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  1. Cassie looks like an extra from The Girls Next Door. And that is not...a compliment.
  2. When I was in college, we called anyone who took 5 years to graduate "Super Seniors" 😄 Which really doesn't mean anything in the context of Maddie being a senior year vet...it just reminded me of Super Seniors (and I wish my own senior year could have lasted forever) ♥️
  3. James Kolar's book Foreign Faction is on Amazon. It was nowhere to be found for a long time! I got it on Kindle.
  4. I said it was a guess. It wasn’t necessary to mock me or anyone else trying to figure it out.
  5. To quote Kelli “she frightens me.” 😊 Oddly enough I don’t have a problem with changing the architecture but once someone crosses over to the ultra smooth / stretched skin / no movement look, it creeps me out a bit!
  6. It's more than just a couple syringes of Botox in the forehead/bunny lines and filler in the nasal labial folds 😳 Her face doesn't move from the eyes up and the filler has impeded her ability to articulate words! I'm thinking blepharoplasty as well. ETA: Now granted, I realize these are photographs with completely different facial expressions. The point is she couldn't move her face like the bottom photo now if she tried. I think there could be a rhinoplasty and a chin implant in there too. It's like she went full Kyle Richards minus the veneers.
  7. And not forsaking the attention of other women, just like always 🙄 They should have called this Spring House because this filmed in mid to late March (not February) with just a few weeks to go until Stowe closed up shop for the season. What they show in the trailer, that ain't winter. That's the beginning of mud season. Freakin Jerrys.
  8. I think that was Pat Altschul on Southern Charm - she said she uses the Caruso steam setter rollers. I bought them but I haven’t tried them yet!
  9. This makes me think of “does the uniform make you or do you make the uniform.”
  10. Yes that’s what I was thinking of, thank you. @CruiseGirl I posted it as a question. Kindly reread my post as I didn’t say anything negative about Sydney and I didn’t say she was asked to retire.
  11. Am I remembering it correctly that TPTB encouraged Sydney to hang it up after her 7th season? I’m confident she would have stayed another year and maybe would have gone for the record breaking 9th season otherwise. In the back of my mind I always thought they had an alliance to Vonceil in that regard. She’s a legend!
  12. I wouldn’t recommend watching this episode while trying to eat dinner 🤢 So much gross out content. Leah pissed me off with her asshole behavior trashing the place cards at the dinner table. That was beyond out of line and she had no business trying to get rid of them because she couldn’t tolerate the concept. They were really pretty and she ruined Eboni’s. Then Ramona continuing to take photos when the photographer asked her to stop. I can’t believe Avery didn’t know how to steam green beans. This is why we need life skills to be taught in junior high and high school.
  13. My guess based on sauerkraut juice running through my veins is beck-FIFen-gehsickt. General rule is when E and I go walking, the second one does the talking, so it's a long I sound on the fei. Emphasis on the second syllable.
  14. I liked seeing Judith as a kid among kids instead of a kid among adults.
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