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  1. Well, Sonja did say she wanted to go to a nursing home. Production probably figured out and executed the burning man theme. Why has no one commented on that shirt with pasties that Ramona wore? She really has changed from the prudish noodle she was first season.
  2. I don't know if Kandi was getting sleepy, but her eyes looked a little crossed/wonky at time. Could be her trying to see through all that mascara. And I'm a big Kandi fan. Or maybe she, like the others, was just waiting for the time she could unleash her puppies from her top. Everyone looked like their breasts were about to explode. Kenya is still a horrible person. Loved that shade when Andy got everyone a crab cake. I think Kenya is just jealous of Porsha's popularity. Also Porsha has her Chatroom show.
  3. More proof they aren't really together.
  4. They do seem want you to get extra things done. My dentist has people who also do botox at the office. And she wanted my husband to get all his filllings replaced before they started coming out. His fillings are about 40 years old and he has not had trouble with them day one. Eye doctors push lasik surgery. However, there are plenty of physicians who do extra things like botox to make money. . My former doctor sold my friend diet supplements. I guess there is a level of MLM in all professions.
  5. I like Joey Jay's video best also. Do you think he's gay?
  6. Did some sleuthing on Mark Winger and found this: https://newschannel20.com/news/local/woman-finally-tells-her-side-of-the-story-two-decades-after-springfield-double-murder
  7. She’s incapable of having a calm rational debate about anything.
  8. I live in Indiana and still remember details about these murders. Never heard about the defendant’s behavior during the trial though.
  9. Is this the same guy who only shot the guy, in the leg, at the vaccine heist? Maybe he’s an under cover cop.
  10. I think Kandy could take a dump in the middle of the stage, throw it at Ru, and still not be voted off.
  11. I wondered if he was also. He looked like him, but the picture was blurry. Hmm. Hope he is not involved also.
  12. Why did Porsha change clothes during the Zydeco dance scene? First she had on the beige top and bottoms. Then the red tank, from the dance place with the tan bottoms. At the end, when she was talking to Marlo, she had on red tank and black pants. I rewound to make sure I wasn't seeing things.
  13. So are the guys a throuple? Barrie is a major asshole. And they are all as dull as dish water. It didn't seem like they wanted to even be there. Didn't come out and watch the sailing. Didn't want to play on the water toys. Odd people. The sons seem quiet for boys that age. Why weren't there drinks and snacks sent over to the beach to begin with? Sitting in the sun, and swimming makes one hungry. And a large chunk of the guests are growing boys.
  14. Kandy would have had to stand on the stage, throw excrement at the judges, and only say Fuck and other bleepable words, during her set, to not win this week. I knew she was going to win when Rose commented on her not having a win, at the beginning of the episode.
  15. The best part of the show. Hope it's trending.
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