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  1. Changes week to week based on who is sitting out, but for the most part this is it.
  2. DCC is just trying to scream "Look at how diverse and inclusive we are!" with the Lisa segment and now this. I find this video super awkward with all the girls standing behind her just smiling. They should have just done it with Kristin.
  3. Didn’t realize Hannah and Miranda both tired out in season 11!
  4. Formation for when Amy's point: People who switch in the next triangle:
  5. No there's a couple changes to the first 3-4 rows. Trying to figure that out but it's difficult since Amy's point for such a short time period and there's not really good pictures or videos.
  6. Correction on TS formation for when Maddie's point: Kickline formation:
  7. I'm assuming she's injured or something. Shelly said there was a reason why they took 37, so maybe she has something that will keep her from performing during football season. She was at meet the team (but didn't see her performing) since she posted a picture of getting treats from VK. Did she perform with Queen? She didn't perform in CA, even though she's a member of SG.
  8. I use Philo. It's $20 a month.
  9. Right??? So many were falling out of doubles during the across the floor!! It was shocking!!
  10. I didn't hear, but I mean the average body fat range for women is 25-30%. I think these girls are down to the level where you may lose your period. Scary.
  11. Right? Who was the girl that weighed 138? Girl looked fine and healthy.
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