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  1. To me, he will always be Glen Gulia from The Wedding Singer
  2. Yes - the doctor administering the drug asked if he ever had a psychotic break. I think we are gearing up for a battle between real Mac and dream Mac.
  3. I kept waiting for the kid's picture of the mother to be the key piece of evidence that saved the day - I assumed the green light would be visible in the picture and that's how they would prove the signal malfunction. I was shocked when it didn't happen.
  4. I think it's now a 3 bedroom, 3 bath home. As you said, one of the bedrooms was turned into a master bath but the half bath was turned into the master closet so they took away the half bath but added a full one.
  5. I didn't think she was saying half-siblings aren't siblings, just that while this person shared DNA he was a stranger. When she said siblings are people you grow up with, I took it to mean people you know and interact with - not just people you lived with full time or had the same mother and father.
  6. Ansel wasn't actually living independently - he was living with Grey. But he has been moving towards more independence and Dex seems to finally support that. He is learning to drive, he is going on a date. He is achieving the goals he set for himself. And no one says that he has to move back in with Dex permanently. She is going through a particularly rough time and I think it is fine for Ansel to move back in to support Dex the way she has supported him in the past. While I think Dex will always be a little bit of a train wreck, she has been pulling things together lately and this last case has thrown her for a loop by bringing up all the Bennie stuff. I think admitting what really happened to Sue Lyn was good step toward moving past the guilt and grief she feels. If she can deal with Bennie, she will be in a much better place. And if Ansel wants to move out again at some time in the future, I choose to believe she would support that.
  7. Regarding the part I bolded, if Trina's mother has a problem with Trina associating with mobsters why is she allowed to hang out with Josslyn who lives with mobsters? Her position seems a bit inconsistent.
  8. I don't think that is what happened. I think the earth was dying before the crash but no one had been able to figure out how to get off the planet. Then, the crash happened and they used the alien technology and were able to start leaving. Poor Billy Mumy - last we saw of his Dr. Smith, he was in a cryo chamber. I guess he was blown to smithereens with the Resolute.
  9. I know they aren't required to make these characters the same as the original tv series but at the very beginning of the show, Dr. Smith was a murderous sociopath. He got stuck on the ship because he was trying to sabotage it which would have killed everyone on board. He messed with the Robot's programming and if i remember correctly, the Robot was supposed to kill everyone except Dr. Smith. After the first season he went from malicious and evil to bumbling goofball. He was always my least favorite part of the original series and it continues to be the same here. It is the same problem in both versions - I know they aren't the kind of people to straight up kill Dr. Smith but it gets old watching them put up with antics that endanger everyone and there are never any consequences. It's 50-ish years later and it is still not something I enjoy watching.
  10. When my husband asked what a trifle was I immediately thought of Rachel's version. 😀
  11. There were two flower deliveries. The one we saw with the roses was after the wife came home and found her husband dead and thought the doctor did it to protect her. The husband had apparently bought flowers for his wife for Valentine's Day and that was the delivery we saw. It was not connected to the husband's death. Then there was an earlier delivery we didn't see where the guy from India pretended to be a florist to gain entry to the home and kill the husband. This happened before the woman got home. The murderer took the flowers with him when he left but a yellow petal fell off and was found at the crime scene.
  12. I know you said this is in Valentine's head but why would Helena mix Valentine's sperm with Lulu's egg knowing that Luke was the father of both of them? That seems twisted, even for Helena.
  13. Not watching but how would that even work? Did they say that Laura is Valentine's mother or that Helena impregnated herself with Luke's sperm? I know reality is not really something that GH adheres too but I feel like Helena has been past her child-bearing age as long as she has known Luke.
  14. I think you mean the facilitator or counselor or whatever they were calling her. The dean of admissions at the college said the counselor handed over the money directly and she didn't see anyone else. But she added that he should have known he didn't get accepted on his own. I assumed he was just a crooked attorney who did this kind of stuff a lot and he already had the shell companies in place.
  15. I don't remember the final episode of last season. Did it end with the Phoenix Foundation shutting down or is that something we found out after the fact? I vaguely remember him being mad at his dad for choosing to save Mac over other people, but have no recollection of everyone losing their job.
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