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  1. I seriously thought that Allie woman was Lauren! Why do fundies all look alike? But even Lauren wouldn't be caught dead in that 80 year old, old lady pleated skirt!
  2. I think in some inductions, the mom goes to the hospital to have her membranes stretched, and a cervical softening gel is inserted. This in the hope to start labor, or at least soften the cervix. Then in the morning, she returns to the hospital for a pictocin induction, unless she gave birth overnight, stupidly at home with an early baby.
  3. The blog doesn't say. But earlier, they said if the pathology results were cancer, then she would be induced. So sadly, it seems to be so.
  4. I was just checking the Maxwell's blog. Anna Marie is being induced, beginning tonight.
  5. Good thing Nurie didn't get to go. She would have cried to mama Jill about the "sluttish" "African" child wearing spaghetti straps!
  6. Lauren and Josiah lived in one of Jim Bob's enormous houses right after they were married. Shortly after, the couple moved to a much cozier house, saying the big house was not cozy. Not sure which big house it was, though.
  7. I remember when Joy's best friend was Sierra, many years older than her. Hopefully Sierra isn't pouring into and discipling Joy into having baby after baby forever.
  8. It looks like a costume from a Little House On The Prairie play.
  9. I seriously thought that was Austin! I kept looking for Giddy-Up!
  10. I first noticed Joe had a blinking tic during his courtship. It was also noticable during his wedding. The camera would quickly pan away during a tic.
  11. I always had a library book going, mostly fiction. But in the summer of 2015, I retired and I bought a tablet and I discovered this forum. Plus Free Jinger forums, plus YouTube mamadrama forum. It's all I can do to keep up with the Duggars, the Rod's, the Maxwells, the Mills, the Tribe of Many, and the horrid Lori Alexander! I'm rarely caught up and have little time for my previously loved novels!
  12. Plus it's just disrespectful and an invasion of her children's privacy and posted for all to see! I'd be furious which I know her kids would never realize that they had the right to privacy during prayer.
  13. Are you sure? I thought they were from Tennessee.
  14. And his poor children were right in the church hearing that. I used to be so horrified when my dad would brag to the neighbors that he didn't hesitate to take a belt to us kids. I used to tell my best friends that my parents never spanked us.
  15. Spurgeon really needs to be in a DISNEY movie. He is the most adorable little boy! I had two sons that were both very pretty as preschoolers but Spurgeon just photographs spectacularly well.
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