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  1. I was thinking the same thing about her dress! I was also thinking "Who's the designer?" and "Where can I get it in MY size?" Granted, it won't look the same on me as it does on her, but . . .
  2. There are ways to lead and to be strict without being a "taskmaster" or "martinet". Many such people are also able to be clear and concise with both critique and praise. They set clear expectations and are able to hold people to those expectations as well as explain what the consequences are for failure as well for success. They are often approachable, but can be stern when needed and aren't afraid to do what's needed WHEN it's needed. They often go to the mat for their people when it's warranted and can play the politician/diplomat when they need to get what they need.
  3. Sadly, they are VERY subtle changes and anyone who doesn't know the routine or doesn't know it very well would likely never notice that any changes have been made.
  4. Either Judy is lazy when it comes to new choreography or it's TRADITION which means it can't (read WON'T) be changed without a major intervention, a changing of the guard (Judy, Kelli and Charlotte leaving) or both. I would be REALLY surprised if anything really changed with the choreography. I think I remember hearing something about doing a completely new entrance with new music and they were told absolutely not because Thunderstruck was IT, not to be touched or changed. However, even if Thunderstruck never changed, I would love to see all the other choreography change. If you're sti
  5. She is, but I was talking about when she originally auditioned. If she'd come back the year AFTER she originally auditioned with the skills, she might have made it. However, I wouldn't be surprised if Kelli tried to get her to come back the next year. Kelli often does what she can to get her "favorites" either on the squad or to come back the next year so she can try again.
  6. I liked her too, but she was one that was dragged along further then necessary because Kelli liked her look. Sadly, the girl didn't have the necessary dance skills (or the power) at the time and probably couldn't have gotten them in time for the season. If she'd come back the next year WITH the skills, and if Kelli still liked her look, then she was practically a guaranteed lock for the squad.
  7. Oh, I believe you. Unfortunately, Victoria's was the only one I could think of that matched what the original poster was asking about, girls that have made obvious mistakes. I knew there were others, I just couldn't remember them or when they occurred. My memory isn't always the greatest at times.
  8. Victoria came up at least a count, maybe two, early when they were in the triangle (I think around the time the lyrics say "You've been . . . thunderstruck."). I can't seem to find the video anymore and the Twitter feed doesn't go back that far unless I'm doing something wrong. It was the 2019 Thanksgiving Day pre-game when she was bumped up to that spot in the triangle.
  9. From what I can remember from the few German lessons I've had, "kleine" means the same thing it does in Dutch or very close to it. That reminds me, I should pick up my German lessons again. The language can be difficult for those not used to but it was fun when I was learning it the first time around.
  10. Well, Victoria was moved to Gina's spot in the Thanksgiving Day game during Thunderstruck when most everyone agreed that there were other girls who were better choices for it, especially after the video showing that she made a VERY visible mistake that should NOT have happened (especially when 35/36 other girls that year, and SO many in previous years, did NOT make that same mistake so it wasn't one that would be considered a rookie mistake).
  11. I'm thinking the exact same thing. That is, if Kelli hasn't soured on Victoria over her rumored weight gain and inability/reluctance to do anything about said gain and stays that way. However, if the DCC is something that Victoria wants in the future, she'll do what she can to weasel her way back into Kelli's good graces. Whether or not Kelli lets her is another matter.
  12. I'm ecstatic that Ashlinn, Madeline S. and Tori made it this year and it's CONFIRMED.
  13. I'm also in the camp of Holly being the "big fish in a little pond" in her home town, then came to the DCC and her "size" was reduced some regarding the talent pool. She now had to compete with the others for attention and I don't think she liked it. She definitely wanted the spotlight and didn't seem to like sharing it. Fortunately, she learned to know when to blend in and when to stand out when it came to dancing. Unfortunately, she took her "addiction to attention" in a direction that was NOT appropriate and got herself cut.
  14. I'm wondering what happened to the current assistant director or if Kelli actually had one in the first place. I could easily see Kelli not having an assistant director, either due to ego or the belief that she can do it all by herself with no need for help. The things she can't do or doesn't have the time for gets passed on to others, like her admin assistant, Judy, etc. I don't think we ever knew who Kelli's assistant director was or if there is one. I remember hearing that Kelli was the assistant director at one time then, when the director retired, Kelli stepped up and has been
  15. YAY! If true, I am SO glad that Madeline made it and will get a decent year performing. I'm also glad that Tori and Ashlinn are there as well. Frankly, all the girls who made it deserve to be there so I can't wait to see what happens now.
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