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  1. Yes, wistful would be a great way to describe it. I’m not sure how you would describe Arthur’s take —angst ridden??
  2. That’s interesting. They did mention that movie on ET tonight. The hood really does look like the character in that movie. I know that sounds strange but honestly it does if you look at the picture. But since you mentioned the movie came out when he was 13 and he saying that he made the video when he was 12 somethings not adding up. Plus what is a 12-year-old doing on social media anyway.
  3. so I went back and watched Arthur’s performance. I was a big Coldplay fan back in the day when they were at the peak of their popularity. But I couldn’t figure out what song Arthur was singing. I went on YouTube and watched the video of Coldplay doing the song. I loved that song. What was Arthur thinking? I’m even more in awe of Chris Martin being a gem and a gentleman after him sitting there listening to that wreck of his Song.
  4. I didnt know law enforcement had a different alphabet thought they used military . Learn something every day.
  5. Am I supposed to know who jerry ( sue’s hubby) is ? Pls adv I also noticed they did use the military abbreviations when saying the license tag... a alpha, b bravo, s Sierra. I think that was a mistake.
  6. Side note. I also liked that Martin pushed her to sing it ( I would have been crushed if she had chosen the other). You could see he was thinking ‘ Grace you can have moment with this song...take it’ .
  7. “ fix you” always gets me emotional no matter who sings it because of the back story. That being said, Grace did really well on both songs. Yes, she does look like Heigl or a young Kate Winslett. I thought Casey was pitchy on both songs. I just don’t think she gets the emotions of any song she sings. After smiling through “when she loved me” last week , she hasn’t improved. did Caleb’s original sound like Tim McGraw’s ‘ live like you were dying?’
  8. Like the mother said everyone is human and makes mistakes, including detectives. But that was just too much. It wasn’t initials in the shoes — I believe it was his full last name! Luckily the father didn’t spend too much time in jail. I watch a lot of these shows and wasn’t familiar with the case. i had a relative that purposely left her purse and money on the entry table in case someone broke in. I think the perpetrator did say if they had anything monetary he would have just taken it and left. Rest In Peace little one.
  9. About last nights’ case...all because of a broken door. Breaks my heart.
  10. Am I the only one that thought the Sia dog should have won immunity? Then she would still be in the competition. Was this producer shenanigans? I just didn’t think the Whoopi dog was that great.
  11. Another one of the most boring episodes ever. Fell sleep woke up to see he’s leaving.
  12. Yes, it is the world’s saddest song but she didn’t seem to have a clue about the emotion behind it. She could have at least gone on you tube and watched the 3 minute clip. She did sound very nice. I couldn’t even watch the movie clip last night too many memories of sobbing in the theater.
  13. You can start voting for your favorite at the beginning. I gave her votes at the very beginning. arthur seems like a nice enough guy. Someone posted his fan base numbers last week which are huge. I’m assuming he will probably win the whole thing. He’s had a year to develop that base. It just doesn’t seem very fair to this year’s contestants. I saw a very uncomfortable Arthur and 6 none too happy finalists at the end.
  14. Not everyone is a supremist.
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