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  1. Jill doesn't care about anybody but Jill. Maybe David... but definitely it's all about Jill.
  2. That sound you hear is MeeChelle's head exploding. Remember at somebody's wedding Josie was running around and her jacket slipped off, exposing a shoulder? She just about had a stroke then. And now Lissy was photographed without a shirt??? Her head will indeed explode.
  3. Me, too. Actually she just commented on one of my posts yesterday. I'll contact her!
  4. OMG! I have a family member who thinks like this. He is certain that God will protect him. God doesn't have favorites. Prayers and Hail Marys aren't going to protect any of us.
  5. I'm too lazy/don't want to/ watch her silly video. What is "The Challenge?"
  6. They will be protected because they are all so Godly... and, of course, Jesus likes them more than us heathens.
  7. If he hasn't by now, he certainly will, after reading this post.
  8. Please allow me to rant for a moment. I just got a text from my brother-in-law. I asked him how he was doing in this mess. He told me that God is protecting him. I then told him I am glad God is protecting him because apparently God is not protecting everybody, so good for him. I have not heard back yet.
  9. I think Jana would laugh as well! I doubt she would marry a 20 year old Mama’s boy.
  10. Do we really think there is any woman on this earth, godly or not, that would live up to JillRod's standards? TimBits will live under Best Mama Ever's roof forever because she will not allow ANY woman to marry her precious Timmy. She could not handle not being first in her precious boy's life.
  11. Well, thankfully Jingle is "an avid home cook." *eye roll*
  12. So what you are saying is your grandchildren cannot even do their online work now?
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