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  1. Sidebar can we acknowledge how hot Matthew McFayden looked swimming off the yacht 🔥
  2. I was going for Shelby drink your juice from Steel Magnolias but A Christmas Story works too! #crummycommercial
  3. Last thoughts before I go to bed; Bridget, drink your juice.
  4. Kelli’s true colors? I didn’t know she was THAT megatron superbitch. I wasn’t crazy about Julia’s attitude either, but there wasn’t anything she could have said that Kelli wouldn’t have opposed. That scene made me angry. I think they made Lily cry during cameos. Her eyes were pink. She’s got a wicked underbite and looks better when she’s not smiling. I don’t have an underbite, but I’m the same way.
  5. I did not enjoy the cooking segment. I thought the recipes were too complex to be prepared for time, especially by inexperienced cooks. Schools rarely if ever teach home economics any longer, so I wouldn’t expect these girls to be able to follow an unfamiliar recipe and do it well. Plus I thought the food looked really gross. ETA: Plus Maddie annoyed THE HECK out of me. Ugh.
  6. Omg. When the camera was on Julia walking back out on the field after her office visit, you could see the look of disgust/disbelief on her face and her mouth saying “f*ck that” 😳
  7. Oh sh*t!! Julia mouthing f*ck that as she was was walking back on the field 😳
  8. RedDelicious

    S02:E09 DC

    I don't know but I was surprised to see her after what Kendall did to Cousin Nan's bed linens at Tern Haven!
  9. I think he’s cute too and he’s one of those guys who could be pretty hot if he grew a beard ☺️ ETA: and ditched the glasses 🤓
  10. I mean, yes but those stupid plastic frame glasses don’t flatter anyone. I don’t even know how they’re a thing. He’s much more attractive without them. Amy looks like she’s having a really big burp 🤭
  11. I wonder if the radio communication system that Eugene will very likely build with parts from the satellite will be their connection back to Maggie/Georgie or some sort of connection to Jadis/The Helicopter/Rick (at the end of the season).
  12. I felt really bad for Julia and I can’t BELIEVE they were going to have the media day discussion with her the day after her car accident. I can’t believe they even filmed her. That was downright cruel. The tears and borderline hysterics were the aftermath of the accident; I highly doubt she would be that emotional otherwise. FWIW, I was in an accident around the same time, 400 miles away from home, both cars totaled, thankfully neither myself nor the person who cut me off to make the exit were hurt. I was a complete mess for at least a week if not two and we didn’t even go to the hospital. I really felt for her in that scene. Concussions, even mild ones, are no joke. Making her go on camera and present for an office visit disgusts me. That was out of control. DISGUSTING.
  13. We don’t actually think something happened between Logan and Rhea, do we? That was just a big mind f*ck for the kids, do I have that right? Please tell me I have that right.
  14. I agree Agent Gully. Did anyone see that Jalyn tagged VK in a game day post on Instagram today? That poor girl. #stockholm
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