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  1. Mrs. Stanwyck

    S07.E12: Reichenbach Falls

    I would agree if no one saw the body but the CSI team was all over the car until Sherlock called them back because he knew the car was about to blow up. I believe the CSI guys would have taken all sorts of pictures when they first got on scene. Unless Morland's face had been blown off by the bullets, it should be pretty obvious in the photos whether or not that was Morland. Sadly, I think he's dead and the only reason we didn't see the body was because they didn't want to pay the actor. I think the fact that Sherlock has not expressed any uncertainty conveys that he has seen enough evidence to believe Morland was killed.
  2. Mrs. Stanwyck

    Kids Baking Championship

    Two parts of last night that made me smile: First was the boy (still don't know names yet) listing off all the lemon items he liked. It made me think of Forrest Gump where Bubba lists off all the things with shrimp. Second was where another boy was trying to juice his lime without slicing it in half. The little girl's reaction "Seriously?" was pretty funny.
  3. Mrs. Stanwyck

    Kids Baking Championship

    So if American buttercream is a very sweet frosting, then didn't the kids execute it correctly? I feel like the better response from Valerie would have been, "I'm not a fan of buttercream because I find it too sweet but the texture of the frosting was good" or something along those lines.
  4. Not sure which episode but Robin rides up to the mall wearing a bike helmet. At least in my neck of the woods there were no bike helmets in 1985. And in 1985, a bike was my main mode of transportation.
  5. Mrs. Stanwyck

    S06.E07: Toldja 

    I didn't have a problem putting them in a containment pod - I had a problem with putting both of them in the same pod. It was clear those two were heading to meet up - why would you give them what they wanted? It was just stupid and clearly a plot point and I found it really annoying.
  6. Mrs. Stanwyck

    S03.E09: AKA I Did Something Today

    Three of the five people in jail due to Trish are Jeri's clients. She feels like she has been targeted and that the vigilante is personally trying to destroy her practice. She's wrong but I can sort of understand why she feels that way - if someone puts it together that a vigilante is targeting Jeri's clients, people might stop coming to her. It also came on the heals of dead guy claiming Jeri protected powered people. So you have a powered person putting Jeri's clients in jail and that news could impact her business. I think Jeri always feels people are out to get her unless she gets them first. I don't think it's personal for Trish - I don't think she is out to get Jeri - she's just trying to punish some of the guilty people that Jeri successfully defended. I think if she personally knew other lawyers she'd probably be going through their files too.
  7. Mrs. Stanwyck

    S16. E23. Lost Time

    I thought about this last night. If Gibbs went to the local police station to turn himself in for a crime that was committed in another country and for which there is no outstanding extradition warrant, what are the cops going to do? As far as I know, they wouldn't have jurisdiction in the case - wouldn't they just tell him to go to Mexico and confess?
  8. Mrs. Stanwyck

    MacGyver (2016)

    Not a fan of pairing Mac/Desi. I liked the African lady so I would be fine with her being a mostly off-screen romantic partner for Mac. The show doesn't really lend itself to showing a many scenes with the non-team member romantic partners unless they are in peril so I am good with her showing up occasionally for happy occasions and then being safe and off-screen the rest of the time. But, no matter what happens with Mac's romantic life, I will be forever grateful that the Australian lady left before that relationship went very far. I did not like her at all.
  9. Mrs. Stanwyck

    Episode Discussion: TFGH

    I spent a few minutes trying to figure out which character was dating his own sister. I finally figured you mean that Joss is Michael's sister and Michael is Oscar's cousin. But the fact that I even thought it was possible that a character could be dating his sister tells you how messed up the family trees are on this show.
  10. Mrs. Stanwyck

    S16. E20. Hail & Farewell

    I didn't get the logic of Gibbs' "I walked away but we still ended up here (the cemetery)". She was going to be at "cemetery" no matter what. If she hadn't been murdered on September 10, she would have died on September 11 with the rest of her department. It was terrible that she was murdered but she still wasn't going to have a long happy life. And, if you think about it, the fact that Gibbs walked away from someone to keep them safe and she died anyway (at the time he thought it was because of 9/11), that should have given him some perspective that life is going to happen and all he did by walking away was to spend less time with someone he loved. You would think that might have changed the way his post-her relationships were. Also, what was with the weird turning the chair upside down and cutting off the feet? I get that he did it when he was alone in the interrogation room because the chair was wobbly but he appeared to do it the second time as an intimidation tactic. Really? Some high ranking officer who has been in combat is going to be intimidated into confessing to murder because Gibbs pulled out a knife and cut the plastic thingies off the bottom of a chair? It's not like Gibbs could stab him in the interrogation room. I thought it was stupid.
  11. Mrs. Stanwyck

    S01.E20: Free Fall

    I assume Nolan's point about the guy being the face of his cause rather than a dead martyr struck a chord with Jessica as well. My thought is that she shot him so he couldn't talk about his cause and inspire others to take it up. Or, I may just be cynical. 😃
  12. Mrs. Stanwyck

    GH In The News: The PC Press Club

    I agree, the soapiest thing to do would be to let this go for 10 to 15 years before the secret comes out. If it comes out in the near-term, so what? The baby won't remember anything. Brad and Lucas are never on so its not like we'll see consequences for them and certainly not long term. As other's have said, Michael will dump the baby with the unseen nanny. And it's not like Michael is in a relationship with one woman while tied to another woman by a baby. Nelle's not around to throw a kink into Micheal's relationship by using the baby. Other than Brad and Lucas losing a baby and perhaps breaking up (which we wouldn't see much of), nothing will change so what's the point? He was interesting when he had custody of Avery but that's because I enjoyed him sticking it to Sonny. There is nothing at stake here.
  13. Mrs. Stanwyck

    GH In The News: The PC Press Club

    If that (hiring Cady McClain) happened, would Nina dump Valentin and start making eyes at Kevin?
  14. Mrs. Stanwyck

    Spoilers and Speculation: Clink Boom and Cheese Fondue

    Isn't that right - I think everything I've seen has said "56th"? Ah - I hadn't noticed the hashtag. As Cheyanne11 says, its just incompetence - no big surprise.
  15. Mrs. Stanwyck

    Episode Discussion: TFGH

    I remember Ava did go to jail for a period of time - I just don't remember what it was for. Was it for Connie's death? Weren't Sonny, Julian, Ava and Franco??? all involved in that prison transport accident that ended up with all of them getting out of jail? Sonny got out because he went to Port Charles and "saved" the governor's daughter on the Haunted Star by taking the bomb out of Michael's hands and jumping in the water. I don't remember how the others got out of their jail sentences. I don't even remember who planted the bomb. I do remember that being the end of my watching because it was then that Michael Quartermaine went back to being Michael Corinthos.