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  1. I even knew Dynamite. If you watch a lot of network tv, that song is used in a ton of different commercials.
  2. He seems like a nice enough guy. Is it wrong to wish he could just be in a coffee shop, meet a nice girl, get married , and have kids. Why must he endure this show?
  3. Loved it. had a good cry with Sheilah saying the names of the children that had passed. Lucille’s boyfriend is a doll. Can he be cloned?
  4. I’m so bummed and been watching from the beginning. Phil, at the beginning, practically spelled out he didn’t want an alliance on the leg. They should have just had 3 separate trucks and spelled out no talking amongst teams. Is deangelo a sore loser yes but I’m a sore viewer. Also, been noticing the confessionals giving it away.
  5. Not really sure. He just described himself as a singer songwriter. I think Jim may win but he reminds me of the guy that won last season.
  6. The four sitting at the beach looked like CGI.
  7. Gary was so calm. I guess it’s the team sport that helps them not get irritated with each other.
  8. Wonder when Ryan was told he was gone. Did he show up at the door and get turned away?
  9. Didn’t his mom get sick? ( not sure but thought he mentioned it last show).
  10. Really liked the blondes. During their bio , they stressed how independent they were, etc. I figured they might be abrasive, polarizing. Just the opposite , very sweet and good sports. Pls bring them back for all stars.
  11. If tayisha doesn’t choose Ivan, I’m calling him for the Bachelor. Nice, sweet , sensitive, and an aeronautical engineer to boot.
  12. Best part of the season having Derek as a judge ( world of dance is really Jennifer’s show she should judge by herself). He’s thoughtful and insightful. hope he comes back fir another season.
  13. The two female newbies are terrific. The small newbie reminds me of glasses/ contacts from Grey’s but better. I always felt Resnick and cop doc would get together from the beginning. Glad they had it build.
  14. I have different political views from the ladies, but I always wear a mask. So lumping everyone into ‘they never wear a mask’ is just wrong. Shutting the economy down,I barely survived keeping my job from the last one. I may not be as lucky if it happened again. 5-6 weeks pay isnot going to help if you have no job to go back to when it ends.
  15. Wow that was an emotional punch. No words.
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