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  1. This is my favorite episode of the show so far, but then I think the same thing every time I watch a new one. The character development in this show is amazing, and I hope it's attracting lots of viewers. I want to see more of the Deer Lady and watch Big solve the mystery of the catfish heads.
  2. My local farm store has a sign up stating that Ivermectin is not for human use. The Ivermectin cures Covid nuts are pissing me off because they're creating a shortage for those of us who need it for our horses. I hope Jessa doesn't give it to her kids.
  3. These two are so boring. They eat and wear shoes and clothes. I eat and wear shoes and clothes. I assume all of you eat and wear shoes and clothes. Nothing to see there at all.
  4. The Season 3 scary island trip was the only time I liked Alex. She was actually pretty normal when Simon wasn't around. She seemed thrilled to be friends with Bethenny which was kind of pathetic. She was that way in season 1 too, which makes me wonder if she had any girl friends. I think I would have seen her in a whole different light if Simon hadn't always been around sucking the air out of every room.
  5. He needs decent meals way more than he needs anything done to his teeth. One thing really bothers me about the rods, is when they show pictures of their meager holiday meals they look even more pathetic if you take into account the fact that they are feeding the bottomless pits that are known as teenaged boys. My son is still at that stage, and when I was a kid my teenaged brothers would eat cereal by the mixing bowls full. The amount of food teenaged boys can put away is unreal. My mom always cooked huge meals so my brothers would leave enough for the rest of us, and I do the same when
  6. Abmis


    I remember it. He also said he had 30 some grandchildren in the same conversation.
  7. I watched Jill's hateful video on Facebook. I have to admit that I laughed at the way she emphasized even baby showers. It's pretty obvious where her grifting little mind is at. I wish some LGBTQ people would offer to host a baby and grandma shower for Nurthan's baby. There is no way she'd turn that down no matter where it was coming from.
  8. Seeing the busts of David and Freddie made "Under Pressure" start running through my head. That might not be a bad theme song for some of the contestants.
  9. Yes! And can we please add "littles" to the list?
  10. Abmis


    It does, but I'm so glad that it hasn't been dubbed in English. It would take away from the characters, and I absolutely love Doval'e Glickman's (Shulem) voice. I'm thinking of playing a drinking game where I take a drink every time someone cooks an omelet or sleeps on floral print sleeps.
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