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  1. A phone case? Really? Gross! Total germ bomb. I never touch other people’s phones and could not conceive of taking someone else’s case, even *with a uv device (which I do have, phone soap, it’s great). 🤢
  2. 100%. That matter-of-fact, overly self assured expression she has on her face all the time and the tone of her voice grates on my last nerve. TWD is an adult show. Having little kids as characters annoys the hell out of me, much like people who can't do anything unless it involves their kids...or people who can't stand in a photograph without their kid as a prop. UGH.
  3. Pretty much my collective reaction to this evenings MSF. Alpha luring them to the cave was something out of Scooby Doo, and I was SO pissed at Carol for giving chase. I actually like Gamma Mary, and I really hope Alpha didn’t beat the intel out of her ☹️ I’d trade Gamma Mary for Lydia any day of the week. Alpha can keep her Dotta.
  4. The text in question. Not cool Toby. Get some coping skills. Don’t be a baby and whine to your friends about Avocado-Gate being so hard to get past. Grow up. Lady Kryptonite is not a screen name. It’s a contact Toby put into his phone. That is the big hint right there.
  5. Also the text was from someone he has in his phone as Lady Kryptonite, and we all know what kryptonite does to Superman. He is powerless against it.
  6. Aren’t they one and the same? 🤔 I think This is Us just Crock-Potted CrossFit for anyone who was ever skeptical.
  7. The first big/obvious clue that Dante is a Whisperer (besides the fact that he's creepy and awkward) was when he leaned in to the captured Whisperer and said "don't try anything" and the captured Whisperer looked Dante in the eyes and said "never". I didn't take that as sarcasm - I took that as the captured Whisperer saying he'd never betray Alpha and hurt Dante or give up information.
  8. Does anyone recognize this woman as a former DCC? She has the star tattoo on the inside of her foot like a lot of the girls used to get.
  9. I wonder if she still has her pink Sam’s Club sweat suit. “I’m just generally weird.”
  10. I feel like I read something about that kind of fetish on the Daily Mail, and/or it was a plot for My Strange Addiction on TLC..
  11. A few years back she did have that GoFundMe set up for her weight loss efforts 😳
  12. @UnicornKicksBack re: I’ve dated the self righteous before and it’s damaging when they literally think they’re Gods gift and you’re attached before you realize it. GIRL. You don't even know (and I say that as a figure of speech bc you DO know). I recently got out of a relationship with a guy who turned out to be incredibly sanctimonious and self-righteous. One time when I was making dinner for us, he was venting and I said "I'm sorry you had such a shitty day" and he put his hand up and said "no, no, not a shitty day, a bad day" and went on to say that he tries not to swear and we should use language that is pleasing to God 😳 The F what? I'm in my mid 40s and cooking you dinner under my roof with groceries I paid for and you're going to correct my choice of language? Oh hell no. Pun intended. He was also cheap AF and only ever wanted to get takeout instead of sitting down in a restaurant (where presumably one would leave a gratuity after the meal). I broke up with him after he pitched an enormous fit and acted like a condescending jerk through an entire meal when I suggested we get dinner from the counter and sit down at the tables for counter service instead of eating sweaty/soggy food out of containers at home. It was a beautiful summer night and we had plans to go OUT and I just wanted to be around other people enjoying the weather and didn't want to do dishes that night. He also thought it was virtuous to wear his clothing until it was threadbare, stained and falling apart and I'd have to ask him not to wear his old fleece sweatpants in public. I could not understand why he didn't have any pride in his appearance in that regard, and when I diplomatically asked him about these different habits, his response was something like it's not important to God so it's not important to me. Look, I don't care what anyone wears as long as its neat and clean. Looking like a disheveled mess is just lazy and a deal breaker, and I make no apologies. Thank you for the massive vent, I feel better getting that off my chest, and I'd love to hear what your experiences were! RD
  13. RedDelicious

    S14.E13: Game Day

    I don't think VK has veneers. Her teeth are just very straight and very white. I mean, Lisa's teeth are huge compared to VK. Gina has definitely had composite work done on her teeth if you look at her throwback photos. I felt bad when VK was doing her bts video on the bus and half the bus couldn't be bothered to be a sport about it. I think there was even an eye roll, and obvious ignoring from Gina and Christina (who I will just never like). From what I can see VK's doing a good job and let's face it, she can dance circles around certain legacies who have preceded her. Last night I dreamt that I was a 2nd year and I was in the lineup for the field entrance and I could not for the life of me sort out what I was doing there. I kept thinking to myself, you HAVE to hit your lines and DON'T SKIP. Aaaaaahhhhhhhhh!
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