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  1. Is there any way to see that reveal? Aside from buying just that episode haha
  2. #JusticeforJalyn Haha I’m totally kidding about starting a hashtag, but the whole situation breaks my heart for her, it’s not fair.
  3. I just want Heather or Gina as point and I’ll be happy.
  4. After seeing the posts on media day, I deff think Lexie is getting point. I think she’s stunning. I would really like to see Heather, Lexie, or Gina get point.
  5. Hi! I know this is really random, but would someone be kind enough to say what was said on the podcast that Milan did regarding her experience with DCC?
  6. I agree, I really like her. I want Heather or her for point.
  7. In no particular order, but starting with last year's squad DCCs, 1. Gina 2. Daphne 3. Rachel W 4. Bridget 5. Amber 6. Jalyn 7. Lacey 8. Amy 9. Savannah 10. Molly 11. Alexis 12. Maggie R 13. Milan 14. Cersten 15. Erica 16. Melissa W 17. Kelsey L 18. Holly Arielle 19. Kinzie 20. Ashley Nicole 21. Abby Camille 22. Emma 23. Katy 24. Mackenzie Lee 25. Courtney Cook 26. Ashton Torres 27. Alyssa Torres 28. Brittany Schram 29. Sydney Durso 30. Samantha Clark 31. Jennifer Colvin 32. Hannah West 33. Rachel LeAnn 34. Paige Elaine 35. Brittany Evans 35. Michelle Keyes 36. Abigail Klein
  8. I'm so sorry that I'm late on this but this is what I would love for the triangle, but I know it's not very realistic since most of them are only going to be 2nd year veterans, Heather Bridget Amber Gina Rachel W Daphne
  9. I’m not sure where exactly to post this or if there’s anyone who will be able to reply about it but I was curious if there was anyone here who has gone through DCC auditions and could share their personal experience? I just think it would be really interesting to hear from someone who’s actually tried out!
  10. I know this is random, but I was watching a couple of videos from this season and I have a strong feeling that Gina is going to be point. I don't mind at all because I love her, but just a strong feeling. However, my first choice for point would be Heather, so really hope it's her! Gina is deff my second pick for point even though I think it will be her.
  11. I'm not sure if this was asked or mentioned already, I apologize in advance if it was, but when is the end of the year banquet? Isn't that when we find out who gets Rookie of the Year and Veteran of the Year?
  12. Okay, I really hope Erin gets Rookie of the Year. She's improved so much since last year, like she's killing it in this video
  13. In all honesty, especially with what vets we know are retiring and which ones we know are returning, who do you realistically think will get point next season?
  14. What are everyone's predictions/who they want to see for Pro Bowl, Rookie of the year, and Veteran of the year?