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  1. Michael is so used to other people fighting his battles, I truly believe that he vents out his frustrations to them so the problem is taken care with him doing the least bit of work, subconsciously at least. Unless has had the blinders put back on, he must of known that venting to Sonny that Brad getting a fair trial would be super hard on him would lead to Sonny threatening Brad, just like him complaining to Carly would get Carly to be the one to deal with Nelle.
  2. Of course they think that way. As long as the person isn't physically maimed, they haven't committed a crime. Carly really did sink Sonny as a character. Did Luke pay a visit to both of them for what Carly did to his ex-wife?
  3. I wish Monica had over heard what Carly said about AJ. Smacked the taste out of her mouth and decided to side with Nelle (temporarily). Bitch lost the right to talk smack about him after she helped cover up his murder.
  4. I think it would be hilarious (for me) if Alexis and Neil actually were experiencing transference after all this. Those laws are there for a reason.
  5. I think that Timothee Chalamet is a lot like Robert Patison he has somewhat of a conventionally handsome face while looking like a twink. While Kyle Gallner might have done better if he was born a decade later, he always had something of sociopathic, a little too dangerous vibe to him.
  6. And even then he takes his orders from Sonny.
  7. Probably means she isn't corrupt in her job, but has a sketchy personal life.
  8. Hey, Brook Lynn had to improvise. She couldn't stab Ned in the gut after lulling him into a sense of security and bury him near death in a shallow grave. Like Franco did to Heather, post tumor removal, and no he wasn't in any physical danger from her at that time, just a vague one from his lady du jour at the time, Carly. Brook Lynn is bad, Franco is always worse. At least the show is presenting her in the wrong unlike Franco.
  9. They did! What ever Jason, Sonny & Carly (in exactly that order) decide is good, whatever anyone else does if not approved by Jason, Sonny & Carly is bad.
  10. They could show Brook Lynn floundering at her job without her being this much of a screw up. Devil Wears Prada was no joke (and not surprising since the author was an assistant to Anna Witour) the job to a CEO of a major business is incredibly hard. While I am all for more characters who are in some sort of health care job, I feel like that not be appropriate for her character. I really think BL needed to be shown working longer at ELQ than a couple days. A month, maybe even a few months would have done it. Really have BL see her dad in full business mode, where he chastises her for what she perceives as completely minor oversights. Heck, since the show loves contrived scenarios, they can come up with a bullshit excuse for Maxie to be at ELQ for something, and have BL and Ned witness Maxie almost effortlessly handle a problem that BL was struggling to take care, because she worked under Kate Howard and carried Nina Reeves at Crimson. That way in a few months, BL and Ned can come to together and realize no matter how hard BL is trying, she is still doing a terrible job and part ways. However after what Lulu did, at least have it discovered that Spencer tampered with the election machine and have her leak the story to a reporter rival of Lulu's.
  11. She didn't just shot Liz. She held her hostage in her own home (which can be defined as kidnaping by law) and after that got the job as CoS at GH...it is even worse.
  12. Originally Georgie was also a bit of a brain herself. So even if Maxie doesn't have the brains, her sister did. Still hate Spinelli and I hate that Anna is totally being thrown under the bus for stupid Jason and Spin.
  13. I am a bit pissed off because not only was someone I work for exposed to the Coronavirus, which is forcing both of us to stay in quarantine for the next two weeks (so no grocery shopping for me and I live alone so I am in almost complete isolation) my boss also cut my hours to my already lowing paying job and I don't know how I will make up the money. So excuse me if I am not cheering them both on about them staying in quarantine and encouraging others to do it. It is nice when the celebs are trying to cheer up people and entertain them and donate money for some relief, it angers my blood when well off celebs tell me to self isolate.
  14. It is a bit rich of people like the Kylie and Kim telling us to do our part to self quarantine, considering they live in palatial estates with pools, warm climate and well stocked fridges and pantries, not to much the hundreds of millions of dollars at their disposal not work for several weeks and can get food delivered. They are people who now have to stay in their bedroom as they have to practice social distancing from their roommates. The lucky ones can still work from home, service workers in businesses deemed un essential are screwed.
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