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  1. In this interview Sarah Niles admits she'd never learned how to ride a bike until booking this job.
  2. Add "He's A Queer One" to the list of perfect songs this show is gifting us. I'm glad Ann Harada was given such a great moment [and Cecily's cut aways were hilarious]. The only complaint I have is we're halfway through the season and still no Jane Krakowski. I'm a Krak addict and I need my fix!!
  3. Surely that was the worst acting sketch since Shakesqueer; terrible script combined with that lazy semi-circular staging on set that looked like something stolen from a high school drama department made for a tedious episode. I've been hoping Pandora sticks around until Match Game so she can get a long overdue win but now that we're down to seven queens I'm guessing there isn't going to be one. A'Keria's lack of enthusiasm for "a game within a game" cracked me up.
  4. Season 6: Brains vs Brawn Fun start, with somebody already wildly overplaying. Interesting twist with half the tribe being spared Tribal, but George leaving Phil to be fed to the wolves wasn't going to solve his Mitch problem; should've left the alphas to devour one of their own. The result couldn't be more 'Strayan though: can't vote off the Asian woman, better vote off the non-binary POC. [eyeroll]
  5. Kudos to the songwriters, who nail the specifics of the golden era songs. Aaron Tveit's bad boy anthem 'You Can't Tame Me', complete with change of tempo "but if someone could" verse, would sit unchallenged in any Rogers & Hammerstein show, as would the completely silly, time filler 'Corn Puddin''. The only thing that disappoints me is that the show is only going to have six episodes; I have a feeling I'm going to be stuck in a time loop rewatching this for a long time and, frankly, I don't care to know what can break that particular spell.
  6. It made me wonder if the queens are briefed by producers before the challenge as to what the judges will be looking for. The usual shtik is to send up whatever genre they're parodying [go big or go home] but in this case it was to be respectful? It was doubly confusing for me as I'd never heard of Red Table Talk before this so I was waiting for the punchline...and the pink furry box wasn't it. I'm curious as to how it would have turned out if the Rock-Paper-Scissors game had gone the other way.
  7. Phew! Electra called it. Man oh man, Ru and Michelle's psychobabble during the TicTak Jaffa lunch was excruciating.
  8. How did none of the queens answer "Who should go home and why" with "Art, because bitch was eliminated weeks ago"?? Easiest answer ever. Worst franchise ever.
  9. I was surprised that there was no mention at all of Deborah's buyout of the sexist comedian from the previous episode; surely one of those people filming on their phones would've uploaded it? Don't like Marcus being a dick.
  10. Finally, an entertaining episode. Thank you, Falcons [all adorable and no-one complained about tucking - usually a staple of this challenge]. Of course, the judging was as suspect as usual [except for Kita's well deserved win] but we can't have everything.
  11. As much as I'd love to see the early season queens again - Pandora, Yara, Sonique, Jiggly - I'm pretty much dragged out at the moment. Plus Silky AND Eureka is a lot.
  12. So of the three eliminated queens including the only two of colour, they randomly bring back the white one?
  13. Imagine if Ru marked her down for drawing attention to herself in a Lipsynch for her life!
  14. Strewth, that was the worst Snatch Game since....longer than my terrible memory can recall. The funniest thing about it was everyone thinking they'd done such a great job immediately after. Oh, and Anita, obviously. It's always fascinating when the disappointment of the eliminated queen is so palatable. Interesting interview with Art here.
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