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  1. What was the lie? I know Lisa found some texts or calls from 'Tina', but he admitted that she was (I guess) an old flame, so how is that a lie? What did I miss?
  2. Just how many different hairpieces is Stan wearing at the same time? I saw grey hair, a couple shades of fake-looking brown and of course the black Hitler side-sweep. I was interested in Daonte's home decor. It appeared that he had 2 liquor bags on his mantle, symmetrically arranged as if they were candlesticks? Interesting that he's only now bringing up the sad tale of the jailbird who OD'd, as a rationale for his agreeing to meet Nicole, Sr., again. Yeah, she might kill herself if you refuse to see her. 🙄 His friend is hilarious.
  3. Lisa/Stan-um, he isn't really leaving you anything in his will? Lacey-calls Chon, of course Brittany-she already told the audience about the $8K, now it's Marcellino's turn Nichole needs a 'plan' to get drooling Daonte back? Pretty sure a phone call will do. Ray 'breaks down'- will he look a tiny bit vexed? Will we even be able to tell? Wait, Krusty has a son?
  4. I thought he said something like 'Charlie', and I assumed it must be a cat. Or dog. Even if it's some aged relative, who cares? We never heard of them, so why even bring up a family matter? Honestly, this show is so fabulous that last week I totally forgot to watch it. This week, it was so fabulous that I fell asleep after the trauma of the water-twerking scene.
  5. This kind of fizzled out for me- maybe would have been more effective watching it as 4 separate episodes, but our PBS station showed the first 2 last week, and the last 2 last night. The first 2 had left me expecting something a bit lighter and more twisty, but then it pretty much went to a predictable denouement. Also, I thought Jake was a feckless ass, and was disappointed that he got a more or less happy ending. Good acting all around, though.
  6. Why would they even choose Amy Stran to host 'Girls With Curves'? That's just mean.
  7. I'm still in the dark as to why Native John is so enthralled by the Bonnie and Clyde story, and exactly what they have to do with the John/Krustianna story. Bad childhoods, yeah, but beyond that? B & C KILLED 9 COPS and 4 CIVILIANS and mostly robbed mom and pop groceries and gas stations- they weren't misunderstood Robin Hoods, or whatever he thinks. And I hate that this little asshat thinks she should (I guess) kill herself if he dies first. I'm also incensed as a Wisconsin taxpayer that I'm paying him to be a charlatan 'spiritual advisor' to Wisconsin jailbirds! Daonte's blind date
  8. Blabby should never, ever wear those big, lumpy Irish sweaters with side-seam pockets. Good Lord.
  9. Nicole kind of looks like Madonna in that talking head shot-I mean 2021 Madonna, 63 and heavily botoxed. What kind of work can Nicole do in a 'high end salon'- sweeping up hair?
  10. That 'handsome gentleman' Tia has anger issues, huh.
  11. Ohhhh, so that's what it is. This seems to me like something a teenager would do, because they can't believe they'll ever have grey hair. This will pretty much force her to dye her hair into old age, no? I could maybe see her being a trainer at her weight, but only if she could demonstrate actual fitness. I don't believe she can keep up her rope-jumping for more than 5 seconds, or lift moderate weights multiple times, etc., without becoming totally winded and collapsing. As a client, I would also be curious about her blood pressure and blood glucose levels. I was actually surprise
  12. Is it a man thing, or would it really not occur to Jake that people as freckled as the 'darling niece' don't age into completely unfreckled skin? He does seem clueless, but surely he knows that she'd have to be wearing industrial-strength concealer to look clear skinned? I guess I can buy that he wouldn't be able to tell that her hair is genuinely stick-straight and not dyed, but the freckles? I actually was thinking 'It's like 'Noises Off', but with a dead body'.
  13. Um, yeah, since when does a Cro-Magnon hairline = youth?
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