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  1. I think I have a crush on Cosmo. I don’t know if I agree with age being only a number. Mine has suddenly become a large number. I’ve recently had 3 eye surgeries (2 surgeries and a laser). I need a knee replacement. I have back issues. I’ve recently been prescribed yet another medication. I own a pill divider like old people like my parents did. The ones I teased them about. I don’t need a mortgage, but if I did, I’m too Friggin OLD to get a 30 year mortgage. I work from home and make decent money, but also realize if I had to go get a paying job outside I’d have very limited opt
  2. Holy cow, the fact @Jeanne222 is 81 and active in a group like this is inspiring. I’m 61 and about 40 times a day I think “oh, I need to know _____. I’ll Google it”. By the time I locate the phone and pull up Google, I’ve totally forgotten what I wanted to know. I have a friend who says “just look on the Google”. SNORT!!! The Google. I never say anything different either, because I love it.
  3. Glad you had a good trip!! I’m on the trip of a lifetime - maybe I said this already?? We’re headed to CA by the southern route, coming back through the north. It’s a nine week trip unless I don’t make it back for my grandsons graduation. I mean if I’m incapacitated or in jail... in which case I can just keep going indefinitely. Nine weeks, nine years: all the same. we are THIS MINUTE driving over the corner of Ponchartrain into NOLA. I totally meant to be talking about the shot. I felt absolutely NOTHING when I got stuck. Seriously nada. I wasn’t sure she’d even done it yet (be
  4. Oh WOW @rue721!!!!! FIREWORKS!!!! That is AWESOMENESS!!
  5. Hubs got his shot - and I’m a cradle robber; he’s nowhere near qualified. So move to Georgia, people! We’re not that smart but we share leftovers.
  6. Hey peeps! I’m just home for a minute - leaving again this weekend. Looooong trip this time, I’m very excited. so I have this friend who is capable of putting together a tent, flying a plane, throwing a party for 400, making pizza, calling her mom simultaneously while waiting in line at Disney. She’s honestly the most multi-tasking person I know. And gets QUITE unruly if her demands aren’t met. She asks me today if I’ve had the shot while I’m traveling all over. I say I’m not eligible yet. She says THE HELL!!! Turns out she has 50 things running at once where she can get me in to ge
  7. @SunnyBeBe, scholarships and college sports in general: one of the many “why Covid sucks” memorials. Truly what a SHAME if your nephew doesn’t get to play college ball.
  8. But we’re watching, and maybe just a wee bit trigger ready... that AIRPLANE!!! At least it wasn’t an eyeball. (I said something to my daughter about that episode once - she absolutely didn’t remember it. I couldn’t forget it!) happy Sunday everyone!
  9. My beautiful sleek red pit boxer thinks they look WONDERFUL. She’s asking me to print that out and blow it up poster size. Is that weird?? Just the perfect size too. @QuinnInND I don’t have advice either - but am really oddly happy you read her letter. Doesnt “sound” painful. So I’m relieved she took the more vanilla approach instead of tear spots on the paper. That’s seems - I dunno - hopeful to me somehow. Like she’s not over-pushing, and is respecting your boundaries. I mean, other than sending a PI out to shake the bushes for you. Sort of maybe kind of a least invasive???
  10. @Oldernowiser: some kind of gloves (probably available through Amazon) that they would use in fish packing - with rubber palms, but also have some little rubber “nubs” built in for gripping. Yes. Time out corner is getting crowded. @GeeGolly you said “Big Sky” which made my face do this 🧐 we used to have a regular poster called Big Sky, remember? Who lived teetering on the edge of the flat earth - seems like very remote. She had health problems, so did her husband, and wherever she was COOOLD and snowed in sometimes. Remember? What happened to her? the Lovely Bones was an ex
  11. PM me to make arrangements to receive your new attack dog. I know a guy JK i agree with @Oldernowiser, tell him to get a new assistant. You just quit.
  12. @GeeGolly, I knowwww!!! When he was stomping away from me, I was already covering my mouth trying not to sob. I felt sooooo bad for him!!! His little baby!! Seriously, if a big dog attacked my cocker, I would be out for some ugly revenge. These are my children! I am QUITE confident I would have called the police. And if he had, I would have stood in that spot until they arrived. And truthfully, (THANKFULLY!) - her physical injuries weren’t really that bad, truly not. I have the paperwork, and it was all minor - but that’s all beside the point. I kept moaning all afternoon “t
  13. Yesterday we were paddling along in a very wide but shallow river - Mr H, maybe 4 feet ahead of me - startled a HUGE manatee. That sucker rose up like a submarine surfacing, only a scared submarine - oh my God - directly underneath him. HUGE wall of water, lots of manatee, Sonny was yelling, i’M yelling - OMG - at first you can’t make it be a manatee materializing under your feet - it was like a bomb going off. Scared us half to death (not scared of a manatee - just a whole lotta WHATTHEHELL????). Later (about an hour, actually) it was REALLY funny. At that moment, I had NO IDEA what was
  14. A bedtime story: this really will be long and whiny. I’m apologizing in advance for what’s bound to be lengthy. I was jealous of @Oldernowiser having a shot at Love Thy Neighbor. Here’s my vacation story. You guys know I love my camper. Love camping. Love to discover America. We just sold the bus (repair) shop and after having been basically grounded except for short overnights to the river... and knowing we were going to sell, we began planning this month long trip to Florida. Just to veg and regroup and plan ahead. when we arrived, mr HFC discovered a broken water li
  15. @JYNNAN TONNIX is good! I see her on FB sometimes; she’s fine. (Maybe yesterday or 2 days / but recently)
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