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  1. Awww, Jonnie… welcome to your future. Good luck. You are going to need it. And a thick wallet.
  2. But… but… but… who would throw the 25th anniversary party? IIRC, JillyRod hijacked the Keller’s anniversary party to make it seem like it was ANOTHER wedding reception for Nurthan. No way JRod and Hunk (aka GWE) will open their moth-filled wallets to bankroll a party for themselves to entertain their guests. Sheesh! People give to THEM… THEY don’t give to others!
  3. They do not formally announce The Courtship until it is a done deal. Nurie’s Gum Boy wasn’t “formally” announced. I think JHill is in for the long haul. If he runs (please please please please) let him take his Not-Nurie with him, and not look back!
  4. Well, now JillRod and GWE have TWO sons-in-law to thank on SM when they are blessed with meals and trinkets. I bet Nathan is thrilled that he isn’t the only one now buying meals at the “good” Olive Garden for the in-laws.
  5. Someone on Facebook said it might be this, but i don’t think so.
  6. Quoting myself to add the story about his girlfriend that BME obviously did not approve of. That is when he was sent back home so damn fast I bet his head is still spinning. And that is how he is living in the driveway with no life of his own. Because he attempted to forge a life of his own. Again... makes me sick what those two "parents" are doing to their children. RUN AWAY! FAST AND FAR!
  7. Um… wasn’t he the 2nd born child? So how was he the “most stubborn child by far?” Compared to Golden Child Nurie? I have no humanoid children (puppy mom here) but even I know kids are not the same temperament, personality… etc. Sheesh, my puppies have all had different temperaments and personalities! I do agree with the poster that said the kids younger than TimBits saw what BME and GWE did to him, so they toed the line whether they believed it or not. Makes me sick.
  8. JimBoob… yeah. He thinks he is the most godly, deserving and special. God? Yeah, i think He has other ideas…
  9. I believed you. I just wanted to reinforce what you said!
  10. Well, we know TimBits is definitely NOT in a courtship. BME would not allow that, because NO WOMAN shall ever take the place of BME. Period. I doubt there is a Baby 14, and the Nurthan Spawn is still cooking… so that leaves a Not-Nurie courtship. Can she reuse the dollar store crap… er… decor for the shower/wedding?
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