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  1. For anyone shaking their head over Bille Eilish, go to You Tube and check out her, Finneas and just a guitar singing “ I love you’ (the SNL performance) . It’s pretty amazing.
  2. I’m still calling Madison as Kevin’ s mystery lady. Her character keeps popping up but never does anything. She puts up with the Pearson drama queens and kings and still hangs around. She’s not all Gaga over Kevin. I think she’s endgame.
  3. Randall Will talk down the intruder. Oh my that will be a long hour.
  4. I am glad about that dig. LDC the great environmentalist who always takes private jets. at least, Keanu flies commercial.
  5. There goes his chance at an Oscar. Lol. Adam Driver just picked up some votes. Deniro was not amused.
  6. Hasn’t marriage story already been done before as Kramer vs Kramer?
  7. Did they call Gwynnie a politician? ( funny she followed her ex bf Brad)
  8. Just getting around to watching the reunion. I think Janet May be a mother type figure for Elaine in the future. It seems like they’ve gotten close and Janet is really positive and inspiring. Hoping Elaine comes back in a future season.
  9. when you all are talking about the switch are you referring to just turning on the siren and flashing lights on the vehicle ?
  10. I still really like the tone of Ricky’s voice. yes, it’s great to have an all adult finale. I’d be happy with any of them.
  11. Loved Ricky. His duet with Will was great minus the Will part. I’d go Ricky, Hoot, Rose, Katie ( although I could substitute MB with Katie or Hoot).
  12. She’s a gorgeous 39. I wasn’t sure if there was a big age difference or just that Highmore looks so young.
  13. Thank you. I also forgot to ask...the show kept implying the switch wasn’t accidental. So who did they imply did it?
  14. I fell asleep. Is Kimberly in contact with the twigs? What was the outcome of her present day life?
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