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  1. The guys looked real bad in all the polls. A viewer asked why Asston was acting like he's contrite now, but has been trashing Kate on social media since the season started. He also said he was working on his self, but did not need professional counselling. Andy confirmed there will be a reunion. Can't wait. Hope Andy comes hard at the guys like he has been doing with certain ho wives.
  2. I wasn't going to record it, but can't wait to see how he reacts to the poll results.
  3. Because Kenya is messy as hell. And loves to start shit. Yes, Kenya is jealous of Tanya. Tanya is a successful business person who doesn't have to pull stunts (like at Marlo's wig party) to get attention for her company. Kenya had to imitate Tanya twice on the bus. Now's she starting trouble between Tanya and her man, even if the cheating rumor is true.
  4. You mean Duck Face from 4 Weddings and a Funeral? Edward and Eleanor are villainous, but they have little choice but to make sure They either inherit money, or Edward marries wealthy. Since Eleanor is poor, she will have problems making a match. That one guy likes her though, but I don't know if for marrying. Plus, she only has eyes for her step brother. Is there a Howard's End forum?
  5. I think that was her goal on this show and also to make Kary's husband look bad. I feel for her because of LeeAnn's racism, but that is where my sympathy ends. Ron and Ben, from Watch What Crappens, saw Kary at Leeann's wedding, not knowing she was part of the cast, and determined she was thirsty.
  6. I thought the same thing about Victoria's design. I don't get all the hoopla about her.
  7. I've seen albino deer at a local wild life park where I live. Haven't seen a stag though.
  8. Between this show and Real Howives of Dallas, I've heard the term ping pong show more than I have ever had my whole 62 years of life. Oh, and got to hear the word donkey show also. I'm with Courtney and would not have left on my own either. Kevin, your meals did not look that good. Even Master Pearson got bored and acted up. I would never think of eating Greek food (or Italian) while on a Yacht in Thailand.
  9. Not to be shallow, but that wig Cynthia wore to her opening, was the worst I've seen her in a long time. Her braids she wore before she changed clothes looked better. She also looked fabulous when she met with Marlo. Maybe she is like Kandi, and looks better when she does her own hair and makeup. Glad Marc is calling Kenya on her lies. I'm sure he is fed up with her pathological lying and regrets marrying her without knowing her true nature. I'm one who doesn't feel like he is all that mean to her. I feel like she is trying to make him look bad, baiting him. Bet Nene made Marlo stop at the Publix and pick up those cheese trays on the way to the party. I agree flowers would be nicer. That's what most people send to a business opening. Also I think she sent it knowing that at least she would be talked about even though she wouldn't be there. And Nene wasn't invited, right? This way it made Cynthia look petty for not inviting her.
  10. Your right. I forgot that. Well, you can either save your face or your ass. I guess she picked her ass.
  11. So Abby says she read and loved Little Women, tells a major spoiler, (not for me because it's was a beloved childhood book that I have read many times) and then later twice gave the wrong name of the character who the spoiler was about. She even said the wrong name after corrected. What an idiot. She looked like a fool to Greta Gerwig. At least MM kept her mouth shut most of the interview. I guess since the movie doesn't involve politics or her family, it was boring to her. Also glad MM wasn't there for the 1619 segment. I was actually able to learn something without listening to her drone on.
  12. No way the doctor would have told Shannon she could drink if there was any possibility that she had a concussion.
  13. I thought what a dumb ass. I don't answer any phone calls unless I know the caller. They willl leave a message if it's important. Scary that people get Joy's number and call her house. Once had a co worker's mother get a scam phone call saying she won publisher's clearinghouse. Luckily my coworker went home and stopped the crooks from getting any money from her mother.
  14. So I googled and Toronto's Carnival is in July and Aug. I wondered why people would want to walk around half naked in February or March . Guess it's not associated with Lent.
  15. Kevin was an asshole taking the wine out of the walk in refrigerator. I still think someone who knows Kate was in his ear before the season even started. Laughed out loud when someone commented he had a dad bod at the pool. Kate shouldn't have thrown the clothes on the floor, but I can see how she is over the frat boy, asshole behavior of the male crew members. Tanner is a black out drunk,which isn't a good thing. He didn't remember texting Simone to come to his bed. And the dancing with those skanky looking dancers was just gross. And to say he's being interrogated because she didn't like him talking about their private time to the rest of the crew. Finally, I think his mom keeps calling him so that she can be famous like Collin's mom. Except Tanner and his mom, it's just icky. Joking about getting hookers pregnant. Yuck!
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