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  1. I’m very glad to see them talking about this. If they were still working royals there is no way they would’ve been able to do some of things they’ve done to acknowledge racial injustice and support movements toward equality. This was a great Skype call. I enjoyed not only hearing from H/M but more so the young leaders of color who are fighting for change.
  2. The friends who participated in the documentary seemed genuine IMO. Two of the friends left the party early. Justin whom Alonzo caught a ride with to the party was the one who got lost going for cigarettes and never returned to the party. What I find odd about his story was that it was stated that the town where the party was held had nothing, not even a grocery store. So where was he going to go buy cigarettes? Also Justin stated that when he left the party Alonzo was still having a great time and that the vibe was good. But then the other two friends who participated in the documentary stated that Alonzo had an altercation with another individual at the party and that racial slurs were being thrown around which Alonzo didn’t take lightly. So either these incidents happened after Justin left for cigarettes, he’s lying about what he saw or he was completely blind to what was going on. Lastly it sounded like when Justin called back to the party to say he wasn’t coming back and to ensure Alonzo had a ride, he didn’t actually speak to Adam, the guy whom he tasked with giving Alonzo a ride. The way he told the story it sounds like he spoke to another friend and asked that friend to ask Adam to give Alonzo a ride. When thinking about everyone’s accounts of what they saw at the party it makes me wonder if despite the negative incidents Alonzo was insistent on staying because he was having such a great time, while his friends were just ready to leave. I found it interesting that all of his closest friends left the party early due to some frivolous reason (cigarettes), another party or being bored (I think one friend said he left after only being there an hour), while Alonzo remained. All that said, I too believe a hate crime happened. It was a very small town and by all accounts very racist. It wouldn’t take much for someone to be set off by Alonzo’s presence, do something horrific and for the crime to be covered up. This type of thing has been going on for decades. A black man suspiciously disappearing and/or dying and the town folks etc. staying mum about what happened. I know that Justin was very young and naive at the time of the incident, but I still have to ask how could he leave his friend an hour away from home? They road to the party together. They should’ve gone home together too. And why didn’t they all leave the party as soon as the altercation happened and the racial slurs started flying? Just a lot of missteps and naivety I think on Alonzo and his friends parts. Very sad case. My heart goes out to his mother and family. Update: FBI offers $100k reward in Alonzo Brooks case Looks like the case is still being investigated by the FBI. I hope it’s eventually solved.
  3. I don’t think it was mentioned on the show but according to Wikipedia, Xavier bought several bags of lime either right before or after the murders. So this likely help disguise the smell of the corpses along with how and where they were buried. Apparently everyone was drugged with sleeping pills, save for the mom in the DuPont case. Thankfully. And the mom might not have been aware of what was coming either. They said she had a machine that helped her sleep due to sleep apnea but it was turned off at three in the morning. So with her having sleep apnea perhaps he didn’t feel the need to drug her? And just shot her in her sleep? I hope she didn’t know what was coming. How horrific if she did. Though he was an aristocrat it sounded like his family’s legacy had been in ruins for a while, but since he did have his family name and that title he was able to keep up appearances. I’m sure both helped him get credit and loans etc. that helped keep his life of affluence going. They said that the father died in financial ruin, he was renting his residence and was on the verge of poverty. So it was only a matter of time before his family name and title would mean nothing.
  4. They kept saying he could’ve jumped on a cargo ship and gone as far as Latin America. Was/is it really that easy to hop on a cargo ship and go anywhere in the world without the appropriate documentation? Maybe I’m being naive here. Lol. But I’d think you’d need some type of credentials to be on the ship unless they’re saying he escaped by being a stowaway, which I guess is possible. I think it’s more likely that he died in the mountains and they were never able to find his body. Or he was able to cross over to Italy on foot and made his way to wherever to start a new life. Very sad and horrific case. How narcissistic and depraved to kill his whole family due to his own personal shame, but then possibly run off to another country to start a new life. And I agree. Nantes was absolutely stunning. I’m wondering if he could’ve possibly been run down with a car and the impact caused his fall? Or perhaps he was running from someone and was forced to jump to his death as you’ve stated? Like everyone else, I don’t believe it was suicide. He likely discovered something he shouldn’t have at his friends company. Or got involved in something that was illegal and related to the company which led to his death. Sandy Klemp/McCullough was/is a piece of work. Her episode was more appropriate for a crime show, I think, than UM. It was pretty obvious what she had done. No mystery here. And though the one daughter said that her mother was a good mom while she and her sisters were growing up, I don’t think she was. Having a revolving door of men in her life (all of whom was her current husband’s brother or someone else’s husband), and never being home to raise her daughters doesn’t sound like a good mom to me. It’s so sad what likely happened to Lena and infuriating that Sandy has custody of her son. I suspect her case nor Gary McCollough’s case will ever be officially solved, unless Sandy’s ex-husband decides to talk.
  5. I watched the first episode on Rey Rivera. Very strange. Neither murder or suicide seems like the answer. Even if he was murdered elsewhere and his body thrown off the roof it doesn’t seem plausible considering how far the surrounding buildings were from where the body was found. It was also strange that the company he worked for wouldn’t allow his colleagues etc., to speak to police and the friend who ran that company whom he moved to Baltimore for due to the job opportunity, would not speak to police. Very odd situation. I feel bad for his wife. It’s been 14 years and the grief is still very raw for her. It doesn’t look like she’s moved on ie remarried or had children. Very sad for her and his family.
  6. I heard that The King: Eternal Monarch did not do well in South Korea, specifically on TV, but as I understand it did very well on Netflix there and internationally in other Asian and even in African countries. The latter of which was interesting to hear. It also seemed to drew a lot of online discussions and interest etc. It’s too bad about Vagabond. The story ended unfinished. So they really could continue for another season. But I understand budget and viewership is key. Though if the show was commissioned by Netflix and popular on Netflix would that give it a better opportunity to be renewed even if it didn’t to well on TV? Don’t know how Vagabond did on Netflix though. Anyway just thinking aloud. So feel free to ignore. 😂
  7. I just finished The King: Eternal Monarch on Netflix. This is another excellent Korean series. The look of this drama is beautiful, from the sets to the cinematography. The acting is great and the story is very different from other K-dramas I’ve watched. It delves into time travel, loops, fate/destiny etc., You definitely won’t catch all the clues during the first watch. Another good K-drama is Vagabond, also on Netflix. This one also has gorgeous cinematography, is action packed with great acting. The last episode went down a path I didn’t expect, which was not necessarily a good thing. The way the producers left it, it seems as if they were setting the series up for a S2. But that is so rare for K-dramas, so...I guess we’ll see if this show is the exception. I’d definitely watch a season 2 though if one is released.
  8. I don’t understand why people are baffled about their move to LA. It’s Meghan’s hometown. She grew up there. Additionally her mother resides there, not to mention numerous friends and contacts. Despite the media, they no doubt have a strong support system there. So of course they were going to move to LA. Where else would they go if they planned to spend a significant amount of time in the U.S? Really no other place makes sense to me. Though Vancouver Island was nice I don’t think that was ever sustainable long term, really any part of Canada for that matter. Neither are Canadian citizens which limited the amount of time they could spend there. The U.S. is a more viable option being as Meghan is already a citizen. So it’d only be Harry who’d need some type of visa, rather than the both of them. And I’m pretty sure they have several options to choose from to get him the necessary paperwork to remain in the U.S. long term, with his marriage to a U.S. citizen being a plus.
  9. I like Whoopi and think she’s a descent actress, but I’m not sure she’s the best pick for this role. Ruby Dee was unforgettable as Mother Abigail. She was everything I imagined she’d be. I just can’t see Whoopi becoming that character the way Ruby Dee did. I guess we’ll see though.
  10. Enero

    On My Block

    I just finished this season. I almost didn't watch because I wasn't a huge fan of Season 2. However, I'm glad I did watch. It was a good season with an ending that was very realistic. Despite the gang having been friends for a long time, those high school friendships don't always last forever. People do grow apart and move on. And considering the devastating experiences the friends had together and that they all lost themselves in the Rollerworld case, to the point of actually plotting a murder, I can see how that would cause an estrangement amongst them. They don't hate each other, but because of what they almost did, they made the decision to move on from each other. I was surprised to see Jamal playing football too. But again, when thinking about what he (and his friends) had been through over the past couple of years, it made sense that he would seek out some sense of normalcy. Jasmine finally got Rudy, which means he doesn't have to masturbate anymore, or perhaps not as much. LOL. Spooky likely used the Rollerworld money to exchange his gang life for a normal life. And Cesar, who was always teetering on the edge of criminality, finally went dark side, when Monse found a new life, new friends etc., at the boarding school and likely broke up with him; his friendship with Jamal and Ruby never recovered and his father likely never returning to the neighborhood. Ironically, he now has the rage that was driving Spooky all those years. I think he always had it but that his friendships with Monse, Ruby and Jamal saved him. When they disappeared from his life, he embraced the rage and subsequently the gang life. I was satisfied with this ending and don't need another season. Like others, I think it is a good series finale.
  11. I didn’t say she wasn’t. I was just saying that her situation may not be as financially dire as some assume.
  12. Several have made the assumption that Bebe will now be living out of her car with the baby. Though she doesn't have access to a potentially lucrative income like Mia, I don't think that final shot of Bebe means she's going to be living out of her car with the baby. Niagara Falls is about a three hour drive from Shaker Heights. I'm thinking she drove as far as she could, before having to stop to change and/or feed the baby. What happens after that is anyone's guess. For all we know Mia could've loaned her a stash of cash to make run for it. Despite Mia's epiphany, I don't think that would be above her to do, to "help" Bebe take her baby. I don't think people understand the impact of Izzy hearing her mother scream that she never wanted her, which is essentially saying she never loved her. IMO Izzy won't be back. What is she coming back to? A home with siblings, save for Moody, who don't give a f*ck about her and a mother who sees her as a thorn in her eye? She'll live off the money that helped her get that bus ticket to whereever, before she ends up on the street. She seems just the type to end up in New York or Seattle, sadly strung out and living the life of a starving artist. At times, it was difficult to sympathize with Mia. She certainly wasn't perfect and made a lot of mistakes, but I found I was happy with the ending she got with Pearl. She wasn't the best mom, but her choices, though selfish were made out of love for her daughter. At heart, I think she was a good person. The same can't really be said about Elena. She was not only a selfish racist who made some terrible choices, but she was an extremely unethical and vindictive woman. That is not something that will be overcome with her being enlightened by her house burning down. .
  13. Poor Pearl? When watching that scene I was like WTF Pearl! What are you doing girl. I know she's naive and inexperienced, but to go there with Trip after two seconds of knowing him? They haven't even dated. SMH. Again this goes back to Mia forcing her into a nomad life. Mia thinks she's teaching Pearl the ways of the world but in reality she hasn't. She's taught her nothing about life, and unfortunately Pearl is learning from her "friends" like Izzy, which is a disaster waiting to happen i.e. the situation with Tripp. Izzy going on and on about sex and her strong opinions about Bebe abandoning her baby screams I'm about to get knocked up. I will not be surprised if she gets pregnant in a future episode.
  14. I say 1 episode tops for all genres. Many people are ready to return to some sense of “normalcy” and have been beaten over the head with all things COVID19. Once shows return I think audiences will want to escape from what many has seen as a nightmare. Thus they might not want to see shows spend a whole lot of time retreading what many have experienced in reality. I do wonder how productions will handle getting back started. The virus is not going away anytime soon. A vaccine is at least 18 months away, if one can be created, and it’s not like you can completely social distance on a movie or TV set. How will productions move forward in filming? Will cast and crew have to be tested before returning to set? Will temperatures be checked on a daily basis? Will everyone have to wash and/or sanitize their hands every 20 minutes? Will hugs, kisses and love scenes be cut out for the foreseeable future? Will cast members film 6 feet apart? I’m less interested in how the pandemic will be addressed in the context of my favorite shows, but most interested in how this will affect interactions on set and consequently onscreen.
  15. I’ve seen this type of stuff before on this show. Usually the individuals will loan out their car to unknowns in exchange for drugs. Though I don’t recall that being mentioned in this case. Just watched the Cruel Intentions episode. This was probably one of the most interesting cases profiled. It played like something straight out of Law & Order. The victim, Leila Smith, was a beautiful young woman, who sounds like had promise. It’s sad that she’d been reduced to stripping for a living and dealing with a married piece of sh*t. The killer, obviously didn’t account for the intelligence of detectives investigating the case or how much technology has improved in the 10 years since he was suspected of killing his first wife. Now there are not only cell phone towers everywhere that can track your whereabouts but cameras. Its crazy that he previously tried to kill her via drive by shooting months earlier, when that didn’t work I guess he then decided to just kill her himself one night after she got off work. Again, what a piece of sh*t to do that to the mother of his child.
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