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  1. Glad they released the covers of ALL the calendars so we can see who's where and what they look like. At least for the most part. Wouldn't be surprised. What I AM surprised about is that Victoria didn't get any of the covers. Given how Kelli and, to a degree, Charlotte and Kitty have been fawning over Victoria the past two years and giving her every opportunity to be front and center, I was expecting that Victoria would get at least ONE calendar cover and at least one picture in every calendar but the swimsuit. Even the picture they show in the sidelines calendar is not very flattering. It's rather sad, in a way, that, pretty as Victoria is, she cannot take a good action shot.
  2. I think she didn't make it much past uniform fittings so maybe halfway through? The excuse(s) Kelli used to cut her were ridiculous. I get that Dayton may have had issues with memory and/or dance but those were likely brought on by being under heightened scrutiny by Kelli and knowing that ANY little mistake would get her cut. Granted, that applies to practically any girl in Training Camp, but it was worse for Dayton because this was Victoria's first time through Training Camp as well and Kelli was using any reason she could to keep Victoria there while trying to shove Dayton out the door.
  3. I used to work at one of the local malls a VERY long time ago. A guy who sagged his pants was caught by mall security for doing something stupid (shoplifting, I think) and was taken to the food court to wait for police. He was handcuffed behind his back but managed to get them in front of him and bolted. Security chased him and caught him in a parking lot at the other end of the mall because his sagging pants fell down and tripped him up. I don't remember what happened to him, but suspect that another charge was added to whatever stupid thing he got caught doing.
  4. The majority of the posts I saw were for Gina, Maddie and a few others thrown in. Unless all the girls who have been there for 3 years or more up and quit, I seriously doubt they would put Victoria in as point. However, we've seen Kelli be stupid enough about other things that I could see her doing something as stupid as putting Victoria at point over Maddie, even if Victoria's barely been on the squad a year. I completely second that "no" and raise it to a "Hell to the No". The only person who would be worse at point then Victoria (and that's saying something) is Meredith. The ONLY thing she has going for her at the moment is that she's photogenic. The fact that someone mentioned Meredith in the same sentence as point scares me.
  5. People know I don't like Christina, but even I wouldn't say something like this to her. It's just too rude and mean even for me. If I was face-to-face with her and/or she asked me, I would certainly tell her how I feel about her, but I would make sure it was private and that she REALLY wanted my opinion. Since she hasn't reached out and asked me, I'm not going to let tell her outright. Besides, she probably already knows how a lot of people feel about her being on the team and that not everyone is pleased that she was on the squad for three years.
  6. I seem to remember that Kelli said that, even if your profile is private, if your picture gets posted to an account that ISN'T private, they can click on the picture and it could take them to your profile and they can look around. I could be wrong about that.
  7. I suspect it's partly due to Victoria and partly due to Tina. I wouldn't be surprised that Tina wasn't happy about being left out of the Mother's Day spread. The father just seems to stand back and let those two shove their way to the front in a lot of things.
  8. Are these the covers of all the calendars but the desk version? If so, I am SO happy that Victoria did NOT make the cover of at least the sideline calendar (though there's still the chance for the desk version).
  9. I completely agree with both you and the girls. She should never have made the team in the first place and should never have stayed as long as she did. How either of those happened, I'll never know.
  10. So. It's official that she's retiring. Good. She spent longer trying out for the team then she actually did ON the team. I'm glad she's leaving as she never should have been on the squad in the first place (and should have been cut for her solos, among other things, her second and third year on the squad), but it seems actually being ON the squad was good for her. I won't go into detail AGAIN as people here already know my opinion about her.
  11. Have we heard for sure if Madeline Salter didn't make it? If she didn't, that's craptastic for her and we probably have a very good idea of WHY she didn't make it back, but that will NOT be the reason given if any is given at all. I'm also wondering about if Julia made it back.
  12. And not just have it happen once, but twice. If I remember correctly, she was cut the last night or close to the last night both times she was in camp. I get the first time, but the second time? No, that was NOT cool. Either cut her earlier in camp or put her on the squad the second time. If you bring her in the second time, you should know early enough in Camp to know if she's improved or not. You should also know if she's going to get stronger throughout camp. I totally get why Kyndall didn't come back again. I wouldn't have either.
  13. Just like Kelli (and Tina) to not want to hear ANYTHING negative about Victoria. However, while I think this was just the moment that Judy realized her opinion did NOT matter in any way, Kelli shutting her down has happened too often in previous seasons. Kelli just never outright said anything about it until the Victoria incident.
  14. I really hope not. Victoria would need a LOT more education and experience then she already has or seems to be currently willing to achieve.
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