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  1. I don't think the Russian dolls are the Jonas Brothers.....why would they ruin their career by doing this? I'm leaning toward Hansen.
  2. I kinda think that's why he isn't hosting.....he's under a mask.
  3. I always thought "Sharif don't like it" was "Streak of lightning" On Queen's "Another One Bites the Dust" in the bridge.....I thought "Bite the dust.....bite the dust yeah".......was "I'm a bust ... "I'm ADOPTED!"
  4. And an oldie but goody....Neil Diamond "Cracklin Rose" I heard: "Cracklin Rose you're still a broad woman" Correct: "Cracklin Rose you're a store bought woman"
  5. You're not.....I ALSO thought it was "Wrapped up like a douche".....followed by "Another roar in the night"
  6. What is she going to teach? How to autotune?
  7. I know Stella Parton isn't as famous as Dolly of course, but I still can't believe that panel couldn't figure it out ....they LOOK like sisters.....and for me, if I don't have a pick handy, I can't play guitar ....Stella has them built in.
  8. It's time for the final answer: If you guessed "B"......A Bird......you were correct.
  9. Needed to post this question seen on the Chris Harrison version.....it was for $20,000....the contestant used a lifeline. If you were to "earn" an "urn" for an "erne".....you will have acquired a vase for a what? A: A lizard......B: A Bird......C: A Rodent.....D: A Fish
  10. I'm still waiting. I thought at least one of them could at least have to courtesy to ramp up the challenge seeing that all three pretty much had to miss in order for Ken to gain on them.......wuss wuss......wuss wuss wuss.
  11. Uptown Girl and Heart and Soul do have similar opening notes.....but with different sequencing. Kinda like how Huey's "Do You Believe In Love" sounds like ELO's "Sweet Talkin' Woman".
  12. Tonight's Name That Tune, in particular the second half....was soooooper easy. Practically all songs from the 70s and 80s. Ok....who didn't get Uptown Girl right off the clue? Or when you saw the word "Iceberg" in the first clue. Had to be Titanic right? First half not so much.....more recent tunes I don't know so well.....got lucky on a couple. Just don't know any Jennifer Lopez and very little Katy Perry outside of "I kissed a Girl". I'm an older guy so c'mon.... Jane sure looked alluring tonight didn't she? "Hey dude......my face is UP HERE!"
  13. But they have no BALLS......I've not seen one person yet who has been willing to challenge for the higher offer....yet they talk smack. And those multiple choice questions just aren't that hard......how do I know this? ......because I answered them too.....and I'm just your garden variety idiot with a high school diploma. Plus I believe they kinda make it easier on the challengers in the final chase. And she reads kind of slow. They got lucky. I'm hoping in future episodes.....the high end offers are much more seductive.
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