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  1. The same SIL Jubilee that had the same “feet” as his wife? That one?
  2. I think both of them said they do not remember meeting each other then.
  3. I was just going to say this! Derick can certainly miss his father; Jill, on the other hand, not so much. She never met him! She can be sorry she never met him, I guess. But she never met him!
  4. Don't the Rods follow Gothard already? Or am I making stuff up? I mean, the banana curls, the make-up to highlight their countenance, the modesty shirts/skirts, the daddy worship...
  5. You can tell they both absolutely adore each other!
  6. Wait... JD is a PILOT??? Why didn't anybody tell me??????
  7. And... we now have the baby's official nickname!
  8. At least Sammy Boy didn't have to sit in the corner and just watch.
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