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  1. Im from the South too and agree about Paula’s comments. The woman can cook/bake. So tired of cancel culture. Joe aka Simon cracks me up.
  2. I’ve just started watching, too. I also find it enjoyable. I’m the opposite liking the real pre recorded songs. You do know DJ girl is Foxx’s daughter right? Grin.
  3. Katie giving a lot of guys false hope. Please dump Karl
  4. Even though the questions may be easier, I’m still enjoying this season more than last. I like that I can actually get some of the answers. Rob interacting with the players more. The player watching from the sofa.
  5. Good for him. I’m happy he’s getting a big payday. Because I’m sure if there is not any non disclosure clause he could have written a tell all. Thanks Rachel L. I look forward to his next venture.
  6. Ty. I was wondering if Claire and hot doctor might get together. So he does follow Lim that’s great. The nurse was very pretty.
  7. Didn’t know thomas was leaving. Very fitting farewell. Sounds like she wants to do more behind the scenes. Good for her.
  8. Wow beautiful scene with Claire’s and Lim. Claire found her place. Can’t even be too sad about it.
  9. Have they ever thought about having the same questions for the contestants and the chaser in the final round ? (the chaser would have to wear headphones or be isolated)
  10. Had a crush during st Elmo’s and he looks even better. I even watch mental samurai for him.
  11. He definitely has the picture of Dorian Grey in his basement. Did I see the other team giving others members an answer? hmmm glad team lose won.
  12. For some reason I don’t mind if the chaser wins but watching the Wall I feel terrible when they go home with no cash.
  13. Re the magician. I understand the phone shenanigans that makes the trick work. It’s just the adoptive mother holding up a sign that says power doesn’t even go along with the narrative. But if course that’s the word Terry chose. It would have worked better with love, compassion,etc. But at least he didn’t choose money or fame. hate to be cynical but do you think that Was actually the birth mom ? It’s possible if it’s an open adoption but sounds like the child was not in a good situation at 2 months.
  14. April is an RN so she’s trying to be a nurse practitioner. I thought that ranked lower than an RN. Any med professionals explain that to me? So is Archer a good guy, a bad guy with good intentions, or just a plain bad guy? In a show full of annoying characters, I can’t figure him out. Ive been watching since Day1, somehow I now think that Halstead is pretty cute. How did that happen?
  15. I thought he asked the twins when they walk in the room. Sorry may be wrong. But definitely wearing a ring so he marries someone.
  16. I thought Sophie was goIng to be end game for a long time. Maybe she still is? In the flash forward, Kevin did ask the kids how is your Mom. I’m still a Madison fan. Sounds like no one has ever fallen in love with her. I’m hoping for your the love of my life moment with Madison next season. cant wait for all the wrapped up storylines.
  17. If Kevin was going to end up with Sophie I think they would have eased her more into this season. I have no doubt Kevin will find out her drama, though ( why did she change her number). Ive always like Madison. She clearly stated she’s in love with Kevin. I think they will take it slow , co parent and Kevin will fall in love with her. Since the show made a big deal out if him not being able to say I love you, we will get a big production out of it next season. I want Madison to be happy.
  18. I think the majority of the audience minus this board want Stabler and benson together. There I said it.
  19. Agree thought it was supposed to be a family show.
  20. Another article about AG. It makes you wonder why they invited him if they were already worried about him showing up. https://www.yahoo.com/entertainment/arthur-gunns-bizarre-finale-night-ghosting-is-the-most-epic-idol-story-of-all-time-075649295.html?guccounter=1
  21. Congrats Cam. so they don’t even get a car anymore?
  22. It does sound like it would be musical director/ direction with the duet. oh so he’s going to let Sheryl Perform with him. How nice of him.
  23. We have two very special episodes to get them together ( Park & Reznick).
  24. I thought just the opposite. Willie’s version made me feel more although Cam’s version was also very good.jmo.
  25. Do you think the judges didn’t let Murphy go throughout because they knew Arthur was coming back? Gabby Barrett has really surprised me. I really didn’t think she would go anywhere after the show . Shame on me. Good for her. Lauren Alayna is another one. Any more scoop on Just Sam and Arthur not showing up?
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