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  1. Ambrosefolly

    Episode Discussion: TFGH

    Morgan is a much better name to give one of their children than Jason, because not only is it Jason's middle name, it is Quartmaine family name as it is Lila's maiden name. Another thing they stole away from the Qs. A lot of people gave Skye a hard time naming her daughter after Lila since she wasn't a real Q, but if you ignore that adoption shit, she was a close family friend (and she gets points for being one of the few people loyal to AJ) to almost all the family members except for Tracy.
  2. Ambrosefolly

    S03.E08: Chapter Eight: The Battle of Starcourt

    I am of the opinion that the show hasn't explained where El's Aunt is in all of this. I honestly don't care that there is no one else Hop would want to look after El. It was speculated last year that Hop would also try to have El forge some sort of relationship with her Aunt for Terri's sake. Since Terri's name was on the birth certificate, her and her family's rights to El were reinstated and considering (and hopefully Hop would have been told this by El) everything Terri went through to get El back, they wouldn't want to steal El a way again.
  3. Ambrosefolly

    S03.E04: Chapter Four: The Sauna Test

    Season 1 Karen was shown to be a caring person overall and pretty devoted to her family, especially her children. If anything annoyed Mike and Nancy, it was her interest in their lives, especially Nancy and even broke into Nancy's room to snoop. Twice in season one, Mike went straight to Karen when he was upset over Will then Eleven and she gave him a comforting hug. It got a bit wonky in Season 2 when her and Ted didn't seem to know where their children were half the time, now it seems they are putting things one track, a bit more.
  4. I still like Mike. Interacting with teenage boys on a regular basis, they can get quite consumed in their romantic relationships since they have no idea how to regulate them. As for get getting pretty dark, it was established in season 1 that those games take the entire day to play. I wouldn't be surprised that despite their non interest in the game, Mike, Lucas and Will played for a good six hours and Will was alone for a few more hours before he decided trek back to Castle Byers and discovered even that sanctuary wasn't making him feel safe anymore.
  5. Ambrosefolly

    S03.E08: Chapter Eight: The Battle of Starcourt

    I thought the scene at the kitchen table was quite touching. She seemed pretty apologetic about not believing Terri. She was also blindsided that the baby she thought was miscarried was alive and had superpowers. Then they ramped up "Eleven goes to find Eight" quickly.
  6. Ambrosefolly

    S03.E08: Chapter Eight: The Battle of Starcourt

    I don't doubt they have a warm relationship. Aside from Benny, she was the first adult to treat her with kindness, but there was a good amount of warmth between her and Aunt Becky, especially at the kitchen table when Becky had tears in her eyes, telling her that her mother never doubt that El was alive. She might of bolted because she was afraid that Becky was, ironically, sending her back to Hopper, but it was on negative terms on Becky's side. And I would also like to point, while I don't doubt that Joyce cares about her, in season one and season two, she also needed her to help with Will (admittedly in dire straights both times). I am sure she was happy to see Eleven alive after a year, but did she ask what happened to her the year she was missing.
  7. Ambrosefolly

    S03.E08: Chapter Eight: The Battle of Starcourt

    Except Terri's rights and by extension Becky's, weren't terminated. Technically Hopper is El's legal father, not adoptive, as he is named as the father on her birth certificate while Terri is now named her birth mother, which reinstates her rights. Because Terri's is permanently disabled, Hopper's "rights" supersedes Becky's, but once Hopper "died," custody should reverted back to El's biological maternal family as Becky is now the closest kin to her. While I think Becky would agree to Hopper having El as his daughter because she had spent a year with him, he is better suited to protecting her from the people that initial took her away and El wouldn't want to be parted from Mike, no matter how nice Joyce is, Becky would now want El in her house in the room that Terri lovingly decorated and kept for her, especially now that Joyce is moving El away from Mike, her boyfriend, and now Max, the only girl that she made friends with, not to mention Dustin and Lucas who helped hide her when she escaped. And I would like to think that for a man that had already lost a daughter, and since Becky is stable person with a house, I would think he would want to give Becky and Terri the girl that Terri spent years fighting for.
  8. Ambrosefolly

    S03.E08: Chapter Eight: The Battle of Starcourt

    I didn't mind it, because, like I said in the unpopular opinion thread, he is a very young teenage boy who amazingly managed to score a very cute girlfriend that wants to make out with him all the time. It isn't pleasant, but it is very true to life so I don't completely blame him since he probably was resigning himself to single nerdhood before Eleven came into his life. I know a kid the same age Mike is that had to be put in a mental hospital because of a bad breakup with his first girlfriend. His parents still lock up the knifes. And they weren't in love. Here is another unpopular opinion: I thought Mike was as right about Max turning Eleven against him as Hopper was about Mike corrupting Eleven. I thought she was acting like a straight up brat in regards to Mike and was projecting her own feelings about her relationship with Lucas onto Eleven. She still insulted Mike unprompted when she was cleaning up Eleven in Mike's bathroom after he was the only one that stepped up to stop Flayed!Billy from chocking Eleven to death.
  9. Ambrosefolly

    Party of One: Unpopular TV Opinions

    While I wouldn't go that far about Dawn being the best thing to happen to Buffy, but I never hated her and didn't mind that she was a "bratty" teenager. The vast majority of teenagers are annoying;it is almost their default setting. (And as so one mentioned, Dawn quickly had every reason to be bratty: she found out she was a key and her life was a lie, her mother died, all while being hunted hell goddess) But she also was willing to sacrifice herself without a moment of thought when the hell dimension opened. It is why I wasn't bothered by Mike's behavior last season, or even this season of Stranger Things. Yeah he was kind of a jerk to Hopper and what he said to Will during their argument was a bit insensitive, but he is a young teenager in the throws of first love (a love that Finn has the play with more intensity than most actors have to) and he went back to Will's house to beg for his forgiveness in the rain. I know a kid the same age as Mike that had to be put in a mental hospital because of a bad reaction to breaking up with his first girlfriend. There is always a lot of "should ofs" that we tend to put on teenagers, even if they later try to correct past behavior of their own conscious. Teenagers don't act that way, a lot of adults don't act that way. We tend to do the wrong thing initial and think better of those things later. I also thought it was a huge amount of fan service that Alexandra Paul was one of the few actors, male or female, that made a remotely believable lifeguard. Same with Kate Jackson playing a detective.
  10. Ambrosefolly

    The Stranger Things Wishlist: What We Want To Happen

    I think they should bring in Joe Chrest's actually experience of being an Air Force vet and earning expert marksmen commendations, since Nancy is known for her ability with a gun.
  11. Ambrosefolly

    S03.E08: Chapter Eight: The Battle of Starcourt

    Unpopular opinion: I thought Lucas' story took a hug hit in favor of Mike/Eleven & Max/Eleven, which is a waste of Caleb McLaughlin. His little sister seemed to have given more of a point of view then him. The only touched on the Max/Lucas relationship barely. I think, with out doing too much damage to other arcs, they should have driven home the fact that Lucas is the closest person to Max. He knows about her somewhat shitty homelife and was the person that really went out his way to make her feel at home in Hawkins. I think a focus that Lucas actually has conversations with Max could have smoothed out her 180 on Billy this season.
  12. Ambrosefolly

    S03.E08: Chapter Eight: The Battle of Starcourt

    I am sorry, I didn't read all the comments, but watched the show. I know people are pretty jazzed for El to be a member of the Byer Family, partly because of Jopper shippers, partly because of Millie's and Noah's real life and legendary close friendship, but what about her Aunt Becky that offered her a home last year? Her sister's name is still on the birth certificate. I could understand her continuing to leave with Hopper and Hopper adopting her; she had spent a year with him and and El really wanted to stay with Mike, but Hopper is, er, "dead" and she is now being sent away from Mike. Shouldn't El go and live with her biological mother's family. I know that things would be difficult because she cationic, but it isn't like Joyce is overflowing with resources either.
  13. Ambrosefolly

    S03.E08: Chapter Eight: The Battle of Starcourt

    Noah Schnapp found the time to go to summer camp while the show was filming. There is only 1 or 2 more seasons (with only 8 episodes each season) left and he is making bank. If the Duffer brothers think he is important to the show, they will work around him, as well as the other children.
  14. Ambrosefolly

    S03.E06: Chapter Six: E Pluribus Unum

    I was on Mike side on this. It might be the love googles, but unlike Max (and Will for that matter) he has seen the toil El's powers can take on her and she has been using her powers a heavy amount over the last few days and recently gotten the life nearly chocked out of her. It isn't a crazy fear of Mike that El could possibly over extend herself and stroke out, or worse, die. El isn't stupid, but considering the urgency and the danger of the situation, she would push herself over her current limits if she thought it could help. I think Max's combination of Billy being the new host for the Mind Flayer (most important), her frustration with Lucas, possible residual anger with Mike over his initial treatment of her, are clouding her judgement as much as Mike and Hopper's over protectiveness clouds theirs ( I found it kind of hilarious that Mike described Max the same way Hopper described Mike, as "corrupting").
  15. Ambrosefolly

    The Stranger Things Wishlist: What We Want To Happen

    Less flashbacks to shit I have already scene. Dear Stranger Things, your show entire show is always on Netflixs, unauthorized clips are on Youtube, not to mention the shit ton of tumblrs, it is taking up valuable screentime.