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  1. Yes! I hoped to see/hear more Todd and less friends and Whit. Free Todd, free Hunter! Let the chips fall! And I agree, Heather was way out of line in attacking Hunter.
  2. Yes, saw the train crash, and have next episode set to record. Also saw the SF 1989 earthquake, which showed more carnage.
  3. I just watched Wilma and Nora,. (or Dora?). Was there ever a follow-up on Wilma? She was so hateful. If she died in her hoard, she deserved it. Hope her children are OK.
  4. Oh, how about he and Heather hook-up, and Heather goes off to France and has his baby? How about a surprise vacation for Whit. She's blindfolded, and when she gets off, it's Houston, and Dr. Now is there with his ambulance.
  5. From what I find, he is younger. I see his dob as 2/14/85 several places, and a mention his her as his older sister. Wikipedia gives her dob as (born April 14, 1984).
  6. He's an actor, though not terribly successful. Here's his IMDB listings. https://www.imdb.com/name/nm6495956/
  7. I would LOVE this! I'd take back all (well, not ALL ALL) the nasty things I've said and thought about the show, if they'd give us this. It would be like getting my dream Hoading/Hoarders show, where they county really does show up with front-loaders and dump trucks.
  8. Could you send her info over to TLC? I want this woman to have her own show. When they cut out the wife's photo, you're in scary, true crime territory, seriously. If she gets a show, it would be on ID.
  9. Well being gay didn't bother her. Ari, with other women, annoyed her, but I can't think she wouldn't have taken him back if he hadn't fled.
  10. Yep, that's not likely to happen, except perhaps literally.
  11. I think that so very little has happened, they have to do things like this to fill up a season. When you spend time on Heather transferring luggage from one car to the next, you're not exactly enthralling the audience.
  12. If he does, I'm wondering how he's disguised. Draped with a sheet, like a ghost or klansman, with an iron mask over his head? The French Man ---in the Iron Mask.
  13. I'll look for that. A thousand isn't really a lot of books, I had about 5000 when I moved, because I had a lot of built-in book shelves. I lose patience with 2 hours and one person. I really want to see the county come in and demolish the whole thing, at least one time.
  14. One murder I used to see often was the one where the guy and his girlfriend had matching BMWs, or some expensive car, his black and hers white. I'd rather see repeats of this than the one of the Texas kids hiring killers.
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