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  1. Here is my unpopular opinion: unless someone is openly abusive, either physically and verbally, and that is too the point than it more than a product of their times, (I am looking at you Marlon Brando) I don't give a shit about their opinions and personal beliefs off screen. All this cancel culture shit is getting worse than the Hays Code.
  2. Yeah, but Elizabeth didn't go out of her way to destroy any of her lovers. And one DNA test needed is enough to say that Carly has no right judging anyone. All Carly is a self righteous bully.
  3. Off topic: I remember she came to an awards ceremony heavily pregnant with their twins and instead of wearing the maternity style dresses that sort of camouflage the belly, she decided to flaunt. A bunch of asshole fashion critics said she looked like she had a beer belly and made fun of her, not one person defending her. Moving on, apparently according to Kevin Bacon, the huge age difference between him and Amanda Seyfried will be addressed and is actually a huge part of their relationship in "You Should Have Left," which I am glad to hear. On a completely opposite note, "The United States Vs. Billie Holiday" directed by Lee Daniels is coming out probably next year. While I think the majority of his cast is pretty perfect (with a bit of a wink at "Lady Sings the Blues" with Evan Ross, Diana Ross's son, having a role), I wonder how fucking awesome Garrett Hedlund was at his audition, because he was cast as Harry J. Anslinger at 35 years old, even though Anslinger didn't get a significant government role until he was 38 and didn't start hunting Billie Holiday until well into his 40s, culminating in him basically killing her when he 68. Whats more, Garrett is a year younger than the actress playing Billie, even though in real life Anslinger was over 20 years older. I just don't get his casting: is Lee Daniels planning on also showing Anslinger raise to power as well? That is the only thing that explains it.
  4. Edward Q did offer the money for Brook Lynn, including room and board at the mansion, but he had the insane idea she go back to college, and by god, she won't be controlled like that! She'd rather drug a close friend and convince his girlfriend that he is cheating. It is a huge betrayal but would give her more time with her music. It isn't like she could learn anything useful, like read a contract.
  5. Then I was wasn't clear. My exact sentence was: The "and" was to include what is under Guza's delusional thinking, not that "I" thought that Olivia was to blame.
  6. I said that Guza was delusional when he wrote the story line. Guza was the one that thought that Sonny was someone pushed to his limits and Sonny's own shitty actions were other people's fault. No, I don't think Olivia was to blame. Did she handle things well, no, but she reasonably assumed that Sonny wouldn't go around shooting people, especially a fucking cop that he was openly interacting with. It was the other writers that see how crazy Sonny's behavior is.
  7. Disagree. Back then the show was even more up Sonny and Jason's ass than now. It is that Guza was so delusional, that he thought he was presenting as Sonny being pushed to his limits or whatever and Olivia was as much to blame as Sonny for the shooting. However, the day to day writers were much stronger than now; it seems that RC/FV chased them out in favor of OLTL writers, despite them not giving a crap about history.
  8. I hate how the defense of RH's Franco is "well he is totally different now, so it doesn't bother me", well then, if they were just going to totally change the character, why make him that character in the first place.
  9. GH is awful about race. I am probably the least woke person you will ever meet and I think GH is terrible with diveristy. One of the many problems I had with Guza is that he undid a lot of the diversity that the show was trying to introduce in the late 80s and 90s.
  10. It is one thing when there a budget limitation or you can't get the set you want, another people can't interact in a meaningful way.
  11. I don't think so. It seems to be introduced around 2002, when Israeli-style police started being introduced in America.
  12. I don't know. I get the cleanliness behind the scenes, but when those standards start affecting how stories are told, I would rather have them wait until we are out of the COVID woods before starting filming again, or at least after the report "second wave" of COVID-19.
  13. "You Should Have Left" Kevin Bacon and Amanda Seyfried play husband and wife, even though Kevin is old enough to be Amanda's father. Was that in the book? The most they address it is when the daughter mentions he is older than Amanda's character.
  14. Which I stated in my post. I said that Lea Michele was probably a big bitch and more than I blame Lea, Ryan Murphy should have put his foot since he was in charge. I also stated no matter how unprofessional Samantha was acting even in that instance, how Lea went about was still wrong. Lea was neither the director nor the executive producer; since she lacks any sort of tact, she should have told the director and have either them deal with it.
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