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  1. Enero

    In Memoriam: Celebrity Deaths

    Same here. We all have to die sometime and if someone makes it to 75 or above, they’ve had a long run and hopefully a full and for the most part amazing life.
  2. Enero

    The Lion King (2019)

    I’m probably one of the few in the world who wasn’t impressed with the first Lion King. I didn’t see it until years after it’s release. I was really excited because I’d heard nothing but great things about it but found it to be mediocre at best. That said, I was considering seeing this one as the CGI looked great and I heard they were going to be taking a different route with the story but if it’s pretty much a carbon copy of the original and the acting lacked feeling, then I’ll likely take a pass on this until it’s On Demand.
  3. I just finished this season. It was excellent. I think this season’s storylines tied together better than last, which made it a much better season. Though I was confused as to why the Russians wanted to open the gate and how the heck did they build a multi-billion dollar facility beneath the town of Hawkins without anyone knowing? I came to understand in the end what they were/are trying to do. It’s the old tired trope of attempting to use alien biology to create what I’m guessing is some kind of army of super soldiers. So sad to see Hopp die. He was one of my favorite characters. I’m assuming though he might still be with us, being as they referenced an American being held captive in the Russian prison. Glad to see Joyce take the kids and leave town. Really who would continue to stay there after all the hell they’d been through? Was so happy that by episode three everyone was on to what was happening and at least had bits and pieces of the full picture. El and Mike were more tolerable this season I think because after the first couple of episodes they didn’t spend a whole lot of time basking in their love. Lol. And when they did get close it wasn’t icky like last season as now they are older. I really liked that they let El branch out more and learn some things beyond Mike. Though brief, I liked seeing Nancy bonding with her mom. I was pleasantly surprised when they didn’t take the predictable route in having Steve and Robin fall in love. I enjoyed the twist with her being gay. Also, though it’s great seeing El kick ass, I thought it was a nice change that in the final battle, others had to save her. Great idea from Lucas about the fireworks. Lastly, I’m so glad they didn’t go the route of Will being kidnapped or tortured again by the Mind Flayer. If they’d taken that path I would’ve stopped watching. I couldn’t take watching another season of him being tortured. Things that still didn’t make sense, what is the the Mind Flayer’s end game? If it managed to kill El and all her friends as planned what was next? To turn everyone on earth in to stepford beings, doing its bidding until it was ready to transform them into a pile of goo that would be apart of his anatomy? Didn’t understand why the kids remained at Hopp’s cabin when they knew the Mind Flayer was in route there. It would’ve made more sense for them to leave there immediately rather than stay and fight, then be forced out after the cabin was destroyed and El injured. Again great season. I’m not sure where they can go next with this, but then I said the same thing after watching Season 2 and look how that turned out. So I’m definitely in for another season.
  4. Enero

    Terminator: Dark Fate (2019)

    Yeah. Linda Hamilton is big shoes to fill for this role. However, I think Lena Heaney, in the Sarah Connor Chronicles, came closest to capturing the badassey and essence of the iconic character Linda Hamilton created in the movies. I saw the trailer for this one at the movies the other night, and though I’m kind of over the Terminator series, I will likely check this one out because Linda and Arnold are back, with James Cameron as executive producer. So this might actually be good.
  5. Oh I agree. To clarify the “nah” was in reference to them thinking they’re doing better in their responses to the victims of harassment when I don’t think they’re even thinking this way at all. They’ve just learned to adapt and protect themselves better, against the changing times that allows for lawsuits and such when harassers aren’t “reprimanded.”
  6. Nah. Not firing the victim keeps down lawsuits and moving the offender “stops” the “conflict” between the employees who are having an issue. The company gets to have their cake and eat it too. This seems to be very common not only in entertainment, but shockingly (to some) the military, which is probably one of the most misogynistic organizations any woman can work for, but I digress. Those texts were disgusting and he should’ve been fired on the spot.
  7. Love the color of Kate’s dress but not a fan of the style. And I agree. She is a little too skinny. I don’t recall her being that thin before marrying Will. You’d never know she’s had three kids, which is great! But I still think she could use a few extra pounds. Liked Meghan’s outfit and hair. She looks very comfortable.
  8. Archie looks to have grown so much. His legs look very long. LOL Meghan may have been holding him low to prevent the tabloids from getting pics of him, but it kind of looked uncomfortable the way she was carrying him. My first thought upon seeing those pics was that she needed a wrap carrier. It’s stylish and she’d still be able to hide Archie’s face, if that was her goal, and be holding him in a manner that’s more comfortable.
  9. Enero

    Figure Skating

    Agreed. There are a few programs IMHO that stands out ie those previously mentioned by Hanyu, James/Cipres, Sui/Han etc. But it seems most of the skating talent today have programs that are forgettable at best. They either have jumps and choreography, but no presence or just jumps and nothing else. We seem to be in a lull, at least for me, when it comes specifically to women’s and dance, pairs and men’s do still have have some sparks who are bringing life to the sport. But overall, I’ve become bored with figure skating.
  10. Enero

    Figure Skating

    Mine in no particular order: 1. Hanyu - 2015 GPF LP - Semei 2. Hanyu - 2016 Worlds SP - Ballade 1 3. Anissina and Peizerant - 2002 Olympics Original Dance - Flamengo 4. Anissina and Peizerant - 2000 Worlds Carmina Burana 5. Sui and Han 2019 Worlds LP 6. James and Cipres 2018 Skate Canada LP 7. Plushenko - 2003 Russian Nationals LP - Tribute to Nijinsky 8. Sasha Cohen - 2004 Worlds SP - Malagueña 9. Yuna Kim - 2009 Worlds SP Dance Macabre 10. Shen and Zhao 2010 Olympics SP and LP
  11. Archie is cute as a button. I know it is VERY early to be making such assertions, but I think Archie looks most like Meghan and that he may end up being a ginger. 😊 Time will tell though. Doria looks amazing as always. Beautiful picture.
  12. Or the Toronto Bluejays. Didn’t she live there while filming Suits?
  13. Yeah. I suspect that once again this is much ado about nothing. As soon as I heard about the new ring I assumed it was likely an anniversary gift. I’m also amused by people saying Meghan upgraded her wedding rings as if Harry wouldn’t have any part in this process or think on his own to add a ring to her set. Sigh. SMH.
  14. Agreed. And honestly I don’t think a child with a wealthy father should be living like a pauper while his father is living like a prince just because someone believes it shouldn’t take $32k a month to support a child. IMHO, the child should reap the rewards of his/her parents success. If that results in tens of thousands in child support per month then so be it.
  15. Well now we know where her daughters get their horrible fashion sense from. Terrible outfit.