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  1. Then Lulu said something catty back, and it should have ended right there.
  2. I was on Team Brook on this one. Fuck Lulu. Not because Lulu moved on or that Brook spoke about things she has no clue about, but because when Brook Lynn decided to step outside to get some air and be alone and Lulu immediately marched outside and started berating her about being back in town, despite the fact this was first time she saw Brook Lynn in nearly 10 years at Brook Lynn's paternal family home. It is actually not crazy for someone's daughter to visit her father on a holiday. If Lulu doesn't want to be lectured, then she shouldn't start arguments. While I think that Brook Lynn is being a bit trite about what she did to Dante, considering the town she is in, I don't blame her wishing and even expecting that people move on since the show works overtime brushing aside Ava murdering Kate Howard (Sonny & Carly are NPC as far as I am concerned), Sonny murdering AJ, Nina sexually assaulting Ava and kidnapping her baby, Jason Morgan and Franco: serial killers. Brook Lynn did a shitty thing to someone that was a friend, but it didn't do any permanent damage and cause Dante's PTSD.
  3. Ambrosefolly

    Joker (2019)

    White men love this movie because they think they are fucking oppressed so they think they are Arthur Fleck. Now I am more sympathetic to them than most (amazing considering I am Asian Indian), but come on. One thing I hated was the change of Thomas Wayne from vibrant,idealistic, kind hearted young (or at least youngish doctor) to Trump-like senior citizen chasing politics that
  4. I just watched Monday's episode, and I am sorry, what the hell? I know that Monica and Brook Lynn are technically family, but she hadn't spent a ton of time with her, and while she does exhibit a few Tracy-like traits (which are really Q traits). Yes, there was that time that Brook Lynn tried to swap $50,000 from Edward, but her own son AJ stole the entire family fortune for a time. It wasn't just Carly's idea: she funded and bribed Brook Lynn who was in legal and financial trouble. While Brooklynn was an adult by that time, she was at that weird age where you finally leave the protection of your parents, your early twenites when most are finished with college and starting the next phase. When Lulu pulled what she pulled, it was only 4 years prior (it might have been right before they all turned 18). Georgie married Dillon not only because they believed Dillon was dying from an incurable disease, but because she truly loved him. Early twenty-something adults aren't much more mature than late age teenagers. I found the entire story problematic not the least because it was negatively impacting a promising legacy character. Also because: 1) Tracy didn't take a more active role. Tracy would have been smart enough to realize Carly was out for blood, and Lulu and Carly being previously close wasn't going to protect Lulu from Carly's vindictive nature. On top of that, Carly was going to use one of Tracy's offsprings (and her only biological grandchild) for petty revenge plans. It doesn't matter that her and Brook Lynn weren't close: Brook Lynn was not only a Q but her direct descendant. Seeing the damage that Carly did to Alan's family, I can't believe that she would stand for it. 2) They never connected Brook Lynn's friendships with Georgie and Uncle Dillon to motivation to breaking up Lulu and Dante. To do that, it would prevent Guza from having the character willingly drug Dante, who apparently was a close friend. 3) I don't believe that Brook Lynn would turn down getting back her trust fund and receiving room and board from Edward in exchange for going back to school (Edward never specified what subject to major in), prefering to work for Carly so she could hurt a friend. Brook Lynn could easily maneuver around her great grandfather stipulations, and if she didn't, could have made good use of a degree in her music career.
  5. I hate them both. Part of the problem is that MB and Sonny is completely played out as far as a character, especially one that has been frontburner for over 30 years. I have a rant about this that includes Jason.
  6. Lucky wasn't trashed because of Franco (but his continued absence is probably to build up the serial killer). It is because Guza is a petty little bitch that was pissed that JJ decided to leave GH. Lucky deciding to move away would have been a great way to explain away the absences of Liz's boys (as it was done with Joss), but, oh no, can't have that. Guza has as much contempt for the audience as RC does. I will say, I like Greg Vaughn and while I didn't find him as talented as JJ, I believe in a roundabout way the show's complete disregard for him as an actor allowed them to take risks with Lucky that they wouldn't have done with JJ in the role. Thanks to GV, JJ had a much more interesting Lucky to play. It didn't last, but the first few months were great.
  7. Jason is at the top, then followed by Sonny.
  8. Listen, though I haven't seen them, I am sure that the It movies are better done than the It miniseries (and at 80 million budget for each of the movies, I should sure hope so) but the It miniseries will always have a special place in my heart. Considering the huge amount of restraints the miniseries had (it would only have a budget of 20 million in todays dollars, no swearing, no real sexuality, no obvious gore, the pool of actors were from TV/B Level movie actors) I thought it did a wonderful job. Most of all, it proved that it was possible to adapt that book into film. When I balked at them adapting the book into a pair of movies, I had to remind myself that it was made (uh hum) 27 years ago for network tv. Consider it, people are still make comparisons between the two of them actively, so the miniseries did a few things right. What I find hilarious is that people have the same complaints about lack of chem between adult versions of Losers in both versions, makes me think that that is how they were directed to act. While Bill Skarsgård did a much better job as Pennywise than I thought he would, Tim Curry having to elicit fear from the audience without the benefit of onscreen violence is truly special. And Georgie's picture winking at Bill after his funeral will always freak me out. While I haven't seen all of the movie, I have seen a few clips and I thought the miniseries did the scene with Beverly and the old lady at her old apartment better than the movie. As someone on youtube pointed out, horror movies back in the day would have the scenes full of life with something being slightly off, but in the It Chapter 2, you knew that there was something creepy about the old lady right from the jump and
  9. That was over 20 years ago and the relationship was so insignificant that it is never referenced. So of course Frank and Co. would go there.
  10. MEK might be a little young to play Jeff Webber, but he is actually the right age to play Tom Hardy, which I doubt he is playing. Of course they will either desperately try connect he through out the canvas, or they will make him the big bad villan.
  11. Morgan is a much better name to give one of their children than Jason, because not only is it Jason's middle name, it is Quartmaine family name as it is Lila's maiden name. Another thing they stole away from the Qs. A lot of people gave Skye a hard time naming her daughter after Lila since she wasn't a real Q, but if you ignore that adoption shit, she was a close family friend (and she gets points for being one of the few people loyal to AJ) to almost all the family members except for Tracy.
  12. I am of the opinion that the show hasn't explained where El's Aunt is in all of this. I honestly don't care that there is no one else Hop would want to look after El. It was speculated last year that Hop would also try to have El forge some sort of relationship with her Aunt for Terri's sake. Since Terri's name was on the birth certificate, her and her family's rights to El were reinstated and considering (and hopefully Hop would have been told this by El) everything Terri went through to get El back, they wouldn't want to steal El a way again.
  13. Season 1 Karen was shown to be a caring person overall and pretty devoted to her family, especially her children. If anything annoyed Mike and Nancy, it was her interest in their lives, especially Nancy and even broke into Nancy's room to snoop. Twice in season one, Mike went straight to Karen when he was upset over Will then Eleven and she gave him a comforting hug. It got a bit wonky in Season 2 when her and Ted didn't seem to know where their children were half the time, now it seems they are putting things one track, a bit more.
  14. I still like Mike. Interacting with teenage boys on a regular basis, they can get quite consumed in their romantic relationships since they have no idea how to regulate them. As for get getting pretty dark, it was established in season 1 that those games take the entire day to play. I wouldn't be surprised that despite their non interest in the game, Mike, Lucas and Will played for a good six hours and Will was alone for a few more hours before he decided trek back to Castle Byers and discovered even that sanctuary wasn't making him feel safe anymore.
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