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  1. There has to be a lobster........clause. LOL I just want her glasses..
  2. Maybe she can buy a horse( finally) and take it to the 5 bedroom run down shack by the beach?
  3. How about a lobster, good lord, when they showed that, all I could think was garlic butter..:)
  4. She should allow it on the show.. Very nice, so he's allowed back then, I thought I saw some post that he wasn't.. Good :)
  5. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/article-3997828/Real-Housewives-Beverly-Hills-stars-Dorit-Paul-Kemsley-open-doors-new-lives.html Beautiful :)P
  6. Yes, a titty bar wasnt it? Lap dances included. Boy Tom looked wrinkled even then..now he has shrunk to gnome size.*g*
  7. Thank you! I saw Rubio..I'm no fan of Bachman, but I honestly missed that part..merci, General days. :)
  8. I never heard Bachman menstioned
  9. She plays her part well. I'm sorry Scandal is ending, but it's time. I hope we see Katie on other shows. They also poop non stop!
  10. I don't think she's much of a draw. I'd rather watch paint dry, but each to their own.. Pretty bad, even worse in the tightest push up bra around. Rinnas lips, gah!
  11. I don't think Meghan looked angry. She knew Sarah was wrong. I feel so relaxed without Joy, she's so nasty and uptight, ugh! They don't know if Stormy will show up? Why would book such a person, that's all types of wrong The View!
  12. I just did, she would love to be on full time, but she's busy suing her ex, and not husband, her boyfriend..the one before this one.
  13. So great to see Katie/Quinn, and she's alive on the show! Love Scandal.
  14. Okay, I wouldn't let them near me, but I'd still go.. I saw other scenes as well, although I can forgo Rinna's nonsense :) She's a bit of a famewhore.. Okay, a lot!
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