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  1. See, I didn't, even though I like seeing characters mix who don't normally share scenes. I didn't enjoy this basically because they hand-waved their history in order for Xander to vent, for the fake proposal joke (which wasn't funny) and for Claire to give him advice. I'm sorry, but if the thug who took me hostage at gunpoint and shot my grandmother at her wedding crossed my path, I'd kick him in the balls, throw a chair at him for good measure and run the other way...especially if he was too drunk to fight back. I realize Claire is in no position to assault someone, but to her Xander sho
  2. Nononononononono!!! Don't put that OUT there!
  3. Nicole sleeping with Xander....would be awful...but interesting...if done right.
  4. ...but is the physical production changed? I've heard Cameron has tinkered with the show...made it more like the awful tour....
  5. Claire is related to Xander? Wow. Yeah, I guess she is. But he still held her at gunpoint. Wutta guy. Hope she brings that up.
  6. Police Commissioner Rafe housing and dating slimey Ava is no better. I'm looking away from this entire storyline.
  7. I feel so badly for LK. I remember her doing an interview at the Daytime Emmys saying how there was a "really good" story coming up for Kate that would air in six month's time. I think it was her teaming up with Theresa and Nicole to run Basic Black. And even that fizzled out. She hasn't had a good story since her and Sami took over the DiMansion. And she deserves one.
  8. 😳😳😳😳😳 I'm sorry what? Say that again please, I don't think I caught that...
  9. Have they verbally addressed the change? Its so....stark. When they changed the Kiriakis mansion at least they just repainted, and said it was Bonnie's doing. This is a full reno situation.
  10. I just noticed the classic stairwell behind Jake...so this white room is really supposed to be the new DiMera living room? How did they explain the change? I mean they've lost the door to the garden and the passage to the...kitchen? Whatever was back there...and no piano?
  11. ...really? I found Paulina's delivery unforgivable. She can't deliver her lines cleanly or humorously. It's like her tongue is fighting the script and she compensates by acting worked up. I'll be skipping her scenes from now on. I'm not! Poor Paul sat there at that table with a face that read "I've been on this show 6+ years and they stick me with this?" He was propping up their scene just by being in it. Im so glad Xander is now free to have a better storyline. Get Ben to prop up Chanel and her Outraged! Mamma! Where is Justin these days?
  12. If Ron was wise, he'd take the hint and write his version of Kristen out. There's plenty of other characters he can turn into cheap cartoon villains, right? Wait...the actress who plays Chanel is named Precious? Did not know. Guess the DOOL gig is always just a fallback for these kids.
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