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  1. OhSayNow

    S11.E02: Good God Girl, Get Out

    I assumed that the queens were each representing their actual sign. I thought Nina should have been in the top. I loved her performance, though her runway was forgettable.
  2. I feel sick. This is such a bullshit witch hunt, and it just makes me fucking angry. Too angry to type anything substantive . . . On a positive note, I voted today.
  3. OhSayNow

    S02.E08: All Stars Supergroup

    NOOOOO!! Even though I knew this was going to be the ultimate outcome, especially after the half hearted redemption edit that Alaska got this evening, I really wanted a win for Katya. You are the winner of my heart, Katya!
  4. OhSayNow

    S02.E07: Family That Drags Together

    I am over Alaska after that temper tantrum, it is all fun and games until it doesn't go your way...ugh. Katya, please win! I did enjoy all the family stuff, but it was overshadowed by the end. Katya should have won that lip sync. Alyssa was very gracious at the end, especially considering the weird fake crying that Detox was doing. I actually feel for Roxxy, it seems like she is ready to go home and is almost embarrassed by being saved continually.
  5. OhSayNow

    S02.E06: Drag Fish Tank

    Boo. Roxxy should be long gone by this point in the competition. So glad Katya stuck with her plan, her ad was amazing. I am worried we are going to end up with a Rolaskatox top three...
  6. OhSayNow

    S02.E05: Revenge Of The Queens

    I found this article explaining that Logo wants to keep this episode for themselves. Blergh, I wish they would at least allow VH1 to air it at a later date. My cable company moved Logo to a higher package, so I am super bummed.
  7. OhSayNow

    S03.E09: Big Fat Breakup

  8. OhSayNow

    S03.E09: Big Fat Breakup

    This show always gets me up and walking while I watch... Just like 600 lb life. Thanks, Whitney! Now I am going to add a push up for every excuse that Whitney gives.
  9. OhSayNow

    S08.E09: The Realness

    It was so refreshing to watch a reality competition where I really liked all of the final four contestants! It was hard to see Chi Chi go, but it felt like the right decision. Naomi and Kim have really been coming into their own the last few episodes, where Chi Chi has stagnated a bit. Naomi has surprised me the most this season. She was amazing in the avant-garde section of the video!
  10. OhSayNow

    S05.E12: Prince of Prints

    Add me to the chorus glad to see Sam gone. That mesh, ye gads! I really hope Ken can pull out a win in the finale... I never would have believed I would type those words at the beginning of the season, but he has really come a long way since his season.
  11. OhSayNow

    S05.E09: A Touch Of Style

    It is a good thing I live alone, because every time someone said 'athleisure' I wanted to punch somebody in the face.
  12. OhSayNow

    S08.E03: RuCo Empire

    Can I just say that I am loving the continued presence of Bob's purse from episode one! A big meh on Naysha coming back, she won't last long.
  13. OhSayNow

    S05.E05: Birthday Suits

    Why do I watch this show? Sam should have left. Also, WTF was with everyone acting as if the naturalists never ever wear clothes... Clothes being 'out of their comfort zone.' Blerg.
  14. OhSayNow

    S05.E04: Fashion 911

    I can't believe that Mitchell's look was safe! I laughed every time that I saw it, it was beyond ridiculous, and it was not even in the bottom...GAH!
  15. Ugh, Heidi, go away. I fast forwarded through even more of this episode than usual.