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  1. I hate the way Michelle puts down her parents by saying "the things a child will do when their parents are not around". Come on Michelle. That is the way most kids played and were raised then. We were out all day long playing within about a half mile radius of our homes. We went home to eat and when the street lights came on. It didn't mean our parents were not around or were bad parents.
  2. Actually, they should all be tucked up in their beds. People noted on another site that the clock said 11:30 and it was dark outside.
  3. I swear by Lands' End flannel sheets. They never pill and last over 10 years. Here in damp Seattle, I love to use flannel sheets 9 or 10 months of the year. Their percale sheets also last forever and no need to buy 400 thread count. The 200 t.c. also never pill and are soft and crisp.
  4. I think back in the sixties and seventies, there were some cheap burger fast food places that served up hamburgers that had a lot of filler. Like soybean meal.
  5. Ah! You're right! I'm not going back to read the comment again.
  6. I liked the comment that Jana should read a non secular book monthly. And that it might open her mind to things like work.
  7. Now I want to know how much money Anna wasted visiting the detainee.
  8. You know how in Victorian novels there is always that one female who is a chronic fake invalid? That's how I see Lauren. Always on her fainting couch.
  9. Watch again the first two seconds. A kid is roller skating indoors! I see it in the piano's reflection. Joy is dressed casually in leggings and long sleeve shirt. Her SIL's are dressed up in dresses. I'm glad Joy decided to be comfortable.
  10. Oh my goodness! The strawberry stains on all the pinafores! And mud galore on those frilly socks and Mary Janes within 5 minutes! Rediculous! Of course she won't show us how they looked after berry picking and eating.
  11. Firmiliar???!!! Sorry, Amos! I should have read your whole post and seen that you had caught the firmiliar!!! Joy Joy Joy, please put your kids in school!
  12. Because we celebrated Christmas yesterday, and because I wake up at 4 am, I watched this video this morning. It's about a typical week and schedule for Josh Duggar in his Washington county jail. Including menus. Enjoy! 411 Now. On YouTube. Josh Duggar's weekly schedule-whats for dinner
  13. So who is the circled gift for? I see the letters De.
  14. Jill burned those onions so badly and that pan will never be the same. She may as well throw it away. She can't even carmalize onions! That can't be enough soup for all of her kids and not even enough bread for one slice each. Who would ever boast about burning dinner and post it!?
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