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  1. I also notice he wears the same old-man jacquard print polo shirt that Hunk always wears.
  2. But that skirt!!! Where do they even find those polyester weirdly patterned skirts? The matchy match makes me sick!
  3. The Rods attend both morning and afternoon church on Sundays. Also on Wednesday evening. Those poor kids spend half their lives sitting in church.
  4. Isn't blue and white dress woman a Dingus and not Jill? Jill only wears LONG, godly skirts with bold, ugly patterns.
  5. Wasn't that song off of the Happy Heart CD that Josie and the lost girls made?
  6. I ordered two pairs after you posted this link and they arrived today. They fit perfectly, which was a huge relief considering my bunions and arthritis in my feet. One pair is on the porch and I will slip into them for all the short, doggy potty walks. The other pair will be my indoor shoes. My townhouse is built on a cement slab and walking on these hard, cold ceramic tiles makes my whole body hurt so indoor shoes are a must. They are super comfortable. I love that I can just step into them! Thank you for the link! I hope you get the right size!
  7. I am surprised (and happy) that Joy chose a Bob Dylan song!
  8. No mask on dude in helicopter and with Tennessee and Haiti (and all of us , really) in the thick of Delta covid, just terrible.
  9. cookies, I'm laughing so hard at that comment but I can't hit the laugh button since the reality would be so horrific.
  10. I just watched NBC nightly news with Lester Holt. They showed a snippet of people loading a stretcher into an Army helicopter and I swore I saw a guy wearing a Medic Corp t-shirt, with the EKG logo that is shown on their website. I looked at the MediCorp website and it was definitely not their logo. eta: as usual, I am days later than everyone else!
  11. Poor Sophia is always the worst dressed. She is wearing three layers of oversized clothes in the Texas heat. Probably tights too. She looks so exhausted she can barely stand up, poor thing. All these devotions on vacation just seems rediculous. And sexist.
  12. Maybe Jana will be smart and have a simple, backyard wedding with only immediate family present. She never seemed comfortable around lots of people anyway.
  13. I love the misty ocean beaches in the PNW. But they went to the wrong ice cream shop! Anyone can buy Dryer's in any grocery store. Zinger's homemade ice cream in Seaside is the best!
  14. I swear I saw a used diaper on top of the dresser! Look closely to the left of Ivy's head.
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