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  1. sempervivum

    Love After Lockup: Life After Lockup

    Yes. Scott, Lizard and Meghan are the only unmarried subjects being actively followed from season 2.
  2. sempervivum

    Love After Lockup: Life After Lockup

    Oooo, I hope we get to see what Stephanie looks like! I did feel (slightly) sorry for Tracie last night. Clint had me fooled into believing he was so crazy/stupid in love with her that he wouldn't look at anyone else. And yes, that whole 'I feel crappy about returning to the scene of the crime' from him made no sense, because Tracie clearly said this would be her first time in Las Vegas. I feel increasingly sorry for Clint's parents, who I suspect will soon be not-wanting-to-meet wife # 4. Brittney and Marcellino getting all huffy with each other about a choice of godmother also made zero sense. We haven't seen any indication that either one is at all religious, and that's the only thing god parents are involved in, so who cares? They both seem to be trying to upset each other with their stances. Now, Marcellino going over to argue with gangster Tito about Tito's kid? That's also just plain looking for trouble. So in a few short months Scott is financially recovered enough to buy a $4K ring and then throw it in the ocean when the Lizard rejects it? Please. And the Lizard piously showing us her Bible verse tats while her saggy fun bags hang out of her barely-there dress? Also, please. At least Dumbo Sarah didn't give in to Mike's suggestion that she Facetime her actual moment of crowning. Although it would have been fun to see Meghan My Queen's reaction to that image. I like Andrea, and I feel the same as she does about her inlaws, but again, WHY DID SHE MARRY A CRIMINAL??? I hope we get to see Lamar in the wilds of Utah. I didn't watch season 1, but Garrett found himself a girlfriend who's as good looking as he is, and apparently willing to put up with him, so good on him. Johnna, good luck with your impossible dream (Bad Boy Who Wants to be Controlled). Next season: so far, looks like a bunch of fame whores (as I think I've posted before).
  3. sempervivum

    Commercials That Annoy, Irritate or Outright Enrage

    I posted here about this ad months ago, but I NEED to say that the very worst part of this is when Migraine Mommy brandishes her Etsy sword and growls 'on guarrrrrd' in this ridiculously theatrical way. I don't know why, but this makes me crazy!
  4. sempervivum

    The InBetween

    I actually stayed awake for the entire episode last night, which is a first for me with this show. IRL, though, has there EVER been a documented case of a serial killer who follows this kind of ritualized, fussy methodology: murders repeat on the anniversary of some trauma in the killer's life, exact method of complicated killing each time, and all for a laughably minor reason? I blame Agatha Christie.
  5. sempervivum

    Commercials That Annoy, Irritate or Outright Enrage

    Centrum multi vitamin gummies: Feed your cells, illustrated whimsically by teeny tiny milk cartons and fruits. Am I the only one insulted by this? Do these people really want me to think my 'cells' need special, separate 'food'? Is it possible the audience doesn't know my entire body is made of 'cells' and that whatever I eat ends up in those cells? I'm very tired of this ad, but I can't hate on old Broadway Joe. He's still very charming and I wonder how many people watching him realize the reason behind his ' I guarantee it' line!
  6. The totally faulty logic here is: you can lose X pounds on a bottle of Lipozene. Therefore, you can lose 4 times X pounds if you consume 4 bottles of Lipozene. I've never been at all overweight, so I acknowledge that I may not be able to 'feel' these ads, but doesn't it ever occur to the folks who fall for these scams that IF Lipozene really worked, there wouldn't be any fat people?
  7. Oh, I think if she really wanted to be a victim of fat shaming, she would have posted a full length back view. She knows her top half looks semi-normal, except for her enormous arms, and is just posting this out of vanity, ie, she thinks she looks good🙄
  8. sempervivum

    Love After Lockup: Life After Lockup

    Yes! I'm not seeing anybody in the 'next season' previews who looks remotely interesting. I hope we keep getting updates on whatever insanity the season 2 cast get up to- kind of like the 'where are they now' episodes on My 600 Lb. Life.
  9. sempervivum

    As Seen On TV: Does ANY of this crap work?

    Like 'Testofen' in Nugenix or 'konjac root' in Lipozene. At least in the old days, the quack medicines came with genuine alcohol, cocaine or laudanum!
  10. sempervivum

    Andrea & Lamar: These Arm(ed Robber)s of Mine

    I didn't watch season 1, and just read back to the start of this thread, and this surprised me. Lamar is almost as inarticulate as Michael (though not as mush mouthed) and I see no sign of the verbal agility or imagination rappers need to display.
  11. sempervivum

    The InBetween

    Nice to see Cut Throat Bitch(Anne Dudek) is still working-one of my favorite characters from House.
  12. sempervivum

    As Seen On TV: Does ANY of this crap work?

    Does it work on glass shower doors? We have 2 Airbnb's and the shower doors are a nightmare for me.
  13. I was wondering how easy it would be to tighten/loosen up the 'laces' (ie, for swollen feet or thicker socks), and I looked at their website. It's complicated enough to require videos and diagrams (!), so now I really don't get the point of this product. Also, they cost about 5x the price of fiber shoe laces (more if you want bling-$36 for hickies with Swarovski 'diamonds'!).
  14. sempervivum


    I was shocked that Mrs. Bright didn't sit up in bed and announce her cancer was gone (just kidding)!
  15. sempervivum

    House Hunters International

    Why do they have 'Mexico Life' and Mexico destinations on HHI? Since I'm not interested in Mexico at all, this seems like over exposure.