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  1. Uh, he has pretty good hair? Like this X 1000. Natalie is living in the past in terms of current nutritional research. (FYI, Sir Raiderduck avocado oil is great for cooking, too- very high smoking point and mild taste).
  2. Steph's dress with the strings of pearls emphasizes how low hanging her boobs are.
  3. Yeah, I think poverty alone is probably the answer. I was glad to see that Caroline (?),Tracy's daughter, seemed to have good teeth, in fact she was very striking looking. I didn't blame her for not wanting to talk to self-righteous Dawn. Yes, it always amazes me that not reporting a crime isn't illegal (in most states).
  4. I'd be looking forward to Lindsey getting her ass carted back to prison, but this show never gives me what I want😭 Flappy still trying to find that exculpatory paragraph in the book! Aw at how loving and reasonable Lamar is with Priscilla. Andrea's bald spot and belligerent attitude still proudly on display. Shovel tells her 4 year old that some random jailbird is her 'father' and gives her a PHONE. What could go wrong??? Also, many years ago, I worked at a department store and got an unbelievable deal on a carpet cleaner. I didn't have a car, so I wheeled it to the bus stop, boarded and then walked 4 blocks home pushing it through my neighborhood. So I guess I don't have moral authority to giggle at Quaylude and his suitcase rolling through Branson. (Although, what happened to his truck?) If Puppy hadn't been trying to rip off the US taxpayers by getting herself 'adopted' by dummy Vince, I'd feel a little sorry for her being played by Amber. From her first appearance, Amber admitted she was a hustler and would always be looking out for #1; apparently the convict she's got on the side has better prospects than Puppy. Goggling at Lacey and Chane leading prayers and talking morals. But aw again at Chane's affection for his stepchildren. Not really sure why Shawn thinks being at the courthouse in person is going to secure his money? Or does he just want to know right away that he's going bankrupt? Goggling at 1) Density's sister ironing her jeans and 2) these 2 skanks 'praying'. Murgh sure does have Cabbage Patch's number. Although we all heard her SWEAR she'll never sleep with him again, they seem to have some secret language about f'ing versus having sex or something.
  5. Ashley has a beautiful face and long, thick hair. For some men, that has almost as much attraction as a conventionally shaped body. Whitney, to my eyes, is kind of homely without makeup, and has a tendency to spend most of her time in tight top knots and clothing that makes her look even bigger than she is. There's something not very feminine about her, imo. Didn't she say she got no responses except insults? And didn't one of them refer to her as a rhinoceros or something?😏 And of course (real or not) she'd bring them up, because whenever she's not casting herself as a fierce invincible warrior of fat pride, she's a pitiable victim of fat shaming.
  6. Yes, she looked gorgeous. I can't imagine wearing sky-high wedges to tramp around the city and climb miles of steep staircases, though. Leiden looked smaller than it really is, I think because there aren't many high rise buildings. Really charming.
  7. In general, if it's that hard to persuade someone to get help, it's a doomed mission from the start. And Cindy really, really didn't want to get help. I thought it was funny at the start of the episode that the caregiver made Cindy a home-cooked 'pre-breakfast' (eggs, bacon and fries) first thing. When she brought it out, I was amazed at how normal the size of the meal was. Of course, after all the grunting, moaning and whining while Cindy lumbered 6 feet from bed to bathroom and got cleaned up, the caregiver brought in the REAL breakfast of fried chicken, biscuits and mac n cheese-enough to feed a family of 8.🤢 I wonder why Cindy's family seemed to be pretty much uninvolved with her. More to that story than we were told, I think. My expectations for this show are hovering at zero this season. At least Cindy didn't bring any small animals or children into the story, her place wasn't filthy, she had no tattoos, and she didn't gorge like an animal (on camera, at least). But I can't remember the last time someone on this show lost a noticeable amount of weight. I was expecting to see the BSOD, but have no doubt we'll get an announcement at some point in the next couple of years.
  8. Speaking of the sound track, does anyone know who does the version of 'Don't Fear the Reaper' that was playing toward the end?
  9. I'm old, and (thank God) never had to use a dating app, but even I know that somebody who looks like Whitney would get cruel comments on social media. And I don't think it's necessarily people who've seen the show, and know the full extent of her grossness; I'm pretty sure she could parade naked through downtown Charlotte and nobody would know who she is. How is it that the only friends she has in life are high school vintage? Doesn't she keep up with anyone she knows from college, her radio 'career', her cruises, etc.?
  10. 'Weight Loss Surgery'- the 'weight' is Ryan, I suspect. Half her effort in weightlifting involves trying to get the bar past her droopy gut.
  11. For some reason, the Allstate ad with the astronaut couple in their vehicle driving around the moonscape to Smokey's 'Cruisin' makes me smile.
  12. Actually, I remember her expressing regret on her first season of the show for the choices she made as an adult, but I hardly think you can expect a 12 year old runaway to 'accept fault' for getting involved with a 30 year old criminal, getting pregnant, hooked on drugs and then involved in dealing and robbery (or whatever it was). Maybe Cindy had a horrific childhood herself, we don't know. All we can go by is Brit's account of how her mother abandoning her- which her mother does not dispute- led to her life of crime.
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