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  1. I don't like Sonny at all but if they are going to make a storyline about him getting amnesia and make it the focal story for the foreseeable future, make it make sense! He fell from a bridge at considerable height and was unconscious in the elements for over a week with no coat but ended up with no broken bones, no hypothermia, and is somehow alive. He is declared dead from Jason via a pendant and now that he has been found by multiple people including a cop no one thinks to run fingerprints or anything to identify him. If Sonny Corinthos is supposed to be the greatest mob boss on the Eastern Seaboard why has no one recognized him? With the amount of times he and Jason have committed crimes and been arrested surely someone would know who he was. He is also bipolar and won't have his meds so is he going to get into a manic phase or a depressed phase sometime soon? Edit: Or....exactly what @sacrebleu said while I was typing this!
  2. Same! It would have been interesting and a nice change of pace to do an episode like that.
  3. The shared universe/continuity/community feel to the Evergreen movies is what makes me like it, actually, but the entire plot of the first Evergreen movie was that Allie didn't want to move to DC with her maybe-boyfriend because she didn't want to leave Evergreen and then Ryan/Zoe moved to Evergreen sometime between Movie 1 and Movie 2, but then in Evergreen 4 they were all living in Paris? How? Also, I'm assuming that since we never saw Holly Robinson Peete's wedding to her fiance there will be an Evergreen 5?
  4. I'll go for that. She was acting shady at the DNA testing with Silas.
  5. I don't even know why Carly is sticking her nose in that one. Is it so Nina won't get ideas about wanting visitation or rights to Wiley?
  6. As much as I don't like it that Valentin now has full custody of Charlotte now that Lulu is indisposed, I understand that he is the biological father at least according to what the show portrays. Dante wasn't operating under any assumption that he as Charlotte's one-time stepfather would receive custody. When Valentin went to prison after the stupid chimera business Nina put up a fight but ultimately (temporary) custody of Charlotte went to Lulu as bio-mom. Carly thinking that it would be any different here is the height of hypocrisy. And I half-expected her to start wailing to Jax that Avery lost her father and was now losing her mother thanks to Ava. As @statsgirl said: Carly, do YOU know that Sonny used Kiki's condition of being in a coma to blackmail/manipulate Ava into letting him take Avery when Ava had FULL custody and he only had supervised visitation, and then you and Sonny never gave her back?
  7. In the episode where the high school stalker/bully of Natalie killed his father and stepmother (the neighbors of Natalie's parents) Natalie was the first to determine that there was no cell phone service up in the spot where the car crash happened meaning the father couldn't have called for help like Paul/the police report said. Natalie found the evidence that proved the father returned to the house that night and didn't die in the car crash.
  8. It will never not annoy me that it was presented by the show as a magnanimous gesture on Sonny and Carly's part to allow Ava slightly more visitation to her daughter when she threatened to press charges against Mike, given that Sonny and Carly had a confused, dementia-riddled elderly man, prone to wandering, living with a toddler, and they didn't even tell Ava that Avery was missing until she saw the press release on her phone.
  9. Monk always solved the case and the Core Four always ended up getting the guy in the end, but would have been an interesting change and something different if one time they didn't. An episode where Monk won without the team getting the full win would be an episode I would have been interested in seeing - what if Monk figured out who the killer was and Stottlemeyer collected all of the appropriate evidence and warrants for the arrest, but the episode ended with Stottlemeyer's higher-up telling him that their prime suspect fled the country and can't be found?
  10. So, exactly how Sonny used Kiki's coma (when she was only in one because she walked into the middle of a mob war saving Morgan's dumb self) to get custody of Avery in the first place.
  11. Especially considering he hadn't seen her in twenty-odd years and more than likely never gave her a second thought after she up and left his apartment the day he didn't want to watch Airplane. It stretched credibility enough that he knew her last name by her telling him her name was Kate. The Marc that dated Kate would no doubt have a past littered with "damaged" women he dated and discarded.
  12. I'm running through my backlog of Christmas movies on the DVR and just finished A Timeless Christmas. Agree with all who said he should have figured out a way to get back. Once the adrenaline of new experiences like pizza and television and spending time with Rosie's great-granddaughter wore off, I think 2020 Charles would be filled with regrets that he didn't go home. In 2020 he has to live forever in a future where, unless he gets an under-the-table job somehow, he has to give tours in a house that he knows is rightfully his, and there is a literal park in town memorializing the man that to Charles will forever only be the enemy that stole his milling invention and his fiancée. It would have worked better and made more sense, for me, if Charles used the clock to go back to do some things differently and then somehow returned to 2020 Megan. I also ended the movie feeling sorry for 1903 Rosie, who inevitably died without ever knowing what happened to Charles Witley.
  13. Yeah, he would have been dead within hours because of hypothermia, at the very least.
  14. Aurora Teagarden #14 (Reunited and It Feels So Deadly) is on this Sunday (1/10) and it is showing as new. Didn't this one premiere in September or October?
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