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  1. I see a lot of First 48s on Lifetime tonight. Look like the same shows usually on A&E. https://www.mylifetime.com/schedule
  2. Discovery Life is replaying these, the Kings were on today, and the earlier ones, on 6/2.
  3. FYI, the original shows from 2019, are scheduled 5/24, tomorrow, and 8&10 PM, and again at midnight and 2AM. This is on Discovery Life channel, NOT TLC.
  4. My favorite dumb move, was the guy who'd put a GPS tracker on his wife's car, and removed it. The cops recognized the hanger thingy, looked up the tracking on his computer, and found that after he'd removed, as he walked back he was dropping things like bloody gloves, weapon, etc.
  5. Certainly both in Dr.Now's at last visit, and at Lola's. And I was surprised at how rude Clarence was to Lola. I wouldn't have been surprised if Dr.Now had mentioned Brandi and drugs, because he's called out others for it. I hope Roshanda continues to make a life for herself. Which birthday was it for her?
  6. I love the Drain shows, and be sure and watch the Thai cave rescue one. I did go back and watch the show. Does Roshandra ever smile? She'll be talking about she's feeling better, and doing better, but she still sounds so sad.
  7. What I'm getting from this, is that I was right to catch up on some true crime, and solve a few plane crashes. Oh, and I did watch the repeat of Sarah, you'll remember her for her "tater tot casserole." I've got mummies and a repeat of bog bodies in my lineup for tonight.
  8. So very sorry, MYTMO. I can see not wanting to be quarantined with Whit, 24/7. I think they're good for money, but he likes to work. Maybe he & Babs flipped a coin on who would watch Whit, and he won.
  9. I watched this again tonight, needing something to snark at, and the recent new ones I couldn't bother to sit through. I wondered if at some point, Jeanne lost enough to get into the bathroom? And again I wondered at the filth, and that Jeanne couldn't bother to pick up something off the floor. Looking at the older posts, was glad to see that her mother was doing well, at least at one point. Hope she keeps well.
  10. What was the case that there were a couple of specials on, a few years ago? Not the Golden State killer. I remember some experts writing things on a blackboard, and I think it was messages the killer had left, or sent.
  11. Landon was ignored until Daniel died, and in the previous Dottie episode, he was having a problem because he wasn't talking much, but the bitch ignored him. He was always sitting in a high chair while she carried Daniel around. I think Daniel might have liked seeing his little brother, and vice versa. I see her as a crappy mother.
  12. Guess I must watch this. Poor little guy, she neglected him when her disabled son was alive, to the point where he was barely verbal at 2 or 3 years old. I was wondering about him, but was too distracted about all the shit going on, to watch. Maybe I'll watch some of it.
  13. A friend sent me this, because she knew I was a fan. It's Dr. Lee showing Natalie Morales around her house. https://www.today.com/video/dr-pimple-popper-gives-exclusive-house-tour-to-today-80471109504?fbclid=IwAR3FpswUIqkFOzcHMKRfUg2AGWSGzh_s_8RnpVj4qBSjSDFUgTLsfvAHiKs (It's pre-quarantine; it was strange to me to see just 2 people, but without masks, but too close together.)
  14. https://www.bostonglobe.com/2020/04/30/metro/making-your-own-mask-researchers-say-some-fabrics-can-filter-nearly-well-an-n95/?et_rid=805668827&s_campaign=globesmostpopular:newsletter&et_rid=805668827&s_campaign=globesmostpopular:newsletter
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