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  1. I seem to remember that Meredith's mom was/is involved to some degree, but not in any role that has input into who makes the squad. Shelly doesn't either. She's more involved then Meredith's mom, but, again, not in a role that has input into who makes the squad. While all three girls might have had some maturing to do, Dayton had improved measurably in the maturity department between her first audition and her second, but Kelli seemed to REALLY hate the fact that she was even there, much less in Training Camp. I totally agree that Cassie could have used at least one year, possibly two, on another team, especially one that's dance-heavy, and she would have proved to EVERYONE that she deserved to be on the DCC. If she had gone off to another pro squad for a couple of years, then come in and blown everyone out of the water, no one could argue that she deserved the honors she got afterwards. While both Victoria and Dayton may have had issues, any one of Victoria's issues her first year would have knocked another girl out much sooner and the lies would have gotten said girl blacklisted, never to make the squad, yet she not only makes Training Camp the next year, but the squad AND Show Group (she at least should not have made Show Group). Dayton was late ONE time through an issue she couldn't have foreseen, though she could have left sooner knowing traffic in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. If Dayton was late multiple other times, then I'd say she has a time management issue. However, ONE time should have gotten a reprimand and left alone after that. As for the rest of the issues, how many other girls had power issues and memory issues, but made the squad? If Dayton had been given the opportunity to have at least one year on the squad, she would have improved beyond all doubt and been a star DCC. I still think Kelli did NOT want Dayton on the squad and was doing everything in her power to keep her OFF the squad. While Cassie was at best a blender, I think she rested on the fact that no one was going to be allowed to cut her because of who her mom was and the fact that many of the judges have watched her grow up. Thus, she got away with more then the other girls and caused more problems.
  2. Of the legacies that made the team, ONLY Cassie and Victoria have/had ties directly to someone who was working in/with the organization who were also directly involved in the decision making process of who made the team. No other girl, legacy or otherwise, has had that type of connection. Dayton is a legacy who could be considered to be connected to someone who works in the organization, but that person doesn't have input into who makes the squad (and Dayton didn't make the squad). Some would say Cassie didn't either, but Judy is/was Kelli's right-right hand at the time Cassie made the squad and, as far as we know, at that time, Judy had input into who made the squad.
  3. Really random question, but I remember that, at one point, it was mentioned that the girls are required to get the Victoria's Secret Bombshell bra (in DCC blue of course). I was wondering if that was still true and, if so, are they special ordered (likely) or can the girls walk into the store and just buy them?
  4. The same could be said of Cassie, Brooke, Melissa Rycroft and numerous other girls who were given grace despite not being able to "keep up". Some might say that Brennan's condition was not a result of being involved with DCC and thus allowed her cut, but Cassie's so-called "asthma" and Melissa Rycroft's mono were not a result of being involved in DCC and could have gotten them cut, but TPTB kept them on despite their conditions. Then again, Kelli and TPTB have never been consistent in how they enforce their rules.
  5. Yes, while we don't know the exact reason why Brennan was cut, the general consensus was that, if anyone was going to be cut, there were several girls who should have been cut before here (i.e. most of, if not all, the rookies) before a solid dancer/performer like Brennan (and Hannah). Frankly, the only 2 vets who likely got out-danced/out-performed during Training Camp were Lily and Meredith and a case could be made for keeping Lily as she, like Brennan, was a locker room favorite among other things.
  6. That's good to know. From the way Kelli tells it, she was the ONLY one who ever had that honor and I didn't know where to look to confirm that. I guess Kelli WISHES she was the only one and doesn't promote the knowledge that Regina Tucker didn't have to audition either.
  7. It hasn't happened since Kelli and, from what I remember hearing, she's going to MAKE sure it never happens again, even for Victoria. After all, Kelli wants to be the ONLY one with the honor of being able to actually walk onto the squad without having to go through auditions and not have to worry about being cut in Training Camp that year. I'm sure that there's more to the back story of why she just got to walk onto the squad. The only thing I can remember (and I'm not even sure it's correct) was that a lot of girls left that year and Kelli was promised she wouldn't have to audition or worry about being cut if she stayed one last year. How true that is, I don't know. I'm sure Kelli would tell the story as that she was SO good that the director said she wouldn't have to re-audition because of it. I wouldn't be surprised if other girls were upset that Kelli didn't have to audition because, depending on the facts of the story, she was given something that was never offered to others before or since (and is something that Kelli will likely NEVER offer anyone as long as she's the director). As for dance skills/abilities, I doubt Kelli was the best one on the squad at that time or even close to it. She was likely one of the better girls and is definitely a performer, but the best one out there that year, especially among the girls that were leaving or the girls coming in? I don't think so.
  8. Emily's a very pretty, talented girl, but she puts all her nerves and tension in her face, specifically her eyes and her mouth. If you look at her face in that picture with Jenna (where she's relaxed and comfortable) and compare it with her face when having to "perform" in front of Kelli and Judy, it's almost like she's two different people. If she cleaned off some of that makeup (especially the eye makeup) and toned it down, that would have helped somewhat and maybe even taken some of the attention off her eyes or at least lessened it.
  9. I remember a Disney movie from AGES ago where the family was hosting an exchange student from Africa. When they met their exchange student, she was white and blonde and it was plain the family expected someone who . . . wasn't. If I remember the name, I'll post it. I also remember going to camp one year in my early teens and remember there was a girl from Spain in my cabin. She was blond. Too long ago to remember eye color but I do remember people saying things along the lines of "You're from Spain? Really?" It was a good reminder that pre-conceived ideas don't always mesh with reality.
  10. Whoever said that to ANYONE is a sick, selfish person and I hope they get help. Sadly, they think that they can say whatever they want because no one will know who they are (unless they would admit to it and I can't see anyone admitting to saying this without repercussions in their real life).
  11. Why am I not surprised that Victoria STILL cannot kick? One would think that, after at least a year on a squad where kick technique is SO important to Kelli, that Victoria STILL cannot kick. I guess she hasn't been shown the correct technique or has built up up ANY sort of proper dance technique in the time she was on the squad. Not only are the touchdown decks not exactly the safest place for the girls (but we've already heard that Kelli doesn't care one whit about the girls' safety), but they're blocking the view of the fans, which are the main reason and funding source for the team. While it would suck for the girls to not be able to dance, there are better (and safer) places for them to dance. I would be pissed if I was one of the fans in those seats and I couldn't see the really game because of the cheerleaders being in the way the entire time. Victoria did look better dancing, but she also looked like she was throwing herself off BECAUSE she was so over-the-top and exaggerating the moves more then she had to. If she had learned control and precision, I would have been impressed, but she hasn't and I'm not. I'd almost say that she looks so good because the rookies next to her were so bad. Yeah, that obviously hasn't changed despite being in Training Camp three times and on the team going on two years. One would think she would have learned something besides the dances by now, but obviously not. Yes, with the right makeup and hair (which would HAVE to be done by someone else because she doesn't know how to do itself) and actually told/shown how to pose and smile, she would do rather well, but, left to her own devices without the help, she would be her usual over-the-top self. Granted, she's taken some very pretty pictures as seen on her Instagram so I would hope she would go that route instead of the cheap plastic doll look she often sports. I think Rachel A should have gotten a spot over Rachel W., but have we seen or heard anything about either Rachel's leadership potential or is Kelli just wanting to put Rachel W in a position where her looks and credentials could benefit the team the most? As for Brennan, I don't think she BARELY made the squad every year. She was solid all three years she auditioned and was a solid blender while she was on the squad. Christina and several other girls were weaker performers and, if rumors are true several other girls should not have made the squad in the first place, so Brennan's cut (and Hannah's), to me, was simply a matter of Kelli's need for drama and a television show. Meredith was the one that barely made it and only because she was Kelli's girl-crush. Victoria does look stronger dancing, but she's still dancing too big and throwing herself off some of the moves which makes her look sloppy. Being next to two rookies who struggled helps her look better though. Now, it seems Kelli wants her face in front of the camera and her name everywhere she can instead of putting together the best team possible. She was (and still is) willing to put the girls' safety at risk to put a show together this year. It seems that the amount of time they actually show the girls doing whatever has decreased and Kelli's on-screen time has increased over the years. It's almost as if she's said that "I'm the important one here, not them (except for Victoria). Show more of ME instead of them."
  12. It isn't that it wasn't a good photo (I think it was a good photo of a pretty girl and I'm not a Victoria fan by any means), but the makeup and the hair does her absolutely NO justice and accentuates possible flaws. If the makeup and hair was better, I would have thought the photographer just caught her face at the wrong time. However, the makeup accentuates that her eyes looked funky and that her mouth was no better. I think it's been said in studies that, when something doesn't match the image, our eyes go straight to the thing that is wrong instead of seeing the whole picture.
  13. Just saw this on Victoria's Instagram. Someone get that girls some help with makeup and hair ASAP and as of yesterday
  14. That makes sense and it would be embarrassing as all get out. Why she didn't take extra precautions to make sure it didn't happen, I don't know. That type of top is notorious for doing just what it did and most dancers take extra precautions to make sure it doesn't happen to them.
  15. Well. that was the most embarrassing part, but the other part, later that season, was when she was confronted about her being out and about in clubs (rumors were that she was drinking and that Jenna got her into) along with fraternizing with players and not caring who knew it. When confronted about it, Holly straight up lied about it to Kelli's face and continued to do so until Kelli said she had proof. Rumor had it that Holly was sure that she was too good and too important to the team for Kelli to cut until she found out that Kelli was going to cut her so she resigned during Training Camp. Not sure if this was exactly what you were asking about.
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