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  1. Do you think they would ever do a spin off with Carisi? I realize they would have to change things up but I’d like to learn more about him, the sister he always talks about, what his apartment looks like, etc.
  2. I like Kat too. She’s spunky and when she gives those long sympathetic looks - she’s believable
  3. Wow so happy for all 3 songwriters. But Lovestruck was a hit song from the beginning. I was sitting there thinking if they don’t grab that song Levine will grab it in a hot second. I still can’t get it out of my head.
  4. I also noticed the longer hair, too. But she can wear the blunt cut so well, I’m partial to it.
  5. I’m not sure if anyone caught this late last night. The Gili lady was on with Katrina. She came on the screen and said I’m hearing an echo. They cut back to Katrina and she said oh she’s such a professional. Katrina does her thing and talks about the clothes. They cut back to Gili and she’s like I’m still hearing an echo! No Comment from Katrina. Katrina does her thing and talks about the clothes. They cut back to Gili —oh they fixed the echo I don’t hear it anymore. They cut back to Katrina she does her thing and talks about the clothes. They come back to Gili I’m hearing the echo again but I guess I’ll just continue on. I did like Katrina not acknowledging it. The audience couldn’t hear the echo. Why don’t they give the vendors a phone number for the studio so that they can call them if they’re having technical problems?
  6. I’m not sure. I voted for Dylan but happy for Sam. The we are the world was nicely done.
  7. Question about the 8 greens. Being delicate, but would that cause you to go to a certain room a lot? I have a sensitive stomach and would be afraid to try it.
  8. Exactly or a cop I did like Buck being so protective of Christopher going to camp— my two dads So Eddie has 2 weeks to ask out cute teacher.
  9. I cried when they took pictures of the baby, when the father tried to give Lucille money for the film, when Mom woke up and checked on the baby, when Dr. turner cried in the car, when Mae’s mom wouldn’t sign the papers, when Lucille’s bf brought her flowers, and then when Lucille places the picture and the flowers with the other babies. A 10 hankie episode.
  10. So are they picking 1 person from each team?
  11. I was curious,too. So we just have a 2 hour span to vote.wow. So a previously recorded song will be the coronation song. My pick for Dillon would be Dylan ‘Times they are a changing’.
  12. I’d go Dillon, Arthur or Sam. I give extra credit for Arthur’s beautiful penmanship on his letter to mom. Nice performance by Johnny but he just doesn’t wow me. Just an aside, All the contestants have a really nice houses. I grew up a lower middle class, just like a block home nothing special , old furniture but had a great family. What would they do if one of these contestants did live in a less than fabulous home? i thought we would go one week with out the A word as in Alejandro. is it that expensive to do the remote show ? Why the short season?
  13. Wow I thought she was in her 30’s ,too. Now the move to Q makes more sense. Steady job ,fashion industry wants young, etc. So is Terri the new Mary Beth ? I see she has the afternoon gig now. Haven’t had time to post but I always think about this when I turn on Q. A few weeks ago when the goat guys had their today’s special value, a lady called in and said she used their product as toothpaste. The look on their faces was priceless. Instead of telling the lady —hey you shouldn’t use this as toothpaste they just told the lady well that’s not the intended use and chuckled. It just gave me a laugh during these times .
  14. So I guess we will have a Zoom finale?
  15. best episode of the season
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