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  1. Just finished watching the series. I have to say, I held it together until episode 5 when we heard the testimony read back and the videos of his siblings. It broke my heart. Just hearing his sister start crying because she never had a chance to say sorry to Gabriel and the cop telling his brother that he did nothing wrong was just so powerful. The social worker supervisor at the end saying that they couldn’t have done anything more just killed me. Really? Nothing? How about fulfilling protocol and requiring him to see a doctor. How about documenting his complete set of injuries on your chart??! How about instead of yammering on about the importance of reunification you look at the rights of the child first? I hope these people get the Justice they deserve. I couldn’t help but laugh a little bitterly at the end message about calling a child abuse hotline, especially after all we have heard and seen about the failure of DCFS time and time again. It would be even better if Pearl would then be forced to clean her own blood off the wall.
  2. So I’m watching Pearl Islands for the first time...and one thing made me laugh (ironically), the episode where Fairplay lies about his “dead” grandma, later in the episode there is an anagram Immunity Challenge that Burton wins. But he has clearly spelled “liaison” wrong (he spelled it liason). I’m sure that this isn’t the first time it’s happened but in a challenge where spelling clearly counts, it was pretty glaring watched the rest and they did notice it lol
  3. I love Parvati, but I actually agree with you. What annoys me about that season is that Cirie is actually low key the impetus between some of the biggest, most epic moves in the game. She was the one who suggested getting Ozzy out before Jason and then she was the one who just casually mentioned to Natalie about Erik giving her the necklace and came up with the way she could convince him. Don’t get me wrong, Parvati was an awesome player and I don’t hate that she won, but I think Cirie played a much better game than Amanda (and Parvati to a point) but doesn’t get the credit for it. Honestly, I love Cirie but she probably shouldn’t have been a Hero lol.
  4. Honestly I didn’t watch the clues as carefully as I should have, but the Taco sounded just like John Lithgow to me 🤷🏼‍♀️
  5. I read an interview, probably similar regarding Ben on Ashley and I agree with you. I tend to believe Ben over Ashley. Though we tend to forget, she is still fairly young. Kate, who has a good 9-10 years on her has no such excuse.
  6. I would turn down anyone who called me “baby baby” 🤮
  7. I do feel bad for Esonica too but Gavin felt betrayed based on things he saw later. She should probably just give him his time to feel what he needs to feel. He has that right. I was so relieved (but not surprised) that Rick left Ashley. It’s clear to me that she just wanted a ring on her finger and when she didn’t get that she threw a baby tantrum. She is a horrible person. OTOH, I was actually very impressed by Medinah. She was pretty pushy on the island, but here she seemed like the rational one. Kate and David - there are no words. He will continue to lie to her and continue to cheat on her. She will close her eyes to it every time. Poor Dom...but I’m glad he saw it now before he got really hurt. Ben and Ashley - Admittedly that was the saddest part of the whole reunion. I was so proud of the way she held herself at the final bonfire but then she seemed to go backwards. She needs to space herself away from Casey and actually be alone. My guess? She will end up hooking up with one or both of them. I read an interview with Ben where he basically said that he knew it was a red flag when Ashley said that she had never been without a boyfriend for more than a 3-4 month period. He should have paid attention to that red flag and just tried to build a foundation as friends.
  8. This. If I didn’t already strongly dislike her, this would’ve done it. I wanted to slap her after that comment. I was not a fan of Erin in the slightest, but Sarah makes Erin almost palatable. Almost. This I cannot forgive.
  9. I haven’t seen the episode but I do think Mark has been pretty clear in his dislike for David, so that might have been the reason he gave Kate a little more leeway than maybe he ordinarily would.
  10. This episode just confirmed for me that Janet (and Elaine) are worth 50-100 times more than the other contestants remaining. As for the contestant who saw it, my money is on Janet or Elaine. Definitely not Tommy or Dean.
  11. Or she could play her idol for Tommy thinking they’re voting for him when in actuality they are putting her name down and the idol for Tommy gets nullified and Janet goes home the “normal” way. I’d prefer it that way because then Dean would have played the nullifier wrong which I am in favor of.
  12. The scene with Buck, Eddie and Hen at the play date, I really thought Buck and Eddie would kiss. Damn it show! Start taking the subtext between them and make it text. Even Mr Sarahsmile watches and expects/wants it to happen and he and I are pretty much never on the same page with couples or potential couples. For instance, he liked Ronda Rousey. Enough said 😬
  13. I prefer douchebag David to narcissistic Casey. David is a jackass no doubt, but at least with him, what you see is what you get pretty much. Casey is a dangerous, emotionally abusive POS. All he cares about is if Ashley leaves him, because it’s all about him. He is the biggest gaslighter of the bunch. It says a lot when nobody Colleen can see there are red flags all over the place with him. I will legitimately be upset though not surprised if Ashley leaves with him. I really like Ben though, he seems like a good guy and I think he’s the one who is going to end up getting hurt.
  14. I used to be able to eat it right out of the container - it was so good 😍
  15. I definitely think the word “bully” is thrown around pretty liberally these days. Though in fairness to Karishma, we’re not seeing everything she did, so perhaps there are more events that look more like bullying that we can’t see. Though bully or not, it’s pretty clear that Missy treats Karishma horribly. Karishma is annoying af - but to Tommy’s point, that doesn’t mean that she shouldn’t be treated like a human being with feelings. When Karishma finally stood up for herself in front of Missy I was proud of her. I’m just hoping Missy’s “number one” will be gone by next week.
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