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  1. We don’t know the circumstances under which they flew, meaning who had been exposed to what ie them and/or the pilot. Who had been tested for what. For all we know everyone on the plane might’ve been tested for the virus before flying and were deemed healthy. I have no doubt that they have the power and access to do this, considering how many high profile individuals have managed to get tested without even having symptoms. And let’s not forget, they’d not only have to be concerned about infecting the crew or the crew infecting them, if they’d been exposed to the virus, but their own 10 month old son. I’d like to think whatever the circumstances, at the very least, they took the necessary precautions to protect him.
  2. I took a look at the Big Cat Rescue website and based on the videos there, their set up appears to be pretty solid. Carol looks to have a team of legitimate leaders (not homeless folks plucked off the street) who help manage all aspects of the business, from operations to animal management. The live cameras of the habitats look to be pretty spacious. They appear to be handling the animals appropriately. Working with them through cages, never sharing an enclosure with them unless the animal is fully sedated and being taken in for a medical procedure etc. That said, I do question their process for feeding the animals. The keepers get pretty close to the fence, put the meat on a stick then extend the stick into the enclosure. This of course is better than walking amongst the cats or sticking their hand in the fence to feed them but it still seems somewhat risky due to how close the keepers are to the fences. Also there looks to be not much of a barrier between where visitors would stand and the fence where the cats are enclosed. It looked as if someone could easily step over that barrier and walk up to the fence if they wanted. That would not be good because the links on the fences are fairly wide, big enough for the cat to clamp down, especially on a child’s hand and take it off if given the opportunity. I don’t have a problem with the different level of volunteers. Sounds like that system is in place to ensure that these individuals fully understand the process and procedures for taking care of the animals. Once they have volunteered for the required amount of time and are well trained on the procedures etc. they can then “graduate” to a level where they’re able to assist with some of the “cool” things they do for the animals, like medical procedures, feedings etc. Lastly, I do find it interesting that in order to intern, you must pay $450 up front. If you’re selected you get free housing and food (wonder what this looks like. Hopefully not the deplorable conditions of Joe and Dr. Antle’s set-up) for the 12-week internship and $150 a week pay. The latter of which is outrageous.
  3. Harry & Meghan sign off from their Sussex Royal Instagram Really nice final message. I’m very interested to see what they’ll do next. Though things may be delayed due to the current crisis.
  4. I don't think she manipulated Don into anything. As you stated he seemed like a shitty person, based on what was said about him in the documentary. I think a couple of people even admitted that he was a womanizer. He likely was a serial cheater who was always involved with more than one woman. For the record, I too, do not buy her story of him seeing her walking down the street and suddenly deciding to stop and ask her to ride with him because he needed to "talk to someone". When I heard that story, my first thought was, married or not, Carol was prostituting and that's how she met Don. Or they met at a club where she was stripping. She claimed she left home at 15 after being raped by three men, because her family were Christian and thought the rapes were her fault. I understand the supposed attacks happened years earlier, but she didn't seem traumatized by it at all, and mentioned it very casually. My question was, where did she go and do before meeting and marrying her first husband? I believe it was stated that she didn't marry him until she was 18-19. Also, how did she reconcile with her family? Or was that whole story about her being raped and leaving home a lie? There's no way to know for sure because of the inconsistencies in her stories. Carol's reaction to her husband's death/disappearance was just odd. She couldn't have cared less that he'd disappeared. Even when he was finally declared dead, five years later, she didn't bother to have a memorial service for him. Regarding his death/disappearance, I believe it is an Occam's Razor situation. If she was involved with his disappearance/death, she likely did kill him on the property and bury him. The property was what? 40 acres or something? When they did an overhead shot of the property there even looked to be a lake on it. It'd be much simpler to kill him and bury him there, than to come up with an elaborate plan to pay someone to fly the plane (a plane he could apparently fly himself), take him out over the ocean and push him out of said plane. If she killed him, she likely did it in a field somewhere on that property, then buried him out there. It would be harder to find evidence on so many acres without a very thorough search. The speculation she mentioned about him being pushed out of plane over the ocean, could have been nothing more than a story to distract from what really happened.
  5. Indeed. They were all disgusting. Unbelievable that they were getting away with paying people $100-$150 a week when they’re working 7-days a week, 12 hours a day. This violates several labor laws, but if this is those workers only source of income and place to live, they’re not going to report them to their local department of labor, and are less likely to leave. The situation with Carol’s dead/missing husband (Don) seemed highly suspicious. I don’t know what happened to him. We’ll probably never know. However, I wouldn’t be surprised if she was in someway involved. She and her current husband are strange birds, and really she came off just as disingenuous as the others profiled in the documentary. It’s unfortunate what happened to Joe’s parent’s finances, but he opened Pandora’s box when he violated copyright law in another effort to go after Carol. Basically his mouth wrote a check his ass couldn’t cash, which ultimately led to his downfall. I just finished binge watching this and overall I thought it profiled a cesspool of horrible and broken people, more the former than the latter. It’s absolutely sick how Joe and Dr. Antle preyed on the displaced and weak, not to mention how the cats were disposed of when they were no longer of use. I don’t know if Joe was set-up or not on the murder for hire charge. However, his obsession with Carol and desire to violently attack her, as displayed in his numerous videos about her, did him no favors. I will say he got in way over his head when he got into bed with Jeff Lowe and his associates. The con artist got conned by some individuals who were way worse than him, but he made his bed...
  6. Just started watching this. Don’t know if I’ll finish it. I’ve always believed that exotic animals in any form of captivity is wrong. However, after working at non-profit zoo, and witnessing their conservation efforts first hand I under stand why legitimate non-profit zoos exist. However, I do not support operations like Joe’s or the Dr. WhateverHisNameIs and even Carole to a lesser extent. They have zero respect for those animals. Their needs and their power. It’s all about the almighty dollar. Anyway, the reason why I came to comment before completing the series (if I complete the series) is I wanted to ask why the hell is Joe’s husband doing an interview with his shirt off? Completely trashy and gross. Almost turned off the series after watching him.
  7. Enero

    Figure Skating

    Russian Dolls Have Transformed Figure Skating But At What Cost? Interesting article. I’ve been out of the loop this FS season. So I had no idea Zagitova had decided to take a break from the sport. This is unfortunate. However, with many of her training mates dominating the sport nationally and internationally, that leaves her not only with less opportunities to compete at the big competitions, but likely reduces her importance to Eteri. It’s understandable that she’d take a break to reassess how to proceed or even if she wants to proceed.
  8. I doubt they picked up and moved to LA in the middle of this crisis. I’m thinking they moved before they went to the UK. When they returned from London I wouldn’t be surprised if they went straight to Los Angeles, having already moved there weeks earlier. In addition to Meghan and Harry likely making this move to be closer to her mom and to be back in her hometown, this could also be tied to their visa status in Canada. They (Harry at least, because Meghan may already be a Canadian citizen) can only remain in Canada for 6-months under a visitor’s visa. Depending on when they arrived there, April might’ve been the deadline for them to make their exit. Hence them moving on to LA. I do find it hilarious that someone stated that the Daily Fail reported yesterday that their supposed sources said that Meghan was refusing to let Harry leave Canada to visit his father. They couldn’t have been more wrong. But is anyone surprised. Lol.
  9. ‘Messiah’ Cancelled By Netflix After One Season
  10. Exactly. Even if he were to pass away I don’t know if they’d travel to the UK for a funeral. I know here in the US some funeral homes are exploring streaming funeral services and/or reducing attendee numbers to under 10. Hopefully it doesn’t come to this though for Charles, and that he truly does have minimal symptoms which don’t progress to anything serious. What’s there to be ready for? Except a few more charitable events, travel and more engagement with the media (oh joy!). It’s not like he’ll be actually running the country. Unless you mean, he’s not ready to “work” more and deal with more media attention. The latter of which is understandable.
  11. Agreed. I used “woke” for lack of a better term. But believe me there were plenty of people like Lexi’s boyfriend, teens at that, in the late 90s who were very much aware, and not amused by some of the behaviors and comments they experienced that were similar to what we see here from the Richardson’s and others. I don’t blame Pearl for her naivety. I think this can be mostly attributed to her living like a nomad, I’m assuming for as long as she can remember-15-16 years.
  12. I agree. When Quell and Kovacs1 were fighting in the cave, it was difficult to see who was winning. At times I wondered if I needed to eat more carrots to help the eyes. Lol. Anyway, they could’ve done better with the lighting in not just the fight scenes but all the scenes that took place at night. Quell and Kovacs2 goodbye on the balcony was pretty dark too. I’m going to go back and watch the series again because there were some things I missed. However, I will say that this season wasn’t quite as good as Season One. Nonetheless, it was still good. I loved the fact that almost the entire cast was minorities. Absolutely loved that. Such a feat is unheard of for a show such as this. So bravo to Netflix and the producers of the show on this. It took Mackie a couple of episodes to settle into the role, but once settled he was good. I thought things didn’t start to get interesting until episode 3-4. Loved the badassery that is Quell. This woman can kick some major ass. Lol. As far as the series giving her another shell ala Kovacs, I don’t know how well that would work since like Poe her character has been consistent throughout these two seasons. REG is Quell. At this point, I can’t imagine anyone else playing the role. Overall good season. I’d watch a third, but honestly I don’t know where else they can take this and keep the story interesting.
  13. Argh I do not want Pearl to go down the rabbit hole of being in a triangle between Moody and Trip. Why she’d be attracted to Trip is beyond me, other than the fact that he’s the “hot” jock, which he’s not IMO. But based on the previews it looks as if that’s where they’re going. Sigh. I like Moody, and her closeness with him. Speaking of Pearl she seems rather clueless when it comes bias and racism. All that moving around has left her naive, desperate for friends (something she’s never really had) and thus easily hoodwinked. Lexi’s boyfriend definitely seems way more “woke” in comparison. Totally predicted that Elena’s friend’s adopted baby would be the daughter of Mia’s co-worker. Why Mia would tell her co-worker that she found the baby is beyond me. Bad move. The co-worker walking in on the party was disastrous. SMH. No good will come from that. Also, I totally called Izzy being gay or bi-sexual. She probably came on to her best friend, which led to the end of their friendship. Loved the parallels of Mia’s Chinese co-worker being short $0.70 to buy formula for her baby and the store clerk being indignant and cold, and not just letting her have the formula for the money she had, but told her to leave if she couldn’t pay, while White Izzy gets on a bus and doesn’t have enough money to ride but the bus driver lets her ride anyway. I’m finding that I don’t dislike any of these characters, they’re all (the main characters at least -Mia, Pearl, Izzy and Elena) interesting and have perspectives that can be considered valid. I do think Mia is the way she is due to past experiences, being a single black mother and all that goes with that, but that she’s running from something too. I’ll admit though we need more insight into who she is, what makes her the way she is. I agree with others Joshua Jackson is being completely wasted here. Really all of the men are, at this point, which is quite the change. Usually it’s women who are left as support with not much to do while the men “shine.”
  14. Enero

    Figure Skating

    Specifically to young athletes, who are believed to be some of the most heathy people out there. Condolences to Chris’ family, friends and coaches.
  15. Meghan and Harry's discussion with Edward seem very warm and genuine. I'd love to have been a fly on the wall to hear what they were discussing. LOL. The conversation looked very engaging. What I found most interesting was Sophie's reaction to Meghan. Perhaps it was nothing, but after Meghan and Harry finished speaking with Edward, Sophie and Meghan looked right at each other and Sophie immediately turned her head the other way. Again, it might've been nothing, but still it was a curious exchange. I definitely think there is tension and perhaps even some animosity within the family. With all that's happened how could it not be?
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