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  1. Well she did do some stand-up! You’re so right - everything she is doing it’s like she’s trying to stick it to the others in the name of “you weren’t successful with this idea but I will be”. And then the product sucks anyway. In the early days of SG I did like the green lemonade cleanse, before she had to change the ingredients for false labeling.
  2. Who had just given birth herself! That was infuriating. When I look back on it, Cindy was so entitled in that regard.
  3. I’m almost through my S4 rewatch. Ramona was shook by the fortune teller and Mario was so the cat that ate the canary when they returned from the Morocco trip (and Ramona covered him in oil). Alex is a kook but I can see where she’d be an excellent therapist today. She really does listen and feel, even though the other women consistently steamrolled her. I need to find myself a man that looks at me the way Simon looks at Alex. They were strange but their love is real.
  4. It really was like watching a completely different person. She became so power and fame hungry that she sacrificed her husband and their marriage in the process. I somewhat remember the one of the last straws being that she wanted to hire Jason to work for her at SG and he didn’t want to because he wanted her work and their relationship to be separate, and she could not understand that. He was right. She would have had total control over every move he made. For crying out loud in their first big apartment he had to sacrifice the one room he had to himself for her closet, and she made that deci
  5. Ramona really has come a long way from stealing hangers and publicly asking people if they’ve had their breasts redone ☺️
  6. Overall I think we'd be having much more productive conversations (on the show I mean) if Leah weren't part of the equation this season. Sorry, another movie reference.
  7. Correcting my post because I didn't quote Sonja accurately: I'm surprised that no one has called out Sonja for using a possessive term and calling black people "our black people".
  8. Eboni wasn’t aware that what she said would trigger Leah.
  9. I think Heather and Leah are on the same page in terms of political ideology, but because Leah won't take so much as a suggestion from another person about what she might do, and she had to blow it into an argument that made zero sense. From the closed captions: Leah: "She's full of shit. This is why I don't like people that are like, 'you need to vote in my favor.' Please! You don't care if I vote or not, you want me to vote for who you want me to vote for." I don't think Heather implied anything of the sort. And I don't even like Heather.
  10. Meanwhile the way Leah pronounces "Karen" all I can hear is Henry Hill 😄 I wonder what her talent is going to be for the Halloween pageant. If she sits in a chair and lip syncs Don't Cry Out Loud, she might win back some points with me. And that concludes my obscure movie references for this episode.
  11. I think Leah’s problem is she’s not capable of an independent thought that isn’t rooted in oppositional defiance.
  12. Oh lord me too. I was really proud of Anna in that moment. She handled herself with maturity and coped in a healthy way. She is light years ahead of Amber in her emotional development. Amber, who pulled off her mic and left the house. Great example Amber 🤦🏼‍♀️
  13. I finally figured out that if I cancel the recording when WWHL starts, it gives me the option to cancel the single episode only, not the entire series. That stops the inadvertent recording of WWHL. And I can still roll back the tape to rewatch for clarity. This is only helpful when watching the episode in real time though 😕
  14. I was pretty appalled at the mess in Leah’s guest room. Her crap was ALL over the place. She has absolutely no respect for other people’s things or their hospitality, but we learned that last season. She’s one ungrateful person.
  15. Today I watched the anti-bullying luncheon episode in S4 and there were some clear camera shots of a younger, pre-menopause Dorinda at the table with Lu, Jill and the others. Talk about simpler times!! Le sigh.
  16. Eboni may have won my heart running for the door with the tequila bottle 😊
  17. Everyone looks really pretty. ETA: I’m irrationally pissed that Leah also looks really pretty.
  18. Leah stopped crying pretty fast once the door closed? Huh?
  19. I don’t agree. I don’t think of people in that manner. I appreciate the ability of a person to express themselves with clear and impactful words no matter what they look like, because it’s something I struggle with myself. I guess now I know simply being appreciative of that can be considered racist if the person isn’t white. I find that to be pretty disconcerting.
  20. If someone told me I was articulate, I would be SO flattered because I sometimes struggle to find my spoken words. But say it to a black woman and it’s automatically a microagression? Come ON. It’s a fucking compliment for a well expressed point. Not everyone can do that. Has nothing to do with skin color.
  21. And there they all go “moving to the hard stuff” to be able to cope with the conversation that will be had by all, right in front of the allcoholic in-recovery who doesn’t have a coping mechanism to lean on except her own will. Somehow that’s okay and not the least bit disrespectful? Okay.
  22. Quoting myself from the Burning Up episode thread, for context: ETA: I have been called the wrong name my entire life. Even at my high school graduation, the class president, who I’d known since we became friends in second grade, called me by the wrong first name when it was my turn to cross the stage. And I have a very simple, common first name. I have no idea why to this day people can’t get my name straight, but I guess people are just like that. Somebody at work just did it two weeks ago. Ramona didn’t go Hilly Holbrook on us. She’s just Ramona. Her mannerisms, like the talking over a
  23. Going to have to be the third coming after Cassie’s daughter, who could conceivably still be on the squad at that time 😆
  24. Oh!! I just automatically thought she was talking about Shawn Killinger 😆
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