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  1. justmehere

    S02.E05: What Would Candy Do?

    I enjoyed all the dancing. It's so far from anything I can do that it's great fun to watch. The way Damon and Ricky supported each other was sweet. They could have made it so they were antagonistic after their breakup, but this show doesn't do much that's "usual," and it was refreshing to see them be friendly. Good for Damon for not rushing back, though. It'll be nice when they do reunite (I'm assuming they will), just, not right now when they're working so hard. But how Damon can resist Ricky's smile.... Yeah, Elektra really went over the top. She feels entitled and thinks every win should be hers. And I think she was so excited about Madonna that she kind of lost her head. There's so much bluster to her, though, which isn't what she's like when things are "real." And she has learned to listen to Blanca, who always helps balance her. That barely-there smile while handing over the hammer said a lot, too.
  2. justmehere

    S01.E06: Pop Art Blowup

    Interesting challenge. Momo put great detail into her work, and she's very artistic, but it needed some representation of blades. Alex's was very precise, but it seemed basic. The pills were cool. Well, I didn't see a turd or pile of poop in Deborah's toothpaste, but it might have been more effective if the tube had been attached at the top, showing the substance coming out of it. (although I suppose that's derivative -- like a can of soda pouring out liquid). I didn't understand the problem with the cap, either. and I thought the tube itself looked great. I kind of expected her to win. Poor Patrick. I'm glad he was saved this week. A towel was a really bad idea. Come on - a cooking utensil or a cereal box or headphones/earbuds or a remote control or almost anything else. It would have been awful if he'd been eliminated for that. I loved the bristles on Jausz' hairbrush. I wish we'd seen a little more of him making those. I was a little surprised that he won given all the comments about it not looking like a brush. He seemed extra stressed this week. He's right though - even with 3 wins, it's the last week that matters (unless it comes down to a tie-breaker).
  3. justmehere

    S01.E05: Thirsty Work

    I don't care for the artists critiquing each other. It's each one's right to make their own creative choices, and I think it demeans both people by including that commentary. Drop that and show more of the work. Yes, we learned, finally, why Deborah was so ticked at having the annealer door left open in the earlier episode. It makes perfect sense that it would cause things to cool too quickly, since slow cooling is the whole purpose of the thing. I thought Patrick's work was beautiful. Having the extra element to increase aeration was so specific to the challenge and was impressive. I imagine it was a tough choice between him and Janusz. But personally, I thought Janusz' work was stunning. I didn't think the criticism about the lines was quite fair because you could still easily see the liquid inside. It didn't change the color of the liquid, the technique was much more advanced than anything else, and his was the most functional. I thought the lines and the perfectly spaced little bubbles in between looked really elegant. I'm going mostly on my own visual preference, but I'm happy that he won. Deborah got a break being told not to use colored glass. Alex's glass leaking was pretty bad, and his giant decanter was obviously too much. I think he was saved by Leah's design just not working at all. I really liked her creative ideas - always a story to them - but the decanter was rather a mess, and they couldn't pour from it. I kind of liked the cleavage glass, though.
  4. justmehere

    S03.E04: Chapter 23

    I thought, in the closer shots, they looked like Blue Meanies from Yellow Submarine, with the grins and the long noses. I enjoyed the episode. So now David has power over the time demons but no time traveler. Unless he drops in and grabs her again. Then he'd have no restraints since the demons won't go after him again. He's so desperate to change his fate. I can see him really going out of control with the attempts and creating chaos, like Syd said. The demons aren't restrained with anyone else. Pretty sure I'm not going to like how this show ends. I still like David. He has done and is doing terrible things, but I can't help empathizing with how messed up he is. Doesn't make his actions OK, but they got me in Season 1 so that I'm still generally on his side.
  5. justmehere

    S01.E04: Clash of the Robots

    Frustrating once again that they didn't completely cover all the artists. I did appreciate the various process details. One or the other, I guess, with so little time. I thought both Deborah and Patrick stepped up their games and wasn't sure which of them would win. Either would have been fine, but Deborah's was the most futuristic concept. Although... really, it was more of a device than a robot. Not sure any of them were terribly robotic. Kind of becoming disappointed in Alex, though, who I thought would really stand out. I understand his environmental bent, but it seems like everything has been about some bleak future prediction. I'm sad to see Annette go. Having to re-do twice really hurt her. They didn't seem to care that Momo said straight out that she wasn't making a robot, and hers wasn't really futuristic, either, so I'm curious about the choice. Seriously, if there's another season, they need to make the episodes longer.
  6. justmehere

    S01.E03: Lighten Up

    I really like that we're getting more detail of the processes and hope that continues to increase. We even saw a bit about how they add color, but not how it gets smoothly incorporated. The baking-soda technique was cool. Not sure why, but I always get a little thrill when they cut the semi-solid glass with scissors. What a thing! I love the shaping tools as well - that heavy pot-holder-ish thing and the long pointed tongs. Feel like a little kid again, entranced by what they're doing. But yeah -- the hot shop really doesn't have all the tools they need if they only have one torch! Stupid drama. I liked Leah's footprint, and as an actual fixture, it probably was the best. I would have put Patrick's a close second in that area - it really appealed to me. I groaned at first when he started over, but he made a good choice. Just for appearance, I also really liked Annette's heart. -Alex absolutely needs to start adding color. -Janusz is obviously talented and skilled, but he's clearly used to working at a slower pace. I fear the press for time will catch up to him. -Kind of disappointed in Edgar - after acknowledging that his egg piece was cartoonish, he made another cartoon. He mentioned several times being a sculptor -- so create a beautiful sculpture! -Deborah's hand looked kind of cool, but after Edgar did one, I didn't understand the choice. (I could do without her boasting.) I'm not sure why there was a dispute about color on Momo's piece - why shouldn't she use the colors she wants? - but I didn't really understand her concept, either. That might be on me; I don't remember her initial explanation. I did like her description about the extensions on the back and what they'd do to the light in a dark room.
  7. justmehere

    S01.E02: Potluck Party

    This one was a little better at showing some techniques and giving explanations. Hopefully that continues to improve. I feel like Patrick is on thinnest ice. He hasn't been eliminated because the first guy broke his piece and then Benjamin didn't follow the instructions (I thought Ben's piece was pretty, but, well... instructions). I like Edgar and liked his first sculpture of the hand holding the planet, This one seemed a little too cutesy, and I think he benefited from Benjamin's mistake, too. Both Janusz and Alex had a lot of variety in their pieces. I kind of liked Alex's a little more - Janusz maybe tried to do too much for the time allowed, and it looked crowded - but both were interesting. Alex did wonder if the lack of color would hurt him; maybe that was the deciding factor between them. I liked the other pieces as well. Momoko's was cool for having the food as well as how to serve it. I couldn't really see all the detail she included, though. Will have to re-watch these and pause so I can really see the finished work.
  8. justmehere

    S01.E01: Snapshot

    Definitely should have been hour-long episodes. There's so much more they could have shown. How they add color, for instance, especially in patterns, or what swinging it over their heads does vs. blowing into the glass. I hope that maybe, like GBBO, there's more detail as there are fewer contestants. As is, I didn't feel like I even saw everyone's creations - and certainly not during judging. They also should have flashed a still photo of each person with their pieces, since we don't know them well yet. I agree that some sort of technical challenge would be good, but unless one episode is dedicated to that, I'm not getting my hopes up. When I was a kid, maybe 9 or 10, my family went to Colonial Williamsburg for a vacation, and I saw a glass-blowing demonstration. I was completely fascinated and wanted to watch forever. (That and the blacksmiths.) Though I've had little exposure, since, I've always loved blown glass. Hearing the artists say they'd been working with glass for decades, I was so jealous! But I think what I'd really like to see is more of a long-form documentary series about the craft and different techniques. Same with blacksmiths. I watched some of that competition show and was really disappointed. More often than not, the competition aspect really turns me off. Especially when they get into crazy challenges. Even GBBO has started drifting. This had enough to keep me interested, but I really hope they get into more detail as it goes. I can't fathom why they only made it half an hour!
  9. justmehere

    S02.E04: Never Knew Love Like This Before

    Seriously, this show. What a phenomenal way to deal with such a hard subject. I'm really sorry Candy won't be around anymore, but the show had to deal with the issue. I loved the afterlife device - wonderful writing for each of the encounters and great performances. As others have noted, the moments with her parents were the best. I was holding it together pretty well until then but lost it when her mother turned to look at her. Also loved the lip sync send off. Not a single awkward Candy move in sight!
  10. justmehere

    S03.E02: Chapter 21

    Yeah, David not seeing any problem in manipulating people's minds - especially after being manipulated himself - is definitely a problem. Even if he does want to fix/save the world. He honestly doesn't see anything wrong in his methods. He's so damaged and has had no guidance; he's still a kid just wanting people to love him. Wondering now if the apocalypse he causes is inadvertent somehow. Like, in his efforts to fix, he ends up hurting. Or if with everyone fighting him -- we've seen how easily he gets angry when being contradicted, so maybe he loses control. It's not that he wants to destroy, it's that no one understands him or what he's trying to do, and he goes totally off the rails. Which, again, Division 3 creates what they fear. --Just speculation. I'll be sad, I think, no matter what, because on some level, David is - or at least was - innocent. It was fun seeing Bill Irwin's physical dexterity - but no way that girl doesn't feel someone so close behind her. Thanks for that link, @AnimeMania - I had forgotten that Oliver and Melanie were on the astral plane together. Hope that somehow we'll still get to see them later.
  11. justmehere


    I finally had a chance to watch, and I agree. I recall how poetic the language was. Here, it felt twisted too far around into awkwardness, and it seemed like the actors sometimes had trouble with it. It also didn't help to have several characters speaking the same way rather than as individuals, which they formerly did. Sorry, but it made me uncomfortable through most of the movie. That said, it was a good story and it was really nice to see the characters again. Had to laugh a bit at Harry being a betraying son-of-a-bitch lawman since the actor, Brent Sexton, also played a betraying son-of-a-bitch lawman in Justified (Hunter Mosley). Loved the Garret Dillahunt cameo. Liked seeing some acknowledgement between Alma and Bullock, but at the same time was glad that he stuck with family. I think the part I liked best was when the mob went after Hearst, and Bullock stepped back and let it happen for a minute or two before firing his gun in the air. Not only for the satisfaction as a viewer, but for him making that choice to allow it. Burning timber is one thing; allowing a restrained prisoner to be beaten is another. (Thinking back to the very beginning of the series and his refusal to allow a mob any access to a prisoner.) OK, that moment and also when he shut down the marshals (sheriffs?) from the next town for not having jurisdiction, and saying how they should have come to see him first out of respect. One thing Bullock and Raylan Givens seem to have in common is having no fear. I like that about them (and in Timothy Olyphant's portrayal).
  12. justmehere

    S03.E01: Chapter 20

    This show has always required time to unfold. It has always been pretty far out there, as well, so I don't understand the surprise at its form. Personally, I'm riveted because the tiny details can make a big difference in understanding. I'm glad to see they found a way to bring Ptonomy back. Last season, it seemed like they'd forgotten about him, so, I'm glad they haven't. (Speaking of last season, it played much better on re-watch without a week's delay between episodes.) No Melanie this episode. I hope we're going to see her coherent and involved this season. The team sided with Farouk because they believe David will destroy the world, and Farouk is supposedly the only one who can stop him. Cary realized that, at some point in the future, he built that sphere/drone thing and sent it back to capture David (at the end of Season 1). Because of that, he assumed - and convinced the others - that David must have done something truly terrible that warranted capture. When he then saw David manipulate Syd (wiping her memory), he jumped right to "treachery" and mobilized everyone. By putting David on trial, they ensured that he would turn against them. Trusting Farouk made little sense, even so. (Especially now that they simply went in with a tactical team and Syd shot him. I'd guess that they needed Farouk to locate David, though he admits having trouble doing so.) David didn't sense the team coming because Cary gave them headbands to block their brain waves so that David couldn't tune in. He can handle them, as we saw twice when he disintegrated them all. Except Syd, who shot him. Not sure why she got through. Don't know yet why he needs a time traveler, unless some future version of himself put out the call, knowing after the fact what would happen and needing her so he could even get to that point. I loved that he moved the whole facility. Take that, you betraying idiots. What I find interesting so far is that the team expects an explosive, reactive David, and yet he has created a rather 60s-ish commune and seems quite peaceful. And, he's still talking about needing love. End of last season, he kept saying how he deserved love (it's the reason he manipulated Syd - wrong though it was), and so that's what he created, for himself, with no apparent need for retaliation against his former friends. That we've seen. Yet. Actually, they're the explosive, reactive ones, working within their own self-created loop. Still much to unfold, I'm sure.
  13. justmehere

    Good Behavior

    You know, I bought both seasons from iTunes, but I can't seem to delete them from my DVR. Even a two-hour movie to wrap up some things would have been better than nothing! I don't buy that TNT couldn't work anything out. It's so frustrating. This.
  14. justmehere

    Good Behavior

    Seeing both Lusia Strus (Estelle) and Juan Riedinger (Teo) on Claws makes me miss Good Behavior all over again. I lament that it didn't catch on like it should have - nor get a chance to finish its story. IMO, it was superior to Claws. I love the ladies on there, but the story is failing for me, and I've now given up on it. Yet I still want to know what happened with Letty and Javier; what's next for Estelle, Rob, and Christian; whether Javier and Ava can truly reclaim their relationship; how Jacob is doing after the traumatic incident w/Teo; and whether Letty will get Jacob back... Wow, just writing their names, I miss them all so much! Anyway, I still dearly wish that there had been at least one more season.
  15. justmehere

    Anticipation for The Wheel of Time

    Moiraine: https://variety.com/2019/tv/news/rosamund-pike-wheel-of-time-amazon-series-1203247268/