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  1. LexieLily

    The NBA

    Now I am hearing that TMZ or one of the earliest sites to break the news broke the story before anyone had gotten to tell Vanessa. If that is true, how horrible to find out on the internet that your husband and daughter were dead.
  2. No kidding. Nina would steal Charlotte herself and give her back to Valentin in a heartbeat.
  3. I don't know if it was just me, but those little conversations that Alex had with James, Brad and Ken in the first game (how had their lives changed since their respective individual runs/what was happening now?) sounded very final and a lot like a goodbye-type of conversation. Is Alex stepping down soon?
  4. The older man named Leo on Alton's team, he sounds almost exactly like someone I am pretty sure guest-starred on Friends once upon a time, but I cannot for the life of me think of who it is.
  5. I missed all of the Hailey Dean, Morning Show, and Aurora ones that premiered last year. I need to catch up!
  6. Any word on Morning Show Mysteries or Hailey Dean? Those have been airing in March or May and July, haven't they? I also agree with you that I am excited to see Gourmet Detectives return. That was quite the gap in time between the last movie and this one.
  7. By the time Twinkle All The Way had ended I felt like I had missed a scene somewhere where the male lead's mother was actually dying from a terminal illness. The scene earlier in the movie of her little feeling-dizzy spell went nowhere and was never brought up again after her five-minute hospital stay, and the halted way she spoke when she officiated the auditorium wedding had me half-convinced she was suddenly going to keel over. And she got the freeze-frame "mournful/happy looking over my family" shot at the very end of the movie.
  8. Apparently she did, but I haven't seen the finale yet, so I have no idea how it happened.
  9. That puts Natalie's love life a step above Sharona's but even she didn't date anyone decent.
  10. Congrats to her. I didn't even know she was dating anyone.
  11. The Creole Queen's menu-board sign had two errors, both on figgy pudding day. Whoever wrote the sign forgot the letter 'o' in Gumbo, and they said they were selling a Holiday Desert. For that, they deserved to be eliminated.
  12. It looks like we all did, so clearly it wasn't ever that important. Leland made it sound like he and Karen had married young (ish) so if he married Wife #1 before that....
  13. That makes it sound like a drunken-mistake wedding.
  14. I do remember that now that you mention it. I recently watched Mr. Monk's 100th Case and Mr. Monk Gets Hypnotized. Loved them both and I love the show, but man. Between Randy's idiocy and Monk's constant idiosyncrasies, Leland deserves hazard pay and a vacation. LOL.
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