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  1. They said they could not do waxing or tweezing at all ~ they were not even allowed to trim men's beards or mustaches!
  2. Did I miss something with a gingerbread house?
  3. Wouldn’t you want to keep that quiet because it’s so personal? Oh wait, sorry. I forgot who we were talking about. My bad. Also looking at YOU, Lauren...
  4. Oh, I totally felt safe! It was just super weird!
  5. I finally went to get my hair cut/hi-lighted last week. It was weird. Mask MUST be worn. Door is locked, you have to be let in. You and only you may enter. Hand sanitizer squirted in your hand. Temperature taken (94.5???? I think their thermometer was on the fritz). List of questions to be answered. Got to the chair. When she started applying color, I had to unhook my mask and hold it against my face. Also no tweezing, waxing or blow drying permitted. When all was done, I had to be escorted to the door and door unlocked for me to be let out. I have been going to this salon for YEARS and consider them friends. I am glad they are following the guidelines and all, but, man, is it weird! OH! And no coffee!!!!!!
  6. I think it translates into “Jeremy.”
  7. Nope. Just like that one picture with all the Duggar-ettes sucking on a pickle (oooh... I felt so dirty saying that!) They have no stinkin’ clue...
  8. LOL! She wasn't even cooking anything!
  9. Beaver Lake. *snicker* Why, yes, I am 12 years old. Why do you ask?
  10. There was rumblings about them having a podcast, I think? Because, you know, those “Would You Rather” clips were oh-so-riveting... *eye roll*
  11. Silly. Jill GETS, she doesn’t ever GIVE. She is way too Godly for that nonsense...
  12. Tim Bits must really be on Mama's shit list. He is usually right up there front and center with the Mama adoration and accolades. Didn't he forget her birthday or something a while back? You would think after that fatal mistake he would double down with the love...
  13. Unfortunately, chances are his cute little personality with be squashed right out of him...
  14. I don’t think they are smiling. I think they are grimacing. Look at their eyes. The “smile” does not reach their eyes. Their eyes scream, “Help Me!”
  15. And I think they still refer to themselves as “first responders.” Um, no. If you are more interested in turning firefighter pants into skirts... no. Just no.
  16. But where is TimBits??? Nathan... er... ANNA DUGGAR’S BROTHER... may now wear the crown as The Favorite “Son.”
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