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  1. Irregardless of the lying part, they've cut many great candidates who gained weight or didn't lose it fast enough so no wishful/vindictive thinking here. Many of them were 18 or 19, probably embarrassed about their weight and Kelli didn't care about it. One girl even lied to them about going to Jay and they cut her minutes after telling her something along the lines of "Then why does he say you've never contacted him?" As for the rest, we'll have to agree to disagree that the majority, if not all, of the things she did were NOT stupid, non-consequential things (except for her). Any one of the things she did, taken individually last year, would have gotten pretty much any other girl cut. And even for the Kelli favorites, they may skate by with one issue, but more than that would likely have gotten them cut, especially if the timing doesn't work in their favor. As someone else pointed out (and that I've quoted below), most people were reacting to the list Judy had with Jalyn's name crossed out and Victoria's (or an abbreviation of it) written beside it. That seems a pretty good indicator that Victoria was given Jalyn's spot, especially if Victoria was not on the initial list to make Show Group. Kelli plays favorites and doesn't seem to care who knows it, then gets cranky and defensive when it's pointed out to her. I've already mentioned the Jalyn/Victoria thing above. I will agree that Victoria didn't need to decline a spot, but the list shows that they likely had already a good idea of who they wanted on Show Group and the "auditions" was to get one last look at the girls and get an outside set of eyes on them to see if they missed anyone. I also think it was kind of hinky to have so much focus on Jalyn's cut from Show Group when, if there were other girls cut from Show Group in the past, it was never shown. Plus Kelli's behavior surrounding Jalyn's removing herself from the situation for who knows how long to gather herself says something was up.
  2. Actually it WAS confirmed (to a degree) on the show by Kelli herself, at least the lying part was if not what it was about (the medical condition vs. the nutrition). In her talking head before that meeting, she said "something happened prior to rehearsal between Jinelle and Victoria. Jinelle volunteered her time to help Victoria with nutrition and I'm not accusing anybody of dishonesty but there is something not adding up and I want to explore that." Jinelle doesn't strike me as someone who would have lied to Kelli about anything, ever, during her time on the squad. We didn't know anything about Victoria at the time but what was on the show. That statement by Kelli herself says that someone lied about something and the way it was stated seemed to me that Kelli knew it wasn't Jinelle but didn't want to admit that Victoria had lied. Then Victoria seemed to lie to Kelli's face in that same scene.
  3. There's been evidence over the years that Kelli has made sure her favorites got on the team, no matter how bad they are (except in rare cases when they're HORRIBLE, then they usually make it the next time they audition). However, her favorites are often one-year girls and get cut when they re-audition the next year (Morgan, Breelan, gymnast Kat, etc.). I don't know if it's because the girls are oblivious to how bad they are despite the multiple office visits (in most cases), if they know but think that they proved themselves over the previous year so think they have a shot or if it's something else entirely. I suspect there will be QUITE a few girls this year who will not make it to their second year for one reason or another. If that is the case, who would your choices for one-and-done girls be?
  4. Didn't another guy audition quite a few years ago (it was season 5 or before IIRC)? I definitely remember hearing about it, but there was no photographic evidence unlike the gentleman pictured above (he was seen in the crowd several times, especially in the wide shots, but nothing in the small groups).
  5. I agree with SOME of your post, but certainly not all. Both may have been competition dancers, but only Melissa won anything at those competitions. I don't recall that Victoria ever has. From what I recall, Melissa also performed at a lot of those competitions and won. Victoria? Not so much. If she went for the experience and to actually LEARN something about dance AND herself from them, it seems to have been a waste of time and money. The only thing she seems to have gotten out of it was contact with Travis Wall. Melissa EARNED her spot on Show Group as a rookie. Victoria. Questionable placement at best as some (myself included) would say that Kelli was determined that she would be included no matter what happened unless Victoria sabotaged herself again (and Kelli wouldn't let that happen). Granted, Victoria is younger, but seems to barely have improved in maturity. It's just less visible than last year. Melissa had several years to grow up and wasn't nearly as sheltered and protected as Victoria. As for the rest, I doubt Victoria will be highly regarded as a DCC or anywhere close to it, especially if she keeps up the antics. DCC seems to be her end-all be-all with no hopes or dreams for anything afterward that she's expressed, not even marriage and motherhood. I don't remember anything about Melissa's placement or DCC "awards", but I don't think she was ever a 1st GL or Pro-Bowl. However, she did have an education to fall back on and seemed to have an idea of where she was headed and what she was going to do after DCC. Frankly, I hope Victoria has more to aspire to and that she finds a life away from home and family so she can have some sort of experience and doesn't feel trapped by life and circumstances because she didn't know enough to know better, that she didn't have the experiences to make her own choices and make them confidently. If she makes it 5 years, she'll HAVE to improve, at least in dancing because she has no where to go but up. There's too many good dancers that will show her up otherwise (if they stick around) and she's locked into formations that require her to stay in her own space and that has been a struggle for her both years in Training Camp so far/ In addition, she has to actually learn how to blend while standing out and that may be hard for her. I haven't seen any video to know how she's accomplishing that. A popular, highly-regarded DCC? Now THAT is unlikely to happen among a lot of people especially if the show continues after this season. I don't foresee her being the darling of anything going forward and the rumors continue to be proven true (or mostly so). She's likely going to be another Cassie, earning everything she has because of who she knows and not because she actually did anything to get it honestly.
  6. Yes, she does. Also FAR too many pictures of Rachel W. When they only show 8 pictures and at least 3 of the individual pictures are of Rachel W. . .
  7. I would say that we have plenty of good, solid evidence that Kelli's so-called "perceived" favoritism is ACTUAL favoritism. There's been hints of it over the years, but last year (and several times this year) just flat out showed us that, if she likes a girl, she'll do everything she can to put that girl on the squad no matter what, even if the girl has memory problems, has trouble dancing, whatever. It was too obvious with Victoria and Malena last year and is too obvious with Victoria, Kat and Meredith this year. Definitely how she spoke to and dealt with Dayton last year (mainly because Dayton was far better than Victoria in too many aspects and, thus, seen as a threat to Victoria actually making the squad as well as showing her up). I would also say that, in addition to how Kelli has treated Jalyn this year (and probably still is), I would add Madeline S. this year and Brennan to a lesser degree last year. Both Brennan and Madeline S. had their desire to be a DCC questioned and were asked if they're doing this for the right reason. Madeline S. was even asked if she was going to go on to other things and essentially use DCC as a stepping stone. Inappropriate as all get out.
  8. Not just you. I'm US-based and I'm STILL waiting on iTunes to get their act together in putting the episode up.
  9. Methinks it's partly due to how similar Madeline and Victoria look and dance. Both are tall, leggy, blondes who are decent to strong dancers. Victoria has the power but can't stay in her space and has trouble with turns (not all the time but enough) while Madeline has everything but the power. In fact, there was one picture of Madeline where people thought it was Victoria. I've never been a fan of Christina, but the hours are brutal when working both a full-time job and DCC. She's probably exhausted. It was probably easier for her when she was a fitness instructor. She could sleep in after a late night. Now, not so much. She should really retire after this year though. She bores me and annoys me; always has and always has. I'm still thinking that Kelli's comment was intended for Dayton if it was derogatory and a compliment if intended for Victoria. Kelli was indeed a great director for so many years, at least on the surface, but the surface started cracking visibly three years ago with the Jenna/Holly/Erica drama, then those cracks have widened for the past two years to the point where I don't think Kelli will ever be able to return to where she was in those early seasons. At least, in the earlier years, she managed to hide the favoritism/nepotism VERY well and the rumors remained just that and people ignored them because there was nothing to back it up. Now, while she does have beauty, the brains and professionalism leave the room whenever Victoria enters it. She has lost a LOT of the sympathy, compassion and open-mindedness over the years and is only that way with her select few. She has a few select favors on the squad, the majority fly under the radar, and she detests a select few and those select had better find a way to get back into her good graces or they'll be urged to retire at the end of the year or risk being cut at Finals. See above for my opinion (some would say conspiracy theory) about Madeline. Not surprised about Christina. She seems the type for it, especially after hearing about her attitude problems in public when not on official DCC business. Oh, Kelli knew EXACTLY who Madeline's mom was and I wouldn't be surprised if Madeline was brought into Training Camp so Kelli could get back at her mom through her.
  10. Yes, I read these books (both series) and loved them growing up. Some may find them simplistic or boring, but I found them fun and entertaining and sometimes I'll still read them as an adult. We heard rumblings about this last year, but this is the first year that has pretty solid circumstantial evidence that this is in any way true. Jalyn's feeling the effects and I wonder if Madeline S. was another of Victoria's Victims. We'll get some BS for Madeline being cut, but nothing that SHOULD have gotten her cut seeing that Meredith and Kat are still there (though Madeline is one of Kelli's pets and will get at least a year on the squad). The tension's got to be through the roof and people are probably watching what they say pretty closely and who they say it to, just in case Kelli hears about it. As others have pointed out, the rookies are only alternates until Training Camp is over and they make the official squad. Once that happens, they're full members of the group. In fact, it's been speculated that, if a rookie makes Show Group, they've unofficially made the squad and won't get cut unless they REALLY screw up. Well, we DON'T know what happened at Show Group auditions. However, if there was a concrete reason that Jalyn was cut, like she was out-danced or others had better auditions, that could (and should) have been pointed out to Jalyn as a reason WHY she was cut. Since she WASN'T given any performance/dance reasons (heck ANY reason whatsoever) as to why she was cut from Show Group, wouldn't a rational place to look be OFF the dance floor and OUTSIDE of the studio? I was halfway rooting for Savannah, but knew she had no chance of making Show Group. We didn't need to see ANY dancing to know that Savannah got out-performed by nearly every girl there except Christina, Meredith, Kat and Kristen. I may even add Lily in there. Yes, Savannah has improved, but not nearly enough to be on Show Group. Oh, I could say a LOT about that squad photo, but the best thing about it is that Victoria is shoved WAY in the back and isn't in the first two rows. Better yet, she isn't in the front THREE rows or on the end of ANY row or really in any place of prominence. She's actually buried and one would actually have to BE looking for her to find her, which is a good thing. The only thing that Victoria's impressed me with is. . . . crap. She hasn't impressed me at all except that she still seems to be the entitled brat we saw last year, but at least it's not so in our face this year. I don't mind that Christina is stuck so far back because she's blending again, just like she is with her dancing. Like others have said, she's an average dancer at best that tends to blend (and that's WITH a group), but is HORRIBLE at solo performing. Not surprised that people are holding their tongues around Victoria. See above for a longer explanation. Also see above as to my opinion about Christina. I've already said that I thought she should have been cut in Brennan's place just before Kelli and the team left for Canton and never brought into Training Camp again. Hmmm. . . I still have to wonder why she's on the squad when she's an average dancer that blends at best, is rumored (and in some cases shown) to be a horrible solo performer and is also rumored to have a bad attitude when not in DCC-land. I'm glad that Christina and Victoria are buried. I don't seem to notice on the field so why should I notice them in the picture. Now, Jalyn, on the other hand, should have had a better spot since she's one of their more solid, dependable girls, both on and off the field (no, I haven't heard anything). Like her cut from Show Group, there is no reason for her to be back that far, except at Kelli's direction.
  11. If she had been gone for any significant amount of time when she excused herself, THAT would have been brought up in the office (and possibly reason for her to be cut). I suspect that Jalyn was gone for no more than 15 minutes, if that. She might not have been entirely ready to return, but knew that, if she didn't get back out on the floor, there would be bigger, and worse, repercussions than just losing Show Group.
  12. Sorry I'm late to the party, but what we've been seeing of Victoria has been mainly to make it SEEM like she's improved without really showing anything of the sort. She's still falling out of her turns (though I did see some in the Show Group auditions that she actually managed to stay upright in), she still not maintaining accurate spacing and she's still not showing that she has the good, solid technique of dancers who actually WORK to improve, the ones who not only take all corrections or critiques they're given and actually apply them, but take the corrections given to everyone else and see how that could apply to them as well. She's average at best, a sloppy average who was bested by enough girls in the room that she shouldn't have made Show Group at all, much less the team. There were enough beautiful girls with solid technique and all the pop and performance they could want at auditions that Judy and Kelli could have taken far more girls into Training Camp and gotten an amazing team out of it. There is absolutely NO way that any of the rookies (and probably half the veterans) on Show Group out-danced Jalyn in any way. Even if the list in Judy's hand was by how the girls scored at auditions, there was at LEAST one girl below Jalyn so if they had to cut one person to put Victoria on Show Group (when she evidently didn't make top 18 on her own merits), they should have cut that 18th girl, not Jalyn. From what we've heard and seen (and weren't shown at all in the episode), they had absolutely NO reason to cut Jalyn from Show Group, except for what looked to be Kelli's petty vindictiveness. It seemed personal to Kelli. She was avidly watching Jalyn for a PUBLIC reaction to what most would take as a hurtful, humiliating cut (even if not intended to be that way, which seemed to be the opposite of what Kelli intended). The fact that she called Jalyn possibly toxic and unprofessional were completely off-base. It seems that Kelli was trying to set the stage to cut Jalyn that night, not just from Show Group, but from the team altogether based on what she hoped Jalyn's reaction to being cut was. She had everything ready to go to cut her and Jalyn didn't give her the reasons she needed, which made it very unsatisfying (and unsuccessful) for Kelli. Frankly, I think Victoria is at best average. She's nowhere NEAR being the best among the rookies (Kelcey, Amanda and Chandi are the top three I think) with Shaina and Madeline S rounding out the top 5 in my opinion. The rest are about the same with Kat and Meredith being closer to, if not at the bottom, of this rookie class. If I didn't know any better, I would have said that Kelli deliberately chose weaker girls to make Victoria look better.
  13. I think Kyndall, Taryn, and Truck Taylor are the two girls who really should have been brought onto the squad. If the girls are good enough on their own (without being dragged to the end by Kelly despite their faults, i.e. memory mistakes, weight, etc.), then they should have been brought onto the squad for at least 1 year. These girls had everything it takes to make the squad yet Kelli decided to tell them "Thanks, but no thanks" and drop them last second. In fact, I think Brennan and Taryn should have been brought onto the squad that year and Christina should have been cut right before Canton instead of Brennan.
  14. The episode I mentioned about his niece and family was one that premiered last night. The only reason I got a chance to watch it was because I borrowed someone's cable (with their knowledge and permission). I don't get to watch cable often as I stream television here. We have only one local cable provider that ISN'T satellite-dish based and that company (Comcast, or Comcrap as I've heard it called) like to charge ridiculous prices for things and change said prices without notice if they feel they aren't getting enough money.
  15. As much as she says it was about how the judges voted, we've also seen Kelli (and to a degree Judy and Charlotte) override or ignore that voting if it doesn't go the way she wants it to. Given how petty Kelli can be, and who was shown to be on Judy's (?) list, I wouldn't be surprised that Victoria wasn't originally going to be on Show Group, but that her confrontation with Jalyn just gave them the person to cut to give Victoria her spot. Shelly either can't or won't say anything different because it could bring her legal, ethical and moral problems she doesn't, and shouldn't, have to deal with because she keeps her lips sealed on what happens/happened. Also, if she told what REALLY occurred, especially if it meant exposing the fact that Kelli lied, ignored the votes/opinions of the other judges or any number of things that aren't exactly moral or ethical even if they are technically legal, she could be terminated from her position because the organization could say, among other things, that she is using her platform as a recognized member of the organization to state her personal opinion and that she is biased against it because of how her daughter was treated. While we want someone officially recognized to spill the tea about what has REALLY happened, it would be inappropriate for Shelly to say more because of the ramifications, legal and otherwise, no matter HOW much I want to know what really happened. But, suffice to say, there are enough hints and clues shown during the course of the past three seasons that, should some bored person in the legal field gets curious enough to do some digging, they could possibly find enough provable actions (that can't be dismissed as some girl got her feelings hurt by being cut or dismissed) to cause some trouble for the organization, but also for Kelli personally, especially if she can't hide behind the organization. That is, if they chose to do so and actually had some free time, of which there is little in many cases.
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