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  1. I can blame Molly and I do. I disagree with you all, except for the Dante/Valerie set up. All the hook ups post FV were poor set up. Soaps used to set up people sleeping around a lot better. It was completely believable that Tony Jones would cheat on Bobbie after everything that had happened to him, or that Carly would have a one night stand with AJ while living with Tony. Or Monica having an affair after breast cancer. All of these I emotionally got, despite the immorality. I even brought up Liz sleeping with Jason for the first time. It is plot point to plot point with FV as the EP now. Everyone acts bipolar. There is a good chance if Molly and TJ talked after his proposal, TJ might have decided to break up with Molly or Molly might have admitted that because they have been together since high school and hadn't dated anyone else, she wasn't sure about their relationship, or both. But no, they had TJ's mom break up with Molly and she believed that even though she had been living with her boyfriend for years.
  2. I wasn't saying that that Robb Derringer was Sir Lawerence Oliver, only that he was better than Grayson McCouch.
  3. What is with FV's trope that of one half of couple randomly sleeping with someone else without even talking with their other half? First Dante with Valerie, then Molly with Brando, now Ned with Alexis. I guess Alexis and Ned are a slight improvement because they were romantically involved and have been friends for a long time. There is some weird misunderstanding or breakdown in communication, and instead of trying to confront their better half, they randomly hook up with someone else. It makes Liz and Jason's one night stand when they conceived Jake look almost quaint because Liz actually caught Lucky having sex with Maxie. I guess FV and the headwaiter du jour think it some how absolves them sleeping with someone else, but in my eyes, it just makes them look immature.
  4. Considering that this show writes for plots more for characters, my guess that they will pick the worse course of action with her.
  5. One thing I really hate about this regime is that they often recast some really great character actors with more "name" entities. I remember when they replaced Saidah Arrika Ekulona's Janice Lomax with Shari Belafonte and then did nothing with the character anyways or replaced Robb Derringer with Grayson McCouch. I know Kyle Sloane sucked, but Robb was much better in the role than Grayson.
  6. Sometimes I don't know what is worse on this show, the misogyny or Guza's low key racism.
  7. Offices look so similar, they can use the Metro Whore set but say it is another nearby building.
  8. They need the money to pay for another Sonny relative or Jason enemy.
  9. So I guess Britt has picked up Nelle's baton for truth telling.
  10. My favorite Monica moment is right before Emily's funeral and not only did she bar Jason from attending but read Sonny for filth when he came to convince her to let Jason come. I just wish she would do it to Michael once in a while, like when Michael brow beat Monica into letting Sonny and Carly attend AJ's funeral, knowing how Monica feels about both of them (even before finding out about their role in AJ's death). I think the most annoying isn't that Michael usually gets what he wants, is that everyone just gives it to him. That is why I am going to miss Nelle's truth telling.
  11. yes. Same goes for the Haunting of Bly Manor.
  12. It wasn't until I watched The Haunting of Hill House that I finally understood why some people that loved anime hated Avatar the Last Air Bender. It's okay as a ghost story, but I often find the dialogue overwritten and too self serious.
  13. One thing that is good about the MeToo Movement: people are putting less blame on a then 19 year old Paris Hilton and more on her skanky 12 years older (31 at the time) asshat boyfriend Rick Salomon for that tape.
  14. Yeah, and it is a bitch and half unless you hire outside help (or even). My grandparents from India would travel to America to help my mom watch me and my sister, and when my aunts and uncles came over, they helped watch us and once those aunts and uncles started having kids of there own, we (my mom, sister and me) helped watch those kids while the parents were working, and so and so on. Now, the older cousins act more like big brothers/sisters to the younger ones. A couple of those cousins also had grandparents living in the house with them. I think my sister would completely lose her shit if her in-laws weren't around to take over the cooking duties and get up with her kid who loves waking up before 5am. It is super helpful now that she is in her second trimester. Even the European-Americans that I go to church often handle baby-sitting duties for the grand babies. I don't really blame people for factoring having family close by, not only from an emotional standpoint, but a practical one.
  15. Ok, I miss a lot. Did Scott somehow become poor? Did Serena cut him off or refuse to give money to her insta-brother (which I wouldn't blame her for)? I am sure Serena and her money won't become relevant unless returns to Port Charles and Valentin decides to prey on her.
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