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  1. Agree, and I don't think fa-ra-ra is any different from frageelay. Its equal opportunity mispronunciation for comedic effect and Ralphie's mom trying to control her laughter and the culmination of the Peking duck getting cleavered is one of the best parts of the movie.
  2. Regardless, it shouldn’t be the burden of the taxpayer. Tammy did this to herself and she has not demonstrated that she wants it badly enough to do the things she needs to do to get better. Besides I can’t imagine Tammy allowing anyone to control what she eats, especially since she tried to get Amy picked up for not getting her the food she wanted. She would go around any caregiver/in-patient situation and figure out a way to get delivery out of spite.
  3. I think Austen has done plenty of gaslighting with Madison in the past; see the great threesomegate footage where he called her an insane person and a crazy person specifically for being upset about two other women in his bedroom at 7AM. It’s the same shit he pulled on Chelsea i.e., we’re seeing each other but we’re not exclusive so I’m going to put my d*ck in whatever I want and screw your feelings, it’s your fault for finding out. All the Alpha and Beta talk (on the show) is lame. I understand what it means but all I think of when I hear that is a couple of Whisperers from The Walking Dead.
  4. Ugh, they replayed the S4 finale the other day with the party at Sermet's where he was heavily flirting with another woman in his lap and Chelsea confronted him about making her look like an @sshole because they were there together. He did his usual denial and deflection and tried to put the blame on her for his own actions. It renewed my ire towards Austen.
  5. I think Austen deserves some form of comeuppance for all of his gaslighting, womanizing bullshit behavior he has displayed since his arrival on the scene. I don't condone the way Madison treats him or anyone else, but he's not innocent.
  6. I was really impressed by the conversation between Danni and Kathryn, especially compared to the rest of the piling on we’ve seen. It was a proper conversation between two adults and probably the most intelligent conversation we’ve had all season. No virtue, no sanctimony, but real words and a calm expression of feelings. Then Madison storm troopered the whole thing and ruined it.
  7. Why on earth should it be the burden of the tax payer when she isn't a threat to society and her problem is entirely of her own actions and the actions of her family?
  8. Not for nothing, Audrey skiing with the baby is not that uncommon. I've seen people doing that plenty and my own friends did it when their kids were babies. Lots of people skin or hike up and ski down. It's called earning your turns. But besides that the hill was practically empty (as most are during these times of Covid) and the slope was flat. I could probably walk down faster. As a skier I didn't really see a problem with it. People don't play football with frozen water bottles on the kid slopes, and there was literally no one around them. I'm not an Audrey apologist by any stretch but if you actually understand the full picture of what you are looking at and don't get caught up in the drama, this one is...not a hill to die on 😉 People ski with small dogs and cats in backpacks too. ETA: Article on Bono and Kennedy with details of their respective accidents. This is not that: https://www.latimes.com/archives/la-xpm-1998-jan-07-mn-5779-story.html
  9. You mean DCC Brides: Cassie Gets Married? 😄 I love that Judy's wikipedia entry still says this: Cassie's wedding was the only wedding featured on the television show Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders: Brides.[11][12][13] Please, like it was ever going to be any other way. Victoria's boyfriend is cute but I abhor skinny jeans, especially torn skinny jeans and I REALLY abhor skinnies on guys. Just, no.
  10. I believe examples like Tammy threatening to call the cops if Amy doesn't bring her what she wants (because it's her money, etc). We've seen Tammy's anger issues in action, especially in S1. Amy has her own food addiction and weight problem, and a lot of the time they eat together. Co-dependence and guilt are why Amy gives in, and from a mental health perspective, she doesn't quite have the fortitude to be capable of otherwise.
  11. Huh. I just automatically assumed it was another tactic to get Bryn away from her father 🙀
  12. That's really interesting about Bryn and Pine Crest. I have an ex whose ex-wife went there. I don't know that it is *extremely elite - it's no Choate or Hotchkiss or even Lawrenceville where Tinsley went or Taft where Sonja's Q went. I think its probably solidly upper middle class. Actually now that I think of it, I'm not sure if Pine Crest is still boarding. It used to be. So does that mean Bethenny is moving to Florida?
  13. I think it was a one and done. Therapy is hard and it can be very painful, especially when you have to face your past and essentially relive it. I can see why both are very resistant but if they can't address their past trauma, they won't be able to address their food addiction either. Making each other out to be the bad guy doesn't help, shutting down gets you nowhere fast and really I think they would be better off starting out with individual therapy. It's so easy for them to play the blame game. I think Amy has a kindness to her and just doesn't want her sister to hurt, and Tammy has a real nasty streak of resentment and jealousy. I tend to think Amy dotes on Tammy because she feels guilty about the things she has that Tammy doesn't. They're both stubborn though and need to accept that the mental health piece is the primary hurdle they need to overcome.
  14. It's shocking to see their sizes relative to each other when the three siblings are on the couch together. Amy looks like she's average size compared to the other two, and she's still in the 300 pound range. It's shocking but Tammy keeps getting bigger and bigger. I think on next week's episode:
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