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  1. I agree 1000%. I am so pissed off at her on so many levels. Husband and I are doing our part, not going anywhere, wearing masks, limiting store visits, limiting PEOPLE visits, etc. ... you know, doing our small part to keep this virus at bay. And JillRod does not give a crap. I’m not a fan of the way the Duggars are not social distancing at all, or that the Keller’s did their big Thanksgiving reunion, or the Bates family are basically a Petrie dish of COVID... well, you all get my drift. But JillRod just mocks this whole pandemic. This is not a joke, people. It is real. And as much as I dislike JillRod and Best Handsomest, Godliest, Hunkiest, Whatever Hubby EVER, I honestly hope no one in their family comes down with this virus. The kids are way too unhealthy to get through COVID. I am pretty much livid at her and Shrek for allowing this “turkey funeral” gathering (WTF?), and livid for the “guests” for being there. Guess what ~ Jesus does not like you the best. He is not going to save you if you are being stupid. Another “whew.” Rant over. I am done. Again. Really sorry I am sounding like a broken record. I will stop now.
  2. That sounds divine. Both paragraphs...
  3. So you know just how “fun” that hill is in the snow!
  4. Checking in from the heart of the snow belt! @doodlebug is accurate in saying Cleveland has a split personality snow-wise. I live in the extreme - if the forecast calls for 4-10 inches of snow, we will get 14. Today, we lost power at 4:30 this morning. The sound of the generator kicking on woke us up. It has been heavily snowing all day long. The heavy, wet snow. If I had to guess, right now we have at least a foot. Husband left for work at 6:20 am. He said the Mayfield Road hill (you locals know where I am talking about) heading west right before you get to Hillcrest Hospital, was a parking lot because a truck jackknifed at the bottom of the hill. He somehow turned around and came home. He left again about 9:30 and promptly got stuck at the end of our driveway. Made it out. He called me and said the roads were “passable” and I would be able to get to my office 5 minutes away. Left to go to work and... realized when we had the generator hooked up, we didn’t hook up the garage door, so no power to open the garage door! So I was doomed to a free day of watching cheesy Hallmark movies! So, if you read through all that babbling... it’s pretty bad here. Constant snowfall. Next door neighbor had 2 trees fall on her deck, and all you hear is the sound of generators in the air. Glad I am safe at home, and I hope everyone drives slowly and safely.
  5. Yeah, but the Spiveys might actually know his name? Unlike his, you know, parents?
  6. OMG. I Did. NOT. Need. To. See. That. Fourth. Picture. Nobody needed to see that!
  7. I suspect they are not too fond of her either...
  8. Actual job? Silly. Don’t you know who he is? He is The BREAKOUT STAR of Counting On! He doesn’t need to actually WORK!
  9. Ugh. Please stay home during this pandemic! I know I sound like a broken record, but people traveling out of state to be with family - that you, of course don’t live with - annoy the living crap out of me! We are never going to end this pandemic if people keep doing this. STAY PUT! *whew* Rant over. Sorry. Please continue on with the regularly scheduled snark. I just feel very strongly about this. Carry on.
  10. Interesting. I know both a Caroline and a Carolyn. Long “i” and short “i” ~ I never even questioned the pronunciation of Evangeline... I assumed it was “Evangeleen.” Please correct me if I am wrong...
  11. My across-the-street neighbor, who basically has ignored the pandemic this whole time, is gathering for Thanksgiving with her entire extended family. About 25 people. At her elderly parents house, located in one of the highest risk counties in the state of Ohio. They strongly suggest people living in those counties to stay the hell home, only go out for absolute necessities, and don’t visit with people. Her siblings and their families also live in said high-risk county as well. Super spreader event, anyone? I really want to smack some sense into her, but don’t want to get close enough to her. Ugh. Some people just don’t get it. 😞
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