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  1. EricaShadows

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    Well, she lasted longer than I expected, but she seems upset there. And MUCH older than what, early to mid-thirties?
  2. I leave for the day and come back to 9 and a half pages to read through. At least the roster has finally been announced, though I'm REALLY wondering why they took 37 this year. I'm not even going to go into the whole Victoria-on-Show-Group stuff. The Gina-Quit post had my heart stopping for a moment before I thought "Nah. That isn't going to happen."
  3. Personally, it's because of her behavior and entitlement last year (which has been somewhat toned down this year so far, at least on what was shown) among other things. She couldn't control the nepotism and favoritism shown by Kelli, but Victoria's own immature behavior made her seem younger than she was. In addition, her dancing is out of control (to me), she gained 11 pounds last year, lied about certain things and did so straight to Kelli's face, and other things. I will give her that she's so far seemed to keep her weight in check this year, but I don't see that her dancing, especially her turns, have improved. I could say SO much more, but won't. At least not right now. Wasn't there the thought last year that Kelli was petitioning Charlotte to make the team 40 girls so she WOULDN'T have to cut people she wants on the squad? Unless every other rookie candidate is far better than Victoria and Kelli can't stomach the thought of cutting her again, then I don't see the problem of who the last cut should be. We already know that Kelli ranks the girls as to who's the top 36 and who isn't so unless one of those girls is SO close and Kelli's just giving her time to see if she can get there. . . .Still, if that's the case, the girl has had all summer to get there and just can't seem to make it, then just cut her and move on to the squad so the girl can rest, recover, and actually have a bit of a break before she decides what to do next.
  4. EricaShadows

    Past Seasons

    From what is shown on social media, I don't think they'll ever be back. I don't remember when Taylor was cut, but Courtney was the last one cut that year and one girl that Kelli really wanted to come back and re-audition. I could see why they never came back thought. Taylor probably realized that her kicks were as good as they were going to get so didn't see why she should go through that again just to be told her kicks weren't that great. Courtney probably didn't want to deal with it (and Kitty) again. I remember one part where Kitty was after her for not being flexible enough and not having enough core strength (at least I'm pretty sure).
  5. Why? She picked this group of girls (with Charlotte's approval) and the fact that a majority of them are considered weaker than previous years when there were so many stronger girls left out is pretty much Kelli's fault. Good. And it's mostly Kelli's fault, though Charlotte approved the choices. I'd say it's more Kelli's and Charlotte's fault that this particular group of candidates was chosen. There were a LOT of good choices there but they went with who they went with. Sad that they could have had a stronger group of performers who were actually attractive but ended up with what they did. Kelli DIDN'T do her job this year, either in picking the triangle or picking the squad. I have a feeling the season is going to be lukewarm at best. I can't wait to see what auditions bring next year. See my answers above. I could also throw out that Kelli went with the weaker, less attractive dancers in order to make Victoria look better (which I think has already been put out there, but not just by me), in which case, it will be interesting to see what auditions look like next year.
  6. I think I read that. Another one posted a list of Lexie, Kat and Victoria for point. Not sure if that's the post you're referencing, but there's no way they'd put a rookie as point (well, maybe Victoria - snark-meter on high and sarcasm font engaged) if they wouldn't do it for Holly P.
  7. Um. . . . LOVE! This is one amazingly talented dancer.
  8. 100% agree. Admittedly (and I'm somewhat ashamed to say), if it's true Christina has been cut, her being cut on the last night or next to last night has been somewhat of a dream/fantasy cut for me since she made the squad. I know, that's harsh (and I'm definitely NOT a Christina fan). I'd been hoping that if Christina ever got cut, and it didn't happen at Finals, that she'd get cut on the last night and have to walk out knowing that they were either going to announce the team as soon as she left the building or while she was leaving and she wasn't there. I know it's harsh. I know it's not nice of me. I just wish that, if Christina ever got cut, she takes Victoria with her.
  9. Ugh! Yard work and baking took me away from the boards for a while. However, I was reading the boards and literally thought along similar lines, that maybe the reason this rookie class was weaker despite all the strong dancers we know show up was to make Victoria look better than she really is. Is my strong dislike for Victoria, Kelli and their antics showing again?
  10. If Kelli's favoritism and nepotism towards Victoria wasn't bad enough (especially when contrasted with her behavior towards Dayton last year and other legacies, as well as many of the other girls this year, that are in direct competition with Victoria), the news that Shaina was cut after being essentially told "Even though 4 or 5 of your friends just died, we're not going to allow you to go to their funerals. Who needs friend (especially if they're not DCC) when you've got Training Camp?"
  11. When I first read that post, I thought "Wait a minute! I haven't heard anything and I KNOW the board would have posted that BEFORE anyone here would have heard it!" Mainly because I think this board is where the Facebook page gets most of their news. I didn't read it that way initially because it was a separate post instead of a reply to the post about Kristin and Lilly. I thought that someone was saying that the team was announced and I was surprised because I was thinking that I would have heard something here before I saw anything on the Facebook page. As for the number in the kick-line and the kick-line vs the sideline debate, I also counted 37, but, in many cases, I couldn't tell the difference between the pink and the blue at that distance. I would suspect that anyone on the sideline would be CMT or DCC staff and film crew and not any of the girls unless they're injured. I would like to think that we would have heard if there were any injuries, but that's not always the case. If they HAVE cut 2 more girls, I think we'll hear that the team has been announced within the next few days because there would only be 1 more cut to go and that could be either tonight or tomorrow. I wouldn't be surprised to hear that Charlotte got after Kelli last year for making 2 cuts (Tara and Victoria) on what was supposed to be the last "officially scheduled" day of Training Camp (the day when the squad is usually announced) and camp had to be dragged out until that next Monday when the last 2 cuts (Malena and Lilly) were cut. I hate the cuts on the last night of Training Camp. To know that you were literally only hours (maybe even a few MINUTES) away from making the squad has got to be heartbreaking. No wonder Kendall didn't come back for a third year. IIRC, both times she was cut, it was either on the last night or shortly before. Amy Simone was cut on the last night (but she had no chance of making it dance-wise with her memory mistakes) and I know there were others that were cut shortly before the team was announced. Why do that to the girls? I could see doing that to only TWO girls and people know who they are, but then those two should never have made Training Camp in the first place.
  12. I liked the "Look to your left, look to your right" squad announcement. Wasn't that season 2? Too bad I can't watch it anymore, even if it was on CMT, because I don't have cable anymore and, even if I did, my provider isn't/wasn't on the list. Thanks a lot! However, Comcast is known for being greedy and probably want money for things like that. I didn't like this one either because I think the girls knew they were the squad because they were all dressed up in the uniform and were heading in to take the picture despite all the "We haven't heard yet" and "If tonight were my last night" sound bites. That was was the season Kelli said "The most important thing for you all (possibly y'all to my ears) to know when we're taking this picture is that all 34 of your faces will be in the 2010 squad photo". That was one year they had fewer than 36 girls.
  13. The only legacies who are held to a higher standard are the ones whose names aren't Victoria Kalina. If she was held to as high a standard as Dayton and Madeline S., then Victoria wouldn't have made Finals OR Training Camp last year nor would she have gotten as far as she did in Training Camp. In fact, it could be said that Kelli LOWERED the standards just to get Victoria onto the squad, but then again, Kelli got offended when she thought "the fans" were telling her who to put on the squad and who should get cut. Methinks she probably got some sort of communique (either letter or email) from someone giving her an earful about all of Victoria's shortcomings and why she shouldn't be on the squad and Kelli didn't want to read/hear it.
  14. There are several girls in Training Camp where their years of dancing show clearly, but Victoria isn't one of them. When she fell in the preliminary round, it was clear that she was off-balance and off-center even before she stepped on the poms. If anyone else had fallen out of a turn like that or that badly, I seriously doubt they would have made it to Semis. She also fell out of turns twice in Finals last year and other non-DCC videos within the past year or so clearly show her falling out of turns or not completing moves. She was also shown to have traveled when she wasn't supposed to. Last year, we saw her nearly get kicked in the head by another girl and, though it was Victoria's fault for moving and not being aware of the girls around her, we saw Kelli blame it on the other girl. There was also a few clips of her being out of line in several Training Camp practices by several feet and that was in addition to her being called out by at least one or two people for being sloppy and too big or over-exaggerating her moves. I've yet to see a girl with solid training (and solid talent) get ANY of those critiques, much less fall out of their turns.
  15. I called Apple out on not having it up when Amazon did within 24-48 hours and Apple blamed it on not getting it from the network and told me that I would have to contact CMT if the show remained unavailable. I seem to remember that someone posted that it was in the contracts that Apple had with the production companies/television stations that they had to provide the content to Apple within a certain period of time. If that's the case, it would likely be contractually enforceable for Apple to do something about it and not try to pawn it off on the viewers to complain to CMT about not providing the episode. Besides, why would CMT provide the episode to Amazon and NOT Apple within 24-28 hours and wait until 5 days later to send it to Apple? Sorry, back to the episode discussion.