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  1. Yes, I appreciated that. If they could squeeze a couple more references into the final season now that's it's all over and won't take us out of it -- Kat finding Faking It on streaming and complaining to Jane about it, Sutton lamenting the cancellation of her favorite soap or heading out to a Next to Normal revival. (Actually Aisha Dee seems to have the longest episodic resume of any of them, I'm just not personally familiar with any of her shows.) Nevermind, honestly only one of these people was on a show that was a longstanding, household-name, pop culture zeitgeist staple and they cove
  2. This show was always pretty clear that Maggie's inner life, characteristics, and arc were a jokey afterthought, I'm not surprised it ended that way for her. The last season was Liza top tier, then Kelsey/Charles, then Maggie, and Lauren in Diana's old spot, and Josh dead last except to stick him in a 10-second moment with a question mark at the end. I'm not sure how much of it was availability. Josh was such a non-entity this season and it's been about 2 years since Liza even gave him a wistful glance, so that little button at the end felt totally obligatory and unearned as a romantic question
  3. Color me surprised. I can't help but wonder if it was a How I Met Your Mother thing where they shot two endings. I don't know. It all just seemed so weird to spend the whole season building up to the reunion and then drop it like that. I don't even like them together but it felt like a waste of a season for all of us, pro Liza/Charles or anti! Absolutely thought Diana was going to walk in right at that moment. I can't believe they didn't utter her name. Also, how much time has it been since the beginning? 3 years tops? Someone who's an entry level assistant is EIC in 3 years, but Diana
  4. The Jamie/Jeanette roller rink scene was late June 1994, Kate disappeared in August 1993, so it had been a good chunk of time since the actual disappearance. It's certainly feasible that Jeanette was already hanging out with those girls before the full transformation and it may have been them. As in, "hey we found a project, let's make over this girl that's hanging around." The losing of the braces, glasses, and curls aren't exactly a big deal, that could literally happen over a weekend, but I think the whole new wardrobe and attitude would've taken some time and thought -- the wardrobe might'
  5. Seriously. Does she even know NYC has a Ban the Box law, and multiple organizations that made that happen and even recently expanded it?? She's exhausting. And she really should've let Adena navigate that conversation with her mother. At least I finally believe they can maybe afford that maisonette apartment now that the rent's being split 3 ways. (It's a one-bedroom, yes? Or just a studio?) I'd buy that Jacqueline doesn't know how much he's paid, I'm sure he started at whatever company standard for assistants and gets annual raises; she's not the CFO. But even if she did know, I
  6. Agreed. In fact, it would be a pretty bad show if it opened with Jeanette being accused of this horrific thing, then followed it by showing her doing some shady things and being an asshole, and then concluded it with "yep, the accusation was correct, that's why we showed you how much of an asshole she was!" Great twist! What a misdirect! But yes, I'm still hoping for some explanation that isn't just "Kate knowingly lied." Did Jamie explain why he saved that answering machine message? I can't remember now. Really looking forward to seeing how they found out w
  7. I hope so, but sadly I already saw plenty of chatter last night that indicated otherwise.
  8. That's just it. There's no room for "just because she was upstairs doesn't mean she wasn't being held captive," because if she was upstairs her accusation itself is false. And proving the accusation is false will start to un-ruin Jeanette's life. It's not victim-blaming, it's proving a falsehood and exonerating her. I do wonder about the whole pathology of it, that maybe since he did lock her in captivity so quickly after that, that maybe Kate was holding on to hope that Jeanette had seen her and help was going to be on the way. And eventually convinced herself that she must have. Espec
  9. For the same reason that teenagers being groomed think they're the ones making the choices, teenagers watching might see her as a willing, consenting participant in the relationship even though she isn't.
  10. Of course he didn't! The whole thing certainly crept up on him. There are people who have something untoward fall in their lap unexpectedly and do the right thing, and those that do the wrong thing. He did the wrong thing. As for the grooming, it's not like he sat down and made this long term diabolical plan. Not at all. I think the show did a frighteningly good job of showing him testing boundaries, noticing what behavior his comments could generate, etc. Liking it, repeating it. I appreciated that. He wasn't twirling a mustache, but stumbling upon things that worked and liking how it fe
  11. Definitely surprising that it was basically after the new year that Jeanette's transformation really picked up but by June she was fully entrenched with that crowd and Jamie was already in love with her and tight with her family and talking about marriage. I know things happen fast in high school but that's a lot. On the other hand maybe those girls spruced her up because they needed a project, thinking their bestie had run off without them. And people were telling Jamie that Jeanette was "good for him" so he probably did know he was dating "below his rank" and felt like it was a healthy
  12. I really really really really do not believe we are going to be particularly satisfied next week. There is no way in 44 minutes or however much time they have they are going to fill in all the blanks, especially with all this courtroom stuff going on. Despite quite appreciating a lot of things about this show, I have to maintain that this effort to push everything till the last second has deprived of what obviously would've been well done drama. I wish they would've had more faith in their whole story and not just the mystery gimmicks. It's a good story all on its own! (Of course it's app
  13. Eventually it also became Stockholm Syndrome, but even before that it was always rape. She could have been having a relationship with him secretly while still living her regular life and it would still have been rape. It's so sad to see her not able to understand that and feel like she has to hide the first part. Every second of it was criminal for him, nothing she did made it happen. And the show did such a perfect job of showing how she could be convinced that she was in it willingly, that she gave consent. Sadly I fear it might be lost on some of the viewing demographic (understandably, but
  14. She takes no prisoners, that Jacqueline! Basically Cruella DeVille* but only because she has high standards! *no idea if a wry comment like this even works anymore in light of the recent addition to that piece of pop culture, but I know nothing...
  15. I thought so too, I felt like the scenario was that he left, it was over. That's certainly how she acted before this episode, but all of a sudden she was pretty sure they'd work it out? Confusing. Thanks for letting the advertisers know how brave you feel, Jane! Way to take responsibility for a massive screwup! I loved in the first season of this show that they leaned out of making Jacqueline the awesome megabitch boss type, but at this point I want whatever drugs she's taking that she's always happy and kind and friendly and understanding and has time for everyone.
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