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  1. I didn't watch the last episode....but I know for a fact that not all songs that have been used as tv themes were not written for that purpose....such as Billy Joel's "My Life" or Paula Cole's "I Don't Want to Wait"....therefore, the proper titles should be required. When this show debuted....I was only interested in the game itself....if they're gonna pepper every episode with sobby backstories then it will drive me away. I don't watch The Wall anymore, or AGT....or Idol....or the Voice..or Millionaire....or even American Ninja Warrior and Press Your Luck.....because I just can't take anymore of it. I'd like to watch entertainment that doesn't remind me that life sucks. We all have issues in our lives. As for Randy....go get a burger dawg....you're lookin frail.
  2. I gave up on this show.....why? Because they have to stop with the "will the real so and so please stand up......after the break. It makes me mad I tune out.....and don't come back even if I'm curious
  3. Yeah....I prefer the older best two of three match play setup they did on the Jim Perry/Bob Eubanks versions. And I guess 40 years later, the money is much more generous....seeing that the money cards used to begin with $200. So the lady who won $11,000 on the Eubanks version, that was a pretty big win....and you didn't have the option to not play the big bet card at the end. I realize the show is an hour long so they really drag things out....the dramatic music, the annoying contestants over celebrating every single successful call....really subtracts from it. The faster paced shows from the 70s and 80s are more fun to watch. Those episodes can still be seen daily on Buzzr.
  4. So it appears these "geniuses" don't do so well in the cash builder ... yet they get lucky guessing on multiple choice and are praised for defeating the chaser? I'm sure glad James was able to mow them down quickly. A better show was 500 questions.....let's have that show back.
  5. I'm pretty sure that even on the Kennedy version...you needed the exact title. Play that Funky Music was one where I had it off the clue alone....I didn't need the five notes. And "white boy" isn't in the title. Even if we didn't have so much political correctness then.
  6. It must be nice to be a place in the world where life looks normal. It wasn't easy on them either. ..but they listened and took it seriously. It isn't totally gone....but they have it controlled. Not nearly the dumpster fire it has become in the U.S.
  7. Gee thanks.....a HOVERBOARD!!! That futuristic invention that doesn't even hover. I hope they can make them so they don't burn up now. I once came across a funny cartoon on youtube that featured Marty McFly seeing the 2015 hoverboard and being confronted by an angry Biff and Marty using the board trying to get away....but the board is super slow and Biff easily pummels him. They're changing the games up which is good.....the one where they play the songs in a different style really had me confused. And they had a form of melody roulette that chose the musical genre....some good for me.....others like hip hop I don't relate to so much....but I'm not everybody.
  8. Drew Carey.....PLEASE SHAVE the pig bristles! I can't stand it ....either that or sing "you picked a fine time to leave me Lucille".
  9. Yes I'll admit it ...I'm old enough to say I watched this show on NBC daytime with Art Fleming while Alex was hosting Wizard of Odds, High Rollers, and Double Dare among his many hosting jobs before he became the Jeopardy legend he became....surely it will never be the same....but Ken Jennings did a wonderful job maintaining it in a way that would have Alex looking down from heaven like a proud father. Kudos....I hope he's made permanent.
  10. I going to use this thread one last time to comment on the host....I know he hasn't been named permanently....but Ken Jennings presented the game almost as if Alex were speaking through him....he's perfect for the role.....that is all. Like everything else.....you'll get used to him.
  11. I hope that women who comment here don't think I'm putting them down or anything. I know there's plenty of women with very high educations that would stand up to these Jeopardy goats....in fact....the first contestant was that guy who acted if though he would just breeze through it and didn't answer one question right and Ken had no problem beating him....now THAT was funny ....but you all know if you've watched Jeopardy over the years that these people are usually weak in "useless" knowledge pop culture topics....so why even have these guys there if you're not really going to challenge them in what their strength is? Isn't that the point?
  12. The bid a note round.....just like before....is more about getting it off the given clue.....especially if it's a one note bid. For example....on "Take My Breath Away"....the clue led me to think it was gonna be Danger Zone....but when I heard the three notes, I knew immediately. With modern post 2000 hits....I'm kind of weak.....I rarely miss on most tunes before that. I actually have more fun watching Beat Shazam though....even though it focuses more on modern top 40.....maybe it's because I like Jamie Foxx. But when they do categories in my musical wheelhouse.....I nail it.
  13. It's wheel of fortune. The game is the same....it just depends on who is playing. I watched for about five minutes....long enough for Leslie Jones to drive me to Hell's Kitchen.
  14. I thought they set things up for Kristin to beat Ken by loading her quiz up with female oriented questions that Ken couldn't possibly know......like what car Oprah gives away. How is a man supposed to know that? And how do you expect Ken to know BTS? I mean c'monnnn man.....then another girl question at the end to win her bank? Complete set up......and to hear "That's some real GIRL POWER" from the host felt like a slap in the face. Thumbs down on this show.
  15. Ok ok....the second episode when the golden medley was won.....Randy said it. Nice going "dawg*.
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