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  1. Just saw Robin at the end of today's show. Her mouth looks deformed. How she can deny plastic surgery? She's ready for an episode of Botched - I Can't Close My Mouth.
  2. I thought it was the longest, most stupid skit ever. Until I recognized his face. WTF was that? Not art. Or entertaining.
  3. She wrote "a women" twice. Definitely low-brow enough for MEchelle,
  4. Is that a man bun or a fuzzy ball on the top of his head? Looks like mom gave him a bad home perm. I didn't even notice Lauren's hair.
  5. And that she'll eat (and smell) anything.
  6. I think everything is made up, and yet it's still so boring. When she started talking about her wedding, I laughed in anticipation of the drama of her dealing with a broken heart. And the fake conversion to Judaism so her parents could pretend (oh so badly) that they were upset and to lead us all to think she was getting married? Pathetic. If they wanted a scripted show, they should have hired actors and actual writers.
  7. Time for a thread name change? From Side Hugs to Front Hugs: They Figured It Out
  8. I think Jinger's "If God gives us children" is code for "If I get pregnant while using birth control."
  9. Did Jeremy say, "Jinger and I's..."?
  10. I wish I could find a viewable video of the 1993 SNL skit with Sally fields praying for every little thing. Jesus appears in her kitchen. Here's the script: http://snltranscripts.jt.org/93/93ijesus.phtml
  11. Maybe the powers that (should) be on this circus of a show could choose to let her sell her crap after a less tragic show than a child being murdered. It's as bad as the "We have fun on this show, don't we?" after a horrific story.
  12. True, but she takes up the whole couch.
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