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  1. So I started watching Season 2 last year and then just stopped mid season - it was slow and I just couldn’t drum up interest. Then yesterday I binged the rest of the season with Mr Sarahsmile416 and to my surprise felt completely differently this time around. I loved it! Sometimes I guess you just need a little break - definitely looking forward to next season, no matter when it comes.
  2. I said the same thing to Mr. Sarahsmile416...I was very proud when he told me that that baby was way too clean and pristine post birth. For a show like this, I expect better (though admittedly the bar is set very very low lol) Of course, the 7-8 year old kid was not in a car seat so that kind of brought me out of the episode. I strongly doubt that an OB would sit back and let a woman of AMA go that long...and presumably let her have gone longer if the stress of that pile-up call hadn’t have done it.
  3. I saw this in the theaters when I was 14 or so and remember really hating it (except for Paul Rudd) but then I saw Zeffirelli’s version first in 7th grade and loved it so this was pretty much trash to me. Even watching this reminded me why I disliked it so much. The soundtrack though? Was perfection.
  4. I’m with you on Fools Rush In...just tiresome. Honestly most of Perry’s romcoms were...though I did enjoy The Whole Nine Yards...
  5. I would watch The Thin Man movies a million times over It Happened One Night which I just found tiresome.
  6. Ahh I love Two Weeks Notice...probably one of my favorite Hugh Grant movies. I love the end with him walking around her parents’ apartment. That scene never fails to make me laugh.
  7. While I did think she ousted Shaq because she did feel somewhat tempted by him, there were definitely strange aspects to him. Most notably that conversation where he says something to the effect of “When you adore someone so much as I do you....” was something that really made my eye brows go up - it was strange to me, though I think he seemed like a good guy. Let me put it this way, I like his personality a lot more than Blake who drives me up the wall.
  8. A great performance by Day ruined by a mediocre movie. I’m still watching it but I cannot quite follow it...too many moving parts.
  9. Same! Just discovered this show due to the recommendation of one of my daughters’ teachers and I am currently in Season 4 and I can’t stop watching it. I’m near the end and I know what’s going to happen but I don’t think I can handle it emotionally. Geraldine is probably one of my least favorite characters - listening in on Nina’s therapy session and then screaming at her and forcing her to find her sister when she was 37-38 weeks pregnant? Are you effing kidding me - find your own damned daughter bitch. It’s not your 38 week pregnant daughter’s job. It was a mistake! Nobody seem
  10. Sad but it happens. Mr Sarahsmile’s uncle and aunt’s first son died at 18 months after choking on a screw and they keep no pictures of him around.
  11. And I know those people! The problem isn’t necessarily the 24 hours on a loop, the problem is it’s done every single damned year. Over saturation is inevitable.
  12. I actually love The Christmas Story, but 24 hours straight sucked all the love straight out of me. I wouldn’t watch any movie for 24 hours straight.
  13. I’m sitting on this fence too. At the very least, I have a lot of reasonable doubt about his innocence/guilt and her fiancée truly skeeved me out. The whole explanation about lividity and rigor mortis made a lot of sense to me.
  14. And Cheryl...and Lacey...and Angela... Seriously step out of the prison life.
  15. Yes I noticed this too. Claudia’s writing looked way too much like Mary Anne’s. The other iconic part of Claudia’s writing was the chronic misspelled words and words crossed out.
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