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  1. Watching this episode, I remarked to my SO that I wish that sob stories immediately voided the opportunity to get any deal. I would prefer to see professional entrepreneurs acting as if they are at a business meeting, not in a soap opera (small window of being okay if entrepreneur is a youngish child or a super recent loss). I cannot imagine that any of these Sharks would be okay with crying in the middle of normal business meetings. I agree also - the product vs business is a very malleable line, used whenever there is no other way to say no.
  2. I believe it was a bridal dinner, wedding shower thing. I believe her would be mother-in-law was trying to give her a wedding dress at the same function.
  3. I didn’t understand the ending, if it was supposed to be understandable. Was the shadow and the other people real? I know they were never really at his house, but I didn’t know how much, if anything, was in his head. Also I was wondering if the vision of his dad was true or just a planted piece of knowledge.
  4. I heard 4 people are leaving tonight so hopefully it’s Jalen and Sher. Don’t know about the second pair. I feel like if the Islanders get to save a couple, they would save Moira/Connor if they were in the bottom.
  5. Yes, it was the part for original villa and more Casa Amor stupidity.
  6. I wish Moira and Connor had paired up originally. That would either have been the best or they would both be gone. She may be “beige,” but I voted for her and Calvin last week so that maybe third times the charm with her with Casa Amor. Hoping Mackenzie is too stressed over Connor’s a sense to do anything or the new guys know to stay away from the crazy. If the new people have been watching social media and/or the show while quarantined, it’d be interesting to see who tried to get with Justine since she’s front runner, it seems.
  7. Basically I picked Moira and Calvin to vote for, for this reason. I have zero people to root for right now.
  8. I have watched series 6 only. What would be the best series to watch of the other 5?
  9. I watched it in March as well. I just went in episode order.
  10. I am curious if that prostitution Bell never reported to the medical powers that be will come back to bite him in the butt when everybody has been loving on him for a while now. The episode was fine, but I wish AJ and Mina were together, honestly.
  11. I just let the episodes auto play, so they went in order of episode rather than year for instance. I thought it weird the last episode was not the latest in chronology.
  12. I didn’t understand it the same way - I thought Eric truly thought that Chris had done it, since he wasn’t there and was high as a kite beforehand. I kept waiting to find out that Eric’s father had an affair with Det Russell’s wife or something, and that was why he was so anti-Eric. It just seems like so much, especially following it up many years later with falsified new evidence.
  13. I watched this and Deputy both on Hulu. I preferred this show. I enjoyed the movie, which helps. I like all the main actors that I recognized (Russell Hornsby- Grimm, Arielle Kebbel - Midnight Tx and Uninvited, Michael Imperioli - Sopranos, Clare Coffee - Grimm). The bad guy looked familiar, but I can’t place him. The action was engrossing enough. The exposition was not too clunky. The other characters were not too spunky, not too stupid. The real Bone Collector being probably near his wife (ex?) and kid was a good twist. Wonder when/if Lincoln will admit the family to Amelia. Possible romance between the younger cop and Amelia coming up (not necessary but may happen). The copycat was a good story of the week. I hope that there are pieces of conclusions each episode so it feels like the story moves forward. I hope that they work on other cases, with some focus each week on the Bone Collector case (kind of how Prodigal Son does it where there is a case of the week and then some backstory of the main guy’s history and his father’s story). I am intrigued and will watch for at least my minimum 3 episodes (but at this point, assuming similar quality, I will be in it for the long haul).
  14. I am at least as upset with the judges’ selection as many of you. I am not going to watch next week except for Kel, who I will be voting for. Even if you don’t watch, vote next week for who you want to win! On topic, I do not think that James asked to go. And I do agree that judges’ save should have stopped pre-semifinals. This basically saying that the audience is clueless and the judges are the only ones who know what should happen is baffling. I think that they are taking away the popularity part of the show, and I believe that this is the death knell for the show.
  15. The time jump made this season work for me. Maybe it was Finn as Bobby that made it so much more palatable or that this episode mostly made sense. I feel like 30 years of killing Ramirez over and over again would be exhausting for everybody though. Maybe they did not really get rid of their bloodlust, and constant killing of Ramirez is the way to sate that desire. The Living Years literally always makes me cry, so that final scene was it for me. Sobbing mess. Honestly, though, it included the best actors/characters in that one with Lily Rabe and John Carroll Lynch along with Finn.
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