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  1. Absolutely!! 1000%!! Ben can fuck off! Just so so not like him. Serial killer, romantic cool intelligent guy.. whatever, just don’t care. Unless they put him w-Allie-Rafe- Theo or even Tripp..that may be just ok. Or Marlena🤭🤫😵
  2. EJ yeah..he definitely brought it! A++ for nu EJ! Not sure about the scruff , only because I LOVE dimples!! Kind of happy Nicole went to EJ,, Sami would have destroyed the proof for sure! Also, wouldn’t mind a cat fight, only because I want Nicole to totally kick Sami’s butt!
  3. HOURS AGO, BYANOSE SAID: Days is on break? Why did I not know this?! This show may suck sometimes but I still want to watch it everyday. I need something to complain about. how long is the show not going to be on??? Anyone know?
  4. Yes! Please! For me , it is all about Sami and Nicole and I hope AZ & AS bring it full on !! I want these characters back, true to self. It freakin’ took long enough. The viewers deserve some good old classic Sami/Nicole. Bonus is for EJ to torture Sami, as he should. But not for long, please, Ejami never should have happened in the first place, so let’s just end them once and for all! They have no chem anyway.
  5. Actually, after thinking about it, you are 100% correct! It’s not Theo who’s being controlling here..it’s Ciara! Very manipulative! if Theo is that desperate , as he’s coming across. I just feel sorry for him ! But he did make the decision to go along with it, so I guess he gets what’s coming. I just wish he could see what’s really happening.
  6. My whole take on CIN is 😱🤮 my take on Theo and Ciara..the same, take away Ben- insane serial killer. I feel they’re both “controlling” Ciara. Though her personality makes it hard to defend her. If Theo were truly concerned and cared for her, “knowing each other so well”, because of their childhood history, he’d realize that they would be better off postponing this marriage. Taking more time getting to know each other in “that “ way. Ciara’s insisting on this rushed wedding, not to mention on her and Ben’s one year anniversary , should really give him a clue that something
  7. Yep! If they can’t recast..then just get rid of their kids, who are complete failures to their legacy! it’s infuriating and sad at the same time Although, don’t really mind Ciara being a nasty spoiled bitch, as long as they keep her that way. Which means Theo and Ben won’t work paired with her ! If she’s gonna be like that, let her be alone and miserable, getting all the hate she deserves. Not just because she doesn’t want to be with Ben..but because she’s just a genuine asshole.
  8. Ahh, okie dokie . Thanks You’re correct, shouldn’t blame the actors. I just think the show should hire actors they’re going to keep for characters that should have better stories because they’re supposed to be family of the characters who have been on forever. Not their fault. I want to like Eric and Ciara I just don’t. I don’t like the stories they put them in, or maybe it’s who they’re putting them with? whatever it is, it’s getting increasingly frustrating. Wish show would just focus on who they have and do something with them, rather than focus on the coming and going of
  9. Indeed Only to have her accuse Tripp of Rape, bring Charlie in, only to have him murdered, and have everyone in Salem accused of that crime Charlie was a good criminal/bad guy to have around. Especially since turning all the other bad guys into saints. Ugh!! what a waste of time and energy
  10. True! Yet he was helping her because she was overwhelmed and couldn’t handle the baby. Agree to disagree! She is not maternal with her child. She’s looking for a partner, amd can’t make up her mind! Instead, she should just be focusing on raising Henry-blanket . 😟😖
  11. Hmmm.. Allie seems still very much acting like a teenager. Didn’t even realize she had a college degree. She’s never w/Henry Blanket ! Someone else is always watching him. Be it Abe, Lucas, Roman, Nicole..Allie is too busy screwing around with Trippy/Chanel. I have to seriously question the statement that she’s raising, even taking care of, poor Henry Blanket! 😟
  12. Like who? I mean in his age group?Compared to Philip. EJ, Xander? He pales in comparison, IMO.
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