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  1. Right? All the clothing shops are closed and deemed non-essential, but I can go shop clothes at Target, Walmart and Fred Meyer? Same with buying a TV at these stores. I would be mad if I were a small business owner and had to close up but the big stores get all the business.
  2. I felt ill when Josiah said that soon Bella would be mommy's little helper.
  3. I wonder if she is going to Kenmore, Washington to start quack treatment at Bastyr naturepathic medicine. They do all sorts of pseudoscience like IV vitamins and detox. Kenmore is very close to North Kirkland where the coroavirus took off in that nursing home. But Gov. Inslee shut everything down here quickly and the new cases and deaths in Washington have not been that high.
  4. I won't believe that the plastic appearing news reporters on Fox, CNN, etc, aren't sneaking in their hair and nail stylist into their homes until I see their dark roots and raggedy nails.
  5. Everything in my state (Washington) shut down pretty quickly the first week of March, but we didn't have the official shelter in place order go into effect til the past Wednesday. Yes, she did come over last Saturday. She continues to work in an essential job (vet tech in a vetenirary practice) and I do worry about her bringing home the virus. Although owners stay in cars and staff come out to bring the pet inside. I don't worry about me since I'm healthy and 62, so just barely over the high risk age. But my husband is 69 and has diabetes and high blood pressure. She agreed she needs to not come over til this is over. I sent her and her boyfriend an enormous order of Thai food, all her favorites, and she is happy!
  6. I'm in a shelter in place state and I need advice from others in the same boat. Today is my daughter's 31st birthday and she has lived on her own for 9 years. Every Saturday, she has always come home and I cook a huge meal, including a homemade dessert Should she still be coming? I've made her favorite dessert and plan to get take out Thai food.
  7. No! It's the Skagit Valley Tulip Festival in Mount Vernon, Washington. It's a beautiful thing to see, even with all the tour buses.
  8. When the haircut music first started playing, I seriously thought it was Bob Dylan's Everyone Must Get Stoned!
  9. This is wonderful! My in-laws are in an Adult Family Home and we can't visit them. In years past, they used to love to go to the Tulip Festival in our area, which is a huge tourist draw. It's closed, like everything else, but you can order fresh cut tulips from their website. So I ordered a bunch of bouquets to be delivered to the care home. MIL has severe dementia, and FIL only cares about his TV, so I hope the staff enjoy seeing the tulips.
  10. In the birth video, Gee Golly was right, I think, in that Jessa is wearing pink pants. I don't think Jessa has ever been shown wearing pants before. A quick glimpse starts at 15:25 minutes.
  11. Our governor just did the same . No restaurants, bars, gyms, schools, colleges, libraries, dance halls. Washington now has 769 confirmed cases and 42 deaths. I just came back from Target, which I live right behind. We only needed milk but it was wiped out. I did get a half gallon of lactose free milk, though. The entire aisle of tp, paper towels, tissues, bleach, cold meds, rubbing alcohol, and of course, hand sanitizer and Clorox wipes were bare. Completely bare.
  12. Last night, we sat and watched endless YouTubes on What To Do When The Toilet Paper Runs Out. Needless to say, we were in hysterics! Oh my! I hope it doesn't come to that!
  13. I've always been a toilet paper hoarder. For many years, I have to have 7 jumbo packs stacked in my garage. I stock up at Target when it's on sale, plus they offer gift cards. I still added two more huge packs to my stash. A week and a half ago, we went to Home Depot and bought 6 - 6 gallon food safe buckets. Then we went to WinCo which sells food in 25 lb bags. We bought one bag of pinto beans, one of red beans, one of split peas, one of brown rice, one of white rice, and one of rolled oats. We also bought many cans of tuna, lots of pasta and canned goods, bleach, white vinegar (there haven't been Clorox disinfectant wipes and purell in two weeks). We will make do with lots of soap and water, bleach and vinegar for disinfecting. We also bought lots of spices and dehydrated onions and garlic to season all those beans! This is for three adults. We live 30 minutes from Kirkland, Washington Schools and colleges are all closed and all King County/Seattle libraries.
  14. Here in Washington state, there are now 366 confirmed coroavirus cases. And 29 deaths, mostly from one nursing home. I admit I've done a fair bit of food and toilet paper hoarding.
  15. Now 76 confirmed cases and 15 deaths in Washington state. All of the Seattle are colleges, and many schools, are on-line only.
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