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  1. Hey, I just thought of something. On Idol and on previous seasons of DWTS they could manufacture 'shocking' bottom threes/bottom twos by sticking whoever they wanted down there so long as they kicked off the true lowest-vote getter. (The 'in no particular order'/'this is not necessarily the bottom two' phrases by Ryan/Tom.) Now that the Judge's Save is a thing where the judges (Len) have the final call of who to save/eliminate of the bottom two, they can't do that anymore. The bottom two has to be the legit bottom two. Otherwise, what's to stop the producers from putting, say, The Miz, in
  2. Uh, didn't Lyn say last week that her husband needed to know about her/Floyd now? So what was with the "Reynolds telling Lyn they need to tell her husband the truth' this episode? I'm still thinking this is less of an open marriage and more of an affair, tbh.
  3. It might be a concession to Covid rules, which I totally understand, but they don't seem to show that much of the rehearsals anymore either.
  4. Everything racy about the movie went entirely over my head when I was a kid, and I'm sure that's why my mom had no problem with me singing along to all of the songs and having the CD. During the Rizzo/sleepover version of Look At Me I'm Sandra Dee when the lyrics were "...won't go to bed 'til I'm legally wed," seven-year-old me just thought man, Sandy's going to be tired.
  5. Have you seen that show or heard of it?
  6. Animation special! The animation was cool but both of these stories were ones I wouldn't have minded seeing in the regular, show, format, especially the second one :) Survivor Type: This one reminded me of every episode of I Shouldn't Be Alive I've ever seen, only darker. It made me so sad :( Twittering from the Circus of the Dead: If anyone ever watched Are You Afraid of the Dark there was a three-episode arc revival special in 2019 called Carnival of Doom. This episode totally reminded me of that, down to all the adults and children that have disappeared through the circus.
  7. Betty Lynn, Thelma Lou on ‘The Andy Griffith Show,’ dies at 95
  8. First of all, I have to say that tonight's show was going to be hard for me before it even started. Grease is in my top five movies of all time if not the very top, not just movie musical; every song and dance I saw the corresponding scene from the movie in my head. I added in the Are you making fun of me, Rizz? and Sandy! / Tell me about it, stud. moments from Look At Me, I'm Sandra Dee and You're The One That I Want respectively, and the band butchering all of these songs that I love was my worst nightmare. All of that being said, I thought some of the dances were cute :)). So muc
  9. And if you'd really known Kenya for 'such a long time' like you claim, shouldn't you know that story about her grandmother?
  10. Which is a completely different song!
  11. Night of the Living Late Show: I'm very sorry but I burst out laughing when the show started. His super immersion-pod invention is basically a tanning bed? :p. Hm. This episode was different than all the other ones, tone-wise, and even though it was full-length (I think forty-five minutes) I didn't see much to prove that he was emotionally unavailable like Renee seemed to think. Other than flaking on dinner to have an immersion-pod virtual affair with the lady in Horror Express. And I wondered halfway through whether all of Renee's concerns were coming from Renee herself or were they put
  12. Last week we saw Scout with Link at Jo's house. Do Amelia/Link have any sort of custody agreement/arrangement? (Are they broken up officially?) Because Amelia going to Minnesota one day a week at minimum might pose a problem of some sort.
  13. Boston now has Jackson, April, Koracick, and Mama Ortiz. Send Amelia, Link, Richard (and Bailey!) east, and that's 1000 times a better show than Grey's.
  14. Part of me wonders if she feels guilty for getting Cody sick and jeopardizing the DWTS experience for him and thus pushed herself to come back/choreograph dances for him/dance with him, etc.
  15. He seems too nice for that, but you'd think Emma would? Or at least Derek or one of the producers?
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