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  1. The first 3 episodes are up on Hulu. I went to look for the forum here; I am glad somebody has requested it!
  2. I didn't love the fake outs and double fake outs in this one. I did enjoy seeing some familiar faces in the episode though. So did the mom die in the house or that was just a fake as well? I wasn't paying 100% attention the whole time.
  3. I recently rewatched the entirety of Harper's Island. While it was by no means perfect, it was an entertaining fluff of a show. I will be watching this. Might wait for all of the episodes to drop first, though.
  4. Cash was told about them. She deleted Olivia’s TikTok as a fave (or IG I think), but then added her back. Not sure why.
  5. I thought Charlie and Alana had the best vibes, but they were low key. And sadly Charlie was never going to win because of the Cash thing, which is sad because she doesn’t have negative feelings towards him. It’s frustrating that others do. Out of everybody, Bailey had the best SM posts that I saw - protesting for equality, social justice etc. I bet Olivia starts deleting all of those old posts so she can get sponsors, but I wish people would not forgive nor forget. Cash seemingly did both for Olivia. The MAGA moms voted en masse and won them the race, plus people who genuinely
  6. I have the paid version of Peacock, so I am unsure when they move from paid to free.
  7. I don’t know if anybody else has watched UK LI (old seasons)? There have been other couples from the beginning (thinking of Nathan and Cara), who were day 1 couples, and although they were never “available” really, they maybe did go on other dates and hung out with others besides just the two of them. I think @DoYouLikeMutton made a valid point - Kyra and Will haven’t been seen really doing anything besides being with each other. So all knowledge is based on that one thing and that relationship defines them completely. Olivia has some old posts on SM that I can’t really get behind an
  8. Based purely on the trends and mentions on Twitter, the race is between Bailey/Jeremy and Olivia/Korey. While none have made it past a few months on the US version, several are married from the UK, so that isn’t unheard of. And one friendship couple has won on UK, so it’s not impossible. Trina and Andre being announced safe first the last time the public voted spelled their doom. I think Will and Kyra are less compatible because they are at different levels of commitment. And I am not sure that it can be resolved easily. Like 10 for Kyra and 3 for Will. I feel Olivia and Korey are like at
  9. I could stomach only voting for Charlie and Alana out of those left. Jeremy should have been gone and probably would have if the public ever got final say; Will and Kyra’s drama (whether internal or external) keeps me from them; and Olivia and Korey just feel like too little, too late. Whatever, the producers will let Jeremy win somehow, so I am not too invested. Although if the unsubstantiated rumors are true that his father works at CBS, that would be shady as anything.
  10. I haven’t seen all of the episodes yet, but trying to make them last. I am excited to see where the storyline goes, especially with the FBI involved.
  11. My wishes for the win are either Trina/Andre (maybe Trina gets the $100k envelope and says she wants to keep it all) or same situation with Alana/Charlie. I don't actively root against either of these couples. Jeremy has been there long past his expiration date by the public, so a Jeremy/Bailey win has a low probability of happening, unless the Islanders pick them. I think even with Cash's rooting, Olivia/Korey will have a tough time as will Kyra/Will. Social seems to be anti-those couplings. Which honestly leaves Trina/Andre as front runners (since Charlie did Cash "so bad"). It
  12. The Twitter challenge had some decent moments, but did they really have to use leftovers about Trina (no maybe married Andre instead) or “genuine” Bailey? I mean, she’s as genuine as anybody else on the show - wanting her 15 minutes. I had momentary hope that Kyra would leave Will, but she is nonconfrontational. At least the other girls spoke sense and agreed with outside assessments (validating that what we do not see as viewers is not somehow completely different to what is shown). I am happiest with Trina and Andre or Charlie and Alana (glad Alana got a thumbs up tweet, I hav
  13. From IMDB: Kendra Malley is called to the U.S. to investigate a high-speed train crash in rural Michigan. I guess nobody is watching this season? I saw the second season dropped on Peacock in the last week or so, I think. Interesting premise. Always enjoy seeing Donal Logue grace my screen. So many possible reasons for the derailment! Maybe it’s the summer doldrums, but I am excited to see where this one goes. .
  14. For those of you who don’t subscribe to Paramount: Also, Twitter last night had a convo between Javonny (who can’t let go of being kicked out), Cash, Cinco, Aimee, and Wes. There is some major tea about Will and Kyra - she allegedly knew Will already (“for years”) and researched all of the contestants and slid into some DM’s before LI started. Cash is still at Cinco’s place.
  15. I don't feel like Will specifically has the hots for Kyra. I think either (1) they already knew each other so it was easy to get into a routine or (2) she just seemed the most easy to manipulate of the girls when Will arrived (true). I think Will has the hots for basically any female. And Olivia pointed out yesterday after the bunny races, Will and Kyra didn't talk or anything, just smushed faces like always. That is "literally" all they have and all they do. Twitter frustrates me because there is a huge narrative that Charlie did Cash wrong, and I do not see it. Everybody is suppose
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