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  1. So he could call her on the road and get into an accident 🙄
  2. That might be cute for a laugh, but I would think Kristen might name a child after her mother, who suffered so much at the hands of Stefano. I don't think I've enjoyed any scenes with Marlena in the last few months as much as I enjoyed those scenes with Brady bringing Kristen over for Mother's Day. Deidre really sold Marlena's disgust perfectly. And I love what she said about considering Brady her own son, which shouldn't sound so out-of-the-blue considering she did raise him. I don't understand why the show constantly has Brady refer to Marlena as if she's some woman his father married just a few years ago. She helped him with his ABCs! ....but Brady.....dude! Do you have brain damage? Why in God's name couldn't you leave Kristen alone for 2 hours to go visit your parents and then hang out with her on Mother's Day? At this point I'm convinced Brady has some serious psychological issues and brain damage, possibly from the drugs and drinking. Did anyone else find it really odd that everyone kept referencing what Kristen had done to John and Marlena but when Eric showed up and protested, no one once mentioned that Kristen raped him. There were plenty of opportunities to mention that Eric himself had huge reasons to hate Kristen, even putting aside what Kristen did to Nicole. Honestly, seen these flashback episodes just reinforces what I said earlier about Ron stupidly skipping over a lot of juicy story potential just to do this flash-forward nonsense. I really like seeing Tony and Anna decides to run off and leave the company behind, but that could have easily played out over two weeks worth of episodes. The same with Sarah's mounting frustrations toward Xander, which are totally merited. He's really pushing his way into this Daddy role and it would have been nice to see her become uncomfortable with that. And I fully agree on the Adrienne front - I've never enjoyed her more. Maybe it's a combination of me always liking Judi Evans, and now knowing what she's going through in real life, but them writing Adrienne as a likeable normal put-together woman who loves her family just makes me wish we could see more of her. All too often they had her in weird storylines that didn't really work for her. I didn't care about her and Lucas as a couple, her breast cancer storyline was completely glossed over from what I remember, her divorcing Justin over his infidelity was depressing, and her not liking Will made her seem kind of unlikeable. Why couldn't she have just been a fun mom and wife all this time? Why have we basically never seen any scenes of her spending time with Arianna, in spite of Gabi, Sonny and Will constantly having their lives in peril and being unavailable for basic parenting duties? She's a grandma to a girl she's never shared a scene with! Summer's return was random and unneeded. I get that Ron needed some reason for Maggie to fall off the wagon, but couldn't they just have made it that Maggie found out about the baby switch and was disgusted with Victor and drank herself into a stupor, promptly blacking out over the whole baby switch thing? Amnesia is pretty common in this town so I would completely buy Maggie forgetting the reason that prompted her to drink in the first place. I'm guessing the ending of today's episode was total misdirection. I'm going to give a shout out to them for finally showing us the set for The Spectator! It's not much, but it's more than we've seen since they reintroduced the newspaper back into the plot.
  3. Wow..! Back by Popular Demand! 🙄 WTF is she doing on this show again? Orpheus died two times in his last appearance. I can't fathom how or why they'd bring him back when there are already too many villains to deal with...Clyde, Rolfe, Gina, Stevano, Kristen...plus all the not-supposed-to-be-villains-but-they-are like Ciara, Ben, Xander, Lani, Gabi, Kate, Victor....
  4. ....um....so now they're going to fake Adrienne being alive to get Will and Maggie off the hook? Justin'll love that. Sounds an awful lot like the Prague and Hattie Hospital Swap stories, don't it?
  5. I wonder if Storms gets paid for "appearing" in the online series, or if there is a loophole there.... I wonder if Storms gets paid for "appearing" in the online series, or if there is a loophole there....
  6. My first thought too! 🤣 I guess they still have to get married so maybe it's a sweeps week marriage in the town square with a curtain hung over the store fronts and some busted Christmas lights strung around a lamppost. How romantic.
  7. LOL absolutely...but when they scrapped her and ShawnD, they kept her in the background as "cop lady". They seemed to not want to screw her up, which was already happening by having her flirt with two coworkers awkwardly... I think her time with Eli playing "oops our baby died, but let's start over" was the closest we got to them actively trying to write Lani as a likeable gal in a romantic story. Too bad it just seemed like more boring footage from an America's Next Top Model Cover Girl commercial challenge. I don't mean to go after actors but at this point, there's just no excuse for keeping her on the show anymore. It's felt like a Decade of Lani.
  8. Not that I'm trying to defend Dena, but maybe Sal's acting as a villainess was so weak it made more sense to scrap what they had and try to work with her strengths. She does seem fun and sweet in interviews, so I can see why they'd try to write her that way...
  9. I guess it comes down to appeal and believability. When Gabi told Eli today that she wasn't an evil person, I actually believed her. Lani is so inert with her judgy eyes and her slow delivery, I guess it's easier for me to believe that she's the crazy one. And I totally forgot about her sleeping with a grief-stricken, drunk off his ass JJ. Who does that? I can't imagine it would have been any good at all, with his eyes being glossed over and him smelling like booze...but she did it anyways and took pictures?! I totally forgot about the pictures part. Yuck. I admit I completely forgot about the details surrounding her Christmas Eve romp with Eli. I'm just completely biased against her. The way the entire town feels about Gabi, I feel about Lani LOL. I really hope that if JJ is the one to bring the storyline to its conclusion that he manages to snap Gabi out of it, find a way to deactivate the pacemaker bomb and cover up for Gabi as well. I'm guessing we won't get that last part, but I'm really hoping for it anyways. I mean there's no actual proof at this point that there's anything in Julie's pacemaker. The thing is inside of her already, and obviously it didn't have any attachments that made it look suspicious to the medical staff implanting it. And if Gabi deletes the application, then she can just laugh at Lani that she made the whole thing up and that Julie's heart murmurs were coincidentally happening at the same time as she tried to make it seem like she was causing them. That would be the best end result I think.
  10. YES! LOL by jove, you've nailed it! That's her tone exactly. I liked seeing John with Brady but how weird is it that Brady is not only comfortable talking to Pops about maybe boning the same woman Pops used to bone...again!...but also comfy talking about maybe boning the True Love of his step-brother.... again! Dude, this is your life? These two gals are your only options?? Idiot. Kate and Will's scenes keep hitting me hard in the feels. Love them together. More of this kind of storytelling please (not the jailtime BS, but the supporting family stuff). Evan is really good, so of course they're probably going to Dr Shaw him or Leo him and screw it up....so they can offer Sal Stowers even more money and screentime 🙄 Is that room he and Rafe were in the same as the apartment above the pub? I tried to picture Eileen saying Kristen's lines today and ended up flashing back to the worst of her "helping Dr Tan/trash can fight" days. Poor woman had enough one-note "schemey desperate harridan" scenes then. So glad she's not suffering through these. They're endless. Staci's trying to make it work, bless her, but Jesus her character is irrelevant and annoying. Gabi's wardrobe continues to do her a disservice. She looked like Judy Garland as Dorothy today with those flattened breasts. How a woman that gorgeous can spend so much time on screen looking as bad as that is beyond me. Let her wear a nice blazer and a sweater! Or a CEO-worthy dress. At least when Sami was running the place she looked the part. ...I get that JJ is a nice guy, but why is he helping the gal who cheated on him and lied about carrying his child? Yeah, yeah, she stopped him from shooting Kristen but... whatever. Lani sucks, JJ. And now she's trying to take down Gabi and you're going to help her? Arrrrg.
  11. I really dread JJ hating on Gabi before he leaves. They were such a cute couple. I'm kind of surprised they never flashed back to Haley dying (unless they did and I missed it). I didn't like her that much, but some Melinda/Haley send-off scenes were expected. Has there been any word on whether we're actually getting Philip back on the real show?
  12. Fully. The only way this story could be remotely salvageable is if they brought in Phillip to take over Titan, and push the Ben Ciara stuff into someone else's orbit. Why can't they do a storyline with Ben and Lani? They are my two least favourite characters and I'd happily fast forward all of their scenes. I really don't like seeing John Aniston having to play hospital scenes. We just had Julie in the hospital and Doug crying over her...what....two months ago? Can we please not toy around with the viewer's emotions like that? Can we please give the vets in the 75+ age category fun scenes to play so that they enjoy coming to work and are not reminded of their own mortality? This Will loves Ben shit - whether it comes to pass or just stays in the friendship zone - is insanely offensive because it plays into the stereotype that gay men will forgive, condone and overlook any behaviour from a straight guy so long as he's hot. Will can't help but fall in love with Ben...he has abs and cheekbones! So what if he strangled me a little? I was into it! ....da fuq??!? If Brendan's spring return means that Stefan is really back, then I already dread the possibility that Stefan and Vivian will get dragged into this Steveno shit. All I want is some scenes of Viv tongue lashing Abigail, and maybe making Jarlena feel uncomfortable. Too much to ask? We'll probably get her and Kate Round 64 and her damning Gabi, as if she needs more villagers with pitchforks.
  13. When....when Chad left for France? I don't remember this at all.
  14. I just realized Raja was in America's Next Top Model as makeup artist Sutan. Thank goodness for YouTube. It was really cool seeing him on there....so neat to look back at how folks came up in the biz.
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