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  1. Disagree, I hated the ending with Jeanette in Martin's home. Looked totally tacked on (even before the producers commentary and the show lost the moral ambiguity it had, which was enjoyable. The mom could be just as weird as the rest of her family with her fixation on status and the Wallis (calling Vince's and Mallory's well meaning birthday present cheap). She helped cultivate Jeanette's obsession with Kate's life. Then she takes off. Cindy tried to deal with the fallout, but Jeanette resented the heck out of her.
  2. I desperately need it revealed that Jason framed Zander for that cop shooting for it to be publicly exposed. Maybe it will shake some of the brain washing that Josslyn is under.
  3. At a distance as well. Someone speculated Jeanette not wearing glasses would play a role into seeing her but not seeing her.
  4. The worst things about Mallory is that she is obsessive, bossy and awkward, but she can be loyal and likes to push people out of their comfort zones. She never came across as a evil person. If anything she seemed to be overly sensitive, which is a typical teenage trait. HQS isn't the best actress, but I was touched at her reaction when Mallory realized that she was the only person Kate invited on her birthday. Again, I am not a fan of the potential of Mallory and Kate being a couple, but with both of their personalities, it made sense on a level.
  5. I think it was the low cost of living & Jane being part Thai would contribute to their creativity. I've heard that Australia is super expensive so they would have had to keep the jobs they had and their passion project would have to take a backseat. I know I am pretty spent after working my regular job that pays the bills, so I keep putting off doing artwork.
  6. I liked that Jeanette wasn't likable. Just because a person is innocent of what someone is accusing some of, doesn't mean they are likable or even a good person. I remember that Simpson episode where Bart had witnessed a "crime" between a horrible, privileged asshole and some poor servant, and everyone was happy to roast him. Turned out that the servant was a klutz and the thing the asshole was going to enjoy was getting drunk. Bart confessed and got detention, because even though the defendant was horrible, it was still the right thing to do because the guy was also innocent. Kate was mu
  7. I think in a lot of ways, this show was a little sister companion to other "teacher grooms student" miniseries, A Teacher (also on Hulu and debuted within a year of Cruel Summer). They never made Kate Mara's character an almost Machiavellian, Lifetime television villain, which made the entire grooming process of Eric even more horrifying, because it could and has happened. Neither Martin nor Claire explicit planned out how to get those teens into sexual relationships, but when chances to be closer to Kate and Eric arose, they took it. Even did a bit of a push pull, where they verbally reject b
  8. I will start with this: I agree with RachelNM that throughout the show they did lay out that she was capable of leaving Kate to Martin. They also laid out traits which showed she might not do that. What the show tacked on (which was worse than the scenario that Kate accused her off) looked totally last minute to me, even without the interviews from the showrunners. When she had her visitation with her mother, and Cindy asked Jeanette if she hated her, Jeanette, even though she was visibly angry and confrontational, admitted that she didn't hate her, and it looked genuine. Even Angela t
  9. Can Trina judge? Her mentor murdered a woman.
  10. The perspective is, while we get that Jeanette is selfish, a social climber and manipulative, she wouldn't be so evil to knowingly allow a girl to be held against her will by a sexual predator. I preferred the ambiguity than out right confirming that she was a monster. Also, that scene was tacked on, as admitted by the showrunners.
  11. The twist ending ruined the entire show for me. I don't think I will watch next year because I hated that so much, especially if it had a different story. I get Jeanette was a horrible person, but now it seems she might be worse than Martin Harris. It isn't like Kate and Jeanette became friends after they figured out the misunderstanding. At least when we thought Jeanette didn't say anything if she did lock eyes with Kate on Christmas Eve, she could chalk up not telling people about Kate:"She was free to roam the house, she could have left anytime she wanted," because technically, that was tru
  12. They said Jeanette/Kate is one complete story. I think they will have a different cast and characters of just different characters to tell a story.
  13. I think they made the wrong choice with that last final twist. They should have kept Jeanette ambiguous or not have her have a more torn look on her face instead of a smile. They made her an even worse person than Martin. Unlike the kiss between Mallory and Kate, which I wasn't wild about but it wasn't entirely implausible given the two girls personalities, it didn't do what the show runners that it did, as they still see Jeanette as not completely evil. Even Walt at the end of Breaking Bad tried to make amends and ended up dying from his choices.
  14. Interview from Business Insider There was another interview where Napolitano said they wanted to basically up the crazy at the very last minute. I can't find it at the moment.
  15. Unless the writing team got a tremendous amount of help, like they did with Martin grooming and abusing Kate, the show was weakly written. It had good characters and could be very grounded at times, but could be plot driven too. Especially when dealing with the Turner family. The only people happy with the last scene were people that thought Jeanette was a psycho anyways. The rest of us are fanwanking that Jeanette, at least in a moment of guilt, tipped off authorities. It wouldn't change the aspects of her personality that showed her to be selfish, unpleasant and opportunistic, but she
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