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  1. Delilah: I'm sure you've been talking to Eddie? Katherine: My husband? Why yes I have. Bring on snarky Katherine because it's a better look than overly helpful Katherine. Delilah is an ass. How she has friends is beyond me. Don't care about this PJ storyline that much but I don't get all this anger towards his dad. Sad to say I didn't care that Rome's mom died, but I did like his talk with Gina about how yes he was sad but it wasn't depression. His mom is dead so him feeling sad is a valid reaction.
  2. Really didn't like this episode. Happy Katherine was back but this show is not really committed to the cheating storyline and the actual fallout. They don't seem to be committed to ANY storyline just characters acting and rarely reacting in a realistic manner over a sustained period of time.
  3. They really should leave this little tidbit in an interview and not let it become canon. At this stage it will just make people loathe Delilah more as if that were possible.
  4. So I thought the premiere was fine borderline good for me. I was worried based on something I saw in a preview that Katherine/Theo would be part of the group shot and maybe it still happens later but I am very pleased it didn't happen this episode. In fact I thought Katherine's actions were understandable and Grace Park sold her inability to even look at Eddie in her bedroom scene. Wasn't a huge fan of leaving Theo alone but I've decided to believe she waited till she saw Eddie's car and bounced because this isn't the 80s Katherine can't leave 7 year olds home alone. Thought it was i
  5. So I saw 2 other sneak peeks when I was on YouTube. One is of the guys stealing some crib and the other is of Chandler Riggs character seeing Maggie as a therapist. However, I watched some s2 preview and it struck me that the thing that bothers me about this show is how the characters don't react like normal people. What triggered me was seeing Katherine and Theo in some group pic with the whole crew and Delilah and the new baby. That is not normal, no wife who had been cheated on would be over it that quickly. I wish this show would allow characters to react realistically without trying
  6. So you can see the first scene of S2 by liking some tweet by Million Little Things and they send you the first scene. Eddie does tell Katherine that the baby is his and she tells him to go to the hospital to be there for the baby the way that he wasn't there for her. She's upset with him understandably and is crying as he leaves to go be there for the baby and Delilah. She is the one that tells Eddie Delilah is in labor. Eddie sucks, Katherine deserves better, same as last season.
  7. I wish the pairings were Matt/Claire and Karen/Frank.
  8. I realized after binging the season that I can't stand Sydney and she's going to wear on me next season.
  9. Yeah, not sure I can back Naomi here. It would be one thing if she let them know what she was up to, but to pretend like you're following ship protocol and going with the majority and then go behind their back. I guess one can make the parallel for when Holden did it on the Cantebury but that led them to a massive mess. Amos is awesome and interesting in the way he tries to solve problems. He knows Alex is upset and he's willing to pick a fight to just get it out there. I wonder how he will react to Naomi's actions. I do think it's interesting that Holden and Amos at the end of
  10. So since the Mormon ship didn't hit Eros does that mean the Mormon's will able to get their ship back or is ship on a course to the sun as well?
  11. "Mistakes" don't usually end with you serving 20 years to life in a maximum security prison. I truly hated the judgmental tone they insisted on taking with the mom. It was clear to me that she most likely killed someone or led to the death of someone, that is first degree murder type of sentence.
  12. This episode tested my patience because I really am only in it for Jane/Roman/Patterson at this point. I totally agree with slf and Chaos Theory that it makes no sense to have Jane okay with the FBI especially after an episode like this when she is forced to work with a man that tortured her for months. She should be skeptical of the FBI and the US Govt as currently constructed. Which is why my continued plea for a Jane/Roman road trip of just kicking ass should be in play. Just saying... Again, Jane/Roman were my favorite parts of the episode, her desperation to save him and help her
  13. Seriously, all the scenes. Jane/Roman continue to be the highlight for me and I think they act so well with each other. And they're such a badass fighting crew, I may watch this show if it was just them kicking ass and solving the clues with Patterson of course.
  14. Allison is truly awful. She has this constant need to be the victim in every encounter she has with other people. Why was she skulking around the school/daycare? Why not show that you are taking positive steps and are ready to be a parent again by giving Cole/Luisa a call to let them know that you are coming back to town and would like to see Joanie. Based on the phone call with the mysterious person it appeared that her plan was to try to speak with Cole for the first time in front of Joanie. Who does that? Why doesn't she understand that this process needed to be handled delicately giv
  15. I read the quote and it didn't seem to me that he was saying that. Here was the quote: Especially with the last line it seemed like he was acknowledging that Wes has been hanging out in the muck at this stage.
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