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  1. Granted, I haven't seen that episode in awhile, but while it would have been easy for a scummy lawyer like Harrison Powell to play on Monk's countless tics and phobias, I wouldn't have thought Stottlemeyer would have been that easy to rattle. Powell was so over the top in his badgering Monk and bringing up issues that had no bearing to the case that it made no sense why he wasn't reprimanded by the judge.
  2. Did anyone watch the first episode of the Summer Grilling Games? I ask because Guy didn't seem to like the guy that escaped elimination (because the girl left the hot dog off of her dish) and was wondering what the deal was. He's usually nice(ish) to everyone. And I know it's because everyone needs new television content due to quarantine, but I wish they would stop making the "Guy and Hunter Watch Insert Episode of GGG Here" episodes because Hunter sits there and says absolutely nothing of value and it's Guy talking 99.9% of the time. (Though I suppose that's a good thing: Guy can talk about/snark on/critique his friends/colleagues when they are watching the GGG Superstar Tournament Episodes, but Hunter can't, or at least he shouldn't. These are his dad's colleagues and he doesn't have that relationship with them.)
  3. Serena Williams' daughter is named Alexis Olympia Ohanian. So maybe you have to be an Olympic winner to name your kid Olympia these days, haha.
  4. Your younger self and my younger AND current self must be on the same wavelength. I always pictured Seth and Jessica ending up together, too, in some manner.
  5. Whereupon Randy doesn't know which twin to arrest and Stottlemeyer snaps that the easiest thing to do is arrest the twin that didn't just almost drown.
  6. The jury duty episode annoyed me a little but just because Monk - a former noted police officer and current noted police consultant - was selected for a jury in the first place, though the show did lampshade itself a little bit by having Natalie bring it up at the beginning of the episode.
  7. LexieLily

    The NBA

    I would hope not, considering we are getting all these recent positives before the bubble even starts. And then there is Jabari Parker, who after testing positive was allegedly not quarantining and playing tennis out in Chicago...
  8. LexieLily

    The NBA

    As did someone else on the Nets. Dinwiddle?
  9. I know, and I was so upset when she was stomping on her mask in frustration in the first episode!
  10. Fiance, now. They got engaged recently!
  11. Presumably they also wouldn't have wanted to explain in too much detail how a professor had an ongoing affair with a much-younger (underage?) student that resulted in said pregnancy, and how Trudy's parents never noticed that, either.
  12. LexieLily

    The NBA

    Multiple players are coming out as having tested positive. Four players on the Suns, players on other teams, Nikola Jokic of Denver is apparently in Serbia and can't yet come back to the US, and the bubble is going to be in Florida which is one of the four main hot spots in the country currently. I don't know how this can realistically work.
  13. I've always had a soft spot for Ambrose and one of my favorite scenes was Ambrose's confession of why he'd stayed away from Monk all these years (because he felt guilty about Trudy being out getting him cough medicine when she was murdered), but what did you guys think of Jack Jr? Personally I always thought Jack Jr. was just like his father and not in a good way - both of them only sought out relationships with Monk when they wanted something from him. I was surprised that in, Mr. Monk Meets His Dad, that it was Stottlemeyer that was the main one pushing Monk to go on the trip and reconnect with Jack Sr.
  14. I have a hard enough time narrowing it down to a Monk-approved list of ten, and I'm sure my list has changed from last year. But I'm with you in that Garbage Strike will always be on the list and will always be hilarious. Also, @Salzmank, there is a Columbo thread?!
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