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  1. I could not believe how bland Lani was on Friday during that showdown between her and Gabi in the hospital. When the writers give you that kind of awesome material and you don't even change your vocal inflections? What a waste. Sal - your job was to show how annoyed your character was to be forced to beg, while also recognizing that Gabi's pain was motivating her unfair treatment of you. You totally failed on both counts.
  2. How did Jamie leave the show? It must have been around the time he and Marley were together, right? Did the rape cause them to break up..? I only knew that RKK had gotten involved with a really young woman on Days who he ended up marrying. I didn't know anything else about Diva Behavior. It's strange, because he definitely had a presence on both Days and Another World and was obviously very handsome and charismatic. You would think with everything he had going for him he would just be polite to people and not ruffle any feathers. He could have had a very long career in soaps. Thanks for explaining that bit about the show possibly pairing up Amanda and Jake again. In watching old clips online, I saw some where it seemed like Amanda and Jake were getting close again and others where it seemed Amanda and Shane were getting close. I didn't hate the actress who played Amanda during that time, but she just was saddled with such bad stories. Her pretending to be Sidney Prescott and creating a fake affair for Carl was gross and Matt covering it up wasn't any better. (Interesting how Iris was villifed for going to extreme lengths to stop Rachel's marriage to Carl, and yet Matt and Amanda went to similar extremes a short while later, and Iris' name never came up. Yes, I'm still a little bitter that Iris wasn't brought back after being sent off to jail.) But then Amanda just also seemed like this woman who couldn't get a date to save her life, either from Jake or Shane. In the span of a couple of years she went from being a powerful CEO type with a young daughter and a senator for husband, to a gal with no responsibilities and no man who people seemed to either look down on or pity. I'm so glad Sandra Ferguson came back because things seem to completely turn around once she did. I have to admit she always seemed very happy on screen. She had a wonderful smile and I liked how much she looked like Victoria Wyndham while still looking unique.
  3. I would really like to believe what Ari said about Nicole bring more secure in her relationship with Eric. At least that's how Ari has been playing it so far. Hopefully Ron doesn't screw that up.
  4. Ben for Christmas. Twice. Couldn't it have been coal instead?
  5. It just seems like Judi gets to have more fun playing Bonnie. Adrienne has been either boring or kind of nasty the last few years I've been watching. I didn't know her from before. I just remember her disapproving of Will and Sami in a rather over-the-top way, dating Lucas even though they had no chemistry, dealing with the breast cancer stuff for the few weeks in which the show deemed that necessary, and then out of nowhere running back to Justin. Oh right, and working for the newspaper, which must be a black hole because since she took that job we've barely seen her.
  6. I would really enjoy being able to watch a few episodes from yesteryear where Julie was openly against David and Valerie as a couple. It's not pleasant that one of the show's longest-running characters is somewhat racist, but it is interesting and I would enjoy having a more clear idea of exactly how that manifested itself back in the day. If anybody knows of any links online to where some of those old episodes might be, please message me.
  7. I'm already there. Yeah I agree with you. The "Kristen swaps everyone's babies thing" was probably fake. Although, I wonder if Ron will honour history and have Kristen miscarry her child and then steal one of the other lady's....or whether she and Brady will be proud parents after the jump.
  8. I hate how they're writing pretty much every member of that family as wanting to be CEO. Back in the day, certain characters had business expertise and others didn't. It wasn't like all of the kids were thinking they had the skills needed to run a corporation just because of their last name.
  9. What secret is Nicole keeping from Eric? I'm confused. Wow. Ben orders a hit on his own sister. I guess that's okay now because she's "completely insane" right? That justifies everything. Never mind that this is the girl who risked her life to free you from your psychotic father and travelled the country raising you as best she could. Ugh. Everything Been touches just dies. The Anna/Tony stuff has me interested. I can never tell how long they are sticking around on the show, and I like them popping in and out semi-regularly. I still don't think Tony needed to be brought back from the dead, but I like Anna. It's too bad Carrie isn't around.
  10. Bless you Canary. I figured I'd be alone in my OG Bristen corner 🙂
  11. Art. Don't tell me you've forgotten that one time back in 2013 when Kristen bought Brady a painting by an artist he really loved? How could you possibly forget that? ...it's only the foundation of Brady's entire character. He loves art. By that one guy. That one time. And Kristen remembered. Eternal bonds.
  12. They should have done some more work to justify Gabi actually falling in love with Stefan, but overall I agree. She does feel the most like an old-school soap character. She kind of reminds me of Lila from Another World's last few years. Lisa Peluso had a lot of fun with that character. But yeah, they need to stop torturing her. It would be so much cooler to see Kristen moving into the Kiriakis Mansion if it was Eileen Davidson. Am I the only one who hates that we're kind of getting the Kristen Brady reunion here in the way we always wanted, but with the wrong actress and with a lot of crappy writing coming beforehand? I legit would have gone for Kristen and Brady getting back together and moving in under Victor's roof if it was like 2017 and she hadn't kidnapped Theresa's baby and all of that stuff since hadn't happened... I really liked domestic Kristen and Brady.
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