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  1. Heh, that she wasn't there didn't even occur to me until I read this. Aaron was robbed. Just noticed Bones' surname: Jones. Bones Jones.
  2. Tiffany couldn't figure it out and she was straight up told how it worked [facepalm].
  3. "Don't hate me 'cause I'm beautiful, hate me 'cause I'm an immigrant." Love.
  4. Am I missing a pop culture reference when Dean met Carey at the Bethesda Fountain and Carey sunk to his knees?
  5. I'm always amazed at the acting chops of the Queens when they have to fake their reaction to winning on the Runway. Even the losing Queens had to voice their disappointments in Untucked. Of course, they never know until we do...
  6. In the words of Trinity K Bonet: That was some bullshit. Pretty much my Drag Race nightmare. As soon as Ru's favourite bested Yara I figured it was going to be a looooong episode. The only upside was watching the Top 4 watching [especially Trinity's less enthusiastic reactions].
  7. That was fast - I'm still fuming Bimini didn't win Season 2.
  8. Except I'm always thinking "wait....wasn't he her Principal in 'The Prom'..?
  9. It was a reprise of 'Suddenly'; the longer version is at the end of episode four, sung by Doc and Emma.
  10. Maybe Melissa is the bad guy. Which is a sudden turnaround from four episodes making Josh look like the jerk. So much plot to tie up in the next episode: Melissa and Josh's reconciliation, letting Emma and Doc down gently, finding Carson, the Mayoral election, hopefully a grace note for the Mayor and Florence, some kind of farewell to Danny, Betsy and the Countess and Josh's inevitable solo. It's going to be a packed 30 minutes.
  11. The wait for Jane Krakowski was so worth it. Giving her an Ann Miller-esque number makes perfect sense. Turns out horny Bjorn/he loved servant porn... Of course I'm a Nazi.
  12. In this interview Sarah Niles admits she'd never learned how to ride a bike until booking this job.
  13. Add "He's A Queer One" to the list of perfect songs this show is gifting us. I'm glad Ann Harada was given such a great moment [and Cecily's cut aways were hilarious]. The only complaint I have is we're halfway through the season and still no Jane Krakowski. I'm a Krak addict and I need my fix!!
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