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  1. i just ordered new glasses. hers are trendy right now. i tried on a similar pair but went with a different one.
  2. i would guess she was close to 5 months at the time of the announcement. that would put her due about end of august/early september. that's my guess.
  3. dang! i just bought 3 new t-shirts at walmart tonight. they each have a Bible verse on them.
  4. i am in the midst of a painting project at my kids' house here in texas. we are slightly sanding then chalk painting a dining room set to be sealed with polyurethane. also, we will recover the fabric seats. i am teaching her--- its too big a project for me to do alone. my arms wont last. i have a similar but yet different story with my family. if i really told you all, you would accuse me of faking it....but it would all be truth. so, i sympathize but dont share much. thats why i am suckered in so often. i know my life is real and off the charts sometimes so why would i suspect some
  5. late Good News Sunday: grandson went to church with us and felt really welcomed there. so many remembered him from his little days. later, we went to the movies for the first time in about 2 years. we saw marvels black widow with scar-jo. it was ok but it was just not my thing.
  6. frankly, i disagree with you all on the pregnancy center where jill and girls were at. i have been to such a place, trained to counsel women in that situation and would stand with the goal of saving life and avoiding abortions. good for them, even if their minds are twisted otherwise. they stood for what they believe in. i will not snark on something i am in favor of, which would be educating women fully on their choices, teaching the reality of what an abortion is and understanding that life begins at conception. ...steps down off her soapbox
  7. my good news: was able to visit with my niece and her family over brunch. she lives about 8 hours away from here so it was great to see her.
  8. hello all. checking in for a hot minute...emphasis on hot. i have the fan blowing but geez, its warm! got in last night from a two day turnaround drive to tucson to exchange grandkids. my DIL drove the 3.5 extra hours so i didnt have to go all the way to las cruces. i have enjoyed my individual time with each and currently have #4 here (who is actually #2 in the lineup of 10 ). he left for the day to go to the beach with friends. i am waiting up for him now....probably wont make it but he will call me to let him in. two weeks with him then we both fly back to his home. i will stay a wee
  9. did doodle bug ever get back here? i am trying to catch up with everyone and i miss her. i got home from a roadtrip on sunday evening. was EXHAUSTED! monday went to the Orthopedic doctor and he say says continue cortisone shots til they quit working, then shoulder replacement. works for me! have two grands here with me for a week so today was indoor glo mini golf and red robin lunch (their fave). then froyo for dessert. tonight we celebrate the granddaughter's birthday. tomorrow its a tour of a military museum - one kid has a crazy knowledge and curiosity about that stuff. friday is loo
  10. @jcbrown, my condolences. so, i am sitting here in an intentionally FREEZING hotel room, in the greater dallas metro area on a HOT, HUMID day. after a 4 day drive at a casual pace, i arrived last night. so happy to see the kids. dinner out tonight and a early bedtime for me!! i plan to stay for 3 days then head south to visit friends before heading home with two more grands in tow.
  11. hello friends, checking in to say that its been a week of fun with grandson here. spent the day at the beach yesterday witn my #3 son and his family and it was so wonderful watching the little cousins playing together. . we leave tomorrow to begin a 4 day road trip to get him home and pickup two more. so my reading here will be sporadic. hope all of you stay well and safe while i travel. ttyl!
  12. so excited...heading to the airport to grab the first grandson coming to visit!!! yay for vaccines!!
  13. you know, its been a nice weekend here. went to a family thing yesterday and saw 3 of my sisters and lots of littles. saw friends last night and had dinner after attending a church service with them. today was church again (different church), lunch and shopping with hubby, a long rest after and leftovers for dinner (my fave: mac and cheese from scratch). all in all, a pretty good weekend. next weekend starts about 4 weeks of continuous time with several different grandkids. one comes for a week, then i get him home to texas, grab 2 more and keep them for a weekish and then drive again to new
  14. its pretty normal here too. i used to have a whole hallway of family/my kids photos. i loved it then. now i have a few family pics hanging, literally only a few and then i have a hutch with all the kids and grands pictures on the shelves. ETA: i have lots of decor up in my house too - just not family photos. we do have to remember she wasn't exposed to decorating per se as she grew up (exception: the JB and M kissing picture). it takes time to learn what you like and what looks good together. i think her life-skills progress is pretty good, considering where she started. and dont forget
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