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  1. This! I just finished watching the replay on NBC Sports App. They finally released it! RME. Lol. Anyway, Guan was by far the most gorgeous and interesting gymnast on the beam. I enjoyed all of the extra touches she added, specifically in her hand movements, that almost gave her routine the appearance of a dance. Very lovely. Gold medal well-deserved.
  2. This is annoying me so much. I wasn't about to get up at 4am, EST to watch, but planned to watch the replay but of course it's not available. Sorry NBC that's not going get me to watch your awful primetime coverage. In fact, I've not watched the Olympic coverage on TV since they started providing coverage on the app. It's so much better on the app in that the commentary more neutral and you actually get to see nearly all of the competitors. I'll just wait for them to put the replay up tomorrow and watch then. Congrats to Simone on her bronze. And looks like the Chinese ladies
  3. I knew the 200m was Thompson-Herah's race to lose (probably the 100m) too. She flies on the track. I knew no one would be able to catch her. I was hoping Gabby Thomas could've snagged the silver and Fraser-Pryce the bronze, but I'm so proud of Thomas on her bronze. This is Fraser-Pryce's last Olympics, but it's so impressive that she's still a threat at 35 years old. She definitely had nothing to prove being that she is so decorated. So cool that they have a live feed for the medal winners to see their families after their competition. Great idea! So glad they get some "live" intera
  4. She looked great at the start. Her and Camacho were neck and neck but then she looked to have ran out a gas a little bit. I think they said she might’ve hit the 8th hurdle, which could’ve slowed her down a bit. Anyway congrats to her and the other ladies. I enjoyed their sportsmanship after the race was over. They all seemed genuinely happy for each other, no matter their placement on the podium. And even those who didn’t make the podium. The men’s long jump competition was great. Did not expect Greece to take gold. I felt bad for the Cuban who could’ve possibly taken gold, he’d been lead
  5. I logged onto the NBC Sports App to replay the competition since I was unable to watch live, but the darn replay is not up yet. Argh. Anyway, I was very happy to see that Suni won gold!! So happy for her. And Brazil gets their first gymnastics medal. Is this the first time two women of color have been on the podium? I can't wait until they get the replay up on NBC Sports so that I can go back and watch. Congrats to Suni and Rebecca!!!
  6. Congrats to Hashimoto. That was an awesome bar routine! I thought Xiao from China had a great routine as well. Don't understand how Nikita got a bronze with that sub-par bar routine. I thought Sun Wei should been awarded bronze. Oh well. Too bad about the U.S. men. They weren't even in contention. Overall great competition.
  7. This men's event is a nail bitter. Tong was awesome on the bar! Wow! Yep. I remember this. I hope things are changing, but honestly I doubt it. It there is change it's likely at a snails pace. Weight of Gold was an insightful documentary. Just how much these athletes go through was eye opening. What I thought was most interesting about that documentary was the mental struggle these athletes go through when they are no longer experiencing the high of competition and their lives are no longer consumed by the sport. Making the transition to "regular" life sounded like a very difficu
  8. Sun Wei was great on the parallel bars. But looks like his wrist may be bothering him. The parallel bars always look like it hurts like hell, especially when they flip and catch themselves on the bars with their underarms.
  9. I definitely think this is playing a bigger part than most like to admit or understand. Though Olympic athletes train hard all the time my understanding is training leading up to an Olympic year can be a whole other beast, physically and mentally. These athletes were prepared to compete in 2020. Then COVID happened and the Games got postponed, which essentially added another year of training for the Olympics. It had to have taken its toll, more on some, I’m sure, than others. The IOC probably should’ve just scrapped these Games, but we know money is at the root of the decision to push on.
  10. Speaking of Gabby, I thought I read somewhere that she'd be doing gymnastics commentary at these Games, but have been unable to find anything else on this. I'm thinking someone must've made this up, since she's really not been associated with gymnastics since Rio. Unfortunately, there will always be distractors no matter how reasonable or understandable what has happened may be. I just hope Simone will be okay and doesn't feel that she's let herself or anyone else down (which I'm pretty sure she will feel this way on some level). Hopefully, having these feelings won't cause her further
  11. Agreed. As Michelle Kwan stated so eloquently back in 98 after Nagano, [she] they didn't lose the gold, [she] they won the silver. I do hope Simone will be able to compete in the AA. I feel bad for the Japanese and Italy, they came so close to bronze. Congrats to GB though.
  12. Suni was the best U.S. on FX. She did very well.
  13. I'm just now tuning in, and thus catching up. I was wondering what happened to them. Will any of their team members be competing in the individual all around? I think short of a disaster the ROC got this.
  14. Oh no! Jordan falls on FX. There's no way U.S. will win gold. Are they fighting for silver or bronze now?
  15. Oh no. Grace is out of bounds. SMH. I think the U.S. may need help from the other teams messing up to win gold.
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