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  1. So what was the deal with the trance she was in when she was waiting for her food? Was it just that, a trance? The only reason I posted the pic in the live chat was because she held that facial expression far longer than she should have and it was not camera trickery. WTF was that? Cracking up at the spelling of "aigs". I say/spell that too, I think it is a throwback to some iteration of Jersey Shore, which I never watched but I do recall one scene where a girl and a guy get up the next morning and she declares that he made "aighs" 😄 I can't believe that she wouldn't enter the house
  2. That’s a f*cking Respironics Everflo they’re using as a step stool.
  3. In the Malik in Boston episode, the camera zeroed in on the size tag in Deja's dress and there was one other bit of camera work around the size of the dress and her in it. The way they did the camera work made me think they were foreshadowing an unplanned pregnancy! Chopsticks 🥢 They make chopsticks with finger holes for the uninitiated. I love this! My dad had to leave on business for two weeks the day after I was born. He traveled a lot our whole lives. BUT he always brought little presents (Star Wars action figures and Snoopy colored pencils) and if he was home when they ha
  4. That's true, and I agree with your definition. However I believe the point Laura Ingraham was trying to make is TLC encourages poor behavior by offering people money and contracts to have that behavior filmed for tv shows, thereby glorifying the poor behavior. The worse the behavior, the higher the ratings, which means more money for everyone involved. All for acting out on television. Even if Amy and Tammy only got $3,000 per episode the first season, that's still $18,000 apiece that they weren't earning before. The second season the number of episodes nearly doubled. Not to mention
  5. In the TLC world, glorification and freak shows that sell are exactly the same thing.
  6. I definitely think TLC glorifies being overweight. My Big Fat Fabulous Life, the new show coming up called 1,000 Pound Best Friends and of course our friends the Slatons. What she said is true.
  7. It looks like the trifecta of botox, cheekbone filler and lip injections. I read somewhere that she got breast implants ahead of Kyle and Amanda's wedding. In her talking heads it doesn't look like she had them yet, but you can tell in the pics of her in her bridesmaids dress. I do think they look good. She might not actually *be in love, but she says I love you really fast to pretty much every guy she's been with on the show. ETA: I agree though, Amanda, Kyle and Carl are also raging assholes and equally angry. It's really hard to say who has the shortest fuse. Carl is at least workin
  8. Because it gives her carte blanche to be the raging asshole that she is, and she craves sympathy and attention. Her habit of falling in love with every guy she jumps into bed with makes me think she cares more about trying to find a man who will actually stay with her. I agree that maybe she would keep it, but only if to trap a guy. Besides that, if she had a baby now, her Summer House days would be completely over. I don't think she has the wherewithal to be a single mother, live in the city and successfully run her business, minus her income from the show. My ire is directed
  9. I’m not sure. I think she wants the husband to go with it and she’s not ready to be held back from finding one with another man’s baby in tow. It would have affected her role on the show as well. Again, her choice. I wouldn’t want to be in that situation either. Jason did seem like a good guy and I’m guessing he probably had enough of her behavior by the time this was happening.
  10. Also I think it’s convenient that Lindsay miscarried the day after she found out she was pregnant. My guess is she had a medical abortion and is sticking to her miscarriage narrative. It’s her choice and I don’t judge her for what happened. I just think it’s a very private matter and it was inappropriate in the first episode to use it as the excuse for why she went off the rails. Lindsay goes off the rails with or without a major life event. Carl isn’t a good actor either. p.s. Amanda was so foolish to marry Kyle. On their wedding day they looked like they knew they were making a mistake
  11. I said that exact thing to my sister as we were watching. Tammy seemed high. I saw the hot tub in the previews; I think they were just using it as a plunge pool. I don’t think the heat could have been on. My friends who have one do that in the summer. Tammy looks like she’s just getting bigger and bigger. It’s so sad. I didn’t really blame her for not going into Amy’s house because there were materials all over the place, like there would be when you’re having work done, but more importantly there just wasn’t any place for her to sit down. That definitely seemed like a production s
  12. Well, one thing is for sure. Kyle and Amanda never should have gotten married. I’ve never heard of a drunk clause prior to a wedding. Continuing commentary: You could see the tension between them from the moment they got in the car. There was just no authentic joy or excitement. It seemed more like impending doom. Kyle knew exactly what his plans were for the evening. 30+ phone calls later I thought it was pretty immature for her to break his things in the bathroom and put his luggage outside. Grow up already. She should have turned her phone off and moved her own things into the spare be
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