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  1. I don't disagree but with so many people seemingly in his corner (and blowing smoke up his....ahem) RSW doesn't have to do much more than sit there comfortably as the show contorts itself to accommodate his awful character (and mediocre skills). When you think about it, VK is in the more precarious position - I definitely think the show values him over her. So her playing up how awesome they are and gushing her way through all their scenes might be a reaction to that. Sure, she's Bo and Hope's kid, but the show does precious little with ShawnD and has made "why is he still here?" Ben the
  2. I have to agree - that was the most likeable the character has been in the last ten years. Deidre gave it exactly what it needed. Thanks for the Marlena recap - I also never found her especially compelling as much as a default lead. Interesting to hear the perspective of someone who was there to see it play out from the beginning.
  3. Who knows if DOOL can afford craft services these days. Let the poor man eat!
  4. I have realized I have really wonderful neighbors - a family who are always happy to chat and remarkably upbeat. I helped them hang some Xmas lights the other day and it was just so nice. It's amazing how rare casual kindness/friendliness is. When you find it though it's like being able to exhale. Very life affirming.
  5. Well sure. Ben has always been really good at managing unhealthy behaviors.
  6. I suppose since she took time off for her movie she still has to honor the full duration of the 12 months. So...that means...4 more months of Sami? 5? Neither do I and OMG I totally forgot about the couch.
  7. Yup. She's back. And she brought Chick-Fil-A for everyone!
  8. I really don't get why Lucas is absent.
  9. The kids are definitely a plus. We should be seeing them all on the regular. I don't believe Lucas would kidnap Sami. Too weird. He is supposed to be very wealthy though, just like Kate.
  10. Gabi is hot and Jake has nothing better to do? Loving how pro-John and Kristen y'all are being! Finally, I don't feel alone in thinking the show made a huge mistake letting Eileen get away all those years ago. I suppose in a way ED has won. Her every return is a celebration. But yeah, she and Drake were dreamy. Every time ED walked behind the pillar I thought they'd have a visual effect so she'd emerge in different clothing. I guess that's too much effort for the editing/effects team. Sad that those primitive visual morphs they did in the '90s are better than what little they're doin
  11. Ok....but DevilKristen so far has been DevilSusan having morphed. And it seems like DevilMarlena is being tied to the bed perhaps to be exorcised....so would that mean DevilMarlena morphed into DevilKristen on the bed? I actually think Eric will bring the seriousness back to this mess...maybe. His appearance in the trailer was certainly chilling. Is Fake Belle maybe...Jan possessed and morphed while still in her coma..?
  12. 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏 to Eileen for rocking that bod so damn hard. The rape of Eric was awful in that the show thought it was titillating.....but it makes sense to revisit it here because of course the Devil would love a priest getting raped, so I'll forgive it. ....is it supposed to be Marlena as Kristen though? Tempting Eric? 🤢
  13. Maybe we're getting a whole episode of Leo, Bonnie, Susan and Paulina yapping at each other. The Devil's work! I'll bet this frickin baby is born on Xmas morn. And the whole town cries and thanks God.
  14. Yes, exactly. But also....*bites tongue* 😁 Your wording there. Don't bait me like that! Yeah, not a fan of "I'm super upset so here's my virginity" as a rule.
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