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  1. Yeah, I thought Lacey looked pregnant, too- but wouldn't that be like a guy who does Uber for a living sending his car off to storage for 9 months? How does she pay the mortgage? Although I suppose there are web/porn sites that cater to people with fetishes involving preggos, ew. Chane's beard makes him look like a particularly stupid ancient Assyrian. So was Angela tactfully saying that 'Ross' is gay? She rasps that he's her soulmate emotionally and mentally, but....(sobs rasp-ily); sounds like the 'physical' part is missing. If I were a young person considering a career in the mental health field, seeing this used-up nicotine addict weeping about a fat young jailbird at an ash covered desk inside her battered trailer would give me pause. I just love Tennyson and Nyla- so much smarter and funnier than their parents. But they aren't seriously sharing a bedroom?! IMO, that's worse than Lamar's brother offering Tennyson a hit. Did Marcellino ever get a real job? I don't understand how a supposedly failed poker player and an unemployed mom can afford to put $25K into their very modest starter home's backyard. That's got to be like 20% of the entire house value! And how long has Drunk Grandma been sober, because unless it's been several years, why would you leave her alone with your tiny children? Speaking of affording stuff, how does 'waitress/student' Sarah finance gym membership and psych therapy? And how does she wait tables/ change diapers with those gaudy claw-like fingernails? I think I actually hate her more than Murgh at this point. He's just trash, but she knows better. Setting up a confrontation with her kids, fam and friends in attendance is so selfish and immature. And if you despise Murgh so much, why haven't you DIVORCED him yet? *Added to give a shout-out to Murgh's Mom's hilarious polyester mermaid wig.
  2. There's a show called 'Eating History', I think on Discovery or maybe History channel, where 2 guys...well, eat old stuff that viewers have sent them. Too bad nobody suggested sending those crackers!
  3. Am I the only one whose jaw dropped when the middle daughter (white hair) was complaining about her 2 1/2 year ordeal caregiving Daddy Hoarder, and then the other 2 chimed in 'yeah, but I had him for 5 years', 'I had him for years before that'?? What nerve! Did she actually think they would just let her claim martyr status unchallenged? That said, good thing there was a new (to me) episode of 'Botched' on at the same time, because John was way too boring to watch for 2 hours.
  4. I worked in a high end department store equivalent to Fields in Milwaukee (90 miles from Chicago) from 1971-78. Obviously, 15 years after our show's timeline, but even in the 70's, you did need a high school diploma-primarily because the cash registers were still quite primitive, there were no cheap hand calculators yet, and the salesclerks needed to be able to do math in their heads. I had to pass both a reading/writing and math test. BTW, my supervisor when I started was a young Black woman, who everyone adored ❤️Connie ❤️
  5. Chase looks like he's still pregnant. Whit's outfit is cute/covered, but I'd love to see it from the side. That cinched waist has to be creating some epic bulges. It's also weird the way her hanging gut is creating the effect of knees a good foot above where they really are.
  6. Chane already has a job as a 'fire watcher', remember? That's what he was doing last season, too, so he's at least able to hold down some kind of job. Also, a lot of us believe that his side gig is partnering with the Silicone Monster on her porno web shows. (Although maybe she's exploiting him as unpaid laborer?)
  7. At least physically, Malcolm is a huge upgrade from Mike/Murgh. I could even understand almost all of what he said. How long will it take Cabbage Patch to get pregnant with a revenge baby? Brit and Marcellino's kids are cute, but I didn't need to see that. Angela is a moron, already on the jailbird pen pal sites before she's even disposed of the last mistake. I know poor Tommy isn't an 'exciting' bad boy, but he lurves you, girl, and he's even marginally better-looking than that dead-eyed little stump. Why are Andrea and Lamar still together??? She's going to make his life hell until she gets her way, and I don't think she's going to. Lamar is even stubborner than she is, imo. Chane, listen to your inner sceptic! The Silicon Monster will dump both you and Chon if somebody more toothsome appears. And I will boycott this show if we have to see the Monster spawning.
  8. Honestly, her ass is the least offensive visible body part here.
  9. 1) Anybody can rent a Cadillac, no? 2) The Caddy is Red's version of the limos that several of the dupes have rented for picking up their jailbirds. She's trying to impress Dylan and demonstrate her level of devotion.
  10. This is very minor, and about old commercials. But these still run all the time, and I admit to being a pronunciation snob! I just hate the way the doctor in the Good Rx ad tells her patient 'I recommend GID ER EX'. Another one is the Deal Dash commercial where some guy tells us proudly that he got 3 pieces of luggage for only '40 NOLLARS'. Yet another: the sporty young doctor for the medication Qunol, who talks about it's 'SPEERYUR SORPSHUN'. It's like they're all too lazy to move their lips or tongues.
  11. Yeah, I just need to note that Tyrice is only 49 years old, thus born in 1971. By the time he was in college and on the way in his career, Bill Clinton would have been president, so it's not like it was 1953 or something. I'm sure he faced racism, but by the time he came up, being a Black engineer would have made him very desirable to many firms. I do agree he'd be a good role model for either Quaylon or Maurice, although their paths are much, much rockier than his ever was.
  12. Lindsey never did explain why she didn't get out when she told Scott, etc., that she would. Don't complain about not getting the triumphal return if you can't even stay out of trouble in prison for a few days. yeah, nice facial bone structure but other than that, very ordinary. However, I'd be disappointed with that dirty dump, too. Hot Felon v. 2.0 is clearly not into Simply Red, and visually is an 11.0 to her 4.0. I'm wavering on declaring that Destinee/Shawn are the most repulsive couple EVER, after seeing the preview with Murgh and Cabbage Patch. Angela and Donna Faye are the Patty and Selma of this show, and I kind of love them. Shavel looks very much like Megan (Murgh's 2nd sucker from last season) in those braids. And from a distance, I thought the rear shots of Quaylude looked like somebody's frumpy auntie, in those baggy sweats and complicated/outdated hairdo.
  13. Yes, and it looks like she's rejecting his embrace (not that I blame her).
  14. I thought at the beginning of the ad, the girlfriend is shown in her own place, making dinner for sickie boy. Later, she goes to her parents' to wait for sickie to come meet them, probably for the first time. When he gets there, she shows him her old room, which hasn't been redecorated. She also takes him into the backyard to see her old swing, which also hasn't been removed. This important mystery hinges on whether the kitchen shown at the beginning is different from the one at the parent's house. I'm pretty sure it is, but change my mind.
  15. I second/third/fourth everyone here saying we need a 'Revenge' followup, showing these loons forced to watch the county bulldoze their oh-so-valuable hoards. Cindy seemed like a toxic combo of egotistical/selfish and extremely stubborn/controlling. I got the impression she didn't necessarily believe all that crap was really worth something, but she just couldn't admit she had wasted her life and fortune over it.
  16. In retrospect, I agree. Also, Jurnee Smollett is 33, and looks it- not sure how old she's supposed to be in this story, but it's a bit hard to believe that a very attractive, free-thinking woman who's been roaming the world on her own for years as a freelance photographer was still a virgin.
  17. The exorcism/whatever scene was inspired- loved the crazy effect of the multiple spirits populating Tic's head, and really loved that as they all worked together to destroy Winthrop, the mangled corpses became the people they had been in life. Jurnee was very, very good in this episode. However, I was puzzled at Winthrop being identified in the newspaper clipping as an astrophysicist, but he gets fired by the university because for some reason he's experimenting (or something) on human beings? I didn't really understand if he was just nuts, suddenly became a violent racist/murderer, or if he actually was dabbling in the occult. Were the other bodies (in addition to the 3 racists) we saw in the tunnel the 8 victims? It looked like more bodies than that. Also, why would the neighborhood be any happier about the mansion being used for housing poor black folks, vs. a boarding house for black folks? (Those are kind of the same thing, actually). And there were no federal subsidies for housing the disadvantaged in 1955, so how would Leti be paying her bills? There was no mention of her getting donations, or whatever. And my, my, that place sure cleaned up easily. We never even saw any work being done, but somehow beautiful wallpaper, fancy sinks, etc. appeared within what seemed to be a few weeks. And how on earth did Leti know she had to go after that boiler with a wrench? She doesn't seem like the mechanically-inclined type.
  18. Same thing was happening during the Jess/Maurice at home stuff, he would be wearing a cap/do-rag? (I don't know what they're called these days)in one scene, and then a second later while the conversation continued, he'd be bare headed. What was especially weird about it was that it was happening while Jessica was insisting he NOT wear the cap to her parents' house. I think it's fun to make comparisons between people from current and past seasons, fwiw.
  19. Or for more than one dress shirt, apparently; hasn't he been wearing that pink one in EVERY talking head? Also, you're in Mississippi, dude- wear an undershirt, ew. Also, why on earth don't prisons let the female jailbirds wear real make-up, if they can afford to buy it? I realize they don't want to encourage the prisoners to 'disguise' themselves and make an escape attempt, but if it's OK to smear toothpaste and ink and pencil shavings, etc., on your face, why not just let them use actual mascara or whatever? X 1,000! I'm far more impressed by Kristianna's attitude, even though she is likely to fail due to her addictions. At least she realizes it's all on her (although thinking John can be a source of strength seems wildly misguided). New girl is a 'model' the same way Lacey is/was.
  20. I know nothing about medical stuff, but would an eye bleed affect only her irises?- her sclera were white/normal.
  21. I assume you're referring to Flora. I thought it was kind of funny that her job was housekeeping in a hotel (as I recall), and she claimed her breakdown was because she had worked for a month without time off (presumably under duress). I truly hope that the state wouldn't give her lifelong disability payments for that! I suspect that as usual there are lots of details being left out of the sob story.
  22. Just saw the episode with Hope, the woman whose face was scrambled in a motorcycle accident. Did anyone else notice that she had brown eyes in her 10-years ago hospital pics, but now has blue eyes? It seems weird that she would want to put colored contacts in those wonky eyes, jmo.
  23. Her face is already covered with suppurating, angry lumps and sores. Personally, the last thing I'd want in the midst of that skin is a metal pimple, but maybe that's just me.
  24. Ugh: Curology ad with pizza-face girl. She makes ads for Dr. Pimple Popper look discreet. She also is sporting a nose stud, which just ads to the overall ick factor.
  25. Smile Direct Online (teeth straightening via mail) ad with tween 'Madelyn' getting a package that tells her she's going to get her teeth fixed, and she starts weeping and hides her face. Aw. Although she looks way too young/undeveloped for her parent(s) to be thinking about that- her facial bones will still be growing for a few years yet. I got braces at 11, and my bottom teeth were all back to super-crooked within 3 years.
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