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  1. I know they aren't required to make these characters the same as the original tv series but at the very beginning of the show, Dr. Smith was a murderous sociopath. He got stuck on the ship because he was trying to sabotage it which would have killed everyone on board. He messed with the Robot's programming and if i remember correctly, the Robot was supposed to kill everyone except Dr. Smith. After the first season he went from malicious and evil to bumbling goofball. He was always my least favorite part of the original series and it continues to be the same here. It is the same problem in both versions - I know they aren't the kind of people to straight up kill Dr. Smith but it gets old watching them put up with antics that endanger everyone and there are never any consequences. It's 50-ish years later and it is still not something I enjoy watching.
  2. When my husband asked what a trifle was I immediately thought of Rachel's version. 😀
  3. There were two flower deliveries. The one we saw with the roses was after the wife came home and found her husband dead and thought the doctor did it to protect her. The husband had apparently bought flowers for his wife for Valentine's Day and that was the delivery we saw. It was not connected to the husband's death. Then there was an earlier delivery we didn't see where the guy from India pretended to be a florist to gain entry to the home and kill the husband. This happened before the woman got home. The murderer took the flowers with him when he left but a yellow petal fell off and was found at the crime scene.
  4. I know you said this is in Valentine's head but why would Helena mix Valentine's sperm with Lulu's egg knowing that Luke was the father of both of them? That seems twisted, even for Helena.
  5. Not watching but how would that even work? Did they say that Laura is Valentine's mother or that Helena impregnated herself with Luke's sperm? I know reality is not really something that GH adheres too but I feel like Helena has been past her child-bearing age as long as she has known Luke.
  6. I think you mean the facilitator or counselor or whatever they were calling her. The dean of admissions at the college said the counselor handed over the money directly and she didn't see anyone else. But she added that he should have known he didn't get accepted on his own. I assumed he was just a crooked attorney who did this kind of stuff a lot and he already had the shell companies in place.
  7. I don't remember the final episode of last season. Did it end with the Phoenix Foundation shutting down or is that something we found out after the fact? I vaguely remember him being mad at his dad for choosing to save Mac over other people, but have no recollection of everyone losing their job.
  8. I agree - a less combative approach would have been preferable to start with; its not like the couple conspired to steal his sperm and raise his child. It would have made me think more of bio dad if he had reached out before serving them but in terms of the story, I think they would have ended up in court anyway. Bio dad wasn't interested in joint custody (and neither was bio-mom). So if neither party will agree to share custody, court is where they would have ended up.
  9. True but whether or not they went the route they chose, they were still going to be intricately involved in each other lives because of Joseph. One couple would have been given sole custody but that doesn't mean the other couple wouldn't have been given visitation. It's not like the loser was going to disappear from Joseph's life. Also, custody arrangements can be challenged so just because one side was granted sole custody doesn't mean the other side couldn't petition again in the future. At the end of the day, noncustodial parent was still going to be around and those couples were still going to be involved with each other.
  10. I wasn't sure where to post this question but decided this episode discussion was more appropriate than episode 1. Does anyone have any idea who the folks were that had baby Yoda in the beginning? They killed all the previous bounty hunters that came looking for the Child. Were they keeping him safe or just keeping him for their own nefarious reasons. I know they are all dead but wouldn't it make sense to go back to search for some answers about where Baby Yoda came from? It seems like that would be the most likely place to find at least a clue.
  11. It was a very quick line so it was easy to miss but Dean said something like "With that many monsters in one place, human bodies will be dropping". They didn't go because monsters were killing monsters, they went because they thought humans would be getting killed too just because of the high concentration of monsters.
  12. It was the first episode of this season. The show went along as normal but the last scene was a couple out in a field and she had been telling him the story of this case. She made some reference to her dad and Uncle Benny and you hear Bull's voice call out from the house for them to come inside for dinner or something like that. It was just a one-off scene and there hasn't been anything else like it in any of the other episodes but it certainly indicated that Bull was having a daughter who lived to at least young adulthood.
  13. I suppose that is possible but we did have the episode earlier in the season where Bull's grown daughter is recounting a case to her boyfriend.
  14. They don't always have an excuse, but on this episode they said Quinn was at a deposition. Then when Tani showed up at Steve's, he said he didn't think Quinn was coming over after her deposition.
  15. I like to think that if someone said they saw Nikolas chained up somewhere, she might be more willing to believe that. I'm choosing to believe that she can't imagine that if Nikolas is alive and free that he would let Spenser (or her) continue to believe he was dead. When Laura, Lucky and Jake came back from the dead, they had been held captive and didn't just choose to not tell people.
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