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  1. Yeah, this is meandering into Law & Order/FBI-level 'who can be the wokest' territory. I've been on the fence about this show for a while, and if we're going to be Dick Wolfe-ing it up now, I'm out.
  2. I just saw this for the first time- it was the 'Safari' house and the 'Country Estates' house episode. The giant leopard, giraffe and whatever the 3rd one was painted 'wallpaper' treatments were actually kind of interesting and seemed to be appealing to the buyers they featured (shrugs). The detail I was baffled by was the bunk bed they built; I think it was in the Country Estates house 2nd bedroom. The top bunk was at least 6 feet above the bottom one; there was no railing or anything around the top part and there seemed to be a mattress, so I think it was meant to be used by a 2nd kid.
  3. I assume Ma and Pa Kleinsasser kill each other next week, leaving over-achiever Cheyenne with the booby prize of acres of toxic waste and corpse soup-in-a-barrel. While I disagree with your assessment that the 'show is bad', I loved the call-out to the Shakespearean flavor of it all. Jenny and Cassie are the least interesting characters on the show at this point. From the previews, it looks like Ronald will end up in jail, which means Jerri doesn't get to plug him (yet). Somehow I doubt he'll be in the slammer for very long, though. Hopefully looking forward to more of him n
  4. Thanks to Salaydouk for the comments on the military crime aspect; you confirm that this plot point doesn't make sense (surprise!) I thought the most peculiar line was Finola's 'I think the debris is starting to try to know us' (or words to that effect). Hasn't that been an ongoing theme from the beginning? Groan at George randomly driving cross country (but forgetting to bring along his trusty roll of tinfoil), and double groan at the introduction of Magic Native Americans.
  5. I know, right? What was Gwyneth thinking! I'd be shocked if Grace and Willie aren't in the final. It's the third party I'm stumped by. Almost certainly not Casey; but will the WGWG or the country contingent push their boy to the end? Forgot to add: Wow, Idol got Finneas for next week's mentor- that's a big deal, He's the reason Billie is a household word, imo. We'll see if he can 'produce' the contestants the way he did with her.
  6. I had to google Elon Musk's height (6'2") because he looked like a giant in several sketches. I thought he was pretty good in 'Ooli', SpaceX', 'Wario' and the Western sketch. He seemed to have a twinkle in his eye all night, and I never got the impression he was full of himself (although I suppose he is). Miley Cyrus sounded so nasal in the first 2 songs; between that and the goat vibrato, annoying-although I did like the guy she was singing with.
  7. Peanuts are actually lower-carb than almonds, which (as a type 1 diabetic) is one of my favorite, endocrinologist-recommended snacks. In moderation, of course. I wouldn't be at all surprised if they don't try to repeat the June story, and have Alana go through some kind of weight loss program. Although if the show lasts a couple more years, she can probably avoid any actual effort, and get a free gastric bypass- like practically half her family has (June, Geno, Jessica).
  8. Well, if somebody on a reality show absolutely had to get pregnant, Josh and Pumpkin are far better than some of the jerks from 90DF or 600 Lb. Life. Happy to see that what June and Geno could afford to rent doesn't look too great; even if there's an extra bedroom, I can't see Alana being that eager to live there.
  9. I admit I fell asleep before the end, but I'm positive I saw and heard Kal Penn. All I remember is that he was in a hallway with someone else. I asked this a while back, and someone responded that in the original (1988) novel, Clarice had siblings. Not sure why they're mixing and matching the novel and the movie; it certainly doesn't make it any more interestingšŸ„±
  10. Yes, Mediterranean and Middle Eastern cultures suggest a great localized (not global) flood occurred about 4,000 years ago. Probably not really long enough to 'fossilize' a piece of the Ark, but let's pretend. Is this the first time a TV show has used a smart refrigerator as a plot point? Am I the only one who thinks the Major's daughter looks too young for Jared? Not only that, but in the kitchen, high up on the tiled wall behind the sink, there was a tiny window that had sheer curtains over it. Why would there be a window so high you couldn't look out of it, and more impor
  11. Not only that, but when Ronald lugs the body around (not just once, but twice), how is he avoiding getting blood all over himself? He's actually clutching the entire corpse against his body as he 'hides' behind the tree when Scarlett comes looking for him. Aside from many quibbles about the lack of reality, I also had to say I LOVED/LOL'D at the use of the original 'Crimson and Clover' during the ending scenes, where all the crises converge. Not sure if it's what the showrunners intended, but I had a big grin on my face during that whole thing.
  12. She kind of looked like Boy George with those pale pale blue eyes. WTF was that eye makeup with the dot/dash pattern going all the way around each eye? Not just the makeup, either- that absurd hair with the big purple scrunchy and the1987 clothing! (Although her shoes actually looked pretty much like her daughter's). The guy with the lipoma on his forehead was really obsessed with getting rid of it; since we didn't see it post-healing, I wonder if the scar was less noticeable than the lump?
  13. Yeah, didn't really know these 2 and didn't find them particularly interesting. How many Ashkenazi Jews from Russia has Dr. Gates featured? Seems like tons to me. So Lewis Black's grandparents got back together, huh, shrug. And didn't they have someone earlier this season who found a census listing with 'Africa' as the place of birth? Still, pretty amazing for a Black person to find a named ancestor from 1790.
  14. Gas. Natural gas can be extracted (laboriously) from shale rock. The idea is that the shale fields are near the ranch, and (I guess) the mining company doesn't want to pay to dispose of the waste legally (I guess), so the Kleinsasses stepped in to make a buck. But yeah, the whole 'how does the ranch survive' question is being really glossed over for the sake of the plot. At least last season's 'Ronald kills everybody to cover up the human trafficking' plot had a tenuous connection to reason. He just bought (with what?) the rig last episode. Oh, me too. It's miles ahead of any
  15. sempervivum


    Is there a surgery to cure leukemia? Felt sorry for the kid, of course, but Octavio met an appropriate fate, imo.
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