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  1. I did like that you followed the eczema lady in one episode. I'm in for all of these shows.
  2. This was on last night, but I haven't watched it yet. Grab your splash masks! https://www.eonline.com/news/1119687/tlc-is-here-with-save-my-skin-yet-another-extreme-medical-condition-show
  3. Absolutely! This shocked me, that he was so entitled, and clueless.
  4. Maybe the producers paid to have the car made drivable. I was surprised at how well they were doing so quickly, and good for them. Shantel was so happy being out with her children. But enough of this, grab the hose and meet me on the back porch. Nicole is next up on my VCR!
  5. I scrolled back, (I'm still watching it), and some hospital employees came out, but the firemen (Houston Fire on one) seemed to be coming back to their ambulance, and offered to help. What happened to the girlfriend though, I missed that.
  6. I couldn't figure why someone from the hospital didn't come, or why there were firemen there.
  7. Hey, when I was a kid, this is why mothers told us to wear clean underwear, so as not to bring them shame if we got hit by a car.
  8. I could hear Roger Miller singing Chug- a-Lug tonight. Isn't Chase 28? This looked like an underclassmen's frat party, not an adult gathering.
  9. I see Save My Skin, with Dr. Emma, starts 2/20, this Thursday.
  10. Tarek ElMoussa has a new show in HGTV, coming in March. Can't remember the name, (just saw the promo), but he helps people having problems with a flip.
  11. The bonus footage used to be bonus pops, I assumed from her youtube channel, but now it's usually just more on the people.
  12. I glanced at it as it was airing, and there was "bonus pop," hence the new date. I'd wondered, because my dvr has the series set to record "first run only," and it had put it on the schedule.
  13. The show tonight has today's date, at least on my Uverse guide, but the description is of an old show. I hope the isn't over yet.
  14. Have you watched the To Catch A Smuggler (Colombia, Peru, Brazil, Madrid, and the plain on is US), on NatGeo channel? They'll find cocaine taped to hips, calves, etc.
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