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  1. VK, love her or hate her, that's a pretty kick!
  2. Her dad shooting the finger is completely tasteless and so is the fact that she posted it on her social media. It tells me everything I need to know. There's nothing wrong with nouveau riche; everyone starts somewhere. The saying money doesn't buy class was never more true.
  3. RedDelicious

    S01.E05: 03 Bonnie and Clyde

    I loved the roller skating scene - one of the few (only?) where they just get to be kids and it brought back fond memories of our rink growing up.
  4. RedDelicious

    S11.E18: Reunion Part 1

    Seriously so funny bc the Golden Girls episode where Blanche takes Dorothy and Rose to the bar where they were mistaken for hookers and the bar was raided 45 seconds later was on yesterday. Their outfits were on reunion point 😂
  5. RedDelicious

    S11.E18: Reunion Part 1

    I think you’ve just provided the copy for Bethenny’s next tag line! 😂
  6. The funny thing is, outside of the Dallas scene and this message board, nobody really cares about what's going on in the world of DCC. Don't get me wrong, it is enormously entertaining to read these threads and I get into the discussions sometimes too, but in the grand scheme of things is any of this REALLY important? You can't be a DCC forever and the organization is run like a private company. The rules aren't always fair and they change on the fly. A small percentage of cheerleaders move on to bigger and better professional endeavors but really most of them just go back to studio teaching or get married and have families. What is *really at stake? It isn't as if anyone couldn't do those things on their own. If a girl gives up her life to devote herself completely to training camp, that is her choice. It's a cheerleading squad and there are a lot of hens in the hen house. None of what I have ever read on here surprises me.
  7. RedDelicious

    SURly Staff In The Media

    Easily one of the fugliest wedding dresses I have ever seen, and I thought Scheana’s was the worst. It looks like she’s standing there in her underwear and the real dress is on a hanger somewhere. Lala looking more and more like a 00s playboy playmate, or one or Hef’s blonde girlfriends, every day.
  8. He somewhat resembles and is dressed not unlike John John Kennedy ☺️
  9. You would think she’d have an epi pen in a holster on her person after the incident in Cartagena, writhing on the bathroom floor like that.
  10. I felt that way too but I was thinking it might have been because Hannah was right there?
  11. I freaking LOVE watching Evine 😂 ETA: I should clarify that I love to watch the segments on “designer” Santa Clauses and Waterford Crystal. The commentary is even better than Signature Club A on HSN. I didn’t realize there was a sex toy show!
  12. Seriously. I think the only reason she was in ICU is bc she’s a celebrity and there’s a reasonable degree of security in ICU. Any old person who doesn’t belong there can’t just stroll through intensive care like you can with lower acuity areas. I can because I’m special 😉 but a rando could not. Especially in a posh area. I was just at Newton Wellesley for work on Wednesday.
  13. RedDelicious

    Bethenny & Jason: The Divorce Showdown

    WOW. Bryn doesn't look like Bethenny at all. Now the dark hair dye on Bryn (see last week's instagram post of Bryn with burgundy hair) makes sense. Eww. No summer sun kissed blonde allowed. Too much like her father which is sad 😞
  14. That is correct, Brittany Dalessandro. But not of the cheesesteak Dalessandros.
  15. Seriously - my apologies for that.