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  1. 100% my biggest beef with the show is bringing in guest choreographers to teach routines that are never used on the field or in other performances. It's waste of time and a total mind eraser for the rookies who need to perfect the official dances in time for football season. I would like to see more ongoing vet coverage. We invest a lot in these women as rookies and it would be nice to see more of them as they move up the ranks. Also more in-uniform content. Hair and makeup tutorials have become SO popular. I would like to see how they prep for game day, how they use/apply prod
  2. No no, just a Chris Lilley fan! Or at least I was until Lunatics - I found that to be pretty unwatchable. His earlier work was SO funny though. I loved We Can Be Heroes, Summer Heights High and Angry Boys. So quotable 😆 Omg I saw that article earlier today and totally thought it was Des and Hannah!
  3. Apropos of our conversations in the current episode threads, I just started a rewatch of Season 3 and two episodes in Luann went full “I have a new girl” and “I have to teach her twice as much because Rosie did everything”. Aaaahh!!!! Then she asks Rosie how she looks and says you look good too, Rosie, you kept your weight off. 🤦🏼‍♀️ Le sigh. I’d forgotten how sweet on each other Bethenny and Jason were ☹️ Ramona must have a bungled word for clairvoyant.
  4. And the fact that historically none of her dogs have been properly house trained is also so gross and not entertaining. We know it wasn't Queen Coco!
  5. So much great content in the early seasons! I'm glad we still have Ramona, Lu and Sonja. One of the things I never understood. Jill actually had a nice figure. She wasn't model thin like Alex was (Alex was actually thinner than Bethenny, you could especially see it when they were wearing jeans), but she had a waist and was proportionate. I never understood why her casual clothing choices were so frumpy! She was always in those flowy tops. I guess maybe because she did have a large bust, but still. For all her Bea Bag and big diamond braying, you'd think her fashion game would be a little
  6. Ramona said "my help" and Eboni said "the help" when she brought it up after the fact. It's in the trailer and it was in the episode. 0:30 and 0:34.
  7. Oh! I could have sworn we talked about this before. But your comment in the other thread got me thinking again about who technically fit the category and who did not. 13 years later and Ramona still isn't a housewife and still doesn't look her chronical age 😆
  8. Or LAWYR as it were (I can't believe nobody's brought that up, unless I missed it 😄).
  9. @Ms Blue Jay - I know you already know this, about how the original premise and title for the show was Manhattan Moms. Jill even references "Moms" in the finale episode, so it had not yet flipped to the RHO concept by the time filming wrapped. The irony is that Bethenny didn't ever fit either concept; Moms (at the time) or Housewives, which is so weird to me, bc she's probably the most notorious. And yet this is my favorite franchise hands down and B is my least favorite character.
  10. I didn’t get Veronica until just now 🤦🏼‍♀️ And I even have a friend who is a lifelong collector of the comic books!
  11. Aha! Thank you. So basically she was the most prolific DCC I think, ROTY/VOTY, GL, Point 2x, ProBowl, 5th year. Right?
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