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  1. I assumed that the intro skit was only a "gift" for those of us in the US on Netflix. Does the rest of the world get that reference? If so, sorry! (I actually have a soft spot for that song but its not something I think we should consider a great export). I'm glad I wasn't the only one that had difficulty with Lizzie's accent and never thought that vocal fry was an international phenomenon. I was impressed with the vegan-ish bakes though. I thought she did a nice job of balancing her own preference with what was required for the task.
  2. The Pfizer is the same dose, just a third shot. I've heard that Moderna will have a different dose for the booster, possibly half strength of the first two. I believe that is what the data being presented in a few weeks looked at. I think the J&J will also be the same strength as the first and I would not be surprised if they have a two shot series as the standard going forward, but probably spaced out a bit more than the mRNA shots. None of these "changes" mean we did it wrong the first time around. Vaccine protocols have changed a lot over the years as data is colle
  3. Bewitched

    Tennis Thread

    So are we pulling for COVID? (Disclaimer: I am a nurse who works on a COVID unit. I would never pull for COVID, but maybe a false positive?)
  4. Bewitched

    Tennis Thread

    Pam Shriver agrees with you
  5. We're pretty much cursing out loud these days. @Rootbeer - I actually helped deliver a baby last week in the ICU. After intubation and cannulating the mom for VV ECMO. Our 2nd unvaccinated mom in the same scenario in two weeks. (The first one at least made it to the OR). All 8 of our COVID patients right now are unvaccinated, 6 are on the vent. We have another expectant mom who we are watching closely. Her husband asked for ivermectin for her. Luckily, I live in a county/state where no judge would be allowed to force me to administer it.
  6. Not that it really matters, but Fairfax County (and all of VA) is September 30th. Surprisingly, as competitive as Fairfax is about academics, I don't see as many kids getting "red-shirted" here as I have in other areas of the state. That is the term used when (mostly) boys are held back to start kindergarten if they have a summer or fall birthday so that they will be bigger and stronger for high school sports. I have also heard parents do this so their boys will be less likely to be tested for ADHD when their behavior is more due to immaturity. As it relates to Sam, if he really will b
  7. Ok, I went back and read the Esquire article. He tweeted in 2013 (!) that he wanted the job. So I stand corrected about his intent. Still not convinced there were any true candidates other than the two producers in the minds of the executives. Otherwise I think we would have seen other types of people (mid-level news anchors with a strong TV presence, people with hosting experience that don't 'have NYC/LA jobs, etc.) in the mix to find the "best" candidate.
  8. Did Levar even want the job? To give up any other opportunities that may arise later to take a full time job as Jeopardy host? I'm not sure any of the guest hosts were truly candidates for the full time syndicated job other than the two producers. For the prime time gig that Mayim Bialik got? I think the celebrities were really auditioning for that.
  9. This is the Albanian royal tiara. It has a goat. I don't think they are quite up to the standard of the other royal houses.
  10. I feel like advertisers were reliant more on athletes who had already proven themselves or had retired rather than trying to capture the next big thing. I saw ads with Gabby Douglas, Missy Franklin, Michael Phelps, and then of course Simone , Ladecky, and Ryan Murphy (who according to the small print does not take the medicine he is in the commercial for). Not sure who the "up and comers" would have been this Olympics, but no one was willing to give them a shot at selling stuff on TV.
  11. It would definitely make good TV but I'm so glad I got to see Andrade. To me, she has a great mix of tumbling and dance. My untrained opinion is that Jade is almost all tumbling, Ferrari was almost too much choreography, whereas Rebeca was "just right".
  12. I didn't stay up to watch the mixed relay (forgot about it). I love the concept because for some of these swimmers, it probably brings back memories of their early years of summer swim when they first learned to love the sport. Mixed relays in summer swim are great. There is a different energy to those than to single gender events.
  13. I think he doesn't know how to pace himself. He's been taught to sprint everything and in the IM you have to save a little to push at the end. His dad's training technique is not suited for this event or really anything over 100m (sounds like Phelps agrees with me). My daughter swam and the breaststroke killed her IM (bad technique), but she knew to keep a little in the tank to sprint the free home.
  14. It's interesting to me how carefully all the commentators are choosing their words about Andrew. And how quickly Rowdy wrote him off after the final turn in the IM (correctly).
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