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  1. I only have “access” to a couple of people who went to the same college as a current DCC and knew her and her mom. This one spills NOTHING remotely scandalous. When she first started, reported back a lot of things happening to HER only, but now not much really at all, which is smart, and part of the reason she climbed the ladder quickly. However, we’ve really been told multiple times lot to question other’s opinions or ask for receipts. It’s so odd to me that we all want the tea, then when more legit tea is offered, it’s rejected, but then some random hints about stuff that happened year
  2. Was the guy even seduced, or just a willing participant. Would it be less interesting if it was just two college students, or two soldiers, or two random people who met in a bar? This has blown so out of proportion. It’s not fair, but yes. Sexist, slut shaming, etc. seems to be erased on all fronts, not just DCC, if it results in marriage. So wrong, I disagree with it personally, but seems like so common. It’s ok to be a ho if it gets you a ring.
  3. I agree. You’d never know that was a group of rookies. Gina is looking better than I expected in photos, but please do something about her choppy extensions. They look obvious and raggedy. I wonder how she’d look with Makezie Lee straight bob?
  4. Also, she has huge veneers and a mouth that looks like it’s hanging open a lot. I don’t see any where Kashara looks out of shape either. Now Tasha, who I really like, is looking like she’s ready to retire, but Kashara? Don’t see it.
  5. Except...TEXAS. Mostly sheltered, upper middle class girls from an overall conservative region. I’d guess more of them agree with Rachel than in other areas. I could easily see Rachel getting ROTY and point if she stays more than a year or two. Honestly wouldn’t shock me if she’s triangle next year. Personally, I like Jalyn, Hannah, Brianna, as ROTY, Kashara or Lauren as VOTY, Lacey for Pro Bowl.
  6. The used to do the You Can Leave Your Hat on without t he solider, but had three stand there and not move for All I Want for Christmas is You.
  7. Except for Megan Fox, Jenn Amburn, and Kashara, I don’t remember any of them being heavy on interviews or other speaking engagements either. I’m sure we can find Whitney or whoever speaking somewhere if we dig, but I don’t recall Nicole, Mia, Crystal, Whitney or Holly asked to be very vocal.
  8. Honestly, I don’t ever remember Point Girl being the Queen Bee Leader who made decisions or was responsible for ANYTHING besides dancing up front anywhere besides this board. I think it’s overinflated and over hyped regarding ‘duties’.
  9. As much as I enjoyed these girls, compare this squad’s skill, fitness, and performance levels to the current one, and I think they’d all be cut - all the 2008 girls would be cut. This just looks to me like uncontrolled flopping all over the place with some “boots are rockin’ gyration thrown in. Some of its choreo, some of it is just lack of skill compared to more current squads.
  10. I would agree to this as well. It definitely plays on negative racial stereotypes, and there were far better choices. Maddie may have started out a sheltered middle class teen from suburban Utah, but she’s been out of that bubble for three years now and is 22. She should realize that this isn’t the best choice, because although she’s may see herself as the white girl who excels at studio hip hop, she has no clue what it’s like to actually face the issues of those who live in ‘the hood’, or how life isn’t a game or costume you can discard. She could’ve chosen better wording. Hip Hop Red Riding
  11. See, I think Hannah is gorgeous, but think Savannah is one of the least attractive right now. Her hair is nice.
  12. I wouldn’t rule out VK coming back. Kelli loves a good redemption story, and they al want Vic on the team.
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