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  1. With Jessa's four feet of hair tied up in that surgical hat, she did resemble a cone head! But poor Ben had to cover his nose, mustache, and beard and he looked miserable.
  2. A Plath daughter happens to be a Sweet Friend of Nurie Rodrigues, Jill's daughter. Nurie was a bridesmaid in the wedding. I'm sure Jill Rod must be dying for her own TLC show. Except for the fact that the family is not TV ready!
  3. I watched it and it made no sense. Photos of cute boys eating hot dogs at "Sam's Club", then outside pushing the cart and whining about the bar hitting her shin, then advertising for Amy's clothes shop, then some random Bible verses and a highlight Bible passage. WTF Jill!
  4. Tom has a home business in their basement. He repairs computers and systems and is frequently out on the job. He has a batchelor degree in computer science and doesn't think any of his kids need college!
  5. Tom's Mom, Grandma Kitty, comes over three times a week to homeschool the youngest kid. The ACE homeschool curriculum is completely self-taught after kindergarten and first grade. Grandma Kitty looks amazingly young and fit compared to her overweight, rapidly aging 42 year old son, and she is a retired public school teacher. I'm hoping she can talk some sense into Tom, who continues to be rabidly against public school, even though he himself went to them. Andrea's two sisters, both with tiny kids of their own, spend time in the house supervising the kids with their chores. These kids have always done all the chores in that house. In a comment section under a YouTube video, Andrea once bragged that she spent most of her days laying on the couch, supervising the schooling and chores. She made the kids come to her for questions. She preferred to spend her free time organizing things with colored labels, of which she excelled.
  6. I've watched most of Andrea's videos and she did love her babies and kids. She nursed Hanna to sleep at night and even just shortly after her death, Tom claimed that Hanna forgot all about her mother! Yet his mom, Grandma Kitty, put a short video on her Facebook of Hanna smiling at a pic of her mommy and saying mama, over and over. Heartbreaking. And now, on Tom's livestream, he barely pays any attention to little Hanna. The teenaged sons do all of her care. Including putting her to bed in her clothes with no bedtime routine like a bath, a clean diaper, and teeth brushed and rocking and a song. On the latest family dinner livestream, she is screaming so Tom gives the son half of a grilled cheese sandwich and tells him to put Hanna in her crib with the sandwich!!!
  7. Another reason it's called The Stink Bus is because the Duggars' kids had motion sickness, and they all puked alot while traveling in the RV. Fun times.
  8. I think it's a skirt! Culottes and capris would have the slit on the outside of the knee. Only skirts have a slit in the middle of the bottom hem.
  9. Y'all must take the time to listen to Jill screech and descant out of pitch, all while filming the worshipers! She has to sing the loudest ( and off tune). Not everyone looks too pleased to be filmed. Jill, stop embarrassing Timothy!
  10. I sort of remember Kendra's mom being pregnant while they were all visiting the ocean together. She looked miserable and could barely walk, even though she wasn't huge yet. Kendra mentioned that her mom had terrible pregnancies with complications and lots of pain in her joints. It's these quiverful people that upset me the most. They don't know when to stop when the mother's own health is not good. If Kendra's mom could help Kendra and Joe to change their views on quiverful, that would be a good thing. But as long as pregnancy agrees with Kendra, she will keep on procreating rapidly, I imagine.
  11. Michelle has lost weight. Her tummy is flatter and her bosoms are smaller. Judging by the neck muscles, I'd say that she's been working out. She looks good. But lately, all she wears is bell sleeves, which are way too young for her. She needs to go back to her green shirt! Just kidding.
  12. The chocolate bar on the back of the stroller has a message on it. "Monday's Reward". Jill must have done something Derick liked while playing their sexy games. Instead of Skittles, she won Hershey's!
  13. Jana has now posted her picture taken in that same pose as least 4 or 5 times. Standing with both arms out to the sides and bent upward. It must be The Jana Pose.
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