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  1. I think Savannah is stunning, as well. And I think UCLA Katy is stunning, has an adorable personality, and a technical dancer. I really really hope she tries out again next year. She would be a perfect DCC and I’m heartbroken that she didn’t make it to training camp this summer.
  2. I really hope UCLA Katy comes back, I loved her since her first introduction. She's stunning, her personality is adorable, and she's a technical dancer.
  3. I’ve always wanted it to be Heather, Gina, or Bridget at point. I don’t have a problem with Amy or Maddie, they are both pretty and are good dancers, but I just can’t see either as point, let alone splitting it. I wish one of the top 3 I mentioned could have at least split point or be in the triangle, even Rachel W because I think she has the look and is a good dancer. At this point, all I can wish for is that Heather gets pro bowl this year.
  4. I know some people on here were asking about what some of the training camp candidates’ dancing looks like. Some of the girls don’t have videos of them dancing on their personal Instagrams, most do, but if you go onto the official Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders’ Instagram and go to their “Auditions” highlight, they have all of the stories saved that were posted from auditions, including some of the training camp candidates during prelims, semis, and finals.
  5. She looks perfectly fine...Lol
  6. I love Chandi, she’s stunning and she literally dances like a DCC already.
  7. Okay, I seriously love Kat, Amanda, and Julia!
  8. Okay, seriously love Julia too!
  9. I think the live chat forum and the episode forum are both non-spoiler forums. This is where you can post spoilers.
  10. I’m going off of what was said by K & J in the “Making The Team Moments” video that was just posted from the DCC Making The Team account, haha.
  11. They cut Victoria 2 nights before the last night. Malena and Lily were cut on the last night of training camp.
  12. Behind Rachel W, while she was on the platform. When they are all on the stage, I'm not sure.