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  1. Azah is going to be kicking herself about big D being loyal to her whenever she sees the film.
  2. I agree did some searches on him and the restaurant. Sounds like he hadn’t started the job yet until after the announcement. Seems like one of the classier GR restaurants , of course the welly is the showstopper.
  3. I follow a lot of the guys from Brendan’s seasons they are definitely all bros. They all hang out with each other and visit each other’s hometowns. They’ve been raking Noah over the coals. He said he didn’t know about anything Brendan said at the time and doesn’t condone it but is still a friend. They are even going after Bennett ( calling him a giant string bean -ha) for not calling out Brendan enough. i read the Jessenia and Chris knew each other before the show. Any truth? The plot thickens.
  4. I was happy for both teams. 125k towards their education— awesome—and gracious winners at that.
  5. Now down to 84 and people are posting the snake icon. Whoa.
  6. I believe you’re right lol. I’m an old timer college graduate and I’m getting slot of them right. These whippersnappers shouldn’t miss any of these questions.
  7. I think pieper has gone from 87 to 85
  8. Going to miss roll tide. Like the little happy guy that’s on the end for SoCal.
  9. That made me smile. He does tower over smallish dude with the wave that wants Peyton to speed up the questions. Yea he does know a lot about a lot .That being said they are really good. Was hoping for the Alabama Roll Tide vs Auburn.
  10. Ty thought I had missed them. As mentioned below, forgot about the judges cuts not seen this year.
  11. What happened to the act with the young girl and the two dogs?
  12. I think he got a bad rap. Plus he has very pretty eyes.
  13. Agree I’ve tried to watch that podcast and hated it. So tired Of these people not having a real job and living off selling stuff to all of us gullibles. I don’t buy anything but yeah I’m one of those people that do follow a few of them. It’s funny how all the guys from Taysha’s Season love just hanging out with each other. Traveling to each other’s home bases, partying with each other. I seriously doubt any of them want an actual girlfriend let alone a wife.
  14. I agree. He must have been wearing a speedo and everyone was told to act like he was nude. They were way too calm and non chalant. Plus, it would have been completely unsanitary.
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