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  1. Reiki

    S04.E10: All The Lonely People

    I contended that this show had jumped the shark multiple times during the episode before this one. It seems as though I was right. I found, during this episode, that the best way to watch was to watch a minute or two for context and then fast forward. Wait until something looks interesting and watch again for another minute or two. This way I don't waste too much time and still have a pretty good idea what is happening. I think this show and Fire need to be deleted from my record schedule. If not, this is the best way to watch these interminably tedious shows.
  2. Reiki

    S04.E09: Death Do Us Part

    Not only did this show jump the shark with this episode, the boat kept turning around fore multiple jumps. I can't believe what I watched.
  3. Reiki

    S06 E07: Trigger

    Of the past 5 terrorist attacks in the US, all of them where white Christian males so I don't get what you are trying to say?
  4. Reiki

    S09.E5: Thicker Than Water

    Every NYC police officer is issued cards. They recently started putting the cops name on them. The officer can pretty much do what they want with them although they are no guarantee of a 'get out of jail free". From what I've seen (cough, cough), they can be used in traffic stops. For something serious, I don't think they'd be any good.
  5. Reiki

    S03.E12: The Musical

    I’ve been binge watching and have loved the performances but personally dislike Frankie, which is a major surprise to me
  6. Reiki

    S07.E08: Mandy & Jose

    Quentin needs to move out of Mommy's house. Hope he gets himself into a dorm or something
  7. Reiki

    S07.E07: Traves & Candy

    Traves needs a caretaker. He should not be allowed internet access for his own good.
  8. Reiki

    S03.E06: Ties That Bind

    Why does everyone need a love interest all the time? The whole franchise has shown they can't do them well.
  9. Reiki

    S03.E03: Episode 3

    While Ross may be physically attractive, he lost all appeal for me when he became a rapist.
  10. Reiki

    S02.E12: Luthors

    Quick question........has Jimmy ever not had his butt kicked to make the claim of being a Superhero?
  11. Reiki

    S04.E11: Bosun Blues

    Just a couple of questions: How old are these people who think that getting s#%t-faced drunk at work is a good thing and then be obnoxious and nasty the next morning when they're called out on it? Is Emily really that desperate that she's still with an immature blowhard, egotistical prima donna who loves to run around drunk without pants loser like Ben?
  12. Reiki

    S04.E10: Bombed By a Care Bear

    I went to check Twitter out. It appears that Ben has deleted all his posts........hmmmmmm Eta: Ben's Twitter feed back.
  13. Reiki

    Season 7 Discussion

    Totally OT here but although Linda has only been seen at the dinner table, are they trying to glam her up? She's been in full makeup mode in every episode.
  14. Reiki

    S05.E01: The Hose Or The Animal

    Bodin in trouble with CFD gabby switching jobs after a little angst kelly in trouble over a female YAWN
  15. Deck crew has to go. If I have to look at Brian or Bobby's smug douche faces again, I just won't. I'd prefer Capatain Marc begone as well as he was worthless in controlling or having the respect of the crew. It was the inmates running the asylum with the a captain who was disengaged no matter how well he steers the ship.