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  1. yourdreamer


    My favorites were the Need No Money song (or whatever it was called) and the one that didn’t get picked to even be produced. I despised Kole’s song for so many reasons from the get go. She came off, to me, as an entitled brat who has had everything handed to her in her life. Maybe it was from the spelling of her name or where she’s from or just her, but I was actually upset hers was picked. I didn’t even like Meghan’s version and I like Meghan. Hope the No Money guy gets money and some music action as I loved his character.
  2. yourdreamer


    Thanks. I missed that part - got where they said who killed the ex but missed the Kit part of his story.
  3. yourdreamer


    My question is - did the Killers from the current day’s storyline also kill Kit the year before? Based on timeline, why would they have wanted to since the main reason they turned to killing happened later?
  4. yourdreamer


    I am on season 3 episode 1. I did watch both previous seasons but remember basically nothing about them.
  5. yourdreamer

    S01Ep22: Luna

    So that is one way to have Bloom not come back next season. I liked her and wish she would have. I preferred the cardio doctor with her than bland lawyer lady too. Iggy and the bomb guy was some intense stuff. I wonder if the guy who saved the patient died and that was why he purged it from his consciousness? I don’t understand really why Kapoor was in there for therapy either. I hope Helen is okay, moreso than Georgia or Max even. I tested up at all the doctors rushing to help at the end, even cardio doctor who just had a full meal.
  6. yourdreamer

    S02.E22: Broker and Broker

    I bet Conrad offered to leave Chastain for the donor list exception. Only other thing would be money, and it’s his father that has it, not Conrad.
  7. yourdreamer

    SEAL Team

    I figured Swanny wouldn’t be around for long in the show but wasn’t expecting that. At least not until he had given the homeless vet his wallet. Bummer. No Davis and OCS this week, weird. Ray needs to get his head right and talk to his wife. She may actually understand and help! He used to be my favorite character behind Sonny but not no. Poor Clay. I wish he had some more support near him. He is going to need it. Stupid Stella for leaving him. I understand he motives but he is basically all alone.
  8. yourdreamer

    The Fix (2019)

    I call him Riley also. I hope it wasn’t him and just a coincidence. I can get Buck doing the house one just not sure how the one in the meeting room at work could have gotten there (thought Riv/Riley did it when he brought dinner).
  9. yourdreamer

    The Fix (2019)

    Heh for me Robin’s early days were The Craft and Empire Records. I have always had affection for her because of those shows. I still think Ezra killed Jessica. He needs money too much. Or he and ex wife Robin Givens conspired to do it. Not sure how the stuff Sevvy got rid of fits into the scheme of things though. So I am probably dense but did the cowboy boyfriend of Maya (Marc Blucas) plant the listening devices at the office and her house? Because why?
  10. yourdreamer

    The Fix (2019)

    I appreciate the knowledge that Sevvy didn’t kill Jessica already in the series. I still think Wolf did it because he needed his cash cow, although the stepson or even just some random mugger could have done it. Poor Ben though. On a side note, it’s funny that the thing I know Scott Cohen (Wolf) from is actually 10th Kingdom, where he played Wolfie.
  11. yourdreamer

    S02.E18: Emergency Contact

    I loved him in Psych which has been more recent.
  12. yourdreamer

    S02.E18: Emergency Contact

    So basically this paves the way for Austin and Mina. I like Bell with bone doctor lady (Jane Leeves, can’t recall her character name) but I wouldn’t be sad at seeing her spending some time with ex hubby either. So one dad leaves and another comes in. I don’t want Marshall to leave. And it was cool that Julian was his secret weapon and he kept her secret. Although Dev looked hella pissed. But he got some, so he’s probably over it now. Can we move on from him being so super obsessed with her now that she will be gone for a while? Don’t mind the actress or character, but that was literally Devon’s only characterization since his wedding broke off.
  13. yourdreamer

    S02.E12: Chimney Begins

    That was a total let down. I loved the story and more of Chim is always great but when last week’s episode and this week’s episodes both literally ended the same way, I couldn’t appreciate it. At least Hen’s single episode wasn’t when she was dying. I do hope we can see more of Mrs Lee in the future (current) and also we still haven’t learned the origin of his nickname. I would also love to see Eli some more, as I was worried he was going to be toast during this episode also.
  14. yourdreamer

    The Fix (2019)

    I can see where they would go with Sevvy, the trainer client, or even the shark lawyer as the guilty party so I didn’t hate it as much as some of y’all seem to. I also read M Clark’s book (or first one) that was fiction and I enjoyed it. I appreciate that this is a 10-episode series so hopefully all will be revealed in the end. And so far it’s better than AA-A’s last episodic formula, 10 Days in the Valley. I hope Marc Blucas makes more appearances (feel like he would since he’s relatively well known for a one and done role).
  15. yourdreamer

    Season 5 Discussion

    Try seasons 4 and 5. They are both in Fulton County, Georgia (Atlanta), and season 5 is a semi continuation of season 4. Much more drama. And one fake inmate goes 120 days in (no spoilers tho).