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  1. Olive

    S03.E11: Liars

    When Serena observed the family that night, singing outside and fellowshipping with one another, that was what she thought her life would be when they formed Gilead. That was the family and home life she gave up everything for.
  2. Olive

    S01.E09: Ripped Apart

    Daniel is a sweet baby angel. It is shameful what they are putting him through.
  3. Olive

    S03.E04: God Bless the Child

    I loved everything about all the Family Emily scenes (shout out 90dayers!) Emily has been through just about the worst a human can go through and there is a lot of trauma, and trauma wreaks mental havoc on your sensibilities. I love that they are showing it in a realistic way. I see Sylvia as a woman who is seeing her greatest dream come true but she is working very hard to avoid further traumatizing her wife. And doing a great job of it, especially with the little boy. Who by the way I am thrilled to see is an Emily mini-me science nerd! What an awesome way for the show to have them begin to bond and to remind Emily's character that he is in fact still her son.
  4. Olive

    S02.E13: The Word

    I thought it was a great finale. Last week when Commander Lawrence spoke of losing a body part and a child was excellent foreshadowing. I seriously doubt she is returning to the Waterford home.
  5. Olive

    S02.E09: Smart Power

    It could go either way. It could be said that the person who had them was waiting for an opportune time to release them. Gilead coming to town would have been that perfect time.
  6. Olive

    S02.E09: Smart Power

    So so many things to unpack this episode......Among my first thoughts is that the scene Serena gazing out the car window at the city streets parallels the scene in S1 when June is looking out the window of the car remembering Hannah. I think it is the same episode where June goes to the doctor after Rita finds her passed out in the closet.
  7. Reasonable doubt and circumstantial evidence are terms that are horribly misunderstood by many. I think juries should be educated on them either before being sworn in or before deliberations. I am surprised Paula Barbieri wasn't shown more in this series. From her account, she rushed right back to OJ's side after the murders and was very much a part of each and every meeting and decision made. Also, she was with him when he was released for the after party and for the Star magazine photo shoot. She was disgusted by his actions post acquittal and that's when she left for good. According to her anyway.
  8. Did anyone notice when Marcia walked through the halls of the courthouse with her new hairstyle that Darden was having a debate with a reported and Dominic Dunne, and when she got in the court room Darden was sitting at the prosecution table? She went directly in.
  9. Can someone link me to David saying he didn't sign up for this? I hadn't heard that one.
  10. So, so many things. First of all, I'm sorry Lotus. I love you but I did watch. No way it took JoeGo six months to get approved to visit. If there was something in his record keeping him from visiting he would have been denied, otherwise he would have been approved pretty quick given he would be in her pre sentence report. Teresa is making a bigger deal out of being shaken down than it really is. If staff is doing it right, the inmates experience shakedowns two or three times a week, at least. I have always said that the effects felt by family and friends are one of the bigger punishments that come with incarceration. However, I have never seen it live and up close in the living room and bedrooms, vacation homes of the family members. Teresa and Joe may be the criminals and the ones serving prison time, but the sentence they (the PARENTS) handed their children is inexcusable and heartbreaking. No home, no car, no vacation to Italy, no diamond is worth the suffering they have inflicted on their kids. The girls will deal with the ripples from what their parents have bore them as long as they live. I stand by what I have said a few times in these threads: Joe Guidice is exactly the kind of inmate who thrives in prison. He will be just fine. The time he does will be probably the easiest time in his life, aside from living with the pain he is causing his family. I have no doubt Teresa looks better than she ever has. All that makeup and fancy hair ages a person. Melissa needs to give up on the acting, she has no future in it. Terrible. Gia looks 30 years old in her talking heads. I don't blame Teresa's dad for not visiting her in prison. I hope she feels his disappointment in her every day. She better pray he doesn't die while she is in. It's tragic what happened to JoeGi's dad but I think it would be even worse if he had died while Joe is incarcerated. Because it cannot be said enough, shame on them for the pain they are causing their children. And to think the only reason is so they could greedily lead a grander lifestyle. So gross.
  11. Hey everyone! Here we are, back to talking about these losers. Hard to believe Teresa has survived most of the year in prison. Lotus did a great job of explaining above, but in case anyone was confused about the release dates and supervision, I am quoting my post from January. I'll try to stick around in case there are any questions.
  12. Olive

    S10.E14: A Storm Is Coming

    I was raised by a narcissistic mother and I think Briana was too. I think because Ryan is very assertive and doesn't seem to really care what anyone around him thinks Briana was in a way liberated by him. Suddenly she wasn't under mom's thumb anymore and seeing how Ryan asserts himself showed her how to do it. It can be incredibly oppressive being raised like that and intoxicating when you become free from it. Problem is, she jumped from the fire to the frying pan.
  13. Olive

    S10.E14: A Storm Is Coming

    I haven't read through the entire thread, so forgive me if this has been covered. But I'm pretty sure the fact that Brooks told Brianna's husband to keep her in line by getting physical with her is a valid reason for her to never want to be around him again.
  14. I guess the big C means no one can say anything negative about Brooks this year. At least that is what Vicki is thinking. Her hair in her talking head looked better than I've ever seen it. That new girl is in for a world of hurt. I had the exact same attitude about my husband and his 11 year old son when I met them. Fifteen years later and we joke now about how nothing can break us up because we made it through that. We have a very solid relationship and are compatible in almost every way, yet we still almost split several times. I just don't think those two have a strong enough relationship to endure the drama of blended family. Maybe I'm wrong. That pic of Tamra's first wedding looked like she was marrying her son. Wow does that guy look like his dad. I don't think Shannon's marriage has a good chance of surviving infidelity played out on reality tv. Heather and her house.....maybe she saw The Queen of Versailles and wants to top her house? If the producers don't throw her to the editing wolves I may have to bow out. I really cannot stand her.
  15. Olive

    S02.E12: Reunion

    Kathryn and Thomas will never be through with each other. What a toxic relationship. Shep had the perfect opportunity to reign in the pettiness and jealousy. Usually when someone gets some distance from bad behavior they are forgiven if they display growth. All Shep showed was more of the same. I was promised drama and revelation by the cast via social media, and got boring and old. I do not feel confident about season 3.