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  1. Welcome back! Enjoy the snark and the fun. I can't wait for Finals and see who shows up and who gets cut. Sadly, Shaina didn't make it and Meredith did. Lily earned this year, but now she's expected to up her game and I don't know if she can do that. I feel that Meredith only made it because Kelli had a girl crush on her. If Kelli repeats history (and there's an in-person Finals round), we'll see Meredith get cut at Finals for getting out-danced by just about everyone else. If anyone should have gotten cut last minute, it should have been Meredith, but Kelli just wanted to keep her because Meredith was just so darn pretty. Too bad Meredith had so many memory mistakes and was out-danced by everyone. I really want Madeline S. to come back, totally slay Training Camp, and be so amazing that Kelli can't justify cutting her. I still feel that the main reason that Kelli cut Madeline was because she was a pretty blond legacy who could out-dance and out-perform a certain other pretty blond legacy and she couldn't have that so Kelli chose something minor to use as a reason to cut Madeline (because Kelli couldn't admit the "real" reason).
  2. Sadly, I wouldn't be surprised if it DID happen, mainly to feature Victoria. They'll probably also "change up the format to keep it fresh" and decide to feature the veterans more, only to show one particular veteran.
  3. I was going to sign up, got distracted and never went back. Realized around 7 my time (PST) that the class was last night and just shrugged my shoulders. Didn't have room in my small house anyways. Besides, wasn't interested in being "featured" as one of those who didn't stand a chance because of weight.
  4. I remember Cassie's initial audition. She knew she didn't do very well and Judy knew she didn't do very well, but she was moved on anyway. Both knew that anyone else doing that poorly would have been cut and not moved on to the next round.
  5. Oh, you're not the only one. I'm working from home right now and Texas is only 2 hours ahead of me. While there's no feasible way for me to attend prep classes in person (nor would I put myself through the scrutiny of showing up on social media accidentally because someone decided to post a video of me dancing), I'm seriously considering it.
  6. I'm pleased to see that the DCC are actually taking the health issues seriously and not like they're above it or that it's a personal attack on them (or at least that's how Kelli might see it, depending on her moods). It might also be a chance for them to slip in seeing splits on both sides (from the front and from the side for each set) to determine flexibility and to have them do maybe 30 seconds to a minute of high kicks to determine flexibility, stamina, and general fitness. That could eliminate a good chunk of the people auditioning right there. As for Finals, I want someone (hopefully several someones that don't include Victoria) to come in and blow Maddie's hip-hop game out of the water and do it in such style that anything Maddie does pales in comparison. I'm not hating on her hip-hop but it is so vanilla and bland that the true hip-hop, done well, is a-frickin-mazing compared to anything she puts out. Whoever choreographs for her (if she doesn't do it) should be ashamed of themselves.
  7. That looks REALLY good and seems to be hard. Color me more than a bit surprised that a video without Victoria, especially one without her front and center, was allowed to be released. I kept wondering if she was in it.
  8. I wouldn't be surprised if the number of people "needed" to put on auditions outnumbered people who actually show up to auditions. That is, if they actually HOLD auditions. If they don't hold auditions (which are usually the first episode or two), I wonder if they'll have a television show this year and how Kelli will take it if the show is cancelled due to the situation. Will she take it as an affront, a slap in the face, and a personal attack? Or will she realize everything is out of her control? If they do this, they likely won't be able to cut some vets. However, I wouldn't be surprised if that's the only way Meredith (and possibly Lily) actually stay on the squad. If they have to face others during auditions, they would likely get cut.
  9. Well, I wouldn't be surprised if auditions AREN'T suspended because the DCC are lucky to have gotten the 100-120 in the past and, given the situation, they'll be lucky to get 50 girls and that's if they're not counting the judges, CMT staff, and everyone else. If they count just the people needed to put auditions on, the staff will outnumber the people auditioning and likely by a good number.
  10. I wouldn't be surprised if at least one person here has (and probably more than one), but they might not have heard anything yet. If the Cowboys are anything like some of the larger organizations I've worked for, they'll take quite a while to evaluate the applications, let the people they want know they've made it to the next round and the rest will be ghosted, never to hear a word. Still, I'm curious if anyone does make it through interviews and actually gets the job and will actually admit it on here. That would be freaking amazing to have someone on the inside to tell us what is REALLY going on.
  11. Can’t wait to see this as she’s usually one of the best dancers they have. Her piece should be amazing. She’d better watch herself then. Not only will she be showing up a lot of the girls on the squad, she’ll be showing up a certain blond legacy and we all know that certain people can’t have that. Which is probably making that same blond legacy even more nervous. After all, she’s supposed to be the best lyrical performer on the team with leaps and turns to match. She’s also so light on her feet. (For clarity sake, heavy sarcasm and snark in use). Amber is going to make her look even weaker than she already is.
  12. I think Meredith is likely a one-and-done and won't survive Auditions. In the past, the majority of Kelli's girl-crushes (gymnast Kat, Breelan, Morgan, etc.) were cut once they showed they hadn't improved over the past year. Kelsey L. survived to year 2 because she improved and had been working hard. Kelsey L. is the only one of Kelli's girl-crushes that I can think of that made it to her second year, but are there others? I think Meredith will be gone, Kat will be cut due to being a MAJOR ambassador risk (and she'd better hope for a miracle between now and auditions) and I suspect Lily will be the third rookie cut. Kat seems to think that she'll be on the squad next year and I want to see her face if she gets cut. She just may be the one to spill the tea if she gets cut.
  13. Danny Tidwell (adopted brother of Travis Wall) passed away yesterday. At least one rumor I'd heard was that it was due to complications from a car crash, but other reports either contradict that or don't say anything about the cause of death. Travis was on Season 2 of "So You Think You Can Dance" and Danny was on Season 3. Each came in second on their respective seasons.
  14. If that was the original purpose of the videos, they not only lost their way, but went so far off course that they'll never be found again. I wish someone with a choreographer's knowledge and skills would come in for these videos after the girls have come up with the moves and polish up the routines. Something along the lines of "That transition makes things too choppy, if you did x/y/z, then it would flow better from this move to that move" or "Everyone has to be able to do all the moves cleanly. If you can't do the move, let me or [person] know and we'll substitute something else that everyone can do well." Etc. Give them critiques and the WHY of making things better, teach them about what works and what doesn't. Even if they never go on to choreograph again, they'll have learned something about the process from people who know.
  15. Started the video and was pleasantly surprised that it not only did NOT feature Victoria in any way, but didn't even have her in the video. The fact that it has girls that we've not only never (or rarely) seen in another video but another rookie? You mean there's other rookies on the team? I thought Victoria was the only rookie that made the team this year, the way she's featured all the time. Yes, there was some snark and sarcasm in those last two sentences. Other than the fact that there's no Victoria in this video at all (which really elevates it above a certain few others), the video was okay, but it doesn't reflect Kelli's dialogue that these girls are world class. Show us WHY they are world class. Show us that they are amazing dancers who do fun, funky choreography that challenges them and makes them work, but that shows off their technique and training. The majority of these videos are very similar to what we would see them perform on the field and doesn't showcase the talents of the girls in any meaningful way, at least to me. Have several girls with amazing kicks? Show them. Have several girls that turn like tops? Show them. Have girls that have amazing leaps? Show them.
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