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  1. New promo for the second half of the season!
  2. catray

    Figure Skating

    I just saw the news about Denis Ten on twitter and I'm in shock! So tragic and heartbreaking.
  3. I fell off watching last season after the half-way point (just busy) so finally caught up and watched the S2 finale on Monday, so I was all ready to go and I'm glad this show is back! This was a great episode, with some good tension with Chrisjen and company having to escape Mao's ship. Bobbie was so bad-ass as well; loved it! I'm glad Prax is on the Roci as a mediating influence, because yikes, everything about that situation is so freaking awkward right now. Naomi shouldn't have gone behind their backs, but she also kind of saved their asses... what a mess that is! I hope they can all reconcile sooner rather than later. I love to hate Errinwright and boy, did he really earn it this episode. Can't wait until that slimy bastard gets what he's due. I'm glad Chrisjen is smart enough, even in the face of death, to gather the evidence she needs to make sure she has the last word. End him, Chrisjen!
  4. SHIB SIBS!!! So freaking happy for them! I
  5. Aliona and Bruno's program was just amazing. Whatever minor mistakes were made, it was gorgeous and beautifully skated and I'm so so happy they took home the gold! I am bummed that Sui/Han struggled a bit because their program was so so good. Duhamel and Radford were charming, though I wasn't totally into their skate. I was rooting for James/Cipres as well but they struggled too. I can't even wrap my head around the Candyman program, though. What were they thinking? The music choice, the costumes-- they seemed totally disconnected from their skate. What a mess.
  6. Episode descriptions (and an air date) are up on Zap2It: I am not okay with this at all!!
  7. I am really enjoying this show, so I'm bummed to see it 1) shuffled off to Saturday to die and 2) that they're delaying the next episode, which just only exacerbates the problem. Thanks a lot, ABC!
  8. catray

    NCIS In The Media

    I am still behind on this season but I saw the news that Jennifer Esposito is leaving the show! I can't say I'm totally surprised-- there were a lot of moving parts to focus on and it didn't always work. But her position always seemed sort of temporary anyway, like she was brushing up on her field work skills. That said, I'm a bit disappointed because one) I always appreciate more women on this show and two) I liked the way Alex and Gibbs interacted. I hope it was on congenial terms so she might make future appearances down the line, as I wouldn't be opposed to seeing the character again.
  9. Add me to the "like it!" group! This seems like fun, soapy/tropey summer tv viewing and I'm totally on board. The actors are all extremely attractive and I'm already captivated by Rosalind (as well as her sister, Livia, and the princess Isabelle). Do I expect this to be intellectually stimulating? No. Do I care? Nope!
  10. Late commenting here. "Legacy of Mandalore" - this episode was absolutely fantastic; one of my favorites of the season so far. Loved finally meeting Sabine's family and having that all come together. I am not surprised Sabine decided to stay behind to help her family, and I definitely don't think that means she's gone for good. I was a bit disappointed that between this episode and the next we didn't get any scenes with the whole Ghost crew saying good-bye/being sad but I fully believe this is part of Sabine's destiny, as much as she claims not to want it-- it'll be hers eventually. I honestly really haven't cared about the Mandalorians so much up to this point, but these were a great couple of episodes with Sabine. Loved her fighting Gar Saxon with Ezra's light saber. "Through Imperial Eyes" - totally convinced Kallus isn't going to make it out of this season. Thrawn definitely suspected he was Fulcrum before this episode and knows for sure now and because Kallus decided not to take the out being offered to him... it's going to be his undoing. I hope Kallus is smart enough to realize with Thrawn and Yularen on the case, his days are numbered. Changing the map also seemed like an hastily made decision that doesn't seem to bode well for him.
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