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  1. Granted the decisions Kelli made are not Victoria's fault and are Kelli's to own and correct, but Victoria made her own decisions that made many people dislike her and think her spoiled, immature and entitled. If Victoria got her ish together, grew up, made progress on her weight and general attitude among other things, then I'd be one of the first in line to congratulate her on making the team on her own merits. That sort of work takes guts, hard work and determination among other things. However, it does not SOUND like Victoria's done anything of the sort over the past year and Kelli seems to be going along with it and not only feeding the monster, but making it worse.
  2. You also posted it BEFORE Shelly B came and confirmed who was on Show Group. Her information proved what you told us was right. In addition, Show Group will be revealed on the show (and at Oxnard) and if they DON'T show Victoria being called up, I'll be surprised.
  3. Numerous people said the same things or close enough to make no nevermind. Granted, gaining weight is not pulling "crap" but, if she's been involved with DCC as long as Kitty and Kelli said, then she should know the standards and adhere to them, which she did not. She lied to Kelli, and possibly others, about going to the doctor, which was hinted at when she was called into the office around week 7 or so. Kelli states "something happened prior to rehearsal between Jinelle and Victoria. Jinelle volunteered her time to help Victoria with nutrition and I'm not accusing anybody of dishonesty but there is something not adding up and I want to explore that." Lying to a potential employer about something as big as, say a Doctor's appointment when it directly relates to one's job and the performance thereof, would get most people cut right then, but Victoria was allowed to stay. Granted there was some talk about what type of doctor she was supposed to go see, but Victoria still lied about it (and Jinelle evidently had texts to prove that) and tried to talk her way out of the situation until she just couldn't any more. While we didn't see EVERYTHING the "insiders" alleged, we saw enough on the show that proved them right far more than we saw anything that proved them wrong. In fact, if we go by what Kelli/Judy/Shelly/Charlotte/Kitty have said (as well as many others), things were left OUT so there was likely FAR more that would have bolster the insiders' stories than would have proven them wrong. See above why I think the insiders were proven right by what was shown (and in fact by what WASN'T shown) rather then why they are wrong. The only thing that could conceivably be seen as unproven was Victoria being "promised" a spot but that could be inferred by Kelli's actions to a degree. Still, she showed a lesser version of that favoritism towards Brianna a few seasons ago and a few others. However, it's NOTHING compared to what's been shown towards Victoria.
  4. Everyone (both rookies and vets) looks to still be there in that picture with the choreographer unless I'm missing someone. There are a few people I'd like to see be missing from Training Camp so, since people here already know who I'm talking about, I won't feel the need to mention them again. As for Oxnard, someone already mentioned that, in at least one season, Show Group performing in Oxnard was shown out of order and that the rookie candidates had already made the team. Is the team being finalized before or after Oxnard? I didn't think about that when I posted earlier. If the team isn't official and they take girls who haven't made the team with them to Oxnard, THAT will be favoritism. If the team IS official when they go to Oxnard, that's another story. As for making a stink about not being in the intro when she hasn't even made the team, that's taking it a little far even for Victoria. She hasn't even made the team (not that THAT'S stopped her before) and she wants a spot in the opening sequence? I'm glad they didn't give in to her on THAT. Or have they and we just don't know about it?
  5. This is pure BS covered in 24k fools gold. I'd ask if Kelli REALLY thinks we'd buy this crock of sh*t but she probably thinks we will and be happy about it. After all, this is the woman who, in previous years, could care less about who the fans think should or should NOT be on the team but only started caring last year when people got vocal over Victoria's immaturity, lying, weight gain, and all her other less-than-stellar traits AND when Kelli herself got called out by many a fan over her preferential treatment of Victoria. She also flipped fans the metaphorical "bird" when she brought Victoria back and gave her everything she didn't earn in either year. I'm with Scorpio131. I hope the "rookies" mentioned are the veterans who are new to Show Group and not the rookie candidates, though it's likely the rookie candidates as well because of a certain spoiled blonde.
  6. EricaShadows

    Past Seasons

    I follow her and thought she looked better when she was a GSW/AAIA/Rookie Candidate. Now, I think she just looks like a "typical" black girl in the world of hip hop/rap videos. Then again, I'm a middle aged white woman who doesn't listen to hip hop or rap and don't really watch videos in either style. I do like Teyana Taylor and think she looks freaking awesome in Kanye's "Fade" video even though I'm not exactly fond of her costume. And she looks like that AFTER having at least one child.
  7. I wouldn't be surprised if Victoria is thinking that she can't take any chances this year. Some people I've met have done exactly this. They know they have the in somewhere but, when STRONG competition comes along for that spot, the person is sneaky and mean behind the scenes in order to either make the competition quit, get cut or look bad enough to TPTB that the competition doesn't get chosen. Part of it is because the person is scared that they're not good enough (or they didn't get it the first time around for some reason) and they don't want to take chances, even though it may backfire.
  8. If this is the case, it would have to be EVERYONE on the squad except for Victoria that shows up in order to not only be heard, but to show Kelli that EVERYONE felt this way and not just a small "segment" of the squad who felt put-upon or mistreated. In addition, it probably should be done towards the end of camp before ALL the cuts are made but there aren't a lot left. Otherwise, if only a small group goes to see her, Kelli might talk herself into believing that not everyone on the squad feels that way, that this group is responsible for all the issues currently going on, they're lying about what's actually happening, etc. and "shoots" the messengers by cutting them, even if they're senior vets in order to "root out" any perceived issues. Kelli's getting scary protective of Victoria (and possibly paranoid about things) lately. Could it be that she's been hearing things about possibly getting replaced as the Director of the DCC?
  9. Hmmm . . . first Tara says something, now Jalyn and both are in the doghouse with Kelli when before, Kelli probably would have ignored such things if it even got to her. I would have added "unless it was causing major problems" and even then, it wouldn't have gotten to the level it has. In addition, it would likely have been filtered through several people who would have tried to solve the problem before it ever got to Kelli. Instead, because Victoria has a direct line to Kelli without having to go through all the others layers and levels the others do, all she has to do is whine and Kelli gives in. In the past, Kelli has not cared one whit about what the fans thought of who she chose to put on the squad. She chose who she chose and that was all. The fans had absolutely NO input on the final roster. The closest the fans ever got to that was the fan vote and it was gone after a few years. Even then, only ONE of the fan vote winners ever made the squad and that person would have made the squad regardless of winning the vote. The only difference between last year (and this year) and EVERY year before? Victoria. Well, Victoria and all the criticism about the nepotism/favoritism she was given. That must have felt like a personal attack to Kelli, not only of her, but of Victoria. There probably isn't a person on this board that hasn't felt personally attacked at some point or another, but most of us have dealt with it and moved on. Sounds like Kelli hasn't and is letting her personal feelings overrule common sense and leadership. See above. Also, Kelli will likely lose a LOT of girls this year because of this. I was actually surprised that more girls DIDN'T leave at the end of last year. Maybe they didn't expect to see Victoria again this year so were shocked/dismayed when she showed up. It's a thought and would be a plausible one if Victoria hadn't handed Kelli at least 5 reasons to cut her throughout the season and yet Kelli refused to take her up on any of them despite the fact that she would have dropped another candidate in a heartbeat for ANY of them, much less all of them, long before Victoria was cut. In fact, wasn't Victoria cut on what was allegedly the last night of Training Camp? That would indicate that both she and Kelli expected her to make the squad that year.
  10. I feel horrible for Shaina and hope that she has the support she needs to help her through this, both now and in the future. Even if she wasn't best friends with them, they were people she knew and it's always devastating to know that some of the people around you were killed, especially when they had JUST graduated from school. I also hope that she uses Training Camp as a way to help her work through some of the issues that may arise and, if not a distraction, at least a way to focus on something outside of herself so she doesn't drown in the the emotions (especially if she knew the girls well). If Kelli and TPTB use ANY sort of excuse as that Shaina seems "distracted", "less invested in Training Camp", "reserved" or anything else that could be attributed to this issue as a reason to cut her (or even saying outright that she should be cut to allow her time to heal and come back next year), then they should be slapped upside the head among other things. Dealing with the fact that at least three girls you knew were killed is by far more traumatic than constantly being reminded that someone was an immature brat who gained weight and lied her way through Training Camp last year.
  11. I wouldn't be surprised if Victoria was one of the girls who performed in all of the Show Group bookings (even at the expense of some girls who've been on Show Group longer or were better performers) and got ALL the best or most highly sought after appearances. After all, she's "had such a tough time of it over the past year". Too bad this site doesn't have a sarcasm font or that section in parenthesis would have been written in said font. If I'm remembering what was said correctly, Tara had made some comments about Victoria and those comments got back to TPTB who then cut her because of the comments. Supposedly, the comments were likely less than flattering (and probably said out of stress, being upset, frustrated or something similar) though the reason for her cut was being distracted/not performing as a vet/weight/etc. I don't know of any specific page, but someone with a better memory might be able to explain it more clearly than I.
  12. I can see that there would be a confidentiality clause in the contracts that the girls, any employee of the DCC and the contracts that the CMT crew would sign and that clause could be stretched to some degree, but, given the "tentacles" of the DCC organization in the Dallas/Fort Worth area, to make every single one of the people who MIGHT possibly have inside information about Training Camp sign a confidentiality agreement AND not talk about Victoria or anything in Training Camp not only would be a logistical nightmare, but it might not even be legal. So it's likely not going to happen. As for the people who pass along inside information being more toxic to the organization than everything Victoria, Kelli, Kitty and the rest did last year (and this year from the sounds of things) is frankly laughable. People don't need to say a word about what's going on when everything is on camera (even if it's edited to a degree). The footage is there. It was even edited to be favorable to the organization to some degree. If what we saw was as bad as it was, I wonder what was left on the cutting room floor. Now THAT would be interesting. I'm done with Victoria, Kelli, Kitty and the rest of the organization until something happens and entirely new blood is brought in with new ideas and little to no connection to the people currently running it but with the same respect for history and tradition. If that happens, I'd be interested to see what goes on.
  13. That's essentially a given this year, from what I understand. It's possible they just want to deal with everything at once instead of outrage spread out over a month or more (like last year). Don't they know that waiting until the end to make the announcement that it's Victoria and the DCC will just piss everyone for the entire year (well, more than the standard issue outrage)? I'm just waiting to hear that, when they set the triangle, that they put Victoria at point instead of everyone else. Oh crap. Did I just give them an idea? From what we've seen and heard (and if it's what I'm thinking), she deserves it. Probably not. I would be surprised because they usually set everything for the calendars and the swimsuit issue and then wait until after Finals so they can see if they need to pull anyone's photograph. Keeps the embarrassment factor down that they put someone in the magazine or the calendars that was cut. I kind of wanted to see how Gabby would look in the final shots submitted for the magazine. If what we've seen is indication, she would have rocked it.
  14. Well, it seems we still haven't heard who made show group. At least we knew when auditions were, but the results were usually announced either day of or the day after. This is another item that there's radio silence on, just like about everything else in Training Camp.
  15. Thank you SO much for these pictures. All of them (but Christina so far) are phenomenal. I like Maddie's pictures and I didn't think I would because she doesn't seem that photogenic to me. Maybe it's because she normally looks SO young. I don't like Christina's (and yes, I have liked some of her pictures) because her pose looks not only like it's from athletic sportswear shoot, but too catalog. I can hear J. Alexander in my head critiquing her posing. I think he called it the pose that all the black girls do. Think the Jamaica swimwear shoot in regards to Eva and Joslyn's swimwear shoot in Cycle 11. Yes, I do remember those cycles because I've watched them so much.