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  1. That's really nice to hear. Not sure why TPTB think we need the false drama.
  2. I agree - I am sure it is absolutely more impressive in person and not having live judges probably does have an impact. As someone who did not enjoy the animosity between Buddy and Duff in the previous seasons, this season was more enjoyable to watch. Fake or not, if there are additional seasons, I hope the tone stays the same.
  3. It has the face the cameras - that's how the judges are seeing it. I guess there would be the tv camera and a "computer camera" for lack of a better word - whatever camera they are using to connect to the judges. I assume when the camera zooms in, the judges are seeing the details just like the TV audience.
  4. Hi - US viewer here. Bryan has been on HGTV (or DIY) in the US off and on for at least 10 years or so. The first program I remember was where Bryan was called in by an exasperated family member who was tired of living with an incomplete home renovation project. Bryan would surprise the DIYer and then help him/her finish the project. Then there was the program where he and Adam renovated Bryan and Sarah's small house. Then the lake house build. Both of those were limited series about that specific project - so one and done. The second ongoing show that I remember Bryan in was where home
  5. I believe a good portion of the first floor is actually garage. As I understand, in addition to the garage, there is one bedroom and bathroom down there that wasn't shown. So, unless your room is on the first floor, you need to go upstairs for all of the other living space. So, kitchen, dining area and family area plus 2 bedrooms and 2 full baths are upstairs. In the DC area, town houses are common and often when the town house has a garage, it is basically the first floor. Then there are generally two more floors on top of the garage, so you walk upstairs to the main living area on
  6. I totally agree with you. I was with Corey on "Team Change It" for the outside. I know Corey's big complaint was the color but I didn't like any of it. Mina said that they did different colors since the front was so flat. Since they rebuilt from scratch, why did she build it so flat - couldn't she have added some dimensionality to the house? Even putting shutters on the windows would have helped. Then, I thought the piece of marble behind the sink would have looked better if it had been the same width as the sink. Having it be smaller??(or was it wider???) than the sink threw off t
  7. I finally watched "the feast" episode and I agree, neither technically met the theme. But I did notice Ralph seems to be really over "giant food" or just making everything so big. While the donut and cupcake looked great, Duff's team output really was more impressive. Those vegetables really looks like they were edible.
  8. No kidding - me too. Regarding the Josh Groban show, I kept hoping they would put in one of those in-wall air conditioners. Having spent a few days in June helping clean out my in-laws LA garage, I can personally attest that it's hot in there - and we had the door open. Also, I wasn't amused by the way they made fun of the screen door. Maybe it helped with air flow through the house so they could cut down on air conditioning.
  9. If that was the end of the series, I guess they left in a good place. In retrospect, I think Arthur had to be dead - otherwise there were too many questions he would have had to answer - why did he let Sam stay in jail, why didn't he let Richie's mom know he was alive, did Richie's mom know about the kidnapping plan? I did not see the twist with Arthur coming - I wondered who the mysterious relative was that set up the kidnapping and whether we would ever find that out. I feel bad for Richie's mother - based on the story about the psychic, it sounds like she did not know what happ
  10. In my area, in more recent years realtors have been including finished basements in the "finished living space" as in this house has 2900 sq feet of finished living space. For purposes of getting a mortgage, I think you have to list the square footage without the basement. At least I think that's the way it works in the DC area. The house was really large. I didn't think I was going to like the flooring on the ceiling but it looked fine in the end. I did think the cat walk was kind of wasted space. I would have preferred to have closed off at least one side and had another room upsta
  11. I knew as soon as the kid asked if Matt wanted to see his dad it was going to be Ritchie. I think the next episode is the season finale. I hope the spend the whole episode on Ritchie and really get questions answered. After Sam's dad died, I can see the air traffic control guy being afraid for his life. I can also see him being afraid for Ritchie if he somehow is the one who came across Ritchie after Ritchie escaped from the van. But what I really need for them to explain is how/why they let Sam stay in jail. As a kid, I can believe Ritchie didn't know but the other guy had to know.
  12. Does anyone know if the hosts are the ones to decide what they're cooking? I get the feeling that someone behind the scenes decides on the recipes and the hosts just demonstrate. If that's the case, I'll give it to Jeff for trying to sell the sh** out of potato chip potato salad. As someone who, 4 decades ago, put potato chips on her bologna sandwich, I am not offended by the idea of potato chips on potato salad but as others have said, you can't grind them to dust - you have to have big enough pieces to add crunch.
  13. I think he understands team chemistry. As he said in this episode, he believes Jamie is the turd in the punchbowl. If the team doesn't gel, it's hard to win.
  14. I feel a little bad for Lincoln for all the criticism he's getting. I don't know him and he may be as spoiled as the day is long (his family certainly has the means to do so) but he's also a little boy. What is he, 10? I think they said Charlotte just turned 13 and he appears several years younger than her. What little kid wants to give up things that he has been enjoying. He's had free run of the resort and has enjoyed it. Now he's being told he can't do a lot of the stuff that he's been doing. Most kids wouldn't be excited about that either. Its not like he laid down on the floor and
  15. I had the same thought but maybe Mary didn't kill Steve. My guess is that sister killed him and Mary is helping her cover it up because sister clearly has issues. But I am really tired of Ronald and his taser. I wish someone would just knock it out of his hands or kick him in the groin and then pick up the taser and turn it on him. I am ready for Ronald to be done.
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