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  1. It's more, I think, that Joe is presented as having kills he can convince himself are noble. That's why he's more dangerous and calculating, because of what he can convince himself (and likely others) of, and why he's more likely to get away with it.
  2. I agree. I absolutely do not care about his childhood. We see his pathology in living color in every moment of the show, we don't need more filling in from backstory. That was the part of the season I could've done without entirely. I doubt most of those other boys from the group home grew up to be serial killers. He's the bully now, so cry me a river. I admit I had a tendency to get distracted and not focus too closely on those scenes. The buck has to stop somewhere in generational trauma, so are we going to get backstories of how horribly Joe's mother was treated to make her that way, h
  3. If he was faking it I don't think he would've been in such a panic about both Matthew and Marienne, right? His inner monologue was freaking out about how it was going to end this way and trying to will Juliette into looking at him, etc. I think we're meant to take the inner monologue at face value.
  4. I have to say I loved this season most of all the seasons (there was something great about the first since I watched it weekly on Lifetime, truly having the gradual realization over the weeks that it wasn't what it seemed, so always something magical there, but I was pretty much salivating about moving from episode to episode in this new season). But yeah, with so much made of all the cameras in town, odd that Joe could just drag bodies all over the place, including dropping one off at the hospital, and nobody would be the wiser. And Matthew and Theo had no further questions after everything??
  5. Plenty to say about this episode but mostly just wanted to pop in to say I cannot get enough of Shalita Grant, and I want her to be cast in everything forever in perpetuity.
  6. I'm honestly having trouble remembering the details of last season, it feels so long ago. This is a fun season. I meant to dole it out slower but here I am, close to the finish line. Oops. I'm sure some clever critic has found the perfect way to articulate the way this show calls us out on our own bullshit as we agree with Joe and Love's disgust for other characters while having to continually remind ourselves, "Nope, this shallow/creepy/narcissistic/weird/hateful so-and-so is still not a serial killer like they are, Joe and Love are always, always worse." I keep trying to explain the app
  7. Andy from The Facts of Life, all grown up! And a nice neighborhood dad, too. (No doubt soon to be dead.)
  8. Adore Sherry. I hope we get a lot more of her! I worry that the librarian is not long for this world and/or will become the new You.
  9. I enjoyed the premiere. Hated the back half of the third season a lot, but reviews are saying this season has more procedural elements, like an actual mystery rather than some sort of philosophical proposition, so that feels promising.
  10. This is probably a stupid question but I watched at a slower pace than I normally would and am now blanking on some things. So what was the deal at the beginning with all the dead cats and then all the glow-y eyed cats? Was that the alpha vamp and Paul testing out their wares on cats who then sucked the blood from the other cats? Why did Joe's dog get poisoned, were they just testing the poison? I feel like we're supposed to have been able to fill in those blanks with the various reveals but I'm just too fuzzy to make the leap (it's also after 1am, that can't help). That was pretty fru
  11. I am deeply un-Ethiopian and it sounded awesome to me! Agreed on the first point, I haven't even been chuckling. In a way, the reboot almost made it impossible to keep this show lively and funny, it's like everyone's too attached to the emotional arcs and potential growth of these characters that it all becomes kind of depressing -- they love them too much to make fun of them but they're too beholden to the original stakes that they also can't change anything. Up until this season, however, I've found Goranson to be the best part of the revival and I think she's far improved from
  12. So much. What was that line in the episode again? When Linda said something like "well, not everyone lives in New York!" and Lucianne said something like "yes, I do always have trouble understanding that" or something in this beautiful, dripping way. Absolutely spectacular delivery. We could've gotten zero other scenes and zero other context and that would have told us SO MUCH about who the character is. Martindale is so wonderful.
  13. Me too, Drunk!Jackie works for me so I was having fun in that part. I just wish the more grounded Jackie also still existed because the contrast is more fun! I'm tired of almost every episode being about Darlene being awful, even when they do the big "reveal" explaining why she was awful. They don't have to do this. Just let her be funny and not awful for one episode, ever??
  14. That look on Susan's face after Linda was nasty to her at the party was priceless. She was DONE. Hilarious. I still don't like Clive Owen in this. I think Monica comes across as completely insufferable. She's lovely now, and she was obviously very troubled so she's still sympathetic to me, so it's not an insult so much as an observation. We've almost never seen her ask Linda a question about herself -- or anyone else for that matter, and she goes on and on and on at all hours about this one thing. We've all had that annoying friend. It's pretty clear to me that's why she got duped by
  15. Yep. I understand that pride is a powerful thing. But if your choices are eating some shit via your in-laws and going back to prison while you have a baby on the way? You swallow your pride. It's hard to be sympathetic if this is the choice he makes when there is money available. I hope there's more story there, I don't want a predator like that to just go unchecked by the show, especially after the story about Billie at 18.
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