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  1. howiveaddict

    S04.E12: Don't Cry for Me, Sirocco

    June would have stood there making orange juice and let the ship burn down around her. She saw the smoke and did nothing. She was mad because her fame whore time on television was ending. Why would they let Ana go, when Ana was helping out by cooking. June acts like someone who has always been pampered and not ever told no.
  2. howiveaddict

    S14.E02: (Not So Happy) Housewarming

    I thought last season Emily was introduced as a party planner and a lawyer. How come then it's so hard to plan a little party for her inlaws? Especially since she didn't have to cook. Not interestered in Braunwyn's mother either. Not in to the so so quirky types. Here in Indiana, she would stand out like a sore thumb. Of course, that is what she's aiming for.
  3. howiveaddict

    Season 1 All Episodes Talk: Mom

    I had previously watched later seasons on CBS. Recently my hubby and I have been binging the early seasons on , I think Paramount Network. We started this with season 2, went through all the seasons they have ending with Christy getting into Law School episode. Now we are on Season one. It's a good summer respite from other recent reruns on the networks.
  4. howiveaddict

    S14.E02: (Not So Happy) Housewarming

    When Gina said she was going to go reapply her makeup, did anyone else think she meant going into the bathroom to do coke? I fast forward through her home scenes. Can't stand her. Braunwyn's husband looks like he has had too much work done to his face. I also get a gay vibe from him for some reason. I didn't think Shannon's daughter's dress was too short. Of course, I grew up in the early 70s. Also, never too much Archie!
  5. howiveaddict

    S04.E11: Monte Car-loco

    I would have had both and called it a sampler platter. Why doesn't the yacht have some type of bbq grill to fix things like burgers, steaks? It would make them taste a lot better. Travis could grill while Anastasia made the fries. Or visa versa.
  6. howiveaddict

    S04.E11: Monte Car-loco

    That would make me mad. If Aesha was male and rubbed her crotch and a female co worker's crotch, there would be a lot more people offended. It would definitely be a HR issue in a normal work environment, on a group outing or not. It borders on sexual assault. I find her behavior very offensive. And I would have felt the same when I was in my 20s. Am I am not a sexual prude by any means.
  7. howiveaddict

    Season 4 Discussion

    Liked this episode even though I figured out right away who the murderer was. Glad will didn't decide to move back home but, was realistic about the farm. Hope he doesn't move his mother in with him. I seem to be one of the few who like Will.
  8. howiveaddict

    S06.E13 Outfoxed

    When I hear fox hunt, I think of this scene in Mame. Also, why was Craig wearing a scarf on his head, like an old peasant woman wearing a Babushka?
  9. howiveaddict

    S14.E01: New Friend, New Flames

    And if it's leaked,we'll know LVP did it. 🤭 I would have loved to be a fly, on the wall, when Vicki found out she was demoted.
  10. howiveaddict

    Season 4 Discussion

    Bing was horrible to his first set of children, including beatings. I think they all ended up alcoholics. Second set, in later years, I think he had mellowed by then. Wasn't his daughter the one who played the actress who shot JR Ewing? On topic, is seemed like Will's father lived in the feudal era. Beating his servant. Also, I'm surprised Leonard and the Bishop didn't call for hanging of the little girl who stole. Isn't that what they did back in the old days to theives? Wonder if she will have a back story where she stole to feed her family.
  11. howiveaddict

    S04.E13: Opening Old Wounds

    Except Gizelle won't feel bad. She'll gloat about it. Those crab legs didn't look like King Crab. They looked like the kind you get on a buffet and they are so small it takes you 15 minutes to crack, the shells and get enough meat out for a bite.
  12. howiveaddict

    Season 4 Discussion

    I guess the guy was internally bleeding and it all came out when he removed the nail. I guess Will hasn't watched enough crime shows to know that anytime the criminal wants to clean up before going to jail, they shoot themselves. And in today's world, no way would a criminal be left alone before taking him to jail. I don't think Will's father would have been charged with pre meditated murder. Maybe assault or man slaughter. Especially since he seemed to have the sheriff on his side with the issue with the employee he hit.
  13. howiveaddict

    S11.E20: Reunion Part 3

    Lu probably went into nursing to get her Mrs Dr. I'm a nurse and know of many who have done that. They don't care if the Dr is already married. Then Lu went on to modeling. Always looking for the next best thing, look how fast she dumped her fiance when she met the Count.
  14. howiveaddict

    S11.E20: Reunion Part 3

    But Dorinda is the one who takes a nap (passes out) every day. I thought by being in Chicago, she means if she fails her probation, she will be in her own jail cell. In her mind she's turned it into a Broadway production. Baloney sandwiches included.
  15. howiveaddict

    S11.E20: Reunion Part 3

    Well, she's already slept in the fish room!