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  1. gesundheit

    Sneaky Pete

    Just finished last night. I quite preferred this season to Season 2, but I really hope we never see Lizzy again. (Also, seriously? She was going to go diving after a bunch of tiny individual diamonds?) I wonder if there'll be another season. This one could definitely serve as a series finale (though I'd be delighted to see it back!).
  2. gesundheit

    S05.E23: Relatively Grown Man

    And truly, there's no reason at all he couldn't go to college locally and still live at his parents' house. Or still do the job and take night classes part-time! This was a bad way to keep the actor.
  3. gesundheit

    The Bold Type

    So much co-signing. They were better about this with Kat/Adena -- Kat was actually nervous and needed some... shall we say, sexual guidance when they first got together! And yes, Alex is adorable. I don't understand why they can't give him anything to do.
  4. gesundheit

    The Bold Type

    I love this version of NYC where literally everyone has a private entrance from outdoors to their home. All that door-knocking for the campaign only cemented the hilarity. I'm glad Kat thought better of posting the video. Patrick was right, even though he was excited about it. All that would've happened is the racist lady would've become another "Becky" internet meme and Kat would've been forgotten. Echoing everyone else's sentiments about Jane interviewing roommates at her job (as well as Kat conducting campaign meetings there), but on top of the general absurdity of that being permitted, potential roommates want to see the apartment. Pinstripe's whole deal made little sense. He wanted Jane to ask him to move in, which meant he would've had to break his lease and move homes in like the 2 days before he was leaving for 8 weeks? (I realize I'm too hung up on the realities of timing and money and moving and this is TV, but I can't help it!)\ That building they work in makes me want to live in Toronto, it's insane in its opulence. If only I liked winter.
  5. gesundheit

    S04.E21: Sandra's Fight/S04.E22: Employee Appreciation Day

    I've noticed if you @ her in a tweet she usually at least gives it a "like," so at least you know if you're throwing love her way, she's receiving it!
  6. gesundheit

    S04.E21: Sandra's Fight/S04.E22: Employee Appreciation Day

    I forgot to mention how great the running gag was with Justine constantly mentioning how all her friends "live in Manhattan" and "work in fashion." Poor Justine. Always trying and failing to sound cool.
  7. gesundheit

    S04.E21: Sandra's Fight/S04.E22: Employee Appreciation Day

    Lauren Ash was so freaking good in that moment. So was Nico Santos -- that expression on his face in the back of the car. Cripey, I'm getting misty-eyed at work just remembering it. And Mateo's my favorite character so it was particularly gut-wrenching. Really well done. They do tend to end seasons by getting very serious, but I did not anticipate this serious. On the upside: return of the service goat! It'll never get old. Now I'm going to go cry in the ladies' room for a minute.... Also, Santos talked about his own relationship with the episode: https://ew.com/tv/2019/05/16/nico-santos-blog-superstore-season-5-finale-mateo/
  8. gesundheit

    S38:E14 I See the Million Dollars

    Really? He immediately started laughing. He hammed it up like that the whole game. We even had a talking head of him pretty convinced that it was a worthless "idol" before that tribal council, but he was going to have fun with the theater of it. I'd be shocked if he were serious in that moment, especially since the jury licked the whole thing up just as anyone in his position would wish!
  9. gesundheit

    S38:E14 I See the Million Dollars

    Not to mention, when Devens had the mini-tantrum about that (making him look bad in front of his kids, etc) at TC, he was faking it. He didn't actually think it was unfair, he was putting on a show.
  10. gesundheit

    S38.E15 Survivor: Edge of Extinction Reunion

    The 30-minute reunion show has been standard for a few seasons now. I'm not a fan of it, but at least it means fewer lengthy promos of new CBS game shows. A lot of the women really do look much better on the island. For instance I thought Game-Victoria was very pretty, Jury-Victoria was hot as hell, and Reunion-Victoria was.... fine. I do think a big distinction, though, it that for the reunions they have pros doing their makeup and hair and is probably not a fair representation of how they normally look. (Gavin is an example of a man I thought looked way better during the game.) I don't think I understand why people are angry about the Sia award. Since they obviously cut the budget for the Fan Favorite Award and they have a celebrity just handing a player $100K that's at zero expense to production, why the hell wouldn't they include that in the reunion show? They'd be idiots not to include it!
  11. gesundheit

    S38:E14 I See the Million Dollars

    Yep, I thought Eric and Chris were the same guy. And yep, next season looks awful. Silly concept, and Rob (who is terrible) and Sandra (who is fine but I don't need to see on a high horse either) and Survivor Mount Rushmore? Yikes. Probably a wildly unpopular opinion, but I have no problem with the general idea of seasons where players get a second chance after being voted out. However, I think it should be cut off at the halfway point or the merge (sorry, it's not okay that Chris spend a month bonding with these people and didn't have to manage any of their feelings of betrayal -- I think literally the only jury member he helped vote out was Reem), and I don't think the players should ever know about it. It was cool when they all came back to compete for the return the first time, everyone was shocked. Nobody who'd left the game knew what was coming. But after that, every single evictee knew they had a chance to return. Not a fan of that. Anyway, based on the reality of who the final 3 were and the horrible FTC arguments Gavin and Julie made for themselves, I'm not shocked. But even if Gavin and Julie had given great arguments, I think the result would have been the same because of all the points above.
  12. gesundheit

    The Bold Type

    Also, who the heck wears an outfit like Jane's to her first day at her grown-up job? Sure, they clearly have a very casual workplace, but you don't put on garbage like that for your first impression.
  13. gesundheit

    The Bold Type

    But she's Jane! She's nothing if not special and entitled. Clearly she can spend hours not reporting to anyone and trying on dresses.
  14. gesundheit

    S02.E18: This Life We Choose [Season Finale]

    Well, she certainly should have won an Oscar, but alas. That was a fun finale. Shannon's forgotten already!
  15. gesundheit

    S20.E23: Assumptions

    Yeah, that barely jogs my memory. Must've been one of those episodes I had on in the background while getting dressed or doing dishes or something. Guess it's time for a rewatch!