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  1. The writing was uneven and sometimes stilted or contradictory. They compressed a lot and told rather than showed. But, they were under a ton of restrictions due to COVID and no doubt did the best they could under highly abnormal circumstances. There were some great episodes this season: in particular, I liked seeing where a few of the characters came from. There was also a fair amount of wish fulfilment, but I don't mind too much. I cared so much about these characters, and after a year-plus of difficulty for everyone in real life, I'm glad for the happy endings and can forgive some of it bein
  2. Elton John appears with Pose panel: https://deadline.com/2021/06/elton-john-pose-fyc-panel-elektra-1234770111/
  3. One clue to Elektra's coming downfall was her mentioning that her wealth was "permanent." Tempting the fates there. I applaud her wanting to treat her family to extravagance they haven't known, and I don't fault her for being extravagant herself after having gone through some very hard times, but yeah, I hope she's saving a lot of that money. As rough as it was to see Angel deny Papi, she is not ready to be a mom. At one point, Blanca was grooming her to take over the family but since then, she has been pretty much in "take" mode (and there are no new kids shown anyway). So if she's self
  4. I'm going with this explanation. I think it makes a lot of sense. Elektra has always had warm moments - especially with Blanca - even in S1 in the midst of her worst moments. --I also like the explanation that she made up a more colorful story about Cubby in the moment. I guess I'm forgiving. I thought her accent slipping in the emotional moments with her mother was very effective. Dominique Jackson was excellent. My favorite moment, though, had to be Elektra's reveal at the ball as the Evil Queen. What a perfect choice!
  5. Jason Brown 21/22 season: Sinnerman and Schindler's List https://twitter.com/jasonbskates/status/1387222713551527947
  6. First trailer for Pose Final Season: https://deadline.com/video/pose-trailer-final-season-fx-ryan-murphy-brad-falchuk-steven-calas-billy-porter-mj-rodriguez-dominque-jackson-indya-moore/
  7. I have to disagree. To me, they don't look any stranger than a tall man towering over a tiny woman. Less so, actually, and they have apparently said they want to prove the lifts are possible despite their similar heights - which they have done. And there are certainly taller partners of similar height, which, technically, should have the same 'ratio' issues. I haven't seen a lot of positive comments about their free dance, but I love it. I think it's beautiful and lyrical. I was so upset at how poorly they were scored all around. (And, agreeing with Harry24 from an earlier post - I do wi
  8. It seems he always is. Although it looks like his 3-A was downgraded, so that didn't help his result. Still, his component was below both Hanyu and Chen. Feel so bad for Vincent. His short program really is so beautiful. --What a shock to see Nathan fall. I expect he'll come back strong in the LP. Nice to see Shoma Uno smiling, even with some mistakes. And boy Yuma Kagiyama is a fireball. I'm sad that Sui and Han missed gold by just that one mistake but glad they still got silver. Loved Moore-Towers and Marinaro's long program. I also love Peng and Jin - both their program
  9. 40 Rules You Didn't Know Contestants on 'The Great British Bake Off' Have to Follow Some are very much known, but there are some insights into the application, audition, and filming processes. Unfortunately, it's in an annoying slideshow format, so, lots of clicks.
  10. This is now available on Netflix in the U.S.!
  11. Next Stand Up to Cancer bakeoff with celebrity bakers: https://deadline.com/2021/01/the-great-celebrity-bake-off-daisy-ridley-james-mcavoy-1234682296/
  12. Came across this on Twitter - Jason Brown's program from the Las Vegas Skating Spectacular. It's in two parts due to Twitter limitations (both under the same link). I think this is what he did in the Peggy Fleming artistic competition last year, but the view wasn't the greatest. The song is called "Melancholy" and it's been altered into black & white with commentary removed. Exquisite: https://twitter.com/skatetocarmen/status/1352780314305769472 And here is the source, on Instagram, in color, w/commentary. I prefer the B&W, but this one offers a lovely introduction:
  13. So happy for Vincent Zhou. His short program was beautiful, and he was great. I like Nathan Chen's a lot, too, but... OK - I'm pretty far from knowledgeable about figure skating, but Jason Brown's choreography looked far more difficult, and the performance that much better because of it. So while his component score was higher than Nathan's, I expected a much bigger difference. He's obviously not going to come near on technical points, but it always feels like he still gets less than he deserves on the component scores. I thought it was spectacular with even greater artistry than usual for hi
  14. Hi -- it just happened with another topic I follow. I posted in the 12 Monkeys topic, used a reaction link to access the topic today, and when I looked at my list of followed topics right after, 12 Monkeys was no longer there. Definitely something going on with those links.
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