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  1. Unless I'm not remembering the plot correctly, the guy she decked was also an FBI agent, no? Presumably also similarly trained. Of course, she had the advantage of surprise.
  2. I don't know- even imagining him sans toupee, facially, he's not very wrinkly or saggy, and he's in pretty good shape body-wise. I do think his pals look like they're in their 70's, though (not just because they're sporting their own hair). I think Stan's comment re. Lisa being half his age was just bravado/boasting. I have to say that I'm already anticipating Life After Lockup, that preview was hilarious. Native John and Krishianna getting married yet again, with the minister announcing 'the NEW Bonnie and Clyde'!😲
  3. Prison Guard lady seems mentally unbalanced; all that frenzied blubbering just because her 'husband' is getting out. (Not even going to mention the pickle costume) And you just know she's going to try to outwit the PO by surreptitiously moving Jailbird in with her, and of course she'll get caught and probably end up in the slammer herself. Unless Daonte is just an apprentice welder, he's getting ripped off by his employer. Experienced welders make a lot more than $24/hr. Wonder what his bug-eyed momma will think when she sees him and Nikki, jr. on her screen. He no more has that t
  4. So now Clarice is analyzing her psychiatrist? I liked the psych up til this week, but that was just weird. Rebecca Breeds is 5'3" and a twig-I don't care what kind of combat training, etc., she's had; she couldn't deck a much larger man with a single punch. I'm disturbed by all the shows now that have tiny women hitting men; somebody is going to get hurt and it almost certainly won't be the man. (btw, I didn't realize Breeds is 34, I thought she was 10 years younger). Was Sheriff Starling crooked in the original book? I don't understand or like this plotline. Kal Penn is getting
  5. I was impressed by Dr. Emma's treatment of Rizwan (?), the very good looking tall guy with serious acne scars. She had to use various creams, lasers, and fillers to improve his condition over many months, and while his skin was still imperfect, it was much less noticeable. His joy was heart-warming. I do wonder about the NHS, though. All of the patients have previously gone to doctors, sometimes many times, and haven't even gotten a correct diagnosis, much less proper treatment. Dr. Emma's hair is Kate Middleton-worthy when she lets it down. I guess I shouldn't be surprised that she
  6. No, that's Rodrigo (now Jessica) Alves. Everything about him is fake. The guy last night was the real thing- he even let the doctors look in his eyes to verify they were genuine. He showed a pic of himself as a child and he looked like an angel, so I pretty much believe him.
  7. Top ten rejects show: WTF with the 50-something woman who smashes watermelons with her giant, tragically saggy boobs- didn't medical authorities once warn against breast trauma as a possible cancer trigger? And why did she care about her flabby stomach, which you could only see if her boobs were (laboriously) hoisted up? How is any of this monetize-able?? The Brazilian 'Ken Doll' did have a beautiful face and stunning eyes. He looked ridiculous shirtless, but he wants to purchase his abs at the plastic surgeon, rather than earn them in the gym. I hope the Filipino moms keep their ki
  8. We've already seen these people on previous seasons, right? And the sneak peak gave a pretty good hint as to how it'll all end for most (if not all) of them. Even the ex-corrections officer kind of reminds me of Angela, although Angie was cautious enough not to lose her career over that worm Tony. Good, brainless summer entertainment.😁
  9. Yeah, I didn't think the results warranted the 'look at my boobs' swimsuit design. Sorry, but I was grinning at the nose guy's wife with her extremely thin bangs and heavy eyebrows-oy.
  10. I can't stand the woman, but come on - she's completely blind in one eye, and has very poor/deteriorating vision in the other. She's legally blind, and can't even drive. It's possible whatever caused her vision problems might include some light sensitivity. She also might find that squinting helps her focus (I'm very near-sighted, and I def. squint when I don't have glasses on).
  11. I actually watched twice, to see the 'gender reveal party' again; I thought it was kind of adorable to see Ella hamming it up about her 'baby bruddah'. June's outfit (grey tee, black leggings) was 5 sizes too small; she looked like a balloon animal. The 'scared straight' sequence kind of makes me wonder exactly how much free time Sheriff Brunson has. Also why doesn't he get a vest that covers his entire stomach?
  12. Hopefully she isn't mentally adding 'by you (friend)'. Especially since she didn't try to learn by observing your method, resisted your suggestions, and spent her 'clean up time' shoving excess clothing under her bed and arranging stuffed animals. 🤨
  13. Big Scar/No Navel woman: I wanted to know how the lipo/tummytuck surgery 'caused my divorce'. I have to admit, I'll never think about navels the same way after this show! Ugh at Fake Body Builder and his friend Fake Abs. None of that would fool me for a minute, and I wonder if they lie to other people about how much they work out. Nice result on the girl with the collapsed septum repair.
  14. I don't really know what it has to do with selling a car, but I like the Subaru commercial involving a young couple going to a wedding, who get sidetracked onto a mud road, find a lost cat and get the bride's headpiece to her on time. I laugh every time I see the guy in a dandy-ish burgundy velvet jacket with the dirty cat on his lap, while he (the guy, not the cat) wears the headpiece.
  15. Season Ending Whatever this means. Didn't understand what last night's 2 hour episode was-it seemed to be mostly a rerun, except for some behind-the-scenes-during-Covid stuff.
  16. The wife said at the end that at some point they would probably have to go to work again. I couldn't tell if they spoke Spanish, and I don't know if the husband's background as a ?chemical researcher? would be a career option in CR. Didn't hear her say what her work was. The city they lived in/near seemed pretty shabby. They looked to be in their early 50's, so they might have 20 years of higher income that contributed to their 401K and SS. That's not a lot (speaking as someone who worked for 46 years until age 68, and would be living in genteel poverty now if I weren't married to someone
  17. There seem to be a number of couples reminiscent of past season's, but a real twist is the corrections officer who falls for an inmate: New Season Cast
  18. Why do the 'I need even BIGGER boobs' idiots always bring an equally surgeried-up friend? Big Boobs at least had a nice face (although not the one she was born with); friend had Michael Jackson's nose. Big Boobs is the kind of 'lawyer' they use for the legal consults on Love After Lockup.
  19. I haven't read anything about Idol's demographics in a long time, but I do remember that it started skewing much older after the first 5 or so seasons. The average viewer was a 54 year old white woman a few years ago, IIRC, and The Voice is the same. If teen girls were a big part of the audience, I would have expected Hunter to have out-lasted Arthur.
  20. Never heard of the cartoonist, and I was distracted by how red and inflamed his chin (above his facial hair) looked. As valuable as vintage 'Lucy' stuff is, I can only imagine what a comic strip with Charlie featured would have been worth. I admit, I got a bit of schadenfreude out of Soledad O's fake African artifacts. She's half Scots-Irish, wonder if she collects anything Celtic? Ha. Have loved Christian Siriano since Runway, and it gives me a ridiculous amount of joy to see how well he's doing. Runway visited his NYC store in 2019, and I was so impressed, but that gorgeous modern
  21. My recollection is that she invited more girls, but only 2 of them came. I thought there was some sad face drama about this. It was back when June and Geno's hi-jinks had them in the tabloids every few weeks. I remember it as both girls, but whatever. Actually, I think June and Sugar Bear have had a number of Black friends/acquaintances appear over the years. They've also shopped at little boutiques and such that seem to be run by (?) Black people. And I can't recall any comments from the cast suggesting even casual racism.
  22. Also, did I just imagine this? Were they really playing 'The Chain' during the 'lets save the city money and demo the 126 station ourselves!' scene? What a very odd song choice, if so. ('If you don't love me now, you will never love me again; I can still hear you sayin' that you'd never break the chain')
  23. So...even though Influx/whoever doesn't really know what happens to the guinea pigs whose emotions are being sampled by the debris, nonetheless they've come up with a PILL for themselves to prevent it happening to them. Do I have that right? And Bryan gets INJECTIONS to keep him from ?something? that might happen as a result of his close encounter? Do I have that right? But Scroobius Pip (can't recall his show name) can be riddled with debris and no prob. Got it. And Finola's Pop Pop is now an evil genius, but he still covers up in aluminum foil to prevent ?somebody? from 'tracking' him?
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