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  1. Well said...It seems likely that the issue will be resolved by flashbacks which is unfortunate.
  2. Robin is the wild card for the murder not Ava.
  3. Connor might now realize that he wrongly blamed his father for the mother suicide death, but the writers never explained her depression episodes between 1988-1994 as just chronic illness. Connor knew about the father cheating at an early age. He knows the truth now about that, but he also realizes that he could be wrong about Ava. Connor conversion with Robin -"I thought that it was his cheating that drove her to kill herself. All these years, I blamed my dad for her death. What else (Ava) am I inventing?" Connor thought the worst about Ava taken from the father over the funding long before he realized the past truths from his childhood. If the writers intended to evolve Ava into some kind of 'fatal attraction' character, then the same thing can happen to other regulars as well which makes the show not worth watching next season. IMO
  4. After watching the happenings in this episode, it seems obvious that the finale was written before any decision was forthcoming about the Connor and Ava departures. I wonder how much filming, if any, was done after the finale went to production in order to resolve the issues between them and the suspicious death of the father. In the past, viewers were told that the issues between the father and Connor came about over the father resentment that his son did not follow him in the family business. Lately, the writers tell us that Connor hated his father growing up because of his infidelity and the resulting emotional harm caused his mother. Yet, Connor easily believes the worst about Ava ever since the truth comes out about the enhanced operating room funding. The whole relationship story between them has become cringe worthy, but Ava was right that Coonor is a real prick just like the arrogant father.
  5. Agree. I always expected that the NOT Red would be a sibling of Katarina, but the Ilya twist seems a stretch in the long term given the trail of violent criminal activity that was pursued after any kind of suggested changeover and his public persona during the flashback scenes. I think viewers will get a double impostor before this ends.
  6. Agnes is kidnapped by the Mossad in exchange for the location of Samar.
  7. Especially the constant 'climate change' mantra she uses almost weekly to explain away every overseas issue.
  8. Trust that Katerina is alive, but NOT Not Red. It's time for the writers to revisit 3x19 "Cape May".
  9. Well said...He acted in much the same way with Robin before their separation over her illness.
  10. The producers went all in by using a homelife setting with husband Tom Keen caring for the baby as well, but to just drop Agnes out of the story makes no sense.
  11. Very weird as well as the ongoing BS over the dogs and poor Agnes.
  12. 2 HOURS AGO, PREEYA SAID: "Which means the accrued interest is in Aram's account. So all he needs to do is return the $60MIL plus the interest and everything should be OK...." Aram was using an accrued interest rate of 4% @ $273/hour, but Red's payback rate for taking the money was 25% @ $1700/hour equals $56,100 total. Aram planning to use that money as leverage against Red just further illustrates his naivete in dealing with criminals aside from the fact he was just accepting that Red was taking him to meet Samar. Aram's best attribute is total loyalty to the Task Force which Red used to get him moving forward after Liz called with the captured data.
  13. It seems more likely that the new manager is pandering to Connor's father (Cornelius) on the board. It is well known among board members that Ava was instrumental in getting the father to fund the new ER surgery wing. This attention to Ava helps the father in his need to leverage her competitiveness against Connor to further undermine their working relationship and keep them apart.
  14. Agree. The Ava implications are bizarre especially the stalking and kidnap hoax. There is no evidence she is behind anything, but she is just doing her job for the most part. Connor is the one acting as a control freak as usual and he is scary as a surgeon on edge all the time. I don't think Ava lies especially about the father issue. Just silly writing to keep the angst going between them until the finale or someone is out to sabotage the surgery department.
  15. Once again, viewers were duped by a love relationship on a procedural. How far back into season 5 did producers know about her exit? Samar's allegiance to Mossad would always be an obstacle for them to overcome in marriage. Samar was a spy and past assassin. As far as Aram unable to protect her, recall that Samar was easily taken hostage by a lone crazy suspect and Aram had the skill set to find her and save her life. He was the good change she needed in her life no matter how clumsy he acted at times.
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