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  1. I wondered about that too. She probably did with her other mental issues. I hope Bianca's sisters are ok.
  2. That's not Ma Kettle. That's the painting American Gothic. I still say that Lexi got her wig from Drew on Real Housewives of Atlanta. It was truly sad too.
  3. I would watch a show that comprises only of Josh Flagg showing old Hollywood homes including their history. I admit I google some of these homes because they seem so spectacular. I also look them up on google maps. Better yet, someone fly me to LA and let me hang out with Josh. He seems to get along well with his elders, so we would have a great time. Loved his banter with the Nicky lady who he toured that house with.
  4. Came here to see if anyone has heard anything about this? https://www.eonline.com/news/1296833/real-housewives-mary-cosby-charged-with-unlawfully-providing-shelter-to-runaway
  5. Ding Ding Ding! I feel this is exactly the thing with Ramona. I don't think Sonja has really been with any man we've seen on the show. All fake. Did anyone see that sparkly strip of fabric hanging off Sonja's dress? It reminded me of toilet paper stuck in ones pants, hanging down.
  6. My hubby was grossed out by the removal of the growth on that man's feet. I, however, found it satisfying and wanted to help. The second food dried out and thus bled. They should have left it wrapped with warm compresses while working on the other foot. Hope the growths don't come back.
  7. That would have been great. I love Kathy.
  8. I know. Plastic headbands can hurt.
  9. Phyllis Diller could have been done a lot better. She didn't even do her signature laugh. No mention of fang. No mention of her plastic surgeries. I could have done Phyllis better. Kylie did Dolly good, but Dolly would never wear a dress that short. Eureka really looked like Devine. I think she should have won. Sad to see Pandora go, but Kim Cattrell was just blah. My first recollection of Kim Catrell was in a movie called Porky's. She played a character nicknamed Lassie. Because she howled, like a dog, when she had sex. Now that would have been funny. Finally, Ru seems to laugh
  10. Maybe Michael consulted with Sonja Morgan about being a movie producer. I can see it going the same way as her. I also wondered if he would be producing gay male porn. As a oncology nurse, I have a dim view of Chiropractors. I had a patient being treated by one, for back pain, that ended up paralyzed because she had a tumor in her back.
  11. Maybe Mia sent a cyst and decease letter.
  12. Did you see the guy kiss a gator on the mouth? Someone on WWHL mentioned Nicholas being gay bashed. Here is the story: https://www.theashleysrealityroundup.com/2021/07/15/family-karma-star-amrit-kapai-says-his-fiance-nicholas-kouchoukos-was-attacked-by-a-stranger-moments-after-the-couples-proposal-aired-on-this-weeks-episode/ No surprise that Brian broke up with Monica 2.0. They didn't seem to want the same things in life.
  13. I figured they were paid fuck boys. It looked like a few of them were drooling over the male strippers. At least we didn't get a rendition of Lu singing happy birthday like Marilyn Monroe. If you mean talking head, I read in Brian Moylan's book that they film those scenes in front of a blue screen.
  14. I guarantee that if Hannah had been there partying, she would have been lurking around the corner ready to call her out for being drunk. Also, how close is the boat docked to other boats. I'd be pissed if I was trying to sleep next boat over and had to hear that drunken noise. Hope they didn't keep Duska awake. Malia on WWHL said if Lexi was part of the deck crew, she would have fired her. I noticed Lexi said first she had a biology degree and was going to be a nurse. ( we don't want her). Then she said physics. I read a blind item that was supposed to be about her that said th
  15. I wondered the same thing. Or, maybe I just read too much of Reddit's Just No Mother-in-law. JNMIL.
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