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  1. Adam Lambert put on a different show every week. You never knew what he was going to do, but he was always still authentically himself.
  2. Plus she seemed to be suffering a PTSD episode as that was happening, so was probably not capable of doing much of anything.
  3. Speaking of Sam’s acting with his eyes, one of my favorite moments was the way his face transformed when Jamie finds out the Redcoats have Claire in The Reckoning episode. In a split second, he goes from anger at Willie to shock and worry when Willie says the Redcoats have her. The way his eyes suddenly widen at the word Redcoats shows both his concern for Claire and also the years of history he has with them and the knowledge that he’ll have to go rescue her from the very people who have already hurt him so much. It just gets to me. https://youtu.be/Z2JYw4koACY
  4. It could come out really quickly - he just has to record the same song 10 times and give them all different names. Kidding... 😁
  5. All those random people and they couldn't spare 3 minutes for Maddie? That's terrible.
  6. I graduated in 2000 and I remember there being a picnic table near some trees where teachers and adult students were allowed to smoke. This was in South Florida. I'm sure that's not there anymore. I also remember one of my band teachers having me make a birthday gift basket for my other band teacher, and one of the items being a carton of cigarettes. He gave me the cigarettes and money for some other gifts, and I put it all together and carried it through school to the band room. Teachers giving kids cigarettes... those were the days. 😂
  7. On the This Is Us thread, someone commented that they've done three Thanksgiving episodes in three seasons, and she couldn't think of any other show that could come up with so many different Thanksgiving stories. So I was happy to inform her that Friends had a different Thanksgiving story every year for ten years!
  8. "Friends" had a very different Thanksgiving episode every season for ten years. People still watch marathons of all the Thanksgiving episodes on Thanksgiving day. Regarding the Cracker Barrel run, I could swear I also saw Popeye's boxes, which would be two different restaurants delivering or him driving to. I found that whole scene very unrealistic and cliche.
  9. I assumed they all gave their lives at the end. It seemed they knew they wouldn't survive the final battle and they went all in anyway. Wesley just happened to die first, on screen. I don't count the comics as part of the show, so for me, Angel, Gunn, Illyria, and Spike die trying to save the world.
  10. Angel being the only one to remember his son reminds me of him being the only one to remember his perfect human day with Buffy. Both are burdens he carries that know one else carried or even knew about. It's heartbreaking that he has to live with those memories, but carry on as if they never happened. He had two chances at love and living part of the human experience, and he gave both up because he wanted what was best for the other person. That's what makes Angel a hero to me. I like Wesley, and he had his heroic moments, but he doesn't feel as self-sacrificing as Angel to me.
  11. I know this was posted over a year ago, but I think it's interesting that you pick those two to compare and say they're totally different, when I found them to look a lot alike. Dark hair, thick eyebrows, similar nose and face shape, thin build, both seem nice at first but later are not so nice... I found the actor playing Riley to be much more generic and forgettable than Parker.
  12. Yes, she breaks his watch and that's the end of it. I'm not saying either guy is "bad," I just thought it was interesting that it seemed like a very similar situation. I wonder how often it happens in real life. Personally, I did meet a guy my first week at college after breaking up with a long term boyfriend (like Buffy) and I did have a (cough, cough... one night stand). In my case, it was a reaction to being away from home for the first time, sadness about my boyfriend, and wanting to fit in. I think Buffy may have been having some of those feelings, too. I do believe that there a
  13. This whole thread reminds me of the episode of Friends where Monica goes on a date with "Paul the wine guy" and he tells her that since his wife left him, he hadn't been able to "perform" with anyone, but Monica miraculously brings it out of him! Then she finds out the next day from a co-worker that he used the same line on her. Monica thinks he was a jerk, but she's over it by the next episode. Difference between a sitcom and a drama, I guess.
  14. Ok, I can see your point. I can't help it though - it's one of my favorite episodes, even if a lot of it doesn't make sense. I love the Angel/Buffy storyline and they way it connects with Grace and James. I do wonder what happened to the janitor, though. I have to let a lot of nonsensical things on Buffy go in order to enjoy it. It's just a show, I say. ?
  15. They also needed Angel in I Only Have Eyes For You, because only he could be "killed" by the ghost but then be resurrected to get the ghost forgiveness and closure.
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