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  1. What did the judge say at the end? And is this the same judge that's been on the case since the beginning, or have there been different ones? I also think there's something inherently not right about Britney's money being what finances her conservatorship, whether or not her father is in charge.
  2. Mom Lynne "Concerned" If her mom is so concerned, where has she been all this time? Has she not spoken to her daughter in years? (Though, if Jamie is half as controlling of Britney as she claimed in court, I wouldn't be surprised if he had her house bugged.)
  3. On the one hand, kind of rich coming from him of all people, but on the other hand, good for him.
  4. Britney Spears is speaking today about her conservatorship and wanting it to end and said among other things: she has an implanted IUD (she doesn't want) that her conservators won't allow her to go to the doctor to have it removed, she has been unable to handpick her own attorney and wants him to be removed, and that she wasn't aware that she had permission to petition to end the conservatorship. And that they had her on lithium for five years! Edit: After Britney spoke, saying she wanted her life back, the video stream went dead due to "technical difficulties" and Britney was heard on th
  5. And then to have Liz say that she blamed Jason because secretly she was hurt that he never accepted Franco is PATENTLY ABSURD. Um, no, Liz and Cam blamed Jason because Jason was found at the scene of the crime, had valid reasons to despise Franco, and Franco convinced Jason to take him out if the brain tumor ended up returning. Which it did. It is laughable how this show bends over backwards to make it so that Jason (and Carly) never face responsibility for their actions or the consequences for those actions - where is Cyrus' mom these days? - and everyone in town always ends up apologizing to
  6. LexieLily

    The NBA

    I've heard about the not working to get better but hadn't heard about these things. What happened?
  7. LexieLily

    The NBA

    Holy shit: that last inbound play (Crowder to Ayton) for a dunk for the win!! Scott Foster tried so hard to give this to the Clips. How are you going to have 0.7 left on the clock for the Clippers after the Phoenix inbound pass and shot started at 0.9?
  8. LexieLily

    The NBA

    Rockets get to keep their pick! Once we got into the top four I told myself I wasn't going to be greedy; two is still good.
  9. LexieLily

    The NBA

    I hate to break it to you but GSW has Minnesota's 2021 pick (top-three protected). The Rockets, on the other hand, with the worst record still somehow only have a 50% chance of their pick staying in the top 4 (5 and it conveys to OKC). How does that work? Ha.
  10. And he went back and forth between Woman #1 and Woman #2 all of that time. I'll never understand why that one woman married him.
  11. It made me smile that he had a mini-Hugsy (Joey's bedtime penguin pal!) on the table in the background of his home.
  12. Cam and Elizabeth apologizing to Jason for daring to believe that the professional murder-for-hire found over Franco's body was the one to murder him was disgusting, like I knew it would be. In another note related to that, I hope Joss falls flat on her face in college and her classmates make it clear that she isn't as important as she thinks she is. I hope she has classmates that hate what Jason and Sonny stand for and won't back down and won't let her forget it. In what parallel universe would Ava willingly give Avery back to Carly? She knows perfectly well that Carly won't ever g
  13. So sad, but what made me smile was how we see that he has a little mini-Hugsy on the table in the background of his home.
  14. LexieLily

    The NBA

    Booker signed on but did he give himself an out, depending on how far PHX gets? The Olympics start pretty soon after the Finals.
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