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  1. The Good Fight Scores Early Season 6 Renewal, After Just Four Episodes
  2. NCIS: New Orleans Vet CCH Pounder Joins The Good Fight for Season 5 Arc
  3. Except the actor who portrays him is lined up for another show.
  4. Bokenkamp can become the frustrated screenwriter he wants to be. Anyhoo, with next season they'd do best to reset and finish this show. I also don't understand why viewers expect shows like this to deliver a resolution. I keep reading comments on different boards about people being upset because they didn't get an answer to the mystery and that it was a disservice to Keen/Boone, blah, blah, blah. There was never going to be a "tidy" answer because Bokenkamp didn't care enough to give one or didn't know it.
  5. I think Spader being quiet is probably best for now, at least. There have already been accusations of misogyny and an uneven playing field as far as Boone's exit goes (and even before). If he wants to comment after the show is truly over, then so be it. I wonder what Boone's production deal entails and hasn't it been mentioned that she was auditioning for other jobs during her "break" from the show?
  6. I'd say surprising but no, it's not. He has scripts laying around gathering dust. So... he's a frustrated movie writer? As for leaving the show in the mess it's in, he's not the first one to do this. He spent eight years dragging out an unnecessary mythology, probably knowing it was never going to be resolved in any way that made sense. Like I commented before, I know he's enjoying the money he made. I'm sure he laughs all the time thinking about how this show has managed to maintain an audience for this many seasons. These past two eps have had low ratings which probably isn't good
  7. Can't add much to what's already been said. Liz is dead (probably?). Her life flashing before her eyes was one of her better scenes. Also, her having second thoughts about killing Red? Really, Liz? You've been trying to kill him for at least a couple seasons now. Nothing like him dangling that letter in front of you like a carrot. I'm guessing Red was her dad but I've never cared so, eh. I never expected an answer because I don't think Bokenkamp and company know what the ending would be (like pretty much all these shows who set-up these big mythologies and then fumble the endin
  8. milkyaqua

    NCIS In The Media

    NCIS Shocker: Mark Harmon Eyes Very Limited Presence in Season 19 "Multiple sources confirm to TVLine exclusively that Harmon is slated to appear in a relatively small number of episodes next season. One insider close to the CBS procedural reveals of Harmon’s Season 19 episode count: “It’s going to be in the low single digits.” Another source says the actor will make only “a few” appearances throughout the season." "News of Harmon’s status change comes as NCIS prepares to exit its longtime Tuesday-at-8 pm time slot. As we previously reported, the venerable series will relocate to Mon
  9. TVLine Items: Good Fight Adds Wanda Sykes
  10. More nonsense... I know Bokenkamp is enjoying his money.
  11. So if Red is the "mother" does that mean The Alchemist was involved? And what about the bones in the suitcase?
  12. I was bored the whole time and just wanting for it to be over. I'm glad they finally took Townsend out because talk about an awful villian. He definitely caught a plane fast and of course that ditz Liz didn't think to tell Red or to at least try and disable the tracking device but whatever. And where was the security? No one noticed anything? Master criminals my butt. The whole time they were going over the whole backstory (and I don't care if it was retconned or not) Liz was doing her usual, "me, me, me," schtick. Enough of her whining already! And yes, was she drugged, hypnot
  13. Except for those of us that didn't care in the first place. The "Is Red her daddy," thing never mattered to me and still won't even if as I suspect along with others we never get an answer.
  14. I do hope that her leaving was mutual. I know on at least one blog where the majority seem to like her character and her interactions with Red (minus the past couple of seasons) they are wondering if the show can work (a lot don't think it can because they view the show as having been based on the chemistry between Spader and Boone). A lot also don't want a "replacement" Liz. Most of them would have been happy if this had been the final season. A lot of them are blaming the hate that Boone was getting (supposedly she left social media at some point). My opinion as I said, I hope it wa
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