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  1. I actually love the Leslie Mann/Jergens lotion ads. I always laugh at the new one, where she's looking at a genealogy-type website, and tells her daughter something like 'the Depression is where we get out dustbowl elbows from'.
  2. Yes to the fupa, no to the lymphedema. Her skin looked pretty good, too. Her parents were both to blame. Dad could have turned down her offer of pizza, etc. in the nursing home ( what kind of nursing home allows fast food delivery to a bedbound guy on oxygen?) Megan herself seemed to hear what she wanted to hear, like a lot of these folks (ie, her obsession with her sodium intake). At least we didn't have to see her in the shower; also, she didn't have tattoos, piercings, heavy makeup or weird hair. However, she's probably doomed, due to her lack of support system (she didn't seem to have any friends or other relatives involved in her life).
  3. Because I clearly have nothing better to do, sigh: Snickers Product Lines That link, Colleenna,, goes to a 2018 article, and it looks like they've dropped/changed their line. No more almond butter bars.
  4. It also has tomato sauce, which is full of carbs/sugars. Peanuts, not almonds. 🥜
  5. Epic rundown, Otto- I would also say that the correction officers have somehow managed to avoid seeing the movie The Fugitive, which seems to show up every 2 or 3 days someplace on Spectrum, and which features this EXACT escape scheme. Um, apparently Sam's is also a pawn shop? Resale shop? Whatever; as far as I can see, the veil Eyebrows wears isn't even the same as the coarse, crumpled thing with lace edging that Ben brings back in the fancy box. We once rescued 3 poor little kittens during a brutal Wisconsin winter; their ears were all frostbitten/frozen, and they actually fell off/broke off after a few days inside. So every time Eyebrows caresses Zeke's head, I expect to see those janky ear rims fall off. (The kittens all quickly died of FIV complications, btw 😪).
  6. sempervivum

    S03.E13: Pinned

    I suppose the bad guys could just be holding the 911 center for a ransom, but how do they escape? Also,they seem more like thugs than sophisticated terrorists. Ah, black don't crack. Athena mentions that her parents are 'in their 70's' (Angela Bassett is, of course, 61)!
  7. Maybe I missed some previous revelation about the Surgeon, but why was that old Jim Croce song playing over his flashback to one of his killings (the 'girl in the box', I guess?)? Crusty 50 year old folk rock doesn't really scream 'urbane genius serial killer' to me.
  8. LOL that anyone who's been paying attention even thinks there's any doubt he's getting into the Top 5 20.
  9. The bald guy (Jay?)who was sleeping with Ione Skye got promoted, but apparently the company wanted to send all of his un-followed sales leads to some other office. Dean nabbed them before that could happen, and was busy selling stuff. Ione Skye tried to stop him, but he threatened to basically make a sexual harrassment complaint against her if she tried. (I think this is what's happening, but I don't really understand why Dean didn't threaten that when he was initially demoted for turning down her proposition). As for the skimming stuff, the girls are taking some of the funny money for themselves before they give the boxes to Rio. I think. I don't really understand why they aren't getting paid for this in the first place, but maybe Rio just told them he'd kill them if they didn't work for free? What I can't understand is what Stan is doing with the strippers. I think one of the strippers is doing 'parties' on the side ie, hooking with rich guys who she thinks won't complain if she steals some jewelry (or something) from them while she's 'servicing' them. Stan is basically acting as her protection. Again, that's just my interpretation of the tangled plots and subplots here.
  10. I don't get Faith, she seems cruise ship to me; also that satin outfit was atrocious on her. Louis wasn't comfortable in the sunny, noisy outdoor venue he did his performance in. His wishy washy blondness and light voice kind of disappeared in that setting. Jonny is a stronger singer (and picked a better song), but getting a night time spot, dressing more grungy and singing a more passionate song made him stand out, imo. Dewayne performing so close to the beginning of the show didn't do him any favors, I keep forgetting about him, and he was actually very good on Old Town Road. Sam was amazing, and if it wasn't for those tattoos, I'd be speculating that she's a ringer. I would swear she's had professional voice training. Not sure how she's going to keep up that standard during the gap (before they're able to return to live filming).
  11. That was a pretty action-packed episode: revealing Lucy's death to Max, training him to be an assassin(!), trying to arrange a robbery and Ruby getting shot, Stan getting involved with some shady stuff with the hookers strippers, the skimming situation, Dean deciding to take over the hot tub place, Rio cleaning out Beth's house, etc, etc. Best part: the cute kids want a pet snake so they can feed it rabbits.
  12. I can't find it online anywhere, but I laughed at Shane appearing in a PSA during 'Mama June- Hot Mess' on Friday night, similar to the one Tony did previously. Shane is also listed as a 'containment expert', and is shown on what seems to be the balcony of a hotel on a beach. He's wearing his wedding ring, fwiw.
  13. Best thing: Big Mike's arm tattoos are apparently so obscene/offensive that they had to blur them out. Strange thing; Why is some of the dialogue subtitled, but Sugar Bear's-whose speech is almost incomprehensible to me- isn't? Gena the Manager is looking even weirder than she did last season. She appears to be morphing into a llama (except not as cute):
  14. Exactly. And Dominic, at least (not sure about his brother) has a high school diploma. He didn't sound mentally slow to me, in fact I thought he had a nice vocabulary. I would bet cash money that they've watched the show, probably more than once. I also bet that they're perfectly capable of googling calorie info on the fast food websites, and of looking up how to apply for housing. Their problem is that they have no real desire to be adults. I have to say that one good thing about them being homeless is that they didn't drag any pets or internet-acquired 'fiancees' into their sad quagmire.
  15. Their mother may have been a wonderful person, since they obviously loved and missed her, but she failed at her most important job as a parent: preparing your child for independence. It would take a live-in 24/7 mentoring team years to get these 2 up to speed as responsible citizens. I'd like to see Dr. Now come up with a 'dieting on fast food' plan that would direct these lazy morons to appropriate menu choices. So many folks don't know how to cook any more, and especially men like these, who have been taken care of like children their entire lives. I do like the way he's finally saying some of the things we've been saying here: the surgery isn't magic, you've got to do the hard part yourself, no excuses, everybody has stress in their life, etc. I do wonder if he's about ready to throw in the towel, though. I doubt he really needs the money or publicity, and he seems to be getting bored or fed up with the lather/rinse/repeat of 90% of the people the show brings him.
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