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  1. My fave rookies are Claire, Dani, Elli, Mackenzie, and Jada. I really love Rachel W. as point, and I hope when Maddie leave that she shares point with Caroline, Kelcey, or Amanda.
  2. This girl did a vlog about being one of those dancers. I’m pretty sure that’s Alora-Rose at 6:45.
  3. My edit to this would be KEEP: Dani, Jada, Elli, Claire W, Armani, Darian, Jessica, McKenzie, Alora Rose CUT: Marissa, Sydney (solely because of her audition video, but I'm hoping I like her dancing more when I see more of her on the show!), Kat ADD: Ashlinn, Cassie, Tori, Kelly
  4. wait, I remember a while back people were saying they didn't like Alora Rose; how come? After watching the first episode she seems really sweet and pretty, unless I'm missing something.
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