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  1. I disagree, because I don't think there's enough left of this show to merit another season. I'm here because I've seen everything else twice, and "series record" follows this, and so I look, awestruck by how little it offers. Jessica, please don't partner with her. You dad's the real deal, you too, and he's made a good business. Having Whit offer lessons is for die-hard fans of hers, but will not help your business.
  2. Her "radio career" was a couple of month as I recall, and she stalked and spooked a guy, who later came out as gay. My closest friends are mostly people I've worked with, so that would be Todd mostly.
  3. Who was the third woman at her house. I thought she had another daughter, but she mentioned only one.
  4. The one I keep seeing, maybe on TV, is Amy standing, and Tammy sitting, and Tammy looks like an enormous round couch. I don't know what might help Tammy, because I agree with the person who said that she's bitter, and jealous of Amy for having a husband.
  5. I think she's very short. Also, she never got the surgery, did she?
  6. Stuffed into the cargo area of a van, and headin' for Houston! My Big Fat Fabulous Mash-Up!
  7. Would that it were, but there are a couple more new ones.
  8. I'll have to google this. Was his father supposed to be a killer too?
  9. I just saw a rerun of this, and can't figure out why neither of the older daughters took the brother to live with them Also, why the show people didn't report her to CPS. I hated her as much as I've hated any, and hope the son survived to adulthood. (Show was 2011.)
  10. No, because at the end that's what Dr.Now was planning, and said it would be less stress on his heart. I know on some others he did that first.
  11. I liked the part where Tammy was telling her brother "the only thing Amy does for me..." and then lists, cooking, laundry, taking out trash. So unless I blinked, they don't see Dr. Proctor until next week. I thought that was the preview they kept showing.
  12. I guess her radio internship is the last paid job she had, wasn't it?
  13. How about "Hey Twit: perhaps you could make friends if you actually care about OTHER people?" That's what seems to be beyond her. And boy was this episode boring.
  14. The Jane Doe Murders was a really good show. Two hours, but I didn't fast-forward at all.
  15. I see TLC is replaying these episodes again, maybe tomorrow, 1/4?
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