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  1. Laptop Windows 10 Home - Version 1903 - OS Build 18362.1139 Chrome 86.0.4240.75 (Official Build) (64-bit) Hard to say how many times it has happened - I'd say 4 or 5 over a fairly long period of time... maybe a year or so ( it happened with other topics too, after one of the major site upgrades; this one continued). I mostly scan for unread posts and don't always notice right away that the topic is specifically missing. Thanks for the help. Will let you know if/when it happens again.
  2. The Figure Skating topic under Sports keeps disappearing from my followed topics list. I follow, it shows up in the list for a while, and then suddenly is gone, Rinse and repeat. I've just re-followed again -- I think this last time only lasted about a week before it disappeared.
  3. https://usfigureskatingfanzone.com/news/2020/10/13/us-figure-skating-and-nbc-sports-announce-broadcast-schedule-for-isu-grand-prix-of-figure-skating-series.aspx
  4. https://usfigureskatingfanzone.com/news/2020/10/9/figure-skating-madison-chock-and-evan-bates-withdraw-from-2020-skate-america.aspx
  5. I have Cox, which also includes Peacock Premium. If you have a voice-activated remote, you might be able to say "Peacock" into it (holding down the mic button) and have the access come up. Otherwise, it's available under my On Demand menu. Great news to have the season on this platform.
  6. I found it odd that the judges told one baker that the dried mango needed to soak so it wouldn't be chewy and another that it was a problem that it was soaked because it gave too much moisture. Fine line, perhaps, of enough vs. too much. I thought Rowan would go. He doesn't really seem to care about improving or listening. I was sorry to see Mak go because he did seem to care. Does the technical not matter anymore? It seems a very important factor to me, testing general skills in new ways. However, never good to say that you're disregarding the brief in some way. I liked the creativity of the different showstopper ideas this week, but the sculpting challenges never seem to go very well. (Also, I'm tired of ginger-biscuits being the main option due to stability.) I did like the signature challenge.
  7. Also watched on Netflix, and it had the Boris Johnson intro. Already liked Matt Lucas from Doctor Who and liked him here. He and Noel play off each other well. I also like all the bakers already. I wish they'd give everyone a pass on week one and then start eliminations on the second week, adjusting at some other point with two. Even if Rowan tends to plan more than he can execute, he seems quite good at improvising when it doesn't work. His signature was still very neatly presented, and I liked the hair on his Marie Antoinette. Mainly - I'd been a bit skeptical about watching after the last couple of seasons, but I laughed several times through the episode and realized that it's been quite a while since something moved me spontaneously - in a positive way - like that. A genuine lift, much needed and appreciated. Looking forward to more, now.
  8. justmehere


    He did that with Lost, too, abandoning it pretty early on. Seems like a thing with at least some show creators. They've got other ideas they want to focus on and so they leave previous creations to others. Ron Moore has done it with Outlander. Phoebe Waller Bridge with Killing Eve. I'm sure there are others, but those come to mind right now.
  9. Online benefit special with cast and creators coming up on June 26: Article: https://deadline.com/2020/06/walt-disney-co-fx-pose-a-thon-fundraiser-pose-cast-1202963402/ Direct page: https://www.fxnetworks.com/poseathon
  10. The Kate character suffered from joining late in the series. - Much of that era was forgettable to me with sub-par writing. Not her fault - I barely recall Kristen Chenoweth being on in that phase. And unfair, IMO, to say the actress is forgettable for a 2-ep appearance in Newsroom. It was a short guest shot. Two great Mary McCormack roles where I adored her: In Plain Sight - USA Network show - played a U.S. Marshal with the WITSEC program And canceled-too-soon The Kids are Alright (ABC I believe) as the mom of a large Catholic family in the 1970s. Hilarious. She was also in Murder One back in the 90s. To each their own, but I think she's great.
  11. Johnny also tweeted this:
  12. Loved your whole post, tennisgurl. The last episode threw me, and I've been debating whether to watch the whole thing again or let it go. It was obviously a very personal project for him, and it's interesting to see that a friend (whoever it was - I like that he kept the characters as stand-ins for whoever engaged him in real life) led him to the real game. I had thought the real version ended with the documentary, but maybe there are different iterations continuing in different places. It's pretty brave to put himself out there like that. He could have ended the story in somewhat traditional fashion, but instead he revealed how he had been as lost emotionally as Peter and Lee/Clara - possibly with connections to the other characters as well - and then found a way to feel excited again about creating, and doing so in a way he hadn't tried before - taking a real risk with this show. By revealing so much personally, there's potential to reach even more people than simply watching might do. The scheduling of the show is interesting as well, given that so many people have enforced downtime (not everyone, obviously), time in which they might consider new directions for things that aren't working, rather than going back to "normal" when things open up. The show started airing before lock-down, too. Anyway - I'll be watching the series again. I paid attention to the personal aspects before, but this time I won't worry about the puzzle at all.
  13. Interview: https://tvline.com/2020/04/28/better-things-pamela-adlon-season-4-finale-interview/
  14. A little past the point perhaps, but in case you still haven't seen it, here is Jason Brown's free skate from Nationals. Bonus: no commentary.
  15. I'm sorry to have missed seeing Jason's performance on my TV rather than my computer. Wish that NBC would have shown his after the press conference since they did Nathan's. I've seen Jason's program before but I think this was the best performance of it yet. Truly sublime. There's no commentary - just a beautiful performance (especially in full screen).
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