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    Thus far, this season isn’t as good as the last, but still engaging nonetheless. I’m still watching the series. I’m on episode 6. The daughter is just argh. I I don’t understand what she’s hoping to accomplish here. It may just be a red herring but I think the cop with the glasses is dirty. There’s just something shifty about him. Someone else whom I find suspicious is the guy who works at the plant, I think he might be a supervisor but he’s always trying to help Vinkingur. He may be harmless and truly trying to help but I don’t know... Bardur is another one who seems useless. Is he retired and a house husband? Or on disability and house husband? Off to watch the rest of the season...
  2. I think this charity is a great idea. However, I had to laugh at this title. Seriously? She’s a Duchess. Of course this could be launched in less than a year! Again, I love this idea. I wish something similar could be launched in the U.S. and maybe it has been and I’m just not aware.
  3. Finally caught up on all the episodes. This final episode was good, but IMO not as great at the previous. I agree about Ainsley. I could understand her anger and hurt in the beginning. However her obsession which Kash and continuously freezing Maya out got old fast. I was also not feeling all of their other friends dissing Maya too and for over a year! I thought that was pretty extreme. I mean they weren’t even really talking to her on the downlow. They straight up ghosted her. 😕 Anyway, I’m glad it worked out in the end. Maya asking Ainsley to forgive her with the poster cards and them finally making up at the wedding made me teary-eyed and I NEVER get teary-eyed over TV shows. Lol. NE and RR have such wonderful chemistry which makes for a very believable friendship between the characters. I was not expecting Gemma and Duffy to get married. Glad the latter finally grew up and the former significantly toned down the snobbery. Love Tony/Andrew. It was a nice surprise seeing “Curtis” (NSJ), from Misfits again. So happy Maya/Kash were finally able to get back together without the secrets and angst of before. I thought it was hilarious how Ainsley got him to the wedding. They seemed to tie up all the relationships. No outstanding drama or angst. Everyone was happy and paired with the one they love. So I don’t know where they can take this in a 2nd season, unless they explore this with a new cast, which I would not want to see. I hope there is a 2nd season though. I’d love to see if the writers can keep this interesting. This show truly was a breath of fresh air. It’ll be a shame if it’s not renewed.
  4. Indeed. Some of the quotes in that article were disgusting. You’d think Meghan had peed in their coffee. Geez. The visceral in their comments go beyond simply not liking the Duchess, which is obviously their right, but pure hate which I can only attribute to the fact that she is a biracial, American divorcée. The former being the biggest sticking point I’m sure. I just hope Meghan (and Harry) have not been privy to these comments. SMH.
  5. I was just about to say the same. Brando as I understand it was no saint and was known to be physically and sexually abusive not only to his daughter but many who crossed his path. So yeah not surprised him and Michael remained “friends” until the end.
  6. Enero

    Figure Skating

    Personally I don’t need to hear from Lipinski and Eldridge on this. I’m sure they have thoughts and feelings about what’s happened which hopefully, if addressed, will be done privately, within their inner circles. Being as both were coached by him and had successful amateur careers, Tara specifically, under his tenure, their feelings about this situation and towards him will probably be difficult to unpack. We as the public don’t always need a celebrity to comment on a situation, even if they were close to it. Sometimes silence is golden.
  7. Enero

    Figure Skating

    Better late than never I guess, but really the man is 73 years old his coaching career was likely done anyway. Its too bad this wasn’t addressed decades ago.
  8. So true. But isn't it enough of that on TV/Streaming already? Don't get me wrong, I have (and continue to) enjoyed my fair share of "dark" shows, but this show is so fun and refreshing. I love it! It truly is a breath of fresh air. Like others, I loved the wedding. Everything about it was over the top and so much like how a reality show wedding would be. I LMAO when the honeymoon was announced as Antarctica and the subsequent WTF looks on Craig and Zara's faces. I wonder if they'll go. Maya looked beautiful throughout the episode. I feel so bad for her though. She has these strong feeling for Kash, but she's making a choice not to be that woman as she stated in the episode. I like both her and Kash separately and I like them together. But I'm okay with it taking some time for them to actually get together. They're both good people who deserve to be happy, but I appreciate the fact that they are looking at their situation realistically and with consideration for their friends. I hope this is all that is going on with Duffy because you're absolutely right. Maya has been nothing but noble in this situation. It could have easily turned into a mess of soap-operatic proportions (and I guess it still could). However, it hasn't because she has made a choice not to act on her feelings. Her letter said this as well. Thus "the one that got away" statement in the note. Hopefully once he's had some time to cool off and lick his wounds he won't hold this against her. I think I must've missed a scene in one of the earlier episodes, but why does Gemma dislike Maya so much? Lastly, I LOVED Ainsley's speech!! Love the friendships between all of them. Again, great show!
  9. Of course there’s no way to know for sure, but I suspect this is not news to Smart’s family and friends. It could be that he confessed his truth privately a while ago and decided to make things public because he and his wife will now be moving forward with the divorce. Their decision to divorce will become public record and thus potential fodder for the tabloids, if discovered. Like someone stated upthread, his public announcement may have more to do with controlling the narrative of his impending divorce and what may eventually be him being spotted with a new lover, rather than letting it be accidentally discovered and it turning into a tabloid nightmare.
  10. This. Miley seems a bit wild and all over the place, always chasing the next big edgy thing. She doesn’t come off authentic in any way, which makes me think she has no idea who she is or what she wants to be. That’s not good marriage material whether you’re homosexual, pansexual or heterosexual. While Liam seems very steady and low key. I never got what they saw in each other. Maybe it was an opposites attract thing. No doubt their history, and perhaps the trauma of losing their houses in the brush fires precipitated their decision to marry. Both are still fairly young and probably too inexperienced/immature to marry considering their opposing careers. So not surprised they’re taking a break from each other. Though I will not be surprised if in a few months they circle back to each other. That seems to be the pattern of their ongoing on again/off again relationship.
  11. While just as many thinks she full of it and are questioning how she handle the situation. We can only hope. However, she is a black actress, who right off have difficulty getting work, and this is still Hollywood where change is happening but at a snails pace. Time will tell how this may effect her career in the long run.
  12. I think this is exactly what happened. They were all kind of reeling from the funeral thinking about that someone who’d make them better etc., and for her thinking of her mom and funeral. I think she was sad and lonely and when Duffy showed up declaring his love it was just what she needed in that moment. I don’t think she’s romantically interested in him at all, and I hope that they’ll both realize the kiss was a mistake with Duffy finally moving past his school boy crush on her.
  13. I’m really enjoying this one. It’s such a funny, fun show, but with some life truths too. It’s great to see Nathalie Emmanuel outside of GOT. She’s a good actress who does well with comedy. And Tom Mison looks unrecognizable in this. The clean shaven look does not suit him. He looks a thousand times better with facial hair.
  14. Very true. But then I wonder how effective is the #MeToo movement if we’re still hearing about toxic environments such as these with those who are being harassed being forced out of a job and these shows and their abusers are continuing on without consequence. It doesn’t seem like real change is happening. Or maybe it is but not fast enough? It’s disappointing, but also infuriating.
  15. Agreed. Am I understanding the premise right ie that an alien artifact lands on Earth and when Earthlings can’t figure out what it is and how to make it talk they send a crew to the planet from which the artifact came to ask the aliens why they landed the artifact on Earth? If so, that is a terrible premise from the start. Wouldn’t it make more sense to get the best minds on Earth together to try and figure out what the artifact is and what’s it doing? Rather than going to it’s planet of origin and walking into what could very we be a trap? I tried to watch the first episode. Didn’t even make it 30 minutes in. The acting was terrible. None of the characters were believable and the storyline e made no sense.
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