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  1. I'm willing to give him a shot. I liked him on The Practice and others liked him on LA to Vegas which was a comedy.
  2. This might be interesting. You have folks who could never stand Jorja and now you have folks who only watched because of Grissom and Sarah. Frankly, I'm fine watching the show on its own merits and with pop-ups from former CSI show cast if the show and they want to do it. I'd like this show to not rely so much on the personal drama of the cast (Maxine's son and the flirting of will they/won't they of Allie and Josh). I'd like to see them function in their jobs a bit before all of that. I'd also like to see more cast in the lab and in the field like Park (yes, I get that chick 'Rona me
  3. Can't come soon enough. Wheatley has hijacked enough of this show. Though I'm sure he'll be a good replacement for Julian McMahon and I'll probably watch since I watch the others though right now I've been watching something else in that time slot. I know Julian said he's leaving for other creative opportunities but three years seems soon to leave a show. His daughter on the show has gone away to school so it's possible they can write his character out that way. There are only two original cast members now and at least one is probably going on maternity leave. I'm sure the show will be f
  4. Julie White played Nadine on Grace Under Fire so some folks might be more familiar in a comedic role. I do agree it seems to soon in the run of this show to do a storyline like this so I'll hold off on judgement. I did find it odd that TPTB let Tennant call the shot of not taking Bao/not Bao down. But I did like that the agent from NZ seemed to at least be following the guy. I do think that there has to be more of this plot device to come.
  5. Considering Valderrama is leaving to do a reboot of Zorro, I'd think so. Didn't care the fighting match but did appreciate the interactions the team had with trying to help Torres out and yes, I did like Palmer talk with him. And yes, Parker is constantly pulling something or someone else out that he knows.
  6. The aunt Maggie as double agent seems a bit too soon? But okay show... We'll see how part 2 shakes out. I almost didn't watch this since the programming was messed due to the playoff game.
  7. I've only read the recap of this but it's been obvious TPTB are playing with the audience as you have a segment of the audience that's Chenford all the way and has no interest in these characters dating other people. Then there's the other segment who find Chenford beyond annoying and are fine with them dating other people. Whether or not the show let's them explore those relationships, we'll see. I have a feeling TPTB are going to gauge how well these relationships go based on audience reaction. I did see the last 15 minutes or so of this so I was able to figure out what was going on
  8. Yes, it will probably be Gerard who winds-up being the traitor but I to hope that's not the case. I really just wish this show would stop inserting Liz into every freakin' ep. Enough show. At this point all you can do is try and wrap this show up with some semblance of cohesiveness and dragging Liz into everything is not helping... I did like Gerard telling Red to get his thumb out of his butt re: Liz, Dembe and all of it (the dead flowers, eesh). Red being blase about Dembe after he found out someone else was responsible was classic Red but yes, Dembe would have been more than justif
  9. The titles for these epis are beyond pretentious. This show doesn't merit it. I'm also over Wheatley and I have no idea what is up with Angela and why she seems to put up with Richard except that she's as crazy as he is. Otherwise, what's her long game here? I figured McClane would somehow leave a trail for Wheatley's gains to be tracked. I'm not sure what James Cromwell's spying on Stabler's mom is supposed to be about. Is he hoping that Elliot will let his guard down enough to be around and here him talking about Wheatley and what the task force is doing or pump Bernie for
  10. I know since Eve is on maternity leave and likely not coming back, Brandy is the most famous so she's going to be the focus but a little of Naomi goes a long way. Enjoyed Valeria finding her voice and getting her song done how she wanted and calling Naomi out. I did like that Naomi negotiated with Jojo and may eventually include Eric as a parent which he seems more than willing to do. Jill got burned but I did like her helping Ava get out from under her mother. It'll be interesting to see how the ladies come up with money...
  11. I'm guessing the audience is supposed to assume that the team only saw them with their helmets on and not their actual faces and that they were dealing with folks who weren't actually soldiers... But yes, let's suspend disbelief
  12. Yeah, I did think that was dumb as well (the bathroom didn't have a door with a lock?). But would the bad guy have even followed her if she hadn't left that napkin behind for him to find? I also don't buy that she was so shaken up by her Whistler drama. If she's going to do this job she needs to get her head out of her butt. Ha! Standard NCIS procedure and NCIS: LA is especially egregious about this...
  13. The epi would've been fine without the love drama with Lucy and Whistler and frankly, didn't need Ernie and his lovesick detective either. I get this was Lucy's first undercover op but why wouldn't take the napkin with the note and oh, I don't know, put it down your cleavage like some women have been known to do? I knew the judge had to be dirty based on recognizing the actor from a number of guest roles and he was one of the only actors I recognized.
  14. I enjoyed the epi even though, yes, there were somethings that were a little out there but heck, it's TV. What happened to the third high jacker?
  15. RuPaul's Drag Race UK Vs. the World: International All Star Cast Revealed
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