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  1. Agreed. I don’t know why I expected any different…it is Michael Myers after all…but it was a little too much in this one. Other problem is the way it was described “Laurie Strode leads a vigilante mob…” - she did nothing of the sort.
  2. Agreed. I had forgotten about the foreshadowing- but I remember that now. For ghostwriters, they did a good job with that. Clearly AMM was still quite involved at that point. I know she herself wrote Stacey’s Emergency as I recall. I definitely feel they should have taken time to grow a buildup to an actual emergency in previous episodes. That being said, speaking as someone who has seen my share of 30s, 47 doesn’t seem fainting low to me, but as I said, I tend to hypoglycemia over hyperglycemia. As my endocrinologist said to me, your body adjusts to its own norms.
  3. I haven’t gotten to Stacey’s Emergency but I am disappointed by what I’m seeing. Stacey’s Emergency was actually one of my favorite books and from what I see, they are turning this into not a real emergency after all. Part of what came out of this book was the diagnosis of Stacey as a brittle diabetic. I always loved the way AMM really did her research with Stacey’s Emergency- was it so hard to read that book and use her mostly correct terms. I was diagnosed with Type 1 later in life - at 27 - and it was thanks to AMM and her brilliant illustration of Stacey as a charac
  4. I just read the book and yes! How the hell did she manage to avoid having her kid have FAS. That was a particularly silly addition to the plot because the first thing I said after I heard that was, but she was still a raging alcoholic even after she slept with Alex so how the heck did that kid end up unscathed? I was trying to figure out the time frame in the book too, but given the events it seems very unlikely that it was only three weeks. My next question was the stun gun that Buckley shot her with…would that have caused any fetal issues?
  5. Tiffany made me murderously angry last night and I really liked her in the first episode. I usually have a lot of patience for people who have trouble in challenges, but she didn’t just have trouble, she pretty much sat there and almost gave up…then put almost zero onus on herself when they lost. As much as I applaud the desire to do an all female alliance, this is not the one. That being said, I wouldn’t have voted Tiffany out as she is a moron and thus easy to keep around and manipulate but Voce?? Really? Come on 🙄
  6. The answer to both of your questions is yes.
  7. Same. Masha is just kind of creepy. Carmel though - I’d want to stay far away from her!
  8. I can’t even understand why they would add the whole plot line of Carmel’s ex husband having a past thing with Masha. Honestly though I just finished the book and now all I can see are the things they added into the show that weren’t in the book. Like Napoleon’s rant to Masha about how he couldn’t stay with Heather after she admitted to knowing about suicidal ideation as a side effect. In the book, Heather actually had to convince Napoleon to let his anger out about it.
  9. It’s funny how much mileage varies, while I agree about Nicole Kidman, I actually really like the majority of the music.
  10. She certainly seems as if she is in everything these days. I like Kidman too - and loved her in Big Little Lies but maybe getting all these roles is spreading her thin and thus her performances are being effected
  11. I have to give it to this show for reminding me how much I friggin love Annie Lennox and that song 👍 Kidman is one of the true low points to this show. Melissa McCarthy and Bobby Cannavale are killing it, however.
  12. Agreed about Nicole Kidman. I’m also not sure why they felt the need to not have Asher Keddie speak in her Australian accent. As it is, her accent keeps slipping through and her voice takes on this very low tone that is almost distracting.
  13. Well damn, now I might have to read it lol. Next time I go back home I will be picking it up. Apparently not reading it to my 7 year old though lol
  14. - Almost every Jodi Picoult book I own (except the ones that piss me off and as I get older that number is getting larger) -VC Andrews. As bad as my life gets, at least I’m not married to my brother/uncle/person I believed to be my brother, etc lol - All the Ramona books and Ellen Tebbets (there was something so real about her friendship with Austine) - Emily of New Moon series -BSC and Sweet Valley Twins/Sweet Valley High - Eyes of a Child and Protect and Defend by Richard North Patterson - Mary Higgins Clark - The Chosen and Davita’s Harp by Chaim Poto
  15. This brought me to tears again… Damn this dust is everywhere today! I heard her in the crowd too - she is such a mensch. I absolutely love her.
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