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  1. Oh okay. I thought it was confirmed he had been cast as someone and everyone figured it was Philip.
  2. Oh, that just made me laugh! That sounds like a best case scenario to me. I wouldn't put it past them to tarnish Claire a little bit more again. And since this might be the last time Olivia plays her, now that she's broken into prime time, I just really wish she could be a nice person that nobody treats as crazy anymore. Ciarra is the freaking crazy one. I cannot believe Hope hasn't put a bullet in Ben or tried to set him on fire. Although, Abigail has more experience with that.
  3. Dove is amazing. She not only sings phenomenally (keeping up with Cheno and outshining Grande!) but adds all these little flourishes to Amber even when delivering dialogue. She was so comfortable in her performance. I hope she does more musicals and films. I'd like to see her outside of the Disney channel stuff. I just watched the finale of the movie and outside of Michelle and Marsden, who are perfect, the rest is so leaden and off...Shankman's cinematography and direction are weak and kill the energy and that cast...! Walken and Travolta!? Yikes. Awkward. Amanda Bynes is lousy too once she has to dance and sing. And there's so much autotune. And the costumes are bad. It's like the Live version had 300x the budget, which I'm sure it didn't. They slayed it though. Hopefully it has a long long life and the movie is forgotten.
  4. Aw dang. Wish I saw it 😞 Totally missed the stream....
  5. Sal should thank her lucky stars she has Lamont for a scene partner. He's so effortlessly charming, I don't even think she has to act happy around him. He seems like the type of guy everyone is happy just to be around. I haven't liked Hope in a very long time, but I like her in supportive friend mode best so seeing her be there for Rafe and Steve has been a nice change - so long as they don't have her sleep with one of them and ruin it. The "thug" who kidnapped Gabi seemed much more like a librarian or friendly substitute teacher. Just because someone is heavy set and ethnic does not mean they are naturally scary. The Casting Department really dropped the ball. So they're pretty clearly telegraphing already that Claire is as nutty as ever, and I couldn't be more disappointed. I'm happy that Olivia gets to play someone with personality, I just hate that this is what's being done to Claire, who already had a lot of potential as an interesting young heroine who could make mistakes and be rootable. Now that I think about it, the show has no real rootable heroines. Lani is an idiot, Abigail is a nightmare, Ciara is a trashy dolt, Hope is just lifeless, Marlena is repetitive....and they're determined to drag Gabi down as far as they possibly can. So who does that leave us with? Nicole who has lost so much of her spark it's really sad, Kayla who I enjoy but who is turning into Eeyore, and the aforementioned Claire who will probably be setting up bombs this time around and speaking in tongues just to make Ben look extra super duper fantastic and wonderful on his wedding day, because apparently that's how a good redemption arc works 🙄 It's great to see her again but.....ugh...I can hear Ciara's "you cannot trust her! She's Dangerous!!" tone already. I mean how fast did she go from insisting Brady look at her proposal and get back to her ASAP to seeing it in the garbage can and swearing up and down he's trying to destroy the company? She wastes no time overreacting. She'll probably have the mob all riled up to tar and feather Claire before she even sets foot in Salem again... Hey, Ciara? I love Claire and I loathe you. Chew on them apples. And hey, Sarah: if you stay with Xander now after everything you've just found out about him, you are a complete idiot. I mean worse than just a supposedly 40 year old doctor who runs around screaming like a teenager trying to control her first boyfriend. I mean a full-on idiot with no hope of recovery. Don't don't get me wrong, I love Paul Telfer and I love Xander, but I really just want to see Sarah stick to her guns, tell Xander to go to hell and ignore him for like a year. And I'd love to see him just have to deal with that and be involved in some other plotline. There's just no way for them to come back from this as a couple right now. And if they do get back together in the next two weeks, then I'm going to hate Sarah for all of her screaming and yelling. I mean, she broke up with Rex just for cheating on her. Xander tried to steal her unborn child for Kristen! And then he made light of it? Yeah. Slap him again. And then WALK AWAY. No pretending to sleep with Brady to get back at him or make him jealous. Just turn your back, walk away and maybe focus on getting your mother the hell out of Victor's house. The two of you ladies deserve every minute of misery those men visit on you if you stay with them. I didn't hate Missy Reeves in her hospital scenes with Kayla, but I completely hate Jack and Jennifer as a couple. Annoying. I think poor Chad and Eli both would have been better off had they stayed with Gabi. Does anybody else not especially care what happens to Little David? I don't really care. This "can Lani cope with being pregnant" thing....it's just way too emotionally sensitive a storyline for this show and especially for this character. It's like they're trying to make her seem deep and complex and relatable, but I really don't give a hoot. Have it, don't have it, give it to Kristen, give it to Sarah, give it a kick over the 40 yard line....just shut up. She reminds me of one of those kids in high school who's desperate for attention, so they loudly announce they've picked up new hobbies every week or have broken up with some imaginary boyfriend or just start rambling about their life to get you to pay attention to their drama and think they're interesting. "I love JJ so much, you guys. He's the best. He's my everythi....is he sleeping with Gabi?!? Well, F Him! I'm getting with Eli now, baby! He's so damn hot! Didn't you hear? I totally banged him. He's...wait, JJ didn't cheat on me? But, I'm pregnant..! And Eli's the father! Oh man - big drama. Huge. So I guess I have no choice but to lie to JJ about it, right? Right? What did you guys think? Nevermind, I can't talk about it. Just stop! Please, this is too much! I can't bear to tell you anything more...." MONTHS LATER "Hey guys so you'll never believe it but I've become A Nun! Can you believe that? I had no choice. It was like, the Only Way. Yes, I do still have feelings for Eli but it's SO! OVER! I don't want to talk about it! Please - don't ask me what this is doing to me! It's tearing me apart! I'm devoted to Only God Now! Actually, you know what? ANNOUNCEMENT! I've changed my mind and I'm going to go after Gabi and make her pay! The Bitch is going down! I know I was going to be a nun...but now it's Tuesday and I'm going to Kick! Her! Ass! Because Eli's the only one for me! I am going to ride him until dawn and have his babies and be his wife!!! Except....Oh My God you guys! Oh My God!!! I think I'm pregnant again, you guys. Oh geez, this just wasn't what I was expecting. Is this really the right time? I'm so torn! I mean, like, I wanted to have his kids, but I didn't know if I really wanted to have his kids, you know? And remember how I totally miscarried last time? That means this time is even more dramatic. Maybe I should just abort the baby. No really, I'm serious!! Except I totally won't, but maybe I should? I'm going to! Just watch me, I will! No, I won't. No, I'm just kidding! But I might! But I won't. Don't you see how this is tearing me up inside? Oh my God what am I going to do? What do you think I'm going to do? What do you want me to do? Why aren't you asking me what I'm going to do?" ......
  6. What happened to that Bold and the Beautiful actor who was supposed to be joining the show? The one we thought would be the new Philip..?
  7. Clearly being with a spy sucks. How many times have John/Steve/Bo vanished on a case for the ISA? For YEARS? The ISA is insane too. If they aren't helping you cover up your kid's murder, they're sending your kid off to get raped by a drug Lord in the slim hopes that they'll discover legal evidence to help get the drug Lord jailed. Fun!
  8. I don't remember all the details, but I remember Abe warning Jennifer that their families would never be on speaking terms again if Theo died because of JJ's mistake. I think that's a pretty reasonable thing to say, in the heat of the moment. Did he go after JJ in some other fashion that I'm just forgetting about? Today was an almost complete 180 from yesterday. I finally got to see some things I've been waiting for and that made me pretty happy. It's incredible how much the quality of the script can fluctuate one day to the next. I guess it also helps when it's characters I care about on screen versus characters I don't. Thank you for bringing me up to speed on the Ari reference on Monday's episode, RunningMarket. It was really nice to see her with her fathers and mother and I still feel like there's so much story there that they are just not bothering to tell. Hopefully we get some more scenes with that actress because she can actually deliver lines, and I find it hard to believe that they would book her for what pretty much amounts to a half day of work, if that. Fingers crossed she reappears this week to discuss with her parents the idea of having a sibling. I also really like Gabi, Will and Sonny as a parenting trio. Considering how long these three actors have been together on the show, it's so nice to know that they are still in each other's corners, as you were saying. I guess it's too much to hope for that Will would ever sit Gabi down and remind her that Jake/Stefan was a rapist and a creeper and absolutely not worthy of her and is also the reason she is barren? I did think it was a cute moment and a nice reference to history that Gabi reminded Sonny how he never gave up on Will trying to get his memory back either. I LOVED Marlena walking in on Sarah being completely unprofessional and threatening Victor's life. That kind of stuff never happens and I was bracing myself for an episode-long rant. Honestly, Marlena should have probably filed a report against Sarah for her behaviour, but I was just happy that the characters weren't in their own soundproof bubble the way that they can sometimes be. It's very inconsistent in Salem how often people can be within earshot or not. Will smiling as he brought Victor back into the house via wheelchair was strange. I liked the cute joke about him hitting every bump on the way in, but honestly - Will spent months in jail, almost lost his husband and was completely innocent the whole time. This is all the anger Will has to show for that? Did he already yell at Victor and I've just forgotten about it? I think I vaguely remember some scenes in prison where Victor asked him not to throw Maggie under the bus, but I don't think we ever actually got to see Will rip Victor a new one. I just have a hard time believing Will would be smiling upon his return. I'm kind of hoping Maggie asks for a divorce. I don't know how she can respect herself and stay with Victor anymore...but then again I don't want to see her crying again for days on end. Did anybody else enjoy seeing John taking notice of all of the things that are going on in Brady's life lately? I really enjoyed that. Brady, without you even trying, I'm sure you and Ciara can completely destroy Titan faster than Rolfe can bring someone back to life. Read the proposal and just go about your business. Trust me on this. You both suck effortlessly. I actually cringed when Ben suggested she might be the CEO someday. Of what? The Entitlement Division? It's so nice to see Claire back again. It's a shame she's found other work because I really wanted her to stay on the show and be a healed person with better storylines. See looking at the episode overall I think I really enjoyed it just because you felt a sense of family and connection. Marlena and John with Brady and Claire...Will, Sonny, Gabi and Ari...Victor, Maggie and Xander.... You don't always have to write big shocking things, Ron. Sometimes the small ones can have much more impact.
  9. How the hell have Abigail and JJ managed not to get sucked into the Worship Ben Cult? It really pisses me off that Will was forced to forgive, befriend and be the best man for this Nut Job while Abigail and her family are allowed to be pissed at him for all eternity. The writers really do treat the Hortons completely differently. They don't have to forgive anybody, they're always entitled to their feelings and their righteousness, and everybody else can be completely contorted into an unrecognizable shape to serve whatever the narrative is...but not the precious Hortons!
  10. Was it actually a developed storyline on the show, or one-time throwaway line of dialogue?
  11. No, it's rape. He had a gun on her and forced her to do it. She was a hostage. Maybe he told her to put her hands on him, but it wasn't just her life at stake but Lucas' as well. In fact the whole reason Stefano sent him to be with her is pretty much rape to begin with - "control her, get her pregnant, give me the stem cells." Disgusting. It's just another one of those unfortunate situations where the actors got along well and had good chemistry in spite of the fact that the writing suggested that Sami would never want him again. Today was so boring. I don't care one iota about the Justin Kayla situation. The actors look so awkward in the middle of it because there was never any writing done to make them a couple in any real sense. Did we even ever see them post-coital? Sal actually looked like she was crying today. Someone give her a cookie. I still want her off the show, but at least she put in some effort. The Will and Sonny conversation was what I really wanted to see today but I missed most of it. I really wish they would have brought Ari into the scenes. It's incredibly reckless of these two parents who have barely been together since one of them returned from the dead to suggest expanding their family without talking to Ari about it and getting a sense of where she's at emotionally. This show doesn't write for her, Holly, Thomas and his sister (what's her name?), Tate or David in any consistent way....
  12. At the bottom of the article linked above there was a headline about Nicole dying in a fire and I just about threw my phone at the wall. I heard there was a death this summer, but I absolutely did not think it would be her and I was about ready to come on here and completely lose my shit.... ...and then I saw that it was a headline from 2018. LOL 🙄 Don't you dare do that to me, Show.
  13. So, I'm watching through the 10th anniversary concert of Les Miserables for the first time, and as the little girl is singing Castle on a Cloud, there's clearly a gunshot sound and she jumps about a foot, but continues singing like a total Pro. WTH happened? Did one of the prop guns go off backstage? And on a separate note, I am so happy Hairspray Live went up this weekend. I was just looking for clips of it last week. I totally love the live version. The movie is pretty good but the cast in the live version is so much better, with Derek Hough instead of James Marsden being the only exception.
  14. I am legit going to THROW UP. ...I cannot wrap my head around this on a normal day, but today it's especially making my blood boil that the show is propping up a killer. Eli or Eric or heck, even Kayla and Justin could have gotten married at the church, but no. It's Ben, the necktie killer, with the whole town in tow. What the hell is happening to this show? What the hell are they thinking? What the hell? What the hell?! And sure, go ahead and fire the gay couple and prop up the serial killer. But first, let's make sure the gay man the serial killer murdered is up there at the altar as his best man. Makes me sick.
  15. Oh please no. Knock on wood.
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