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  1. Indeed. Btw, great post. Some have stopped short of excusing her actions by speculating that she was blackout drunk, and therefore had no idea what she was doing. It doesn’t matter that she was possibly blackout drunk, the fact remains that she drank to the point of being completely wasted (and ingested/smoked weed) while driving with her CHILDREN and NIECES in the vehicle. Her choice to drive while drunk out of her mind and high as a kite was nothing short of despicable. Her choice was purposeful. I wouldn’t be surprised if the subject of children was ever truly discussed. Or i
  2. And sadly the sell of his music spiked after the guilty verdict. Hopefully this is temporary and sales will drastically fall soon, if they haven’t already. R. Kelly’s Sales Soar 500% After Sex-Trafficking Verdict
  3. Thank goodness. Not that Neo was an Oscar winning role by any means but Will would’ve been all wrong for that role.
  4. Agreed. And the stuff about Ann Curry. Wow. Absolutely disgusting. Hopefully the NYP article has the intended affect and doesn’t cause a sales boost out of curiosity.
  5. I don’t know. There are always heirs her music rights can go to, children, grandchildren, eventually great grandchildren and so forth and so on. I’d think it be better to keep the catalog in the family so that it may be passed down generation to generation. It makes me sad that she would do this being that so many artists fight very hard to hang on to or get back their music rights. This choice makes me wonder if she’s run into some financial difficulties and needs the money that selling her music rights would bring in. Whatever the reasoning this is unfortunate.
  6. I didn’t think it was a dumb idea. It doesn’t take all day to give someone an encouraging word or a piece of helpful advice. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been on a brief call with an employee and provided them some coaching that’s turns out to be extremely helpful to them. The same goes for myself. I’ve received advise and coaching within a few minutes that have had a long term positive affect on my perspective and approach to certain things. And this coaching didn’t just come from folks in my career field. The 40 minutes was of course a tie to her birthday but an interesting initiativ
  7. Which is interesting considering when Duchess Meghan encouraged women to mentor other women for at least (40) minutes on her 40th birthday, it was an initiative to promote mentoring and supporting women in the work place, Ms. Couric was one of the first to tweet her support and plans to participate in the intiative. With all the other celebrity tweets promising to participate in the initiative, I wondered who would actually do the work and who were just tweeting their plan to participate as a publicity stunt. Based on what I'm learning about Ms. Couric I'm betting her tweet of support fo
  8. This! At the end of the day she’s an adult. No one should have that type of control over her life to the point where she can’t make decisions for herself (even bad ones), unless she is severely mentally unstable or completely incapacitated and thus incapable of making her own choices and functioning as an adult. As I’ve said before I can see why her father stepped in 13 years ago. She seemed to be in the mist of a public mental breakdown. Someone, family, did need to step in and help her. But then things appear to have gone way beyond that initial purpose which has resulted in the current situ
  9. I think once the vampire’s blood “ healed” Erin by essentially aborting the pregnancy that was that. Unlike Leeza’s paralysis which could potentially be healed but then return if the vampire’s blood was not ingested, once the pregnancy was terminated there was no way for Erin to regain that pregnancy even if she stopped communion. That “healing” was permanent unless she became pregnant again the old fashion way or through medical intervention.
  10. Hope he gets more than the minimum (10 years), 30+ years is what he should get. Glad they finally got him. Better late than never but dam he was able to ruin so many lives and live the best years of his life unscathed. Hopefully he lives the next 20-30 years in misery. Rumor has it he only has $2 million to his name. He doesn’t own any of his masters. Apparently he was swindled out of them years ago. Couldn’t have happened to a more deserving guy. So the rumors may be true. If true, he probably couldn’t afford a good attorney.
  11. Well I finished binging this series. Though not as entertaining as I’d hoped, it was still an easy, quick watch. Ultimately this was another story about religious zealots going completely off the rails. I’m still baffled by the fact that no one thought ‘we get bitten, we drink the blood of the person we’re bitten by and now we can’t tolerate sunlight at.all., and have an intense hunger for blood, hmmm…could this be the legend of the vampire?’ Very odd that thought never came up. Most disturbing thing about this episode was seeing the vampire attack Erin. We’d seen it attack others b
  12. I completely agree. This series has such an interesting concept but has for the most part been poorly executed, very boring. As you said, way too many monologues that add nothing to the story. I will say that this priest is the epitome of arrogance and delusion. For him, and his assistant, to justify what they’re doing as God’s work completely contradicts the very religion and God they call themselves worshipping.
  13. So I guessed early on in this episode that Father Paul was the Monsignor who was supposedly resting on the mainland. So could the miracles in town be due in part to the blood of the winged vampire and its keeper the Father being fed to these people in small doses? So the Father nearly died because he needs blood to survive and probably nearly poisoned himself to death eating human food. Lol. His assistant now knows who he is, but I doubt she knows what he is. How could they possibly think he has experienced the hand of God considering how he was brought back? Have these folks never hear
  14. Clint has passed away. He was in horrible shape during his intervention episode. I'm surprised he lasted this long. Very sad. RIP Clint. 🙁 https://mountpleasantgroup.permavita.com/site/ClintRobertPascal.html
  15. Did anyone watch the 20/20 special edition hosted by Robin Roberts - The Women Survivors of 9/11? Good documentary. I don’t recall hearing many stories from women who survived 9/11. Though I know many did. Absolutely compelling stories. The woman who was in the Pentagon sucking on her “wet” sweater only to learn later it wasn’t wet due to the sprinklers coming on but due to jet fuel from the plane that crashed into the building was horrifying. Genelle being under the rubble for 27 hours before being rescued must’ve been terrifying. I can’t help but think how many others were buried
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