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  1. I see Franchesca offering whole grain bread and corn bread in a basket. So, Rachel works sick, Izzy works sick, Ashling works sick. Elizabeth whines and says she probably won't be able to work because she has an uti. Just hope it's not chlamydia or another std from James. If Ashling didn't have diarrhea also, I would say Rachel's was caused by being drunk for those several days. Also, Elizabeth still doesn't get the work flow. She would drive me nuts if I had to work with her.
  2. So Porsha and Marlo both gave 5 thousand. And Ken is so jealous of Porsha. Wonder how much she gave. Tired of her shitting on everything .
  3. " The part of Jeremy is now being played by Dick York"
  4. I see both Delores and Rachel's drunkenness as equally embarassing. And Delores especially is old enough to know better. The jumping off the tender was just an FU to captain Lee. Izzy is not jealous. I would have been really pissed if someone in my cabin was having sex when I needed to sleep. And Izzy recently came out as a lesbian. So She might be jealous of James, but not Elizabeth. Pretend they all work at a firm. You share an office with James. Would you want him having sex, by your desk, while you were trying to work? And should you just change your office so your coworkers can have sex all day while they should be working. To me it's the same difference. No jealousy at play there.
  5. Cynthia was still saying that she thought Biden would be at the party when she was on WWHL. Doesn't she know it would have been a fund raiser if he appeared? Not just go to a D list celebrity party.
  6. Haven’t been able to try on clothes in stores for months where I live.
  7. Read his book. He’s lived an interesting life.
  8. I think maritime law says they should have.
  9. He should just leave her. Captain Sandy would probably complain that the the slide and other toys weren't out for the lady to play with.
  10. Captain Lee at his finest tonight!
  11. We sure don't see anyone throwing a party for Kenya, do we? I can see why Lauren did not want Kenya there. Last season Kenya lied about being there for when either Lauren or Shamea went into labor. Kenya said she was the first one called I think. This was at Porsha's fundraiser for March of Dimes. Kenya had to have the attention on her. Kenya is a miserable person.
  12. Not knowing it was based on Miranda, I figured out it was based on Miranda right away. I used to watch Miranda on PBS. It was pretty funny. This show was ok. I'll keep on watching just to see if it improves.
  13. Main character on Shameless. Alcoholic, drug addict. Tries to get everything paid for him.
  14. I know. I can't take it. Can you imagine that voice as your are drifting off, under anesthesia? Also, so irresponsible to be filming this show, in the middle of a pandemic. She is putting her coworkers and patients at risk. She does seem very wealthy. Wonder if she comes from wealth, or if it's from being an anesthesiologist? What does her husband do for a living?
  15. He's the Frank Gallagher of the Housewife Franchise.
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