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  1. John/Drake's tics are the eyebrow, the "kid", the "that's a fact" and the gruff whisper. I vastly prefer seeing him in happy family man mode.
  2. Woah...Nic stalked Melanie? Dude had issues.
  3. Having now finished watching all the episodes of Beyond Salem, I can definitely say that there were a few things I did really enjoy seeing. Chad hanging out with Will and Sonny was long overdue. I've always liked them as a trio....although I found it kind of weird seeing not only Chad but the show's card-carrying gay couple acting completely terrified inside a gay club. I realize Will only kinda-sorta participated in gay culture at the outset of his coming out story - and even then not so much - but it felt really weird having him look panicked and out of place in a gay environment. It wa
  4. I'm guessing if Deidre warned us about it in advance that means she wasn't having much fun doing it....so the footage should be really excellent 🙄 At least in the 90s she seemed to be enjoying herself a bit. ...it's really dense of them to take their aging matriarch and put her into demon makeup and think she'd enjoy it. She barely seemed to tolerate the Hattie stuff...
  5. I read your post before watching the episodes - thank you for pointing this out. I would have missed it otherwise...it was such a quick moment, but a genuine one. Carrie really should be a main player on DOOL...under a different head writer.
  6. Thanks to someone here ;) and someone random on the interwebs I was finally able to start watching this series. I finished episode 3 and.. ...guys, I'm really trying to enjoy it but yikes, does Ron understand he's writing for adults? Or even for other people? It really feels like he's just making himself happy. I felt more embarrassment over watching this than enjoyment 😳 Yes, there were appreciated nods to history but the tone is so....silly/hokey. Positives? Billie having a negative reaction to Ben and caring that he killed her nephew. Yes! That's how a normal person w
  7. ....I was going to say there's something real cheesy about this one....but then I clicked and saw the rest of the picture and.....yeah....I got nothing negative to say now. 😳😳😳😳☺☺☺☺ Interesting. Never knew that. Definitely a bit tacky to jump on that.
  8. I want to give credit to the actors in the storyline, but I can't get into Xen at all. She's been too flimsy and irritating a presence for too long. Sorry Gwen. If you had just been introduced as an evil nanny/secret aunt, that would have worked better. Matt A really needs to calibrate his reactions. Julie wasn't being mauled by dogs. Take it down a notch, man. Loved Xander and the shaving cream. Old school humor. Cute. I had to leave during the endless Cin scenes, but I caught her flippantly saying Grandpa gave her a job at Titan again because...of course he did. He's "Team Cia
  9. Boy I sure do look forward to seeing this....yes I do....shame I can't see it through the normal means. ...guess I'll just *sigh* sort through my inbox here in the meantime. *cough* Yeah, I wasn't expecting much from LR but really...what character is there to Billie anyway? What was her personality back in the day? It shifted a lot from actress to actress and plotline to plotline from what I remember. *stares at inbox, semi-patiently* 😉
  10. Really? Huh. When was this stated...I don't remember mention being made of Sarah at all for the longest time during those years..
  11. I'm expecting embarrassing camp. The episode descriptions make it sound bonkers. But hey...take your pleasures where you can.
  12. ...or have friends? Who can *cough* find ways to *cough cough* assist us in *sneeze* seeing it somehow *belch* ? I am not worthy. 🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪 John and Brady aren't either. Ruin my life next, please!
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