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  1. gesundheit

    S02.E17: Strictly 4 My ...

    Oh and I don't want to tread too deep into these sensitive matters, but I did want to say that other than the fact that Nomi was lecturing Black people on how they should feel about Black appropriation (she should 100% be an ally and speak up about it in a room full of white people who don't get it, but what she was doing was sketchy), I didn't get the other things she got called out on. Nothing wrong with having majority black friends and, let's face it, the people you're constantly around do have an impact on your mannerisms, your speech, and your style. It's how life works. Vivek was clearly taking it way too far, but it was just weird to hear Nomi called out for being the only white girl in her friend group (although I guess Ana is white Latina? but you catch my drift).
  2. gesundheit

    S02.E17: Strictly 4 My ...

    I feel like I may have missed a beat, but how did Zoey get this job as a stylist and where was she working that she got all those outfits? I know she got the final one from her boyfriend's closet, but where was she?
  3. gesundheit

    S06.E04: An Inside Glob

    It is probably true, but Becky Anne Baker's character specifically thought Diana was a Boomer. So yes, it wasn't actually about shades of hair, it was about there being no one her age "in the room" when at the same time she specifically thought there was. It made no sense. What really sucks is that I find it delightful to watch Kelsey fail, but not if it's due to Charles's success. I like to watch him fail even more!
  4. gesundheit

    S06.E04: An Inside Glob

    The really bizarre thing was that the author specifically thought Diana was her age. So the complaint was confusing.
  5. There were dozens of texts in which they referred to each other as boyfriend/girlfriend, it wasn't just from her end. The introduction of that idea was definitely hers, though, and his response was "I guess." But later he told her he loved her all the time and said she was "the best girlfriend," etc. They were definitely boyfriend/girlfriend, just in that weird way teenagers do that today long-distance and seem to prefer it that way.
  6. gesundheit

    S04.E05: Face Speckled

    I really want someone at some event to casually be like, "Wow, that's so impressive that your family is so open that they approved you telling all these stories!"
  7. gesundheit

    S06.E04: An Inside Glob

    Seriously, why can't he bring the baby to the studio? That made no sense. And he immediately agreed as if it were obvious why he shouldn't. It's not a friggin' shooting range! I did enjoy the "What's a Creative Director" "No one knows, that's why it's perfect!" exchange. Because lordie a lot of people's job titles are vague. And I've heard that one a bunch of times and haven't a clue. That said, what kind of idiot actually lists her place of employment on a dating app? Say you're a publisher but not where for crap's sake! That is begging for creepos to show up.
  8. gesundheit

    S04.E05: Face Speckled

    It sounds like some but not all. But to me it doesn't matter whether she did or didn't, that doesn't soften anything she did to someone else. Her secrets are hers to tell. Nobody else's are. So yep, as said above, she's cancelled. I was talking to a co-worker about that scene earlier today and literally had to pull out a tissue. Even talking about it. At work.
  9. gesundheit

    S04.E05: Face Speckled

    That was so ridiculous listening to Nova defend her bullshit book by saying that black families' stories need to be told, and it was just a memoir, nothing to do with theory, etc! Uh, no honey, you contextualized all your family's dirty secrets in sociological analysis. It wasn't just a family story. Do not hide behind "I'm just telling our stories!" Give me a break. (Although it did crack me up that the one person who wanted to be in the book was the only one who wasn't.) That ICE raid was heartbreaking. Good lord, can nothing Charley is trying to do ever work for more than an episode and a half? Apparently not. Here she is trying to do good and getting beat down every step of the way, while Nova does something reprehensible and is getting rewarded for it. I guess that's the point, but it's exhausting. I love Dondre Whitfield but Remy did need to go. That final scene with Blue and his parents made me cry. I'm weak, what can I tell you! I really hope Darla doesn't relapse.
  10. gesundheit

    S06.E04: An Inside Glob

    Well, Charles continues to suck. But seriously, if they thought calling themselves "Millennial" and having an infant in charge who seems to care more about fashion than literature was going to do anything but shrink their author pool, they were nuts. That garlic thing was SO DUMB. I hate most of those "bits" on this show. Also, what the hell? The "key to lesbian relationships" is never telling the other about your yeast infections? Uh, that would be the opposite of reality for OBVIOUS REASONS.
  11. Agreed. For one, I hadn't realized how long she'd spent trying to talk him out of it and being sympathetic. Seeing more of the trajectory of the relationship made it look a lot more like two people suffering from serious mental illness feeding off each other. She's obviously quite ill. (And I didn't realize that we don't actually know she told him to get back in the truck. From the way it's always been quoted, she texted him to "fucken get back in the truck," which she didn't. She just told someone else that she did that and has a massive history of inventing stories. That might've just seemed like the most dramatic thing to say at the time.) I was impressed by Conrad's mother saying it was hard to be angry at someone who was so obviously unwell. That's a magnanimous soul.
  12. So true. Not all of us have 65-inch screens and perfect vision! I was squinting for every one of them, and they were the primary content of the film, so it was odd. I still don't know what to make of it. They seem to be shifting into an exploration of "why" for tonight's episode, but it's not like we're going to get any real answers since (a) there probably aren't any and (b) it's all going to be speculation.
  13. gesundheit

    S03.E08: Unfit

    That was mildly interesting. And it was nice to see another Orange is the New Black alum (same casting director?). That's all I got in the "positive" column. Yes and yes. Honestly I think the first half was even dumber than the second. And yeah, that was her telepathic "shoot Lydia" look, not a "shoot me" look. Just... take us back to Canada. I couldn't care less about June or Lydia or the Waterfords. I should just go back to fast-forwarding Gilead scenes but then I'd have to skip whole episodes, and there's sadly nothing else to watch on Wednesdays during the summer. So my hands are tied!
  14. gesundheit

    S02.E04: Unfiltered

    Callie is the worst, but the one upside was that she actually overheard people talking about what an arrogant childish person she is. Now, will it change anything about her behavior? All signs point to NO. I really like this show but one thing that bugs me is how Callie and Mariana are in every single episode but all the rest of the cast shows up on some sort of rotation.
  15. gesundheit

    Previous Episodes Discussion

    I didn't have a problem with her not wanting to do it, it's just that she acted like it's the world's most drastic decision. (Pro-tip from a two-timer: it's totally worth it!) Well, I guess that's the last we'll see of Zoe's job? They just really want to commit to only telling romance stories anymore. I still quite preferred the first season when other things about being in college were explored, like classes! Activism! Housing! Wasn't Aaron like Mr. Social Justice at one point? Now he doesn't seem to give a crap anymore. So not only are they moving forward with Nomi's student/professor relationship, they're going to write it so that lying and sneaking around is foreplay? Ugh. I do have say: boy does Nomi have the most well put-together walk of shame in history! Glad she was able to do a blow-out and full face of makeup at Prof's house!