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  1. i actually had a miscarriage at about 10 weeks along and had a d/c during christmas season because i didnt pass it. i named that baby. i did it for me because it was a real baby in my life. i grieved for a long while. i still think of that loss and remember the name i chose. i believe that i will meet that baby in heaven some day. JMHO
  2. i dont know but speaking for me, i have a sleep number that i can adjust the firmness _ mine is at about 60%. also, i have slept on a firm regular mattress with one of those egg crate style cushions and it was fabulous.
  3. good for you!! i am also on WW (loosely) and have shed 30 pounds in the last year. i have been stuck for a while. my exercise is limited but i am wearing a step counter again these days. my next-but-not-final goal is 15 pounds more by thanksgiving. doubt i will make it but i will still try. oh and btw, i dont really accurately measure my food. i eyeball my portions tho. on another note, got the moderna shot #3 this past monday. it was not a 'booster' -- it was the full dose. i asked what is the difference in the shot and the booster and was told no difference. ugh. it hurt. got a palm-
  4. so i am unclear about the vaccine booster/3rd shot conversation above. my doctor just told me wednesday to be sure to get it. i had moderna. i was told where to go and had considered doing it today to get it over with (and any fallout from it) before my next trip to see grandkids. are you in-the-know folks saying that there is no 3rd dose (booster, shot , whatever it is called) at this time for moderna? if that is the case, then i wont even go down to that location and check it out.
  5. facebook and instagram are worldwide shut down. dont know details.
  6. probably doesn't matter -- by the end if his 20 years per, all the kids would be adults.
  7. i used it for my rosacea for a while but my new dr changed me back to metro-cream. rosacea is not a parasite and ivermectin is for parasites i am told.
  8. 100% yes you can. i will pray right now. usually when people ask for prayer, i post immediately but not knowing the boundaries of written prayers here, i will talk to God here at my home. i am sorry your daughter is having to deal with real life so darn soon after her procedure. on a different note, i was able to start my shots of the new-to-me med dupixent. i was told to not expect results any time too fast. i am here to tell you that, 9 days later, my energy level is WAY increased, my breathing is already showing marked improvement and i went on a short 5-house-lengths walk outside
  9. i enjoy that show too. i also have the same feelings about the coast of texas as you. my son wanted us to move to port arthur. i said no way - hurricane danger is too much for me to handle. ...mind you i live on a huge fault currently and if it shakes, i would probably fall in. 🤪
  10. for some reason, i have long understood that the birth of M7 would be around my birthday late in august. i dont remember why i think that, i guess it was the time frame predicted in the early days and i used my birthday to associate the timing.
  11. I just don't think they're qualified to do more than set up tents and fly in supplies. They need to stay away from folks on stretchers. well, my first time doing a multi-response post. i completely agree they are probably not medically trained beyond maybe basic first aid. and i agree that the picture taking is inappropriate. i agree professional medics should be in charge and making those decisions. all i was trying to say is that they went willingly to give whatever aid they could, be it carrying stretchers, unloading and moving boxes of supplies to help a ravag
  12. so here is my take on the bates boys and their group; I am sitting here in a decent home with a/c and plenty of food and clothes to wear. i am in no position to stand in judgement of this group because they are out there actually doing SOMETHIING, no matter how misguided. i am not there volunteering, (although i pray). they are. so whatever comfort they can give, no matter how cheesy they may be, i am grateful they have that willingness in their heart and the ability to try. i am not blind to the showing off and self-promoting going on at the same time. but still - they went and i did not.
  13. on that topic, i have taken photos in church, but not during prayer. i am very unobtrusive about it. its just for the fb check-in feature.
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