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  1. I’m sure she is. Her husband Tom is only on the show every once in a while.
  2. I am one of those weirdos that LOVE going grocery shopping. Even when my area was shut down during the pandemic, off to the grocery store I went. I can’t comment on the delivery aspect, except to add that if you lived in my area I would gladly grocery shop for you and love every second of it!
  4. I was going to say something ~ I hope Derick sticks with this, and he doesn’t see something shiny and changes his mind. Again. But I really hope he supports his wife right now. She needs his support now than ever.
  5. That boy is really jonesin’ to be a GQ model, isn’t he?
  6. I think she looks weird because her hair is parted in the middle. Some people just can't pull off that look. *raises hand*
  7. Click on the picture in the circle to the left of her name in the heading of her Instagram page.
  8. Other side of the coin here, so to speak. I have always been in charge of the family finances. Husband gives me his paycheck every week. Actually, in our entire soon-to-be 34 years of marriage, he has never signed a paycheck. I sign his name and my name underneath. The last checks he ever signed were our wedding money checks. BUT... I always show him our checking/savings account balances. No hidden money, no off shore accounts. I do, however, have my scratch-off lottery winnings hidden away in the cookie jar... but he knows about that. 🤷🏼‍♀️ That system works for us. Oh! And if we need e
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