was upset. He later took down the prison warden for his dark-web dealings. It's been Elliot's theme. I can almost believe that he only wanted to relieve people's debt and hurt E-Corp., without realizing how it could affect the greater economy. There might have been a comment somewhere to that effect - that he didn't realize how far things would go. Then there's Mr. Robot's involvement, without Elliot's knowledge, so how much is "Elliot's" fault? He's the hero while Mr. Robot is the anarchist - different degrees of the same tendency. Elliot's zeal and myopic view were on display again in this opener when he rushed to the fake-guy's apartment, so eager to take down whiterose (apparently it's not capitalized, and it's all one word - I never knew that), that he didn't see the trap. However, the fact that he was able to undo the hack shows that the Mr. Robot part of him did have a recovery plan of sorts. While there was no plan for handling the economy post-debt-erasure, Mr. Robot was at least aware that there could be bigger consequences than intended and kept a door open to restore everything. ----- As for Angela, she pushed some very dangerous people, and there were consequences. She built herself up so much with her affirmations that it made her kind of delusional (including thinking that the way she manipulated Price was due to her newfound "power"). whiterose could have killed her straight away, and might have left her to her madness, but Angela wouldn't stop pushing. Not saying she was wrong in how she felt; she just really didn't know what/who she was up against. I fear that madness would have been her outcome anyway, had she lived, and assuming the whole thing isn't reset with time travel or into some sort of repeating loop. (I'm hoping Sam Esmail has a worthy surprise in store - fingers crossed.)
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