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  1. I liked how they illustrated that Mateo really was damn good at his job. I'd kind of assumed that, just that he was too much of a snob to ever not be good at something. Really have no clue how his story will play out though.
  2. That was such a beautifully classic Jackie moment. Metcalf is brilliantly funny. I know it's silly but I still haven't adjusted to David being a dad. I was so jarred when Harris referred to him as "Dad" that it took me a minute to figure out who she was talking about. He still just seems like that teenager we knew.
  3. This was a worthwhile topic but unfortunately, as has been Black-ish's wont for a while: they had to overwrite and simplify it by writing the other characters as cartoonishly ignorant to make it work. This show once did subtlety and nuance really well and I miss it.
  4. Is there any way to watch the final season in the US? (Legally, that is)
  5. Yeah, that was kind of assy. Plus, it was clear it was spur of the moment (no ring, no planned proposal, etc.) and that's rarely a good thing.
  6. Just finished this morning. I thought it was a really good season but that final moment was horrible. Nobody needs her to be there, and it's back to the absurdity of her teflon situation.
  7. It started early on when they had her doing little physical comedy bits in the mermaid dress thing. Was that season 2? They really thought they had a comic genius on their hands. But yes, it got really over-the-top in seasons 8-10. Totally insufferable.
  8. It really does feel like a binge show. Since it's also running same-day Hulu I imagine a chunk of people will just watch it all at once when it's all said and done. If Fox doesn't renew it I wouldn't be at all surprised if Hulu just takes it over next year.
  9. I love watching them do comedy -- in fact most of them went on to do exactly that (Garth, Priestley, Green, Ziering) pretty damn well. And honestly, as much as the show always thought Tori was hysterically funny (she wasn't) she's pretty good at the comedy when playing herself. I think Carteris and Doherty were really the only ones who didn't do comedy long-term after the original series but so far they're handling it really nicely. (Though this is reminding me of the Tori/Jennie sitcom Mystery Girls, in which Tori had to play the comedy and Jennie was the straight man. It was awful.)
  10. Her whole "I've been upset with them before but I still treated them like family!" nonsense got a massive eyeroll out of me. Yes, people screw up and people disagree. But what she did wasn't a screw-up. It was fully premeditated, was years in the making, and deliberately cruel.
  11. Most critics got screeners of the first two episodes and they all said he's mentioned in the second one as well. It sounds like he's very much not forgotten in the season.
  12. This show would be pretty darn pointless if everyone were portrayed as a great person and there were no conflicts.
  13. She was born in 1976 according to her driver's license, and it's 2018 in the show. So she's Gen-X, but only by a few years.
  14. I don't believe for one second that Nova had never asked Calvin that question before now. His being a white cop is literally why she left him in the first place.
  15. I thought this far exceeded expectations. Funny and clever. The only thing I didn't love was Tori and that dress -- but of course they think Tori's comic "bits" are hilarious just like they always did. We'll have to suffer through. She can't even smile anymore (she has Jackie Zeman Smile energy) with all that plastic surgery. Most everyone else (besides Shannen, who's obviously had surgery) looked reasonable, albeit it some with a little extra botox, but that's temporary and no big deal. I'm glad that this is truly a show for adults who understand that it's pure fiction. Not sure why anyone's hung up on what's real or not. They all have a great sense of humor about themselves and all the decades of cast-dynamic rumors, but no point in trying to read into things. They're all EPs and Garth/Spelling are doing some story driving, but none of them are actually writing the scripts. I can't wait till next week. Also, I thought they did a nice job of honoring Luke without totally blowing up the tone of the show.
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