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  1. Regarding if EB had radiation treatment :https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/History_of_radiation_therapy
  2. Sometimes I think these show's All Stars are more who is available to film. Not just Drag Race either.
  3. They should film the talking heads using crazy filters. That would make it more interesting! Turn them into cartoon characters. 😁
  4. Sandy reminded me of my old manager. It was a snowy day. We made it in to work, barely. My manager as a thank you, tells the nurse's aid to defrost the refrigerator. Guess she didn't think she was busy enough after risking her life to come to work. Sandy bitching to Jess about the messy laundry, I think that would be low priority with being short of help. But then, it is a super yacht, eye roll. Loved all the film of the crew enjoying the little ones. Looks like Hannah will be a great mom. Thought they were going to edit Pete out. Guess they didn't have time yet.
  5. And the drug abuse probably caused his congestive heart failure. We had a local case where someone , on drugs, died after being tazed, Live PD showed a lot of good things that police do for the community. It also showed occasionally when too much force was used. Or was in my opinion at times.
  6. I have only two words to say about the first case Wednesday. Red fez
  7. I admit I ff'd through most of the first case, because I have no sympathy for people who spend big bucks on animals and for people who loves their animals so much that they turn them into a breeding machine. Go to shelters and adopt people! Surprised Harvey didn't say that also. Second case, was kind of confused on who did what to who, except food got left out of refrigerator. And someone was accused of witch craft. Also, always get a receipt.
  8. She probably would have locked the door behind Hannah. If Hannah is fired and Lara is promoted, I'm through with this show.
  9. Just read that Cops was cancelled and they are weighing if LIve PD will return. They show so many good things the police do on this show. It is Weekend must see tv for hubby and me.
  10. I work with someone who took a family trip to Waverly last year. She said she did see something, but it was in an area that they were not allowed to take photos. So, she was skeptical.
  11. I can't imagine anyone having a job for long talking to their boss that way. Wonder if Lara was the only stew when she was "chief" stew on the other yachts. Probably another person that embellished the resume. I think she has a superiority complex and thinks she is just too cool to do actual work. Hope she doesn't last long. I know most people don't like Hannah, but I don't see where she did anything wrong with Lara.. Lara has argued about every single task she has been given to do. I'd have her scrubbing the toilets with a tooth brush. Compared to Jenna, Hannah looks like the best chief stew ever. Don't like the lead deck hands attitude either. I was hoping they make her walk the plank with no rescue!
  12. She should contact Ebay and do a charge back. That is what we do when when packages are lost.
  13. I thought so too, Especially since I was on the computer when the case came on, and heard the voice first, before I saw her. Not that it matters either way. Did anyone notice the ask Harvey a law question. The lady skyped in her question. Harvey didn't know the answer.
  14. Didn't she poop on the floor in Cartegna? Did it sound like Dorinda was talking to Leah, about Richard, in the present tense? She mentioned some thing he did like he still did.
  15. That's because Leah is stealing her schtick. She's the messy, drunk one. She can't stand the camera on someone else. Loved the flash back of everyone acting drunk messy, through the years, including LuAnn threatening to kill the police officer.
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