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  1. I wonder how Barbara Alyn Wood felt giving that line, seeing as the girl playing her daughter is her daughter. I agree, it was a total bitch line to give to her daughter and I don't give a shit if she was sick of Lexi's attitude. My sister gets pissed at her husband when he personalizes their toddler daughter's behavior. I bet they will gaslight Lexi if she brings up their shitty behavior towards her. @AnimeMania, what she said to her daughter about what Caroline's did being better than anything Lexi had done her entire life went too far, as well as both of them dismissing Lexi being humi
  2. For all of Steve Burton's talk about not wanting to play boring, goody goody Jason Q, he has been doing the same storylines for the last two decades. I get it: he want screen time and screen time of = job security, or it gives a better chance at it, but even Tony Geary wanted a challenge ever once in a while.
  3. Despite the later monumental successes of Angelina Jolie & Scarlett Johansson as well as Alicia Silverstone's later success in Clueless , I still think the casting directors made the right call in the casting of the 4 girl leads in The Craft. Same with the casting of Alicia Silverstone and Stacy Dash as Cher and Dion vs Reese Witherspoon and Kerry Washington in Clueless
  4. I will blame the writing because the show, no matter who is ruining it, refuses to acknowledge that Sonny, Jason & Carly are more toxic than the Qs family dynamic. I didn't watch the episode, but I but it was also a failure of Steve Burton's acting to show conflict.
  5. I was little sadden when Jennifer Tilly made the very true point that the only way for her to circumvent being tossed into "grandma" roles was to have a role in, let's face it, almost B-Level horror series after she turned 40. Now she can have a bit of a resurgence (hopefully) in the Chucky Tv Series. Unless you are Meryl Streep or you own your own production company like Reese Witherspoon, it is pretty slim pickings, even if you have an Oscar or Oscan nom underneath your belt.
  6. With the sexualization of kids coming into the forefront (thanks to the ongoing saga of Brittany Spears), I was put when Jennifer Tilly described Zachary Arthur's character as "hot" at a recent ComCon. Zachary Arthur is currently 14. Straight, gay, I hate when kids (or kid characters, even if they are played by adults) get defined in words that have more of a sexually meaning, especially by people that are decades older. It is creepy.
  7. Which gave some totally underrated lines from Brenda: "I'm not running to Jax, I'm just walking away from you"
  8. Because it was evidence and she could go to prison for a good 8 years & I basically stopped watching after it became clear that Ava wasn't going to punished, not to mention that AJ ended up dying because of it. Kate Walsh was 10x the character than Ava is. She sucks.
  9. UO: I want Spencer to get his hands on a copy of the recording of Ava confessing to killing Kate and hold it over her head. People can hand wave it like they hand wave Dr. O's multiple crimes, but I didn't forget nor forgive. I also don't buy that "but she suffered sooo much!!!" I DON'T CARE.
  10. It wouldn't be terrible if the kids were seen do other, soapy things. Soap stories don't always revolve around relationships.
  11. So I watched the Critical Drinker examine why modern movies more or less suck, and I thought I a lot of his complaints could be used to sum up the last 20 odd years of General Hospital. I really do believe that GH isn't an anomaly anymore, but the canary in the coal mine:
  12. I can't get too worked up about the writing staff and crew because it seems the FV broomed the prior GH writing away in favor of his own people.
  13. No you aren't misremembering. They were in a casual sexual relationship.
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