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  1. I completed watching this season in two days. Despite me binging my way through it, overall, I thought the season was just ok. There was really no movement with Holden and crew’s stories. They spent the whole season on New Terra dealing with the same ole squabbles between Inners and Belters and the Miller/Protomolecule spurring intrigue that disappointingly went nowhere. Bobbi’s storyline was interesting being as the rings appearance has opened the universe to new worlds that has pretty much undermined what was at the very core of Mars’ existence. Now Mars is the equivalent of a country decimated after a war. This of course led to the most upstanding citizens working scrap jobs and/or turning to crime, including Bobbi herself. I still don’t feel like she had to become a criminal. She could’ve taken a job off world somewhere or even went to go work for Avasarala. The latter of which she eventually explores, but pride, stubbornness and her love for Mars is what stops her. Everyone in her life seemed to be approaching Mars’ fall from a strong Inner planet, to being on the verge of chaos with the strong possibility of it never returning to its former glory, differently which was interesting. It was nice getting more insight into Avasarala’s marriage, but the political battle between her an Chao was a bit snoozeworthy. This season kept me engaged mainly because I enjoy spending time with these characters, but story wise the season was subpar to the previous seasons. I think what was missing was the crew of the Rocinante working together in the same space. I know they have to bring in other characters and stories to keep things interesting, but I missed the Roci crew on the Roci or on another ship, land whereever, working together through their challenges. I also think the mystery of the Protomolecule is flailing as is ghost Miller (though I was sorry to see the latter “die”). They need to move that story along, reveal some solid information about the entity instead of keeping things so vague. Sorry, but I do not care about Naomi’s son or his psycho OPA father. In fact, the OPA storyline is a bit of a dud too. It was way more interesting when Fred Johnson was more in the mix. That said, I did enjoy seeing these characters again and would undoubtedly watch a season 5, even though I think this show and it’s stories have likely run their course.
  2. Or who knows what she thinks about his alleged crimes. The Queen is from an entirely different era than this one of #Me Too. I know we’d all like to think she’s appalled at his behavior but maybe she isn’t. Maybe she blames the girls who were trafficked. After all we’ve had old Hollywood starlets scoff and roll their eyes at the women who revealed their stories of abuse and harassment in Hollywood. Though she is the Queen, why would her thought process be much different being as she grew in an era where the mantra was boys will be boys and that women are often the instigators of such abuses. I just find it interesting that action was not taken to reduce Andrew’s visibility until action was forced upon them after the public’s negative reaction to his interview. Thank goodness his hubris and arrogance turned out to be his undoing. But really the Queen might not be as appalled as we’d like to think. If he’d kept his mouth shut he’d still living large in the Palace without a care in the world.
  3. Enero

    Figure Skating

    I didn’t see this posted here. Congratulations to her and her fiancé! 🙂 Olympic Figure Skater Sasha Cohen Pregnant With Her First Child
  4. Enero

    Figure Skating

    Indeed. I remember when people would complain about the “little 15 year olds” coming out of nowhere to steal the OGM from Kwan, but at least Kwan was able to give them a run for their money, and continued skating and winning long after they were gone. Alina and Evgenia seem to be washed up and nearly pushed out after being Queen for a year or two. SMH. Regarding Alina’s SP program, to be honest it is just blah, from the screaming singing to the so so choreography. She’s still rushing through her transitions, not holding them long enough and thus not connecting with the music IMO. And she always looks as if she’s barely making it through her jumps. She doesn’t have the fluidity of her competitors. I wish her and Evgenia the best. A lot can happen in three years and all the teeny-quadsters could’ve declined or been replaced by the next Olympics. But then another year or two of this, them not making the grade could result in them being pushed out of all the major competitions which would leave them with little opportunity for a comeback. I was able to enjoy Rika’s program despite my dislike for the music, which is annoying. The choreography was interesting and utilized the highlights in the music well though her costume is beautiful and I always love her hair clips and her flying ponytail. So different from everyone else’s tight bun or braided up hair styles. I thought Alena K was very good. There’s a lightness to her skating and her jumps look so easy. She has great packaging. I’d argue she’s much better than some of the teen quadsters coming out of Russia. However, I think the gap between her and Rika should be a little smaller. She wasn’t THAT much better than Rika. That said, if Rika skates clean she could possibly make up that gap and win. Good for Karen Chen making it to third place despite the low base value of her program. She has nice packaging but she’s very basic. Nothing really stands out about her. Perhaps this is mainly due to the choreography which seemed very familiar and thus uninteresting. Hanyu is still Hanyu. Incredible. But dam I hate Otonal, but love Jeffrey Buttle’s choreography to it. Love love love Sui and Han’s SP. The choreography is wonderful. Finally Lori Nichol choreographs something that doesn’t look like a recycled Michelle Kwan program circa 1998. But perhaps that’s because this is a pairs program and not a singles. Ha ha. They are most certainly the ones to beat, I think, unless Cipres/James return to Worlds with guns blazing. But even then, and as much as I love them, they don’t have the polish of Sui/Han. So it would be an uphill battle for them to take gold if the Sui/Han go clean.
  5. Due to the potential security risk I’m betting she was only on the train for one maybe two stops then disembarked to be chauffeured the rest of the way. I’d be very surprised if she was on the train for more than 5 minutes.
  6. But is it really a “situation”? Of course it is, but then it isn’t if the media is pretty much ignoring it. There have been some reports here and there about it here in the U.S., but I don’t think there’s been much reported about it at all in the U.K. If it’s not really being talked about and thus not turned into the scandal it should be why would Andrew go into hiding? Despite the accusations that he was a frequent client to the girls Epstein trafficked, I don’t believe the RF has received any flack for allowing him to continue to be visible, and with the Queen no less. So I doubt they view Andrew’s connection to Epstein’s crimes as anything worrying.
  7. Agreed. They’ve only been married a little more than a year and already the tabloid’s lies and visceral are starting to weigh on them and their marriage. Like others, despite the lawsuit, I don’t think this will deter the media. It will likely get worse before (if that even happens) it gets better. I also think they might’ve taken on too much too fast, specifically Meghan, which is playing a huge part in her struggles. Marrying into this world that is nothing like what it seems on the outside was no doubt a culture shock and that’s not even considering the vicious tabloids. Taking on all that comes with being a new wife, new royal and the racism within (cause I’m sure there are racist behaviors within the family) and outside of it, on top of becoming pregnant and having a baby, all within the past 18 months, is A LOT. She really hasn’t had a moment to breathe. And though she (and Harry) are planning to “take off” six weeks, I don’t think that’ll be nearly enough time to decompress, re-center and get her bearings. I wonder this as well. As been stated there’s no way to truly prepare for what’s in store, but based on Meghan’s interview in the Africa documentary she seemed pretty green about what she was in for. Which is truly shocking considering a) she’s a WOC and WOC are often vilified by the media even in the U.S. and b) how much Harry hates the media and blames them for essentially stalking his mother until they killed her. She said a friend tried to warn her about what she was in store for, but she kind of blew it off. So what did Harry say? Or did he say anything at all? So agree with this. She has her mother for support (and perhaps there are other supportive family we aren’t aware of), but then on the other side there’s her father, half-sister and half-brother trying to tear her down every chance they get in the media. Her new life would likely be more tolerable, not easy, but tolerable, if she had all of her family’s full support. Or at the very least , if they weren’t supportive, they weren’t running to the media every chance they got to attack her.
  8. Um did I say it was her fault that the media is so vicious towards her? I simply stated that I was surprised by her naivety. I mean when has the media, U.S. or otherwise, has been fair to women of color who are in powerful/successful positions in which many feel they don’t belong ie Michelle Obama, Serena Williams etc.
  9. Yeah that was cute. 🙂 I also found it interesting that even though she was warned by a friend about the viciousness of the British Tabloids, she thought surely they’d be fair to her. I’m sorry to say that was very naive on her part. She being a woman of color, a black woman of color, I would think would’ve had her on high alert. But perhaps before now she’d not experienced the type of racism in her personal life that would garner the belief that the media would hold her racial heritage against her.
  10. If you are aware of the work they’re doing in Africa which is mostly what the documentary focuses on then it won’t be anything new. Overall I kind of felt as if the documentary was missing something. However, the brief but personal conversations they had with both Harry and Meghan were interesting and worth a watch.
  11. I’m surprised there hasn’t been much or any talk about the documentary Harry and Meghan: An African Journey. Of course it highlighted some of the wonderful causes they’re championing but also delve a little into their personal lives and how they’re dealing with the pressure. It is painfully obvious that Harry is still very raw about his mother’s death. Being that it’s been 22 years that can’t be healthy. Also, he never denied that he and William are having problems. So I definitely think there’s a rift there. And Meghan, though in that one clip she seemed on the brink of an emotional collapse as the interview went on she seemed stronger. She could handle being called out on missteps, I think. But the blatant lies and her father and step sister feeding those lies has made this very difficult. Her comments also seem to infer that her difficulties go beyond the tabloids but there are also situations behind the scenes that are presenting challenges. They clearly love each other. However her comment about living/thriving vs existing was interesting. I don’t know if they’ll make it and still be together in 5, 10 years. I’m rooting for them though.
  12. True. Perhaps the frame is being repaired. However, like @GaT it does make me wonder. With the current climate surrounding the Sussexes and their relationships with other royals in the family you’d think their PR team would pay more attention to these types of details. They SHOULD know that the media and general public specifically look for these types of things and if anything looks off it can cause unwanted speculation.
  13. Agreed. Like I’ve previously stated. Love isn’t enough to live in that kind of hell. Seeing the brief clip of her speaking with the reporter about her experience thus far said a lot. It looked as if it took everything in her not to breakdown. When you think about it, her life must be extremely overwhelming or has been for the past year. In that time she married into the royal family which was no doubt a challenge within itself. Things may look great on the outside but who knows what type of BS she’s had to put up with behind closed doors from royal staff and family members. She had a baby and have had to deal with the constant attacks on her character. I’m surprised she isn’t balled up in a corner somewhere and maybe she has been and we just don’t know about it. Thank goodness, because the tabloids would have a field day with that type of news. My heart goes out to her, them both. Despite the toxic media and family, I hope they’re experiencing more joy than sorrow in their lives together.
  14. I think this part may be just as difficult to prove. If the case isn't settled, and this makes it to court, I'm betting the tabloid will argue that the letter was published just as it was received from Thomas Markle. How would that be proven as a lie, depends on how Mr. Markle distributed the letter to the tabloid. I feel really terrible for Meghan (and Harry too). For Harry to release such an emotional letter about the "private suffering" Meghan has endured due to these attacks, and a top of that to sue, means that behind those smiles there is some serious emotional pain going on. And the even sadder part is this is only the beginning. They've only been married a year. It's only going to get worse. Love is great, but I don't know if it's worth this type of hell. I wish them both the best and hope they fair much better than Diana.
  15. I’m watching this episode now. Just about halfway through it and I am absolutely appalled at the incompetence of the police. They just took Pam’s word without investigating everything, including her thoroughly. It made absolutely no sense that Betsy would name Pam as a beneficiary on her life insurance so that she could set up a trust for her children when she had family members ie a mom etc., who could do this. Also she could’ve done this herself before her death. She didn’t need Pam to do this. The laziness of these cops was infuriating. SMH. “Justice” truly can be blind.
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