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  1. Hahaha so true. I guess when Big Tina is your mom that brings the exception..
  2. Has Tess always been this thin? Or is it something new? Same thing with Daphne - has she always been this thin? Everyone looks young and fresh and pretty when they’re 14.
  3. Who is the feeble older lady that comes out with kitty for the 2nd half? Is it actually a former DCC or just someone’s grandma that wanted to get in on the action? They looked like they were about to break an ankle or a hip..
  4. Wow Kelli had an actual orgasm during VK’s solo. I wish Jemilah made it to camp! The clip of her singing, then her dance, was really impressive. Katy has those squinty smiley eyes that Bridget has, which makes them look like they are really enjoying themselves. If she tones up that gut I think she would be a really great addition to the team next year! I love Kristi Scales and appreciate that she isn’t afraid to argue with K & J & C in defense of a vet. We’ve seen multiple instances over the years of her sticking up for one vet or another. I bet she is a really loyal
  5. In that case.. If you’re reading this Kelli: cutting VK would be great drama. Side note, I’ve noticed that after Heather’s subtle work she’s had done on her face, there are some pics where she looks extremely similar to Brennan. Sometimes I need a double take to realize it’s H and not B. Has anyone else found that to be the case? Side note part 2, Heather and Gina were both robbed. Amy Maddie and Lexie, while I’m sure they have nice personalities, would be better suited for row 3 or 4.
  6. Kat looks like a skinny Beyoncé. And she’s well spoken. Like c’mon, how is that fair? 😂
  7. Chelsea and her giant bosom are maintaining a consistent pattern of posting lots of selfies, as well as other various pics featuring: herself.
  8. Hahahaha HER TICKLE POCKET!😂 I’m literally laughing so loud right now. “Here’s who I need to see in my tickle dungeon.” There is zero chance she will address that.
  9. Haha yea seriously.. although I have to admit, I unfollowed her after the 100th time she posted one of those. Enough is enough, we get it, you can eat junk food and stay skinny. 😑
  10. It’s funny how everyone has different tastes.. I think Lily is SO cute. Her and Kristen are my fave TCCs. Meredith talks like she is sedated, and the clips from SG auditions show she performs marginal at best. Byebye 👋 Charm is a fun addition! Loved the vibe between her & Melissa.. it was cute when Melissa was testing out her millennial lingo. Lastly, I think it’s so fabulous that the producers probably thought they were giving Amanda the best edit ever, and we all saw right through her. 😂
  11. Oh gosh please tell me the rumors about Amy being point are false. Her personality and her dancing just give off a repelling combo of annoying and arrogant. My votes for point, in order: Gina, Bridget, Caroline, Heather.
  12. Ok sorry but I need to speak up.. Rachel is NOT anti-LGBT!!! At all!!! She never has been. That is a very harsh accusation to slap on someone when there isn’t any truth to it. I understand people may not agree with her political leanings. But don’t start unfounded rumors because you think her stance on certain things must mean she feels a certain way about something else. They aren’t mutually exclusive.
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