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  1. Obviously a vacation from their extremely stressful careers. Oh wait...
  2. More than that if they are married to each other AND both pregnant at the same time! *evil cackle*
  3. And yet Jilly Muffin was the one I pegged to be The Best Mother Ever. How wrong I was, yet again, with this family.
  4. So throw a load of laundry in the washer and go back to your book! Problem solved!
  5. He’s not even pretending to go to classes!
  6. Oh come on! She stops and takes pictures and posts them on SM???? Give me a break. We have a new puppy and he is a handful and keeps us on our toes. If he pees on the floor (as all puppies do) believe me I am NOT going to take a picture of puppy and then of me! I am going to take him outside and then clean up the mess. And carry on. Sheesh. I can't even, with her.
  7. Wait, what? JD is a pilot? Why didn’t anybody tellllll meeee?
  8. They have no freakin’ idea just how much work a puppy entails. None. Please, please, please, NO PUPPIES please! 🙌🏻 For the puppy’s sake!
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