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  1. Not only that, it looked great! I liked her blue color scheme. I thought it was pretty sophisticated and nicely done for dorm decor (that isn't all Instagram overdone with white string lights, excessive word art, throw pillows and succulents 🙂 ).
  2. I’m sorry @Keywestclubkid. Being bullied as a young person sucks rocks 😢
  3. I never said you did. ETA: Also all I have ever said is I don’t hate her. I don’t believe that is championing her character. Sure she does things that I don’t particularly like but I don’t have to hate her in order to validate that.
  4. But the difference is, and what I appreciate about you @LibertarianSlut is that you make your point without being hateful. You don’t say things like stupid and idiot.
  5. All of us have misspoken at one point or another, and I said in an earlier post, I don't think 52 states is a hill to die on, yet she's been called stupid and an idiot. I don't think I defend her. I've said several times in various posts that her behavior is wrong and that I sympathize for what she's going through and what her apparent problems are, but it still doesn't excuse her behavior. I think she gets piled upon because people just want to hate her for a bunch of scripted bullsh*t. And I think the intense hateful reactions are pretty hypocritical because what is said online is a hundred times worse than anything we've seen on this lovely over-produced reality show. I don't believe in fighting hate with hate. I just don't. Doesn't excuse the way we've seen her behave. I'm just not going to hate her for it. I also think a lot of it is fake, including what we see on social. It's all part of the deal. And I also think that what we've seen on RHoNY is a walk in the park compared to what real life bullying looks like, so enough! (Taylor Armstrong) with the melodrama. I've been through it worse than any of you can possibly conceive of, and I've been in therapy for it most of my adult life. I will never get over it. What we've seen between Dorinda and Tinsley is literally nuhhhhh-thing. Seriously, in this episode, Dorinda was really perfectly fine and quite reserved save for an awkward moment with Tins when Leah was slashing and burning Ramona's dinner party, but here we have six pages that are half Leah is crazy and half I hate Dorinda the drunk. I mean Dorinda and Tinsley even hugged and kissed hello rather warmly, which was quite nice considering what we've seen in previous episodes. It just doesn't make any sense to me, and Dorinda will never win anything in this court of public opinion, even when she has a good show. And neither will I for that matter 😜 If anyone in the cast was that shattered by on-screen shenanigans, they can grow a set and walk. They don't have to be there if they don't want to be.
  6. I said I'd guess 52 thinking it was a trick question. But the bottom line is everybody hates Dorinda, therefore she gets no passes.
  7. Yes. I said the United States is 50 states plus DC and Puerto Rico et al, which means ‘and others’.
  8. That's right. The correct number is 50. But I bet you a soft pretzel if that question was asked at trivia, 95% of the field would say 52. I myself would probably say 52 thinking it was a trick question, I admit it 😬 The point I was trying to make was I knew what she meant, and I'm confident a lot of other viewers knew what she meant, so I thought it was silly thing to pile onto, folks calling her stupid and an idiot. It's not a hill to die on as far as housewives-isms are concerned. Now shrim shraw, that's another issue entirely 😄
  9. On another note, Sonja does seem different to me this season. Maybe it's the hormones she was talking about, and her own approach to The Change. Her behavior is a different kind of drunk and bizarre. There are very few organic scenes with Sonja; it's just her acting like a buffoon and inserting herself into the story line. We at least got the packing scene with the intern 😉 My heart was in my throat when Leah went after Sonja's lightship basket; if it is authentic and made by a basket maker with real whalebone (and not a cheesy Farnum) they are quite valuable. In classic Sonja fashion, she referred to it as her "shrim shraw" when in fact it appeared to be a carved decoration on the top and not an etched drawing which is what scrimshaw is. Either way it was such a pretty piece and so apropos 🙂 I miss the old Sonja and her old style, not this strange Sonja who just chimes in and piles onto whatever is happening in the scene. Thank god Leah didn't chuck the basket. I couldn't take the running around the table. Leah throwing her leg up on the table and humping it like she did at Ramona's appears to be her go-to move. I thought the back and forth with Ramona and allowing/not allowing Leah's sister to join was stupid. It was so deliberate and she *had to know that wouldn't end well. That was like throwing gasoline on a campfire that was already burning. Why though. cough Also, the people in the darkness watching everything unfold 😄 I too had secondhand embarrassment for all of the hospitality folks in this episode, from the driver to the servers to the bellhops. I wish we had a compilation of the facial expressions. Next week it looks like they go to Clarke Cooke House and the ravioli fight is in The Candy Store section of the restaurant. I loooooove Clarke Cooke. They make a fabulous martini, olives on the side because, displacement. One more thing, why is everyone making such a stink about Dorinda saying 51 other states? If you fact check it, which I did thank you, the United States is 50 states plus DC and Puerto Rico et al. So while DC and Puerto Rico are respectively a district and a territory, what's the big deal? People refer to the number 52 (and in Dorinda's context, 52-1 meaning Rhode Island) all the time. It just seems like a really silly thing to nitpick, all things considered.
  10. Apparently, Tinsley's mere existence hurts and offend Dorinda, and the other Worker Bees are just glad that it's not them. Except that it was Luann who came for Tinsley about the pillow and the others piled on. Dorinda wasn't even there. I sleep on an ergonomic pillow and I bring it with me when I can, but it goes in a suitcase or duffle bag, it's never loose. People put their street shoes all over everything, as we saw in the Sprinter and once they got into their cottages. I don't want my pillow touching anything. I'm also appalled at people who put their suitcases right on the duvet cover, omg, and it happens repeatedly on cast trips regardless of the show. There is nothing like an ice cold Coca Cola or a ginger ale, especially from a can or glass bottle!
  11. I do too - all things aside, she reminds me of CBK in that photo.
  12. BH was still doing them as of last season 🤷🏼‍♀️ I remember Carole talking about getting behind with hers. I guess they decided they were passé. Who even goes to the Bravo website except to validate these things.
  13. RHoNY was still doing blogs as of last season. I think they have been replaced by lifestyle articles.
  14. Interesting: Bravo Rules Housewives Must Follow
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