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  1. On Tinsley’s Instagram there is a short clip of her walking down some steps. It is the same room they used for the arrivals to the boar hunting weekend on Succession.
  2. First look. That’s a pretty big skirt and a short waist 😉
  3. Ramona’s boobs 😳 And the Google psychiatry. I can’t.
  4. I wonder if there was a veteran move for finals this year. I always thought it would be great if they incorporated a move from the big pom days.
  5. The woman who is in the center of the frame has absolutely gorgeous kicks. The others are shockingly low!
  6. It’s Tinsley - it’s from a fan photo she’s tagged in on Instagram. It was uploaded last week and geotagged Chicago (and photo cred to Scott). It must have been right before she left for New York for the reunion, because she was supposed to have arrived early to account for self-quarantine time.
  7. I think all the Bethenny stuff is on Peacock if you have Comcast. Jason’s parents were the sweetest. I think it was Jason’s dad who saw the metal dress form and refinished it for her as a gift and she didn’t like it/didn’t want it. I thought that was so horribly ungrateful of her. That was during the whole “I don’t love my birthday” meltdown. She could have put it somewhere. My favorite Jason’s mom-ism was at Bryn’s baptism and she was just so proud of her granddaughter and said something to the effect of “she just put that dress on and it was her day.” Omg. They tried so hard with her and Bethenny just sh*t all over them. If you ask me, that was the beginning of Jason’s resentment towards Bethenny and I don’t blame him one bit. Here were two loving parents who lost a child and they were so happy and excited to welcome a daughter-in-law to their family. Bethenny F*cking Godzilla Frankel burned the house down with her bullsh*t.
  8. I think she’s a yacht girl and her IG is basically her “catalog.” Her eyes don’t look right in the more recent photos. That makes me really sad ☹️ She kind of looks like a junkie now 😢
  9. That was seriously so gross. The basement itself didn't look too bad, but all the stuff crammed down there definitely did. The dripping pipe looked like a condensation line coming down from the heating/air conditioning or even the overflow pan on the washing machine. It looked like it was once connected for proper drainage but had been knocked loose during whatever work she had done to the house. Poor townhouse. It deserves better. Regarding Quincy, that's a tough one to figure out. Judging by her Instagram she travels with her mother quite a bit, and does seem to be very close to her. I think old man Morgan *has to be subsidizing those trips and luxury activities they do together. It would have appeared that Q was living at the townhouse by herself at one point, while Sonja was in her apartment in Columbus Circle (I *think, I'm not sure). I wonder if the townhouse will go to Quincy on the condition that Sonja stays in her apartment. In which case OMM would have to get it fixed up properly.
  10. I secretly loved Josh and Anna’s wedding. SO much content, so much cringe. Jill cheesing with braces in her big girl dress.. Anna before she ever had braces.. JB eating every piece of catered food in sight and going on about the wonderful hospitality.. Jana sewing per usual.. Joshley’s serenade. Allll that laquered hair. All things considered, the Kellers really did put on a nice affair. The Duggars should have taken some notes.
  11. Yikes. When I hear Rachel Uchitel’s name I think of her as the blonde girl who (tragically) lost her fiancé in 9-11. When the Tiger Woods thing came up I thought that was absolutely nuts. It’s crazy to me how people manage to cycle through the news.
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