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  1. Maurice was actually 19 when he went in, I think. (I'm so, so sad that Maurice's personality doesn't qualify him as 'Space Cowboy' OR the 'Gangster of Love' ).
  2. When one of the jailbirds is supposed to be released and doesn't show up at the bus station/airport, it always ends up that the jailbird got up to something in prison and is going to be serving more time. Happened with Angela/Tony and Traci/Clint, right? Lindsey is (understandably, imo) reluctant to finally come face to lip with old Scott. (In profile, he reminds me of Homer Simpson ). Destinee rejected the Goodwill store clothing Shawn bought for her; she's clearly shocked at his lies, and based on the previews, their relationship is going to be short-lived. He'll be lucky if he doesn't loose that $50K. Kristianna should have stuck with the mailman outfit; those jeans might have fit her when she went into the slammer 4 years ago, but they're so tight now that she could barely bend her knees. And she's never successfully completed a single parole out of 4 chances . Good choice, Native John. I predict Chaundra will end up falling for Tyrise's son.
  3. Did anyone see a computer in the house, or Althia with a smart phone? How does one even go about selling piles of junk like hers, other than online? Well, of course, she never actually seems to sell anything, so maybe it's a moot point. But where is she getting the money just for taxes and utilities on a 5K square foot house? At least she wasn't a shrieking bitch like the first 2 hoarders this season. Julius sounds like he was a (delusional) hustler.
  4. Qualandria-really? And yet she afflicted her son with another goofy 'Qua' themed name. I can hardly wait to hear the names of her (assuming here) other kids. Nonetheless, I think she seems pretty sensible and she looks nice. Shavel is just dumb. I love the friends on this show- Tangy is clearly the girl for Tyrise, not snaggle-toothed wide-load Chaundra, but these people can never see it, can they? John is not only trying to squeeze a wedding into a 15 minute timeline, but he expects Chris to change into a giant (yet too-small) wedding dress?? Would there even be room in that flatbed for 3 people and a big old wedding gown? Hope he kept the receipt. At least the minister lady picked up on Chris's panic and gave her an out. Shawn must not have ever heard of phone filter apps, if he's surprised by Destinie's disappointing looks. She does look quite pretty in her talking heads, though. Wonder why she didn't try to lose weight before her release. And she thinks he looks older than she expected, whatever that means. Oh, Scott. I bet the showrunners larfed and larfed when his card was declined. "Rich" guys don't have to shuffle money around from card to card, no matter how demanding their jailbird girlfriends are about expensive phones, etc. Things will get ugly when she sees his very ordinary truck and tacky house. Maurice's excitement and wonder at flying were cute, but just emphasized how immature and inexperienced he is, compared to Jessica. She's going to have to take care of him like a child, isn't she? At least until he gets arrested again.
  5. Her chyron description is 'Marketing Consultant'. I actually think the age difference is almost as important as the cultural background. He's 26, and has been in jail since age 19. She's 33, and presumably established in a career. Reminds me of Lacy and Shane (except Lacy's 'career' consisted of getting naked on a private/for-pay webcam show).
  6. It's a shame that the pathology that produces hoarding behavior doesn't produce suicidal behavior (although I guess these sad sacks are all slowly killing themselves). The lady in next week's previews seems to be a bit more likeable; I hope we get someone to root for. This is starting to seem like the parade of repulsive fatties from 600 Lb. Life.
  7. The kids are going to have trouble telling the moms apart! At least she's not barely legal, although still an age upgrade from 'old' Christina (age 37).
  8. Call me crazy, but I get a laugh out of the Tena (adult diaper) ad with the plain lady who tells us she looks 'stunning' first thing in the morning, and then shares that she takes good care of her skin. 'Not this skin' she says, pointing to her face; 'this skin' points downward. I find her strangely charming, which blunts the ookiness of the subject matter.
  9. Aw, I felt a little bad for Scott. His only child was killed in a car crash 3 years ago; 'coincidentally' he then falls for a girl young enough to be his daughter. I feel really bad for Lindsey's poor mother and daughter (who's adorable). I hope he gets out before she sucks him dry financially, but he seems like a fool. I don't know who lied to who, but Quaylon would be far better off in Houston- much more work available, especially for unqualified/unskilled workers (at least at the time this was filmed). Shavel seems sweet, but very unrealistic, and I'm voting for her as 'most likely to get knocked up' this season. Christianna is dressed like a mailman, has a lower voice than John, and looks like she could pick up John's 'native American' ass and carry him to the car limo like a puppy. I must have missed that they've only known each other 3 months, which makes the rush to get married even weirder. Father-of-six guy (can't remember his name) seems to have something wrong with his upper lip, like Scott. He seems really dim. His poor, sweet daughter thinks he's trying to 'start a new family'. I was cheering at the baby mama calling him out for not marrying her, too bad she didn't see the light 5 kids ago. At least Jessica and Maurice were mutually happy to see each other. That dress, oy. I'm surprised the prison didn't report a hooker loitering outside the gates, but I suppose they're used to seeing women waiting there in outfits from Thirst Mart. She is unfortunate looking, but her hair is pretty, and she doesn't trowel on the makeup, I guess.
  10. Jessica's sister was only seen from a distance, and she hasn't said a word during the show (so far). At no point did anyone say that her sister was refusing to see Jessica because Maurice is black. We know nothing about Jessica's previous life choices, but marrying-after 6 months-a man who's been in prison since age 17 strikes me as impulsive, risky, possibly self-destructive and just plain stupid. And I'd think that even if he were as white as Jim Gaffigan.
  11. I thought one of them said that when they tried to visit, Carol stood in the doorway and made it clear she didn't want them in the house. Carol could have easily talked Dave into signing the paperwork for a 2nd mortgage, it was clear he would do whatever she told him to. Since the house was bought long before she married Dave, unless he made a special point of changing the title, it's very likely the ownership legally would have been Dave's alone. My husband had to go to a lawyer to get my name added to the title. Also, my recollection was that Carol had moved out 2 years ago/had been living with her son for 2 years, although I agree that would have no effect on ownership.
  12. I'm sure you feel the same way about the previews WeTV has been airing: older black guy's son yells 'But she's white!' when he sees the pic of his dad's new jailbird girlfriend.
  13. Could be, although I don't know that one spouse moving mutually-owned money to a private account, even without the other party's knowledge, would be considered 'criminal'? Shady, for sure, but if it was from a joint account, it was equally her money. Since they weren't divorcing, she couldn't be charged with concealing assets, IMO ( and NAL-not a lawyer!)
  14. The husband was actually 'Dave'; interesting that he came across as such a nonentity that nobody remembers his name. I began to doubt the veracity of this storyline when the afterwords said that Carol and Dave had moved back in to the house (albeit briefly). Who would allow those 2 decrepit old wrecks to live in a gigantic house that they can't even afford to pay utilities on? I wonder if the family didn't just want the house cleaned up for free and strung the showrunners along until that was accomplished. If you didn't watch the very last minute you'd think it was a big 'success story' (at least by Hoarders standards). Carol will still get all the profits from selling the house, though, unless the trust is only in Dave's name (ie, covered by probate law). Interesting rundown of this topic; State law on disinheriting a spouse
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