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  1. And I know those people! The problem isn’t necessarily the 24 hours on a loop, the problem is it’s done every single damned year. Over saturation is inevitable.
  2. I actually love The Christmas Story, but 24 hours straight sucked all the love straight out of me. I wouldn’t watch any movie for 24 hours straight.
  3. I’m sitting on this fence too. At the very least, I have a lot of reasonable doubt about his innocence/guilt and her fiancée truly skeeved me out. The whole explanation about lividity and rigor mortis made a lot of sense to me.
  4. And Cheryl...and Lacey...and Angela... Seriously step out of the prison life.
  5. Yes I noticed this too. Claudia’s writing looked way too much like Mary Anne’s. The other iconic part of Claudia’s writing was the chronic misspelled words and words crossed out.
  6. Watching the Truth About Stacey now - loved this book as a kid because it was so informative about Diabetes. I appreciated that AMM treated the readers like they deserved to know the unvarnished truth about T1 Diabetes, not some whitewashed version of it. At 27, I was diagnosed with T1 and I was able to recognize all the signs because of this book. In other news, the girl who plays Lacy (Liz) Lewis reminds me so much of Amanda Bynes it’s freaking me out lol
  7. He seems awkward...really awkward. During the scenes when they are alone together he acts much less awkward. During any scene when they are at the hospital with her coworkers he acts very odd...like the clapping during the ultrasound scene. A few times I was wondering if he might be on the spectrum to be honest
  8. I am. Just reached episode 8- it’s taking me a shockingly long time to get through it. I really like it though. Especially the neurology docs... they show these cases in such a way that you get attached to these patients. I like the pregnant OB/GYN although I keep thinking there is something off about her husband. I found it really interesting that her baby has Noonan’s Syndrome since my friend’s daughter has it. I kind of hoped that they would talk more about it though.
  9. My oldest daughter has ASD and unfortunately her portrayal of Susan relied mostly on stereotypes as I recall...and Kristy wanting to “fix” her kind of bothers me in retrospect. However, I do admire her for touching on the subject and having the characters try to include Susan in things - in that respect, I think it was excellent. So, maybe a mixed bag all in all lol. I also appreciated her willingness not to back away from subjects - like divorce, blended families, racism, etc.
  10. They are, thank you! I’ve had two daughters with amazing blood sugars throughout the pregnancy. This quarantine is doing a number on me but I can’t complain - still miles better than where I started. Stacey’s Emergency is one of my favorites- and one that I understand AMM wrote herself (not one of the ghost-writers) and now as a diabetic I find it incredibly relatable, even as an adult. Just a fabulously written book. AMM was very underrated as an author.
  11. You are all my people. I can’t believe it took me so long to find this thread. I grew up reading SVT, SVH, and some SVU and I still remember when I got my first Baby Sitters Club book. I used to copy down Stacey and Claudia’s outfits and do my best to recreate them. I did poorly. My favorite line, “Sheep,” Claudia replied witheringly, “Are in” 🤣 In all seriousness, I can truly thank AMM and the character of Stacey for recognizing the signs of Diabetes when I was 27. I remembered everything Stacey described and kept insisting to my family that I had diabetes, and nobody listened to me. Including my sister and stepfather who were a nurse and a doctor respectively. Meanwhile, by the time i was diagnosed I was 89 pounds and was starting to develop neuropathy in my feet. I checked myself into an eating disorder clinic and thank goodness I did because they were the ones who figured out I was Diabetic. I remember asking my endocrinologists years later if I was a brittle Diabetic and they were impressed I knew the term. Thank you, Stacey McGill!
  12. Not really necessarily a feel good movie, but a movie that gives me comfort in an odd sort of way. “Now Voyager” with Bette Davis and Paul Henreid. One of my favorites
  13. Just finished watching the series. I have to say, I held it together until episode 5 when we heard the testimony read back and the videos of his siblings. It broke my heart. Just hearing his sister start crying because she never had a chance to say sorry to Gabriel and the cop telling his brother that he did nothing wrong was just so powerful. The social worker supervisor at the end saying that they couldn’t have done anything more just killed me. Really? Nothing? How about fulfilling protocol and requiring him to see a doctor. How about documenting his complete set of injuries on your chart??! How about instead of yammering on about the importance of reunification you look at the rights of the child first? I hope these people get the Justice they deserve. I couldn’t help but laugh a little bitterly at the end message about calling a child abuse hotline, especially after all we have heard and seen about the failure of DCFS time and time again. It would be even better if Pearl would then be forced to clean her own blood off the wall.
  14. So I’m watching Pearl Islands for the first time...and one thing made me laugh (ironically), the episode where Fairplay lies about his “dead” grandma, later in the episode there is an anagram Immunity Challenge that Burton wins. But he has clearly spelled “liaison” wrong (he spelled it liason). I’m sure that this isn’t the first time it’s happened but in a challenge where spelling clearly counts, it was pretty glaring watched the rest and they did notice it lol
  15. I love Parvati, but I actually agree with you. What annoys me about that season is that Cirie is actually low key the impetus between some of the biggest, most epic moves in the game. She was the one who suggested getting Ozzy out before Jason and then she was the one who just casually mentioned to Natalie about Erik giving her the necklace and came up with the way she could convince him. Don’t get me wrong, Parvati was an awesome player and I don’t hate that she won, but I think Cirie played a much better game than Amanda (and Parvati to a point) but doesn’t get the credit for it. Honestly, I love Cirie but she probably shouldn’t have been a Hero lol.
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